Derrick Brooks Gets A GM Endorsement

November 28th, 2018


At the age of 45, Derrick Brooks is ready for a new challenge.

The first-ballot Hall of Famer needs a fresh goal, having conquered virtually any venture he has set out to accomplish. The next logical step? An NFL front office position.

It’s not like Brooks isn’t busy in Tampa, given his various charities, his affiliation with Brooks-DeBartolo Collegiate High School and his work as an NFL appeals officer.

Somehow, he squeezes out some time each week to talk about the Bucs on his “Tampa Two” show for The Identity Tampa Bay and

Brooks watched Sunday’s Bucs-49ers game with another Tampa Bay icon John Lynch, who recently made the transition from player to GM.

During the course of three hours, Brooks got a first-hand look at the frustrations Lynch deals with on a daily basis, including the arrest of a player on the night before the game.

Lynch’s weekend got off to a much better start.

On Saturday, the Tampa Sports Club held a stylish luncheon in Ybor City’s Columbia Restaurant to welcome Lynch into its Hall of Fame. I pulled Lynch aside for a few minutes and asked him what the future holds for his former teammate.

“I think Derrick Brooks can do anything he wants to do,” Lynch said. “I think he’d be tremendous as an NFL executive, I really do. First of all, he’s a football junkie. He loves it. Derrick does a lot of things with the school and charity work, but the man loves football. I know that because we talk football all the time.”

Brooks served as president of the Arena League’s Tampa Bay Storm, devising budgets and learning the organizational ropes before the franchise folded a year ago.

“Derrick’s one of the great leaders I’ve ever been around — and that’s so much of this job,” said Lynch, who watched helplessly as the 49ers tumbled to 2-9 with Sunday’s 27-9 setback in Tampa. “He can help create a vision for the road map to success. His talent’s limitless, it’s just a matter of whether that’s something he’d want to do and the timing’s got to be right. These opportunities don’t just fall off trees.”

Brooks is married with four children and he’s in no hurry to uproot his family. But if the right NFL franchise comes calling with the right position, his next stop could be the executive suite.

“You’ve got to know football inside and out and you’ve got to love the game because it’s a difficult job with a lot of hours,” said Lynch. “You’ve got to have that buy-in from your family because it’s an all-in job.”

This year hasn’t gone the way Lynch envisioned, especially after San Francisco closed the 2017 season with a five-game winning streak. But the 49ers have struggled since quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo tore his ACL in Week 3.

In less than two years as a GM, Lynch has experienced the huge mood swings that come with the job. He says Brooks is equipped to handle the highs and lows.

“Derrick’s got everything you need,” Lynch said. “Believe me, he’d be successful. Very successful.”

Now in his 40th year covering the NFL, Ira Kaufman is the most revered sports personality and writer in the Tampa Bay area. He scored a full-time seat at world headquarters in July of 2016, and Tampa Bay’s only Pro Football Hall of Fame voter busts out columns here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. His  award-winning podcasts fire Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can also hear Ira on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio Wednesdays at 5 p.m. Also a TV star, Ira is part of the FOX-13 Tailgate Sunday NFL show at 10:30 a.m. “The Sage” enjoys beet salads, Riesling, tennis, Bette Midler, Chiefs victories and needling Joe. …Don’t forget to WATCH IRA AND DERRICK BROOKS on the new TAMPA TWO show from The Identity Tampa Bay and JoeBucsFan.

68 Responses to “Derrick Brooks Gets A GM Endorsement”

  1. '79Defense Says:

    Lynch says ” the timing’s got to be right. These opportunities don’t just fall off trees….”

    An opportunity might be falling off a tree in Derrick’s neighborhood soon. No need to “uproot” the family.

  2. Joe Blahak Says:

    Brooks at GM, Marinelli at HC…that should lead to a defensive resurgence!

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There are considerable skills needed to be an effective GM…….although player evaluation is paramount, the ability to negotiate deals is also key…..I just don’t know enough about DB’s skill set to have an opinion.

  4. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Preach, John Lynch!!

    Seriously, that fires me up. It would be incredible to see #55 Derrick Brooks at the helm.

  5. Bucfamous Says:

    No, thank you. I LOVE #55, but I’d prefer someone with proven applicable NFL GM experience. Arena doesn’t cut it.

  6. Mike Johnson Says:

    I’d take Dungy over Brooks any day of the week. Brooks might be..OK. But just like Lynch in San Fran, He’s got a hellava learning curve. And we cannot afford to wait.

  7. Cobraboy Says:

    A noob GM whose team is among the worst in football endorsing another noob is not what I call a “quality endorsement.”

    I love Derrick Brooks the player, but his stint as GM of the Storm was decidedly mediocre to sub-minimal.

  8. Bucsfanman Says:

    I wouldn’t be opposed per se, but I do question his experience as a GM.

    “Who’s your favorite player?……….

  9. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    No thanks on D Brooks, not sure he wants to work 23/hrs a day to be out on the road and do what it takes to make tampa a successful franchise, doing podcasts with ira and maybe watching a few games does not qualify as a gm….if you want some former buc to be a gm who is busting his butt currently and worked his way up there are a few already that come to mind like shelton quarles and doug williams who have been around the NFL team building process

  10. Wombat Says:

    OMG, this just gets worse and worse!!!!! I may as well throw my hat in the ring!!!

  11. El Buco Realisto Says:

    I don’t think a recommendation from lynch helps at all!!!!!!!!! That train wreck of an embarrassment that just rolled thru Tampa was appalling!!!!!!!! john lynch should have some pride and resign and remove his name from the hall of fame for the garbage that he has assembled!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. bucsnole Says:

    Lets get a proven NFL exec.
    DB is a nice story but we have zero idea if he could even do the job much less put together a staff.

  13. Hawk Says:

    I think Brooks would be more successful as Godell’s replacement than as a GM.

  14. tmaxcon Says:

    55 is not qualified to manage a damn dairy queen much less a nfl team. Hiring any of the underachieving has beens will set this team back 20 years. No one celebrates a failed past like bucfan. Bucs will have the lowest IQ front office in league if glazers start hiring the has beens…. 55 will make Matt Millen look like a genius if hired.

  15. Dre Says:

    You guys are clueless lmao

  16. CT Buc's fan. Says:

    I would have to agree with John Lynch. #55 CAN be successful at anything he wants to do, including as GM.

    That said, there is a learning curve that comes with it just as with any new job. I’m not sure that fans here have any patience left.

    I’d rather have Derrick Brooks as Mayor here in Tampa, and probably that’s an easier job than attempting to get the Buc’s to the promised land.

  17. Pete Mitchell Says:

    I love me some Derrick Brooks but…. I’m not sure if being the president of a once proud organization that folded under your direction (albeit the whole damn league essentially has evaporated) means you have the experience it takes to lead an organization to new heights…

  18. @Hands2theFace Says:

    Nice fuzzy feel-good read. However, I believe Ira has stated on his podcast with the two joes, in so many words in regard to Dungy/Brooks…there’s a bit of bad taste still in the mouth after the way they were both asked by the Glazers to go home, c’ya later buh-bye.

  19. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Hawk right on D Brooks would make an excellent NFL commissioner or even AD at FSU/USF which I think is something more in his realistic realm whether staying here in the area with USF or moving North, brooks kid is playing at fsu im sure he wants to watch him and his children grow up and not be worried about signing some guy from Hulmboldt state….but pretty sure d brooks would never sign a guy from a d-3 school

  20. tmaxcon Says:

    you fools living in a failed past with the dungy the clown and 55 are just so damn laughable. these players were good but no where close to being LEGENDS they could not win in the postseason yet you act like they have the same stats and wins as real legends. hilarious. most teams try to win the super bowl bucfan just wants to recreate a 500 team from 20 years ago that can’t win in the postseason. you ladies sure like to rewrite history when it comes to the actual accomplishments of the has-beens led by dungy the clown.

  21. tmaxcon Says:

    just remember matt millen that’s all you need. consider that 55 is about half as intelligent as millen. it would be a disaster

  22. Cobraboy Says:

    Brooks —> AD at FSU.

  23. Tampa Bay Demon Says:


    Brooks would “never sign a guy from a d-3 school”?
    Really? – Why? – I don’t believe that.

    As far as whether or not D Brooks is ready to be an NFL GM, that is fair.

    — but I have no doubt WHATSOEVER that DB would do ANYTHING that it takes, including working his ass off and looking under every stone…..
    to be successful.

    I am surprised that more of you don’t agree with that.

  24. 813bucboi Says:


    sounds good to me…..


  25. Dooshlarue Says:


    That sounds like a TERRIBLE idea.
    How about trying DB out as a defensive scout and see how it goes?

  26. Hawk Says:

    ” but I have no doubt WHATSOEVER that DB would do ANYTHING that it takes, including working his ass off and looking under every stone…..
    to be successful.”
    I agree 100% with that. I just don’t think Brooks would ‘want’ an NFL GM position. And working your ass off in a job doesn’t mean that you will be good at it. No one can do *everything*. A lot of great coaches were not great players. Two different skill sets. Brooks is a natural leader. *I* believe that the upper management of the league offices is where he would fit right in.

  27. tmaxcon Says:

    john lynch is endorsing 55 because he understands that he would be NO COMPETITION to the league.

  28. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    @Hawk — Well stated, sir, and you definitely may be right on that.

  29. Lubby Smith Says:

    Great plan: unqualified Brooks teams up with proven failure Shelton Quarles.

    Perhaps Alshermond Singleton as Chief Financial Officer?

  30. tmaxcon Says:


    why don’t you ask the families of the players, coaches, front office, the staff of the storm after 55 ran the franchise in the ground and cost them their jobs… you fools need to pull heads out of arses… too many confuse popularity and going to church on Sundays with being great or qualified.

  31. RODNEY J ALLEN Says:

    Tmax(con) u do realize that Dungy had us with the best defense or top 5 every year for years Gruden came in threw in some offensive plays to get over the hump that was NFC championship game (that Dungy got us to 2 or 3 times) then played a team in the superbowl that was still using his f#*king play book. So for u to think they were all hot garbage is laughable n makes me wonder if u know jackshiat about football 😂🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  32. Joe Says:

    Marinelli at HC…

    Why? So Bucs can get the No. 1 pick in two years so they can draft Trevor Lawrence? 0-16 Rod Marinelli???

  33. Brandon Says:

    tmaxcon Says:
    November 28th, 2018 at 10:40 am
    55 is not qualified to manage a damn dairy queen much less a nfl team. Hiring any of the underachieving has beens will set this team back 20 years. No one celebrates a failed past like bucfan. Bucs will have the lowest IQ front office in league if glazers start hiring the has beens…. 55 will make Matt Millen look like a genius if hired.

    Not that I think he should be considered, but Matt Millen was never known as a great football mind… or any kind of mind for that matter. He was a color commentator for CBS for years… and somehow that got him a job. Brooks was/is extremely smart, an Academic All-American, I think. So he has the smarts for the job, the football experience. He may not have done well with an Arena League team but that is a different story altogether, this isn’t the Arena League. My biggest question is his desire. Does he want to work 18 hour days during the season… and 16 hour days in the offseason? He’s already rich. Is it his passion? Ozzie Newsome is likely the exception and not the rule of great players being great in the front office or sidelines.

  34. tmaxcon Says:


    You do realize dungy the clown only WON 2 measly playoff games with bucs? The rest of that meaningless garbage you spew does not matter when you can’t win in the playoffs. Dungy the clown coached a bad team with a great defense. Those are the facts and his career losing record in playoffs proves it

  35. TOM Says:

    Let me just say this about all you Dungy lovers. HE’S CRAP. Keep him away from the Bucs. I don’t know DB as GM. Could he be any worse than Licht? Kris Richard as HC. Not bad. But Hue Jackson as OC. No thanks. Bowles as DC. No thanks. Maybe Del Rio.

  36. tmaxcon Says:

    dungy the clown was 2-6 with bucs when it mattered most. all your feel-good stories and rewriting of history can’t change the fact that 2-6 SUCKS!!!!

  37. tmaxcon Says:

    Lubby Smith

    Bernard Madoff is more suited for CFO of bucs with the fraudulent product they field year in and year out….

  38. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ^^^ @Rodney J Allen,

    Very well said man.

    I don’t think tmaxcon even believes half of the stuff that he spouts (hopefully for his sake)…. He just says it for effect.

    Only a moron would call Tony Dungy a “clown”.

  39. A’train4047 Says:

    @tmax please elaborate how Derrick brooks is an underachiever. I’m dying to hear this explanation

  40. Dooshlarue Says:

    Del Rio has been on my radar for DC since early this season.
    He did a good job in Oakland, Davis is an idiot.

  41. Joe Blahak Says:

    @Joe…to fix the frickin defense…Look at the Dallas job, you think that unit is full of talent? I don’t see any sure fire head coaches falling from the sky so why not?

  42. tmaxcon Says:

    Joe Blahak

    why not???? BECAUSE HE SUCKS!!!!! Just like lovie dovie, edwards, that clown that went to Detroit they all are one dimensional bums that the game has passed by just like their mentor dungy the clown.

  43. tmaxcon Says:

    you dungy nuthuggers, for the most part, are the anti jameis crowd so it’s hilarious how you will forgive Marinelli for his magical 0-16 season yet refuse to accept America’s Quarterback Jameis Winston was a VICTIM of a pathetic soft PC society more concerned with feelings than the truth. not to mention twice being a VICTIM of gold digging skanks with shameful attorneys simply out for a money grab against an immature easy target…. never charged. not guilty but you would never know that from the dirtbags here. hopefully, jameis and evans can escape the black hole that is buccaneer football.

  44. tmaxcon Says:


    5 playoff wins in his career is pathetic. 55 is average lb at best without sapp playing in front of him.. in addition, He hung on way too long. He was embarrassing to watch those last few years

  45. Joe Blahak Says:

    …I hope Jameis escapes the black hole, good riddance. He SUCKS!…Dungy pulled this team out of the gutter…

  46. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ^^ You generalize kind of a lot, tmaxcon. — Actually a big Jameis Winston fan here.

    I just happen to feel that Tony Dungy deserves way too much respect and good will from the Tampa Bay area for what he was able to accomplish here, and for the man that he is. He brought the Bucs out of the ashes, changed the culture, and gave us so many incredible years of winning football.

  47. tmaxcon Says:

    Tampa Bay Demon

    Dungy is a garbage religious hypocrite and yes i truly believe that. Last good decision bucs made was running that stubborn fool out.

  48. DB55 Says:

    not unless he’s bringing in Sapp as DC and Rice as Dline coach lolololol

  49. tmaxcon Says:

    2-6 when it matters most is a choke artist not saviour

  50. tmaxcon Says:

    The legend of dungy far exceeds his actual accomplishments period….

  51. Bucs541 Says:

    It would be amazing for the Bucs to have DB as their GM. It makes me think of Ozzie Newsome with Baltimore. How about a position to ease him in to the role for a year or two, like Head of Scouting or Player Development?

  52. Bucsfanman Says:

    tmax- “Bernie Madoff”?!!! Too funny!
    You’re on a roll today. Leave my fellow fans alone, the bar has been set low. The “glory years” of Dungy and a SB trophy with Gruden is all we have to hold on to.
    I saw Tony and Jameis holding hands walking on the water in Tampa Bay the other day.
    True story!

  53. Pickgrin Says:

    Would make more sense for Brooks to earn a GM job by working his way up to that point.

    If he has aspirations of being a GM – DB55 needs to work as an NFL Director of Personnel or similar type job for a few years and work directly under a good GM or two’s guidance before he would be ready IMO…

  54. Destinjohnny Says:

    Why do I think ronde would be better?

  55. A’train4047 Says:

    @tmax brooks made the pro bowl 11 times, was first team all pro 5 times, second team all pro 4 times, defensive player of the year in 2002 and was a first ballot hall of famer. None of that says he was an average lb at best. He still made pro bowl and was an all pro twice after Sapp left. So by going by your logic when it comes to playoff wins dan Marino must be hot trash cuz he only had 8 wins during his career.

  56. Tampa Bay Demon Says:


    You are definitely entitled to your opinions, and I am sorry that I said that you were just saying things for effect.

  57. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    One last point about Dungy. When he came in, though, things were really hopeless around here. It had gotten to the point that we didn’t think a winning season is something that could even possibly happen.

    He was able to change that culture, and give us a lot of enjoyable sundays of winning football that I still remember like it was yesterday.

    Sure we could have done more in the playoffs, I get that. — But I definitely look fondly on what he accomplished while here.

  58. tmaxcon Says:


    pro bowls were more meaningful back then but still meaningless in the big picture… How many playoff games did Brooks lead the bucs to victory without Sapp?????

    I’ll help since you people rewrite history so often….. ZERO….

  59. tmaxcon Says:

    The reason you people drive me so freaking crazy is you keep lowering the bar you would think this site was run by public school educators the way the bar keeps trending lower. Pretty soon you people will be throwing parades for 6-10 and enshrining those fools in the ring of underachievement.

    bottom line is you should strive to be the very best at all costs each and every day not strive to be better than the browns or .500

  60. tmaxcon Says:

    Joe Blahak

    dungy won nothing in tampa at all nor did he accomplish anything. sam whyce built dungy’s defense and he still could not win in the postseason…. stop rewriting history because you are in the same cult.

  61. Bucs Nihilist Says:


    How many championship rings do you have?

  62. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Agree with Pickren, Both Dominic and Licht spent years working at different jobs in the front office. Even with all that experience neither has shown they were or will be great GM’s. As for Brooks, this isn’t like skipping a grade in school. Being a good GM should involve years of apprenticeship ,IMO.
    A good GM should have good working knowledge and some experience in all
    jobs that he will oversee. A good management training program should include that.

  63. Cobraboy Says:

    @ Tanpa Bay Demon: I totally disagree.

    It was Sam Wyche who began the turn-around. He was coach during the period where the Bucs were rumored to be leaving town, depending on who bought the team.

    And recall after Hugh died, his pencil-neck kid, Hugh, Jr., swore the team was near bankruptcy and put the kabosh on any spending beyond the league minimum, so there is that.

    And when the Glazers came in, they too threatened to leave if Tampa didn’t build a new stadium. The last Wyche year was a depressing time to be a Bucs fan.

    When Dungy was hired, all the loose ends were tied up, the team on solid footing and the skies blue. He came into a good situation.

    Many forget the great work Sam Wyche did in Tampa. He brought in Hardy Nickerson who was the guy who helped turn the corner. That guy was completely full of badassery and tougher than woodpecker lips.

    Many forget the real Buccaneers story. Dungy was an OK coach, but he stood on some other shoulders who made his job much easier.

  64. Evo2706 Says:

    I said it before and l will say it again. I had season tickets to the storm for 10 years. I gave my seats up when Brooks left his mark on the storm. He couldnt even get great college talent to sign with the storm.

    I’m supposed to believe he can run my favorite nfl franchise? No thanks!!! He was horrible with the storm. He may be one of the greatest bucs to ever live and he appears to be a better man than a football player.

    But in not way was he good for the storm. The team regressed under his leadership. I thought on name alone he could’ve gotten us better talent. Just as an nfl pipeline. Nope we got worse every year.

    NO THANKS! Let him be a scout. Start him out like everyone else. Dont hand him a job because of his name.

  65. Hawk Says:

    @ Cobraboy
    I agree completely. Sam started the change, and with Culverhouse as a boss. Nickerson started the culture change on the team by refusing to allow anyone to ‘coast’. Sam’s last year was the first time in over a decade that the Bucs did not have double-digit losses. Tony kept it moving in the right direction, but he had McKay and the Glazers behind him.

  66. lambchop Says:

    As much as DB is one of the greatest Bucs of all time, hell no to the experiment at GM. He doesn’t seem to have the temperament to make unbiased evaluations and assessments just from listening to him on Tampa 2 with Ira. He makes way too many excuses for lack of production. I wouldn’t mind him working his way up, but to just hand him the job with no experience? WTH man, does this organization want to win or just get by?

    This team will be out of Tampa if we don’t start winning soon. And as bad as this team has been for a decade, I would hate to lose the team.

  67. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Cobraboy Says:
    “It was Sam Wyche who began the turn-around. He was coach during the period where the Bucs were rumored to be leaving town…..

    ….Many forget the great work Sam Wyche did in Tampa. He brought in Hardy Nickerson who was the guy who helped turn the corner. That guy was completely full of badassery and tougher than woodpecker lips.”


    Definitely great points, @Cobraboy, and well taken. – I have not forgotten Sam Wyche and definitely not Hardy Nickerson. Thanks for eloquently reminding of us of that time period and those building blocks.

  68. Lord Cornelius Says:

    One of my favorite players all time.

    GM is tricky. It’d be nice if the fans could see the sales pitches of these guys.

    I have no idea what Derrick Brooks’ philosophy is on building a team in the modern NFL of 2018. Same with Dungy or anyone else.