NFL Network Report: DeSean Jackson Asks For Trade

October 28th, 2018

Perhaps DeSean Jackson is miffed because the Browns punted nine times last Sunday and he didn’t get a return?

Or perhaps it has something to do with the Buccaneers’ starting quarterback, or some bad sushi he ordered in South Tampa?

Joe can only speculate, but Joe does know Jackson was a very happy Buccaneer one month ago.

Regardless, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, who has been known for questionable reports, claims today that Jackson has asked for a trade from Tampa Bay. The trade deadline is Tuesday and Rapoport says the Bucs aren’t interested in dealing him.

Joe doesn’t want to see D-Jack go now. If he really wants out, then the Bucs should tell him to ball out and they’ll accommodate him after the season. Jackson has one year remaining on his contract and the money is not guaranteed.

It’s no surprise that targets to Jackson have tailed off since the arrival of America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, to the starting lineup. Against the Browns, Jackson caught his first pass in overtime, and it was a big one.

If the Bucs lose today, maybe, just maybe, that makes the team more eager to deal D-Jack. Joe has to think he would fetch at least a third-round draft pick.

124 Responses to “NFL Network Report: DeSean Jackson Asks For Trade”

  1. Dewey Selmon Says:

    What he shows vs how he feels are 2 different things. He has matured to keep his mouth shut. See what Houston will give up for him.

  2. LakeLand Says:

    Can you blame DJax?

    We’re talking about his career
    He’s not a young stud anymore
    He need the ball to showcase his talents
    Teams are watching, he still has 3-4 good years in the tank

  3. johnnybuc Says:

    like you said rapoport has a track record of sketchy report, not saying it isn’t true but definelty came out of left field. gets even more sketchy when the times reports that koetter has no knowledge of jackson asking for a trade. if that’s the case either the report is false or there is bigger issue here between koetter and licht.

  4. Kobe Faker Says:

    “We can get a 2nd round pick from the winner of Hou vs philly bidding war….

    For our new GM next year”

    Kobe Faker

  5. Cobraboy Says:

    Jackson knows Winston is incapable of hitting the deep ball, or a player in stride.

    Jackson was high on Winston when he got to Tampa, but then learned the harsh reality that knowledgeable Buc fans have known for 4 seasons now.

  6. Noles Says:

    Any chance Houston would give up the Honey Badger for D Jax

  7. passthebuc Says:

    He was not happy that JW was given the QB reins.

  8. Waterboy Says:

    He’s not being utilized in Tampa anyway they should see if they can get a 3rd rd pick for him.

  9. THETRUTH Says:

    Had to do this before game time , c’mon , honestly trade Winston if he can’t tgrow deep ball it shrinks field for defense

  10. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Cobraboy, exactly esp when you led the league in all categories with fitzmagc in there and the starter cant complete a deep pass to a wide open dude

  11. LakeLand Says:

    Why would the Bucs want to hold on to DeSean and his $11 million salary ( $10 million next season)? His presence is slowing the development of Chris Godwin. Jameis Winston has better chemistry with Godwin, Hump, Brate. Get them on the field with OJ and ME.

    I understand that jobs are on the line and the Bucs are in a ” Win Now” mode. But you have to let these young players gel together.

  12. 941bucsfan Says:

    Djax sees 700 passing yards in the last 2 games from winston and realizes he only got 10% of that cut. Its a reason they used to call him Me-Sean Jackson

  13. Pickgrin Says:

    “Jackson has one year remaining on his contract and the money is guaranteed.”

    Um – No its not….

    DJax was guaranteed $7.5M of 2018’s $11M salary. He is under contract and due $10M in 2019 but $0 is guaranteed for 2019.

    If Jackson DID indeed ask for a trade with the Bucs sitting at 3-3 – in the playoff hunt and with a HUGE game coming up today – then shame on his selfishness and for being a needless distraction.

  14. Tampabucfan88 Says:

    I say trade d-jaxs cause he’s on the opposite side of the age and those of u that are saying trade Jamies and put fitz in to keep Jax happy wow u on on on a new level on stupidity

  15. Wesley Says:

    I wouldn’t want to play here either.

  16. Doug Says:

    Can you blame the guy? Our franchise QB cant hit a broadside of a barn.

  17. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Call Houston and get the extra 2nd rounder they have! They just lost their speed guy and DJax would be a perfect fit for them! We got plenty of weapons at receiver! We could then take that 2nd rounder and parlay it into help at OL and LB! We could also call Chicago and swing a trade for Jordan Howard or sign Ryan Nall off their practice squad. There are plenty of teams looking to shed good players so they can rebuild next year!

  18. LakeLand Says:

    GMC $12,750,000
    DJax $11,000,000
    Brent Grimes $7,000,000

    $30 million for aging players over 30

  19. Mike10 Says:


    Are you kidding me?! This is a website for Die hards, which means you can check the BS at the door. We know exactly why he wants out. It’s the same reason we were restless after last weeks win agains the Browns. Any professional QB should be able to hit a long ball. JW CANNOT!

  20. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Lol! Priceless the Buc Sheep trying to rationalize.

    Djax and mostly his Agent knows Bucs has no money next year with all the signings that are due next year

    If he goes to Houston and plays lightsout….

    He can get a nice extra 2 year contract…

    You think a team will trade for DJAX for just 8 games?”

    Kobe Faker

  21. Dre Says:

    Blame jameis

  22. LakeLand Says:

    If this team was a player or two from competing to win it all. I say these 3 are worth their weight in gold.

    But the reality is

    This team is fighting, scraping to stay at .500

  23. buc15 Says:

    not surprising

  24. LakeLand Says:


    That’s why DJax want out

    He know he can showcase his talent in Houston, Philly or elsewhere
    He want the ball, he want the spotlight
    He want national exposure
    He want that next contract

  25. BostonBucsCelticsRedSoxScrewPatsFan Says:

    Drama is the last thing this team needs. SMH!

  26. LakeLand Says:

    The Bucs can trade him now and get something
    Or they can cut him next season and get nothing
    Or they can keep him next season and pay him $10 million

    They have toooooo many holes to fill to pay him 10 Million next season

  27. AlteredEgo Says:

    Speaks VOLUMES about Jameis as the “franchise” QB of the Bucs…… 9 out of 10 QB’s would die for a WR like DJax

  28. Dubcity06 Says:

    Im curious as to the definition of “America’s QB”. Is he beloved or a winner or something. People hardly talk about him outside of Tampa, and when they do, its negative.

  29. Gobucs Says:

    It’s because Winston can’t hit a deep ball to save his life lmao.

    Get out Djax to save your career.

  30. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Cobraboy Says
    “Jackson knows Winston is incapable of hitting the deep ball, or a player in stride.”

    He seems to have NO problem hitting it with any other player. For whatever reason, Jackson has never given 100% for Jameis Winston. Two weeks ago, he was given the opportunity to win the game for us in the last 3 seconds on a trick play. Everyone else did their job on the designed play…and then he drops the ball a couple yards from a TD.

    The biggest difference I see between Fitz and Jameis is the power. Jameis throws with power, Fitz throws softly. Most of Fitz’s passes are floaters. Easy to catch and they gave Jackson time to look around to make sure a hit wasn’t coming or to brace for it.

    Winston throws with force, getting the ball there faster. Jackson drops most of them because he is busy figuring out if he’s about to get hit.

    Yes, Jameis overthrows him a couple times per game…and some of those are Winston’s fault…but some are also on Jackson because he slows down ten yards before he’s supposed to make the completion (watch the tape and you will see him slow down on almost every play). This is something he doesn’t do in practice, so it’s understandable that Winston can’t get his timing down. It’s different in games than it is in practice.

    Desean Jackson is a selfish player. For two years, Jameis was forcing the ball to him, under orders, because the coaches did not want a temper tantrum. Had they let Jameis throw to who he wanted, Jackson would have had to earn the attention and things may have turned out different.

    Frankly, I think he’s going to try to sabotage the team by costing us games or throwing tantrums now. I wanted to trade him from the end of last season, but everyone felt he and Jameis would connect. It was never going to happen, and trying to led to a 5-12 record.

  31. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Incidentally, all QBs overthrow passes in every game.

  32. THETRUTH Says:

    Trade Winston for Carr and 3rd pic

    I like Winston but after last week I give up on him hitting a deep ball on stride

    Priove me wrong today and I will eat crow happily.

    Goodwin doesn’t have speed of DJ so again Goodwin In we have short passing game only

  33. BigRig Says:

    Can’t blame him. First couple weeks of the season him and Fitzpatrick were breaking all-time NFL records and completing like 95% of passes thrown towards him. We were all over the media and talks of the damage we’d do in the playoffs. Now it’s back to Jameis and Koetter and it’s the same feel from the last three years…expect to lose…expect to miss field goals at the end of the game…somehow cannot complete a pass to one of the most versatile and dependable wide receivers in the league. Maybe the Cowboys or Packers or Raiders can cough up something for him. Then we can continue being mediocre with Jameis. #WeaponsforWinston

  34. Hawk Says:

    *IF* Jackson asked to be traded, it may have been any time in the last two weeks… *if*.
    But, let’s say he did.
    If Winston can hit him for a long gain, or at least 3-4 mid-short passes (this week), then this might go away. If Winston cannot get Jackson into the game, then the Buccaneers have to make a decision. If they are fairly sure that Winston will be their starter for (at least) another year, then they should see what they can get for Jackson. If they are leaning toward looking for *real* competition for Winston, they might be able to talk Jackson into staying.
    But I’m with some of the other posters. Not everything that Rapoport throws against the wall will stick.

  35. View from 132 Says:

    What Cobraboy said. Winston is a career killer unless your game is jump balls like Evans.

    DJax is another Jaquez Green – elite speed the Bucs were never able to use correctly because of inaccurate QB play.

  36. Rick Says:

    Hall of fame recover doesn’t want to play with ATM….

  37. Sumo Says:

    You’re All American Pro fumbler quarterback can’t get him the ball. It’s so sad that it’s funny. You’re All American Pro fumbler quarterback should have made it his business to work together with d jacks to get the job done but he didn’t. If I were writing the checks in this organization, I’d be really ticked off.

  38. Pit Says:

    this a red flag for our awesome QB.

  39. El_Buc941 Says:

    @Kobe Faker yessir a team would definitely trade for Desean with 8 games remaining. Especially if your the Texans,Steelers, cowboys, Philly,and every other team in the NFC South. Desean could and is the missing piece to make those teams playoff bound. I would personally prefer that if we do trade him get a RB(BELL) OR a DE(CLOWNEY.)

  40. NPRSageBoy Says:

    If DJax was a Bengal DB, I’m pretty sure he would hook up with Jameis a couple of times today for TDs. America’s Turnover Machine never disappoints.

  41. Larry woods Says:

    Welp, see if we can package him to get pp from Arizona

  42. Hawk Says:

    “He seems to have NO problem hitting it with any other player”
    Let’s look at the stats.
    Fitzpatrick has 20 completions of 20+ yards and 7 completions of 40+ yards.
    Winston has 7 completions of 20+ yards, and 1 completion of 40+ yards.
    They both have similar attempts, and play with the same players and coaches.
    ” For two years, Jameis was forcing the ball to him, under orders, because the coaches did not want a temper tantrum. ”
    I was not aware that you were one of the Buccaneer coaches. They would be the *only* ones privy to such nonsense. The NFL is all about winning. If you don’t win, your job is in danger. I cannot imagine a coach telling a player to something counterproductive to the coaches’ job, just to keep another player happy.
    I always enjoy reading your posts, Bonzai. Even when I don’t agree, I see them as always well thought out, and have at least a base of logic. This wasn’t your best.

  43. TampaBayAllDay Says:

    Trade is punk ass then we have more than enough receiving weapons

  44. TampaBayAllDay Says:


  45. Reach87 Says:

    Some of you can’t help but bite the cheese and start talking out your a$$. You don’t know if the report is true, if true don’t know the reason why, so you take the third step and proclaim our QB sucks and is driving him away. You see our QB miss a deep throw to one WR and presume 31 other QBs are 100% on deep throws and dammit, you deserve 100% too. Flawed from step one. Study, assess then speak. Go Bucs!

  46. SB Says:

    Trade him. He is slowing down Godwins touches. Godwin is gonna be Great!

  47. TampaBayAllDay Says:

    If true

  48. Doctor Stroud Says:

    DJax for Patrick Peterson?

  49. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Of course this is true….

    Its not about Jameis, it all about t he bengamins

    Djax and his agent wants minimum 18 milli (2 year 9 mill per)

    His agent knows the team wont trade and give up a high draft choice for just 8 games

    Its all about the money not Jameis”

    Kobe Faker

  50. Not there yet Says:

    Winston cannot see the field as good as dirk says he can. Winston has a much stronger arm than Fitz so what’s the problem? D-Jack gets downfield in a hurry so common sense says Fitz reads it sooner and his mind is quicker because he’s so dang old. If Winston was watching the games from home and in the locker room with this guy for two years and still hasn’t caught on. Dirk, licht days are numbered for sure and Winston only a new coach thinking he could save his career will keep him in town

    Not one single qb has done a thing since Koetter got here and he seems to have no interest in coaching up Winston, it’s very gruden like of him

  51. isrBuc Says:

    Jackson knows benching 2 times NFC player of the week was nothing but professional and “win now” mentality. He doesn’t care about america’s qb season long audition. he’s no sideshow and he’s not the only player thinking this.

  52. Season Is Over Says:

    How many other receivers in the NFL requested a trade? Enough said. This is telling and all about Winston. Jackson knows he will be paid wherever he goes. He knows Winston will never make him great. They should bring Freeman in to show Mr. Magoo how to throw it deep. This team has been nothing short of embarrassing since Winston was drafted. Now everyone in the country knows Winston can’t throw the deep ball.

  53. Skoorb43 Says:

    Selfish move if accurate

  54. ben Says:

    trade Winston …keep Djax

  55. BigRig Says:

    If we aren’t gonna use Fitz or D-Jax at all. How about we trade them to the Jaguars for Carlos Hyde and 1st round pick.

  56. Coburn Says:

    I get it. At this point he’s trying to make his mark on NFL history and doesn’t have many years left. Just think.. some of the hall of fame receivers don’t make it if they get stuck with the wrong qb for a couple of years. Winston is literally ruining the end of his career. Just look at how well he was doing with Fitz and how happy he was. I’m not a DeSean fan or anything. The future is Evans and Godwin but yeah it would such to lose anything like that depth we have

  57. isrBuc Says:

    What player wants to spend a season now marked as jw’s audition?
    There was no other reason for benching #14. Jackson isn’t an idiot.

  58. Dooshlarue Says:

    Dear Jameis,

    This is on you.
    He doesn’t want to get killed by your inaccuracies.

  59. Dre Says:

    Feel bad for Desean …. jameis can not throw the deep ball with consistency… I’ve said it before eventually our recovers will all want to leave because our qb can’t win and he is a terrible decision maker and add in his deep ball accuracy sucks… him and McCoy is holding this team back

  60. Dre Says:

    Good thing is we can get something good back for Desean … and lurch while you’re at it make it a combo add in McCoy thanks a bunch

  61. Dre Says:

    Licht *

  62. Cobraboy Says:

    @Bonzai: maybe we watch a different Bucs team.

    When Winston completes a deep ball, it’s usually a jump ball of sorts, not leading a WR with a pass on the money or hitting a player in full stride.

    The kind of ball Fitzpatrick throws is completely different from Winston.

  63. Anonymous Says:

    It makes so much sense for Houston to trade for DJax, if we can get a third-rounder or better we should do it
    The more plays for Chris Godwin the better

  64. WalkdaPlank Says:

    If you think this is because of anything other than Jameis Winston you are WRONG.

    Regardless of your opinion on Jameis and his future as a buccaneer, there is absolutely no denying his lack of chemistry with Djax and failure to utilize this man with his biggest strength:

    The deep ball.

  65. Ndog Says:

    Please trade this pouting baby. This is the kind of crap poor teams accept, the second he made this request he would have been gone if it was my team. Only poor franchises allow players like this on their team.

  66. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Agreed about Godwin

    He has a brighter future in Tampa and has better chemistry with the starting QB than Jackson ever will. Dealing D-Jax is the best move for all parties.

  67. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    The BLAME is ALL on JAMEIS on this one!!!!!!!!

    Jameis style is short to medium passes. Only deep ball throws he completes are jump balls to extremely tall receivers.

    Not worth $25 mill!

  68. BucInCLE Says:

    First time commenting here. I’ve been a daily reader since Dez Briscoe was on the team. IF THIS IS TRUE: Regardless of what the issue might be-I know Winston has had difficulty connecting with Djax down the field but at this very moment, your team is sitting at .500, the defense FINALLY shows up in a game, and you win a game where the offense wasn’t playing well.

    As a veteran on this team, your first thought shouldn’t be “I want out”. This dude scored a touchdown last week. It’s a cancerous mentality and he needs to go. There’s no excuse for the timing of this. You should be trying to dig deep and turn this thing around. There’s some momentum to do so. Trade him for whatever. Doesn’t matter. He’s gotta go.

  69. Reality-is-a-Beotch Says:

    everyone wants out of the black hole that is buccaneer football…. 1 good year in 42 and the owners of worst winning percentage in history does not give players much hope for the future…. what tampa fans call legendary players other teams call backups…

  70. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    You are dreaming if you think the coaches were not forcing him to throw to Jackson last year. Jackson is a diva. He has a history of throwing tantrums like this (he did with his last two teams). He has a strong history of drops. He has a history of avoiding hits at the sacrifice of catching the ball. He plays at a different speed in games than in practice, making it hard to get timing with.

    In the past, his stats were bloated because he was thrown to more than any other player on his teams. This helped hide the drops. But once teams realized the problem was with him, they stopped throwing to him as much and he threw his tantrums…just like he is doing here.

  71. Hawk Says:

    It’s not right to “blame” Jameis. Every QB has an area of his game where he struggles. The deep pass is where Jameis struggles. It’s not his ‘fault’. It’s not like he’s struggling on purpose. He is very good in other areas. This is just not a good fit. *IF* Jackson asked for a trade (I still doubt the validity of this ‘rumor’), then the Buccaneers need to make a decision on the best course of action for the *future* of the team

  72. J Says:

    D Jax QB can’t get him the ball

  73. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    Doesn’t DeSean Jackson know how blessed he is to be in the presence of “America’s Quarterback”?

    To think of all the QB’s that have played with Jackson over the years and only ONE can’t take advantage of his unique speed and his him in stride down field.

    The only thing unique about Winston is how he finds a way to turn the ball over at the worst time. Take out his Heisman season and across both College football and the NFL, he isn’t “America’s Quarterback” instead he is “America’s Turnover Machine”. One outlier season and a history of mediocrity sprinkled with turnovers plenty.

  74. LakeLand Says:

    I believe this is 100% true
    You have to place yourself in DJax shoes
    He has one year remaining on his contract
    He turns 32 in December
    He will be 33 in 2020 free agency
    He need to be making plays on the field

    Like Kobe said
    He want that next 2 year $18 million contract
    He has to show teams h, he still have a lot left in the tank
    This is a business

    He seen what happened to Kwon Alexander
    Players has to lookout for themselves

  75. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I think Joe and Johnny Buc have made the most germane points.

    “who has been known for questionable report, claims”

    Why bother to give Rappaport the time of day on this kind of wild speculation? Not criticizing Joe I get that’s it’s legitimate news it’s just frustrating when some guys throw crap against the wall…are proven wrong…yet they toss the next lump of manure against the wall and people still give them credibility. Kudos to you Joe for pointing out his reputation.

    IF….this is an actual story and true…then as usual I agree with Pickgrin.

    6 games into the season with playoffs still a possibility if DJAX has actually talked about getting a trade….DUMP HIM.

    And spare me the whining about DJAX’s career. His numbers right now make him a fantasy favorite and in no way are hurting his career stats. He has earned more than 50 million dollars!
    Forgive me if I can’t bring myself to go WAAAHHH because JW has missed him on some deep balls!!!

  76. Buc1987 Says:

    BucInCLE …you’re right and I don’t re-watch a lot of games, but I’ve read posters on here saying that sometimes it looks like Jackson pulls up on deep passes thrown by Jameis. Whether intentional cause the ball is soooo overthrown or intentional for another reason. I’ve seen some live action games where sometimes it does look like Jackson pulls up too early intentionally.

    Yet if he wants out…. then it tells me that it is a connection thing and he’s not pulling up intentionally.

    Either way he has to go now.

    Trade him to Gruden. Gruden will love him like he did Keyshawn.

  77. JabooBuc Says:

    Pretty sure this is bigger than just JW. I think Jackson sees the writing on the wall and this team is likely in full rebuild mode after this season. Team has a QB that wasn’t voted captain most likely because he has the maturity and emotional intelligence of a 12 year old boy. I’ve said it before, just watch the face of DJAX during the “eat a W” speech and it tells you everything you need to know about what he thinks of JW.

    Then they lose their best leader on defense last week and I think he knows they have no chance.

  78. Buc1987 Says:

    Jaboo….Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have a C on his chest…..

  79. BigMacAttack Says:

    Fitz probably wants to go with him. They are in sync with each other. Koetter doesn’t seem to think so. Bench Jameis or send both of them to Houston. Feleipe Franks made every Winston throw yesterday. It was all uncanny how it went as if Jameis took over his body.

  80. Greg Says:

    Jameis sucks! Its embarrassing watching him try to throw a deep ball or lead a receiver. Jackson was leading the NFL with Fitz and immediately dropped off when the sex offender came back.

    The Texans have a real QB that needs a speed receiver bad. They are actually a contender and we could get a 3rd rounder or player.

  81. Erik w/ Clean Athletics Says:

    100% Jameis’ fault.

    We can’t even keep an elite-level WR now bcuz of Jameis’ ineptitude.



  82. TBTemojin Says:

    DJax used to run his mouth that he couldn’t be overthrown…… well I guess that was a lie.. /shurg

  83. Dapostman Says:

    DeSean Jackson is a one trick pony. Trade the one trick pony and get a multiple trick pony back at any position or a draft pick.

  84. Buc1987 Says:

    Greg….the Texans could really use Djax. I’ve seen Watson make some turrible overthrows this season.

  85. Erik w/ Clean Athletics Says:

    Fitz and DJax could go start a new team together, and be the pillars/foundation of a Champion-caliber franchise for the next 5 years, but we can’t/won’t even utilize them. LMAO. WE SUCK.


  86. Erik w/ Clean Athletics Says:

    Dapostman is one punk b1tch for that Djax take.

    You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

    DJax is as complete a receiver as virtually anyone in the NFL.

  87. Joseph Mamma Says:

    A third round pick or better for Jackson? That is laughable.

  88. isrBuc Says:

    You can’t blame Jamies and I don’t think it’s about him. If jw could hit the deep ball djax would have been quiet, I guess but in this situation I truly believe djax issue is with the decision to bench fitz. No professional player should care about this season being jw’s job interview. jw is not the kind of qb who should be given the job automatically, especially after being suspended. I think djax is pissed with the way this organization is run and the P.R driven decisions been made regularly. No other qb played like fitz did for TB ever. you can’t bench a guy mid season just to see what you got in another guy. players don’t care for that. they want to win.

  89. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Djax stats today. 5 rec. 130+ yards 2 tds then what?

  90. Hawk Says:

    LOL. Two sides of the same coin, Bonzai.
    If Jackson “… has a strong history of drops.” AND, “He has a history of avoiding hits at the sacrifice of catching the ball.”, why would a coach put his job in jeopardy by “forcing” a QB to throw the ball to him?
    And as far as slowing down, why is Fitz able to hit him, with FAR less practice together?
    And if he’s not slowing down when Fitz throws, then the question becomes why does he do it when Winston is throwing? He loved Winston in their first year together. If he is slowing down on purpose, he is only hurting his own future pay check.
    Sorry, Bonzai, but the logic seems to favor that Winston just isn’t good at the long ball. It’s not the end of the world. And it certainly doesn’t preclude him from becoming a premier QB. It’s just an area of his game where he struggles.

  91. BrianBucs Says:

    Jackson would be happy here if Fitz was still the starting QB

  92. Season Is Over Says:

    The Winstopologists are out in full force. Lmao! Yes, receivers making top money go around requesting trades for no reason. Maybe we should just assume the reporter is lying instead of actually blaming Winston.

  93. Flatout Says:

    Sat in row B 45 yard line behind the Bucs bench for the Browns game. Oh…I can confirm 100% that Winston is a huge part of DJ’s issues. He came off the field after Winston missed deep in the first half throwing his helmet on the ground and shouting “f that mother f’r I am tired of this sh-t”. Not real pleased my ten year old had to see and hear his little cry boy fit…..but clearly he does not like Winston

  94. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Dewey Selmon

    Getting over 130 yards on only 5 catches implies that those were some deep passes. Something Jameis Winston is incapable of throwing unless it’s to a 6’5” top 5 WR in the league.

  95. Dapostman Says:


    you can watch Fitz and Djax in the Alliance of American Football next spring. There they can build a team around these two old geezers. Two one trick ponies. Fitz throws a deep ball only and DJax catches a deep ball only. Problem becomes when after a couple games of tape the league takes that away and then you have two one trick ponies without their trick. Trade him now while you can get something before the AAF comes a calling.

  96. Matt from BC Says:

    No headlines on ESPN that I could find.. Maybe it is fake news, I trust ESPN more than sadly.

  97. Resurrection of Duff Says:

    To bad Jameis “I Got To Get Better” Winston is not connecting well with Jackson. Jackson can turn opposing offenses one dimensional in a hurry. It was sweet to get opposing teams in a 10-14 point deficit and force them to start throwing the ball. Although I’m still hoping they get more creative with the calls and hit Jackson on mid range passes up the middle and get more production out of Jackson. When you have a speedy guy like Jackson you have to get the most out of him with good play calls too. But not only does Winston have problems with deep balls, he also keeps throwing balls off target which may get somebody injured. With all that said, I still want Winston to retire as a Buc. He is a very promising QB. But the facts are the facts.

    I don’t blame Jackson for wanting to move on. I believe with Goodwin we are good to go anyways. I also believe adding the Winston to Jackson deep = playoffs.

    Go Bucs!!!

  98. WalkdaPlank Says:


    I agree with trading him, however if Jackson is such a one-trick pony and that’s such a bad thing then how did he bamboozle so much money out of the Glazers pockets? Why sign him in the first place if he is so bad? Answer:

    He’s not.

  99. buddy Says:

    The Bucs are a complete dumpster fire!!!! I love it. What a joke of a head coach and he’s just like Willie T at FSU totally overmatched. Today we will see Ali Muppet get exposed by Atkins and what a joke giving him that new contract is. Jameis and #KLUELESSKOETTER don’t get along and can’t stand talking to each other. Now DJax wants out, Where are all the people screaming playoffs and Super Bowl after 2 weeks???? LOLOLOLOL

  100. BigMacAttack Says:

    No question that Djax still has speed and the ability to get open deep. The beauty of having that connection is that it opens up a run game even more, as well as intermediate throws for the other receivers. But if you can’t get him the ball it doesn’t matter and defenses don’t have to respect it.

  101. BigMacAttack Says:

    Jameis is very good though at hitting defenders in stride. He’s probably the best in the NFL at it.

  102. Mike Johnson Says:

    Who cares? Just focus on winning against Cincy. Screw Jackson. Stick with your gameplan and Win. maybe we can get a 2nd rounder for him..I hope. Jameis does have a problem though hittin receivers with the long ball in stride. One game at a time. Don’t let this be more than it is.

  103. Dave Says:

    Jameis’s accuracy is atrocious. If the accuracy doesn’t improve, he’s not going to last long in this league. And no decent WR will want to come here.

  104. D-Rome Says:

    I don’t blame him. Way-Miss Jinston can’t seem to get the ball to him.

  105. LakeLand Says:

    DJax value is taking a nose dive in Tampa

    It’s like the collapse of Enron

  106. INSPIRED Says:

    Trade him… We need the picks or a Star for fantasticly large holes to be filled somewhere else on the team. Bonzai is right you know concerning his speed during the game and slowing down. HE WILL NOT GO AFTER THE BALL that if he dove for it or even “RAN TO IT” he would catch! If it’s not in the Princesses bread basket then he won’t put forth the effort. WE HAVE ALL SEEN IT! And FOLKS, that’s on D Jax!

    Fitz throws floaters and that is what he needs to thrive on long balls.

    You know what else, I watched Winston actually attempt to work on throwing some floaters in the last game. Albeit it was to Howard but trying it. Winston isn’t great at throwing floaters. That’s the truth. AND if the ball isn’t floating around, D Jax WON’T GET AFTER IT! Don’t believe it? Go back and watch the films! It’s again and again and AGAIN with this guy D Jax… Hell, if I were Winston I might want D Jax gone for LACK OF EFFORT!!!

    ALSO it’s a FACT that they were FORCING the ball to him last year….. Everybody knows that so where is this all the sudden clueless crowd coming from? PLEASE!

    Look, you don’t even need to go back and watch tapes because it will happen in the game today! Why do you think Winston “ISN’T” targeting D Jax? MAYBE it’s because it somebody WON’T do what it takes to WIN football games in the NFL when it comes to putting yourself ON THE LINE to make the catch. Which of course D Jax WILL NOT DO! When was the last time anyone here saw D Jax dive for a ball? WHEN WAS THAT AGAIN? NEVER you say? Well, I think you are finally on to something. It’s called “lack of effort”. It DOESN’T win football games……

    And honestly not being as young as I once was and suffering pain like I do I understand!!! He doesn’t want to get hurt and EVEN THOUGH I’m bitching about lack of DIVING FOR THE BALL, I understand why he isn’t. “HOWEVER” the lack of ADJUSTING to the ball, I DO NOT BUY OR UNDERSTAND THAT AT ALL……!!!! NOT GOING TO GET IT and THAT’s on D Jax!!!

    That’s why it’s ok to trade him to a team with the type of QB that has a nice FLOATER TOUCH on the ball to him. IT IS A WIN/ WIN.

    We get what we need and he gets what he needs.

    In the end we have the weapons without D Jax in that department of ALL of our departments. That trade makes the most sense because we are DESPERATE in other CRUCIAL areas.. We really NEED to make that trade for a weapon we can use now and in the future. And D Jax is right to try to move to a payday now no matter what anyone says. D Jax is a smart guy and I think ha knows that he needs this move NOW before multiple things are too late and WE need to be smart and make the adjustments on OUR ROSTER before it’s TOO LATE for our season.

    Keep in mind that we are “ONE MORE INJURY” in many parts of the field to being DEVASTATED for the rest of the year!

    It’s a WIN/ WIN for EVERYBODY GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Ndog Says:

    This fan base is so sad. We have a cry baby who plays when wants to, shows up when he wants to and is all about himself. And we have a QB who works his butt off, plays hard every play, never gives up and is all about the team. Yet this fan base sides with the crybaby selfish player. Sad so sad and actually embarrassing.

  108. Season Is Over Says:

    Winston was suspended for four games putting himself in this situation. Was that sad and embarrassing? I agree the fan base is sad. Who puts people like that on pedestals?

  109. Defense Rules Says:

    @Bonzai … “In the past, his stats were bloated because he was thrown to more than any other player on his teams. This helped hide the drops. But once teams realized the problem was with him, they stopped throwing to him as much and he threw his tantrums…just like he is doing here.”

    Bad morning Bonzai? DJax has been a #1 receiver for years with other teams … just like ME13 is with the Bucs. Of course he gets thrown to more than other receivers. In his 10 years in the league (prior to this year) he was targeted 983 times (so 98 targets average per season). And he caught 548 of those (55.7% average). His yds/reception is right around 17.5 YPC.

    By way of comparison, Mike Evans was targeted 579 times in his 4 years (prior to 2018) in the NFL … so 145 targets average per season). And he caught 309 of those (53.4% average per season). Mike’s yds/reception is right around 14.8 YPC. So DJax’s catch % is OVER 2% higher than ME13’s and his average YPC is almost 3 YPC MORE than Mike’s. So what drops are we talking about Bonzai? Deep threat receivers more than likely have a lower catch % than most possession receivers (like Hump?).

    None of us obviously know if DJax asked to be traded or not. What we DO know is that as a deep threat he was a LOT more effective when Fitz was throwing him the rock (3 TDs vs Zip?) I wouldn’t blame him (or his agent) for wanting out of Bucsville at this point in his career. Odds a VERY good that the Bucs won’t bring him back for next year (too many other mouths to feed). Why spend 10 games here waiting for the inevitable? A trade to someplace like Houston could guarantee him probably 2 more years at least. Fans need to remember that to these players, the NFL is a BUSINESS first and foremost.

  110. Phillybuc Says:

    They’re obviously committed to J.W. so Djax should go. They’ve never been on the same page and D-Jax won’t run underneath routes. Test the waters and see what we can get

  111. Buc1987 Says:

    Ndog…it’s been that way for awhile now my friend.

  112. Greg Says:

    Bucs1987 Will Fuller was having a good year and was hurt. Watson is having a good year. Im sure all QBs sometimes miss a receiver but Jameis ALWAYS misses Jackson and there is no excuse. Watch the game and stop trying to defend your sex offender turn over machine. He is not good! He makes everything look like he has to be the hero because he hold on to the ball too long and doesnt spread the ball around, cant lead receivers and has to run too much.

  113. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Playmakers should get the ball in the redzone. That includes DJax in space , and the taller receivers such as Evans, Godwin and brate closer to endzone. Lot of respect for Hump but he has been getting more targets than DJAX and doesn’t have the ability to stretch the field.
    And Bonzai :
    Jameis also had trouble connecting Evans .He overthrew him at least eight times
    on go routes at the end of season before Licht signed DJAX. He has good chemistry with Godwin so far.
    And DJAX was in no way responsible for the busted trick play. You can’t advance a fumble in the last two minutes. Since Jameis failed to get the lateral in the air
    it was a dead ball at that point as Koetter explained in his presser after the game.

  114. Trench War Says:

    After the first 2 games of the season I placed a huge bet that DJax would eclipse 750 yards for the season. He’s sitting at 526 right now and I have no confidence that with Jameis behind center DJax will get there until the end of the season. If at all. For selfish reasons alone a trade would benefit me but as a Bucs fan it would really suck. I’m torn

  115. TampaTown Says:

    New England looking to trade for a wide receiver

  116. Buc1987 Says:

    Jameis Winston….Greg’s QB for the rest of the season and 2019 too!

    Chew,choke, or gag on that for all I care… will be fun to watch you come on here and whine for the next 2 years.

  117. MadMax Says:

    doesnt want to play with jw#3….i get it…

    So, any signs here? Jw comes back and we’re in this mess!!!

    Fkn signs man!

  118. Jamesrunningwilder Says:

    isrBuc, I COMPLETELY Agree! One week after Fitz rallied the Bucs back from being down against the Steelers and nearly winng the game, the Team was informed that Winston would be returning as the Starter after the Bye week. DeSean even Said that Fitz should stay the Starter after his suspension was over. I believe The Reason the Bucs came out so Flat was the Team, specifically the Offense, is because they were Not happy about Fitz being Benched and Winston being handed the Starting job back. With Fitz, the Offense was Explosive and Dangerous because they could hurt you Deep. Just my opinion and I agree with isrBuc‘s take as well.

  119. Tc Says:

    Fitzis not the long term solution. A career journeyman. I like desean as a talented player but hate his attitude, basically selfish

  120. Getaclue Says:

    Winston misses other wr deep all the time. The only time he does may a deep ball is on a 50/50 ball the war has to go up and take it away from the defender. The rest of the time it’s over the head just like that int he just threw in the end zone to Evans. Biggest we in the league and you can’t even get the ball in his catch radius when he is wide open

  121. Yusef Says:

    Winston has chemistry with every other player on offense except Desean…..why is that? All i have been seeing is pouting from Jackson the past few games…….bye!

  122. Jawo75 Says:

    Winston just threw his 2nd int to a wide open Bengals defender. Please end this madness and trade his ass! He’s a complete bust.

  123. Ludicrous Speed Says:

    I’ll be the 1st to say, that was a GREAT throw.

  124. Ludicrous Speed Says:

    Kicking is consistant.