Dinner With The Buccaneers Linebackers

November 9th, 2018

Yes, the Buccaneers’ linebackers are hungry — and that’s not from chasing Curtis Samuel all over the field last week.

Enjoy this new Bucs video from Joe’s friends at The Identity Tampa Bay. (Are you subscribing to their free and very cool newsletter yet? C’mon! Get it done.)

6 Responses to “Dinner With The Buccaneers Linebackers”

  1. Rover Says:

    Them eating Ice Cream is so fitting. Soft served?

  2. zzbuc Says:

    I beg you…PLease don’t miss anymore tackles!!

  3. Mike Johnson Says:

    Great video guys. They’re just enjoying themselves. No football talk.

  4. dmatt Says:

    Did he say “if we win this weekend, I’m coming back”? Com on man!! Where’s the confidence? I guess it’s the culture of the new wave Bucs. Can u imagine what former Bucs Nickerson, Sapp, Lynch, or Brooks would’ve said regarding playing the game this upcoming weekend…”when we kick some butt this weekend, I’m coming back”. Our team is made up of a bunch of softies.

  5. Buc4evr Says:

    Soft Serve….lmao. These guys are clowns. They need to be watching tape.

  6. Evo2706 Says:

    Sometimes the best thing a person can do to help themselves on the field is get away from the field. Great job. Team bonding and watching a real team work (lightning) together could be helpful.

    I think it’s also nice for them to see the packed house of 90% home team fans. Hopefully it shows them if they win. The home crowd will drown out the away teams fans easily. We support our team always win or lose. But we WILL SPEND MONEY on winners. I’m not paying for a game with a “if we win this weekend mentality ” but he doesnt get much time on the field so I dont blame him for saying that. Cant make much happen if you aren’t on the field.