“I’ve Given Up Saying, ‘Run The Football'”

October 28th, 2018

Derrick Brooks talks about trading for Patrick Peterson, among other subjects.

Buccaneers legend Derrick Brooks has very firm opinions and observations when it comes to his beloved Bucs.

First, he wants them to break a new trend and show up for today’s road game.

“Last time we went on the road nobody traveled,” Brooks quipped on the brilliant TAMPA TWO, a production of The Identity Tampa Bay and Joe.

Watch the entire video below. But here are some key nuggets from Brooks on today’s Bucs-Bengals bash.

***Physicality in the trenches must be a key and look for Bengals running back Joe Mixon to be a focus. Brooks says the Bengals’ core remains their run game.

***Stay ahead of the downs on offense, Brooks pleads with the Bucs. “I’ve given up saying, ‘Run the football.’ Just stay ahead of the downs. Because I’m seeing it work. I’m seeing that teams can get a short pass on first down, five-six yards. Or now 2nd-and-2, 2nd-and-3.” Brooks likes how that kind of success preserves the run option on third down if your second-down throw is incomplete. “And the Bucs have had success doing it, too,” he adds.

***More tempo on offense … because they had success with it against Cleveland.

***Go deep. Injuries have hurt. “Back half of the roster starts to be the front half,” Brooks says, and those guys have to step up like Carl Nassib did last week. … “It’s not too late for Ronald Jones to show up, either,” Brooks said with a laugh.

***Brooks also has an observation about struggling kicker Chandler Catanzaro (remember, Brooks was on the sidelines for a chunk of last week’s game) and a take on a potential Bucs trade for Patrick Peterson.

ENJOY the video!!

11 Responses to ““I’ve Given Up Saying, ‘Run The Football'””

  1. LakeLand Says:

    Just do your job

    And everything else will fall in place
    It’s not complicated

  2. Jeagan1999 Says:

    It’s not the idea of running the ball that’s bad…it’s the horses we have in the race! Peyton Barber is a serviceable RB, but we have nothing behind him! I know Ronald Jones has potential, but he has yet to show those “Jamaal Charles” like qualities in the NFL!

    Time to raid some practice squads and swing a few deals. Look at teams like Chicago, they have so many good young RBs they can’t get them all on the field! They have some stuffed on their practice squad. This is why we have scouts! Go find a couple of good runners, and make the deals happen. The Bucs are still in the mix at the half way point….but they won’t be for long if we can’t keep improving the team down the stretch!

  3. Reality-is-a-Beotch Says:

    5 play off wins in a career hardly makes one a LEGEND…. the under achieving has beens had 1 good year… hardly legends…. run the ball lol 1970 wants thier game plan back fool…..

  4. Reach87 Says:

    Nice analysis on how we com be productive in the running game. Go Bucs!

  5. Doctor Stroud Says:

    For better or for worse or whether we like it or not, all Bucs fans better just accept that the fortunes of this franchise rest entirely with JW. This “philosophy” has seeped into decisions on getting particular players, which players play, how coaches coach, and yes, even play calling. The ownership/coaches/GM (i.e., the people running the organization) are all in. The fact that JW doesn’t have a “C” on his jersey means that the players are not all in. This all suggests a schism between coaches/GM/ownership and the players. The fans are about as divided, too. Good luck!

  6. Walter Says:

    Lol at trying to troll one of of the greatest Linebackers to ever strap on a helmet and shoulder pads. No one takes you seriously T-Max.

  7. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Doc Stroud

    Agree with your thoughts. This team is still JW’s team from a management viewpoint. His job security may have taken a beating but he’s got at least ten more games to show who he really is. It’s irrelevant who “I” think he is.

    I like JW…but he’s not given us any reason to be totally confident which is why from my perspective I want to see these final 10 games. Let’s see who JW is!!! JW haters…if you’re correct what’s your fear in letting JW go out and bust as you suggest? JW lovers what’s your fear in letting JW continue to display his obvious talent. I’m a Buc’s fan so I’m rooting for JW…if he kills it the final ten games I won’t be surprised…if he plays inconsistently and remains erratic I’ll be mildly surprised but not shocked.

    The ONLY fair thing we can do for JW is give him the best chance to succeed over the final ten and then look at the results.

    MY opinion and yours don’t really matter here. When it gets down to it it’s just “bizness”. Thomas Bassenger wrote another great piece in today’s Times looking at both sides of the trade JW or keep him and he was very objective.

    The Bucs have a TON invested in JW and soon will have to decide whether to double down on that already massive investment. It’s not just his salary and implications for that in the future. If you look at the situation dispassionately here’s what the Glazers see.

    They’ve got a huge amount already invested…if they wanted to trade him at this point that’s the investment strategy of buy high (REALLY HIGH…#1 draft pick) and sell low. JW’s value is at it’s least right now given his FSU rep…a suspension…and the ints. Other teams know of our predicament. We would get the least return possible if we trade JW right now….BRAINDEAD.

    Nothing is happening Tuesday…nothing will happen until the season is completed and even then we don’t know if they try and extend the contract or just franchise him for another year.

    If he can go 5-5 ending with an 8-8 record JW will be back at minimum with a franchise tag. If he can go 7-3 the final ten…he’s back and maybe even with a new contract. If the wheels fall off and we go 6-10 or worse….we blow it all up…from Jason..to Koetter to JW…GMC and a few others.

  8. FreeTheSecretWeapon Says:

    Doug Williams 2.0????


  9. Season Is Over Says:

    No one runs the football when your RB averages less than 3ypc. Barber has done this for his whole career. No one is scared of Barber, ROJO OHNO and Rodgers. Just like Licht said, He has already shown he has “IT”. Whatever that is. Maybe they should pull the rocket out of his so he can run better.

    “When he would run the ball [in college], he would run it with authority, you know, he would hit that hole quick; he would hit it hard. And he’s not afraid to face-up a linebacker. He’s not afraid to run through a linebacker. You would think he’s a 220-pound guy the way he ran,” Licht said.

    “Every time you put on the tape, you would see the aggressiveness but then you would see the fluidity, the hips, the burst and the speed, and the explosive speed isn’t something we haven’t had at that position in a long time, at least since I’ve been here. He’s already shown that [at Bucs practice] that he’s got it. It’s very deceptive, but it looks like he has a rocket up his ass at times.”

  10. Back2bucball Says:

    Reality is a biotch/ Tmaxipad , you ” lil girl ” are the fool! If I ever was at a bar and found out you were you, I’d drag you outside and t-bag your face after I was done rearranging it for you. You shouldn’t even be on this site after you spit all that garbage about promises after cook was not drafted by us. Then you get banned as tmax & hide behind your new handle! Sapp, Brooks & company are our legends! You don’t like it, find another team to trash everyday! We are who we are history and all! Should we have won more Superbowl? Sure 1 more for sure! Not we didn’t.. Is this current team going to go anywhere with no run game or defence to speak of? Hell no! But it takes alot to get a team where us fans ultimately want them to be including luck… But one thing Indo know for sure is a team such as the bucs don’t need fans like you.. Now run home to mommy as she has your favorite pj’s washed for you and since she still Breast feeds you give a lick of the nipple for me! Assclown!

  11. LeeBucsfan Says:

    The Bucs don’t have a fullback and this year they haven’t developed a tackle or guard to serve as a big TE for short yardage plays.