Mahomes Vs. Jaguars & Kamara Vs. Ingram: Week Five Fantasy Preview

October 6th, 2018
While many pro football fans look forward to a, this sounds odd, potential AFC Championship Game preview of Jaguars at Chiefs, fantasy owners smarter than Todd (He admits it) who bought the hype on Patrick Mahomes have cold feet about this game. Todd addresses that concern as well as the one from Alvin Kamara owners about what the return of Mark Ingram means in New Orleans.
Todd’s got thoughts on every team, every game and almost every possible player for the Sunday and Monday games in this edition of The Todd Wright Fantasy Football Podcast. Even a Cowboy who caught a ball this season got mentioned, of course that was Ezekiel Elliott to beat the Lions, which further illustrates how Dallas has nobody else to perform that act. If you need more information than the podcast provides, just write Todd at Please do not just email him without listening to the podcast. That would hurt Todd’s feelings and you’d miss a key new aspect of the Hooters menu that Todd discovered while sitting at Ty’s bar at the Hillsborough Avenue Hooters location watching Colts and Patriots last night.

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