Lombardi: Smith Will Get Koetter Canned

October 2nd, 2018

Pressure mounting.

So now it’s not just Joe typing it. It’s not just drunks in a bar yelling at their bartender. It’s not just crackpots calling sports radio shows.

A respected man in NFL circles, a former suit who worked alongside Bill Walsh, Bill Belicheat and Al Davis is saying it.

Former NFL general manager and front office executive Michael Lombardi has put words to a website what many have already written since the Mike Smith Debacle on the shore of Lake Michigan Sunday.

In no uncertain terms, Lombardi types for The Athletic, if Bucs coach Dirk Koetter doesn’t make major changes to how the Bucs’ defense is being run, Mike Smith is going to get Koetter fired.

When I think of bad defense, many teams come to mind, but the Tampa Bay Bucs (2-2) are the worst of the worst. They cannot stop anyone and yesterday in their second road game of the year, they allowed the Bears to put up forty points on them, bringing them to a grand total of 139 points allowed in four games. The Bucs are not good enough when it comes to talent, scheme or coaching on defense to win, and this will ultimately cost head coach Dirk Koetter his job.

Joe understands Koetter is tight with Smith. If not for Smith, it is very likely Koetter is not in the position he is currently in, head coach of an NFL team.

Look at it this way: Koetter has often said the worst part of his job is to tell a player he is not wanted upon release. But why does Koetter cut that player? Because Koetter is trying to build a winning team.

It is clear to a guy walking around with a white cane that for whatever reason, Smith is not remotely getting the job done as a defensive coordinator (and one could fairly argue neither are the secondary coaches). This is costing the Bucs wins which, if measures are not taken, will cost Koetter his job.

If Koetter eventually wants to fall on his sword for his friend, well that’s Koetter’s choice and it is noble. But if Koetter wants to have a long-term career as head coach of the Bucs, he’s likely going to have to make a call that may be the most uncomfortable decision of his career.

It is likely going to boil down to this: Does Koetter want to remain as Bucs head coach or not? If he leaves the inevitable to someone over his head, the result may mean Koetter himself could be looking for work come January as opposed to Koetter replacing his defensive coordinator.

86 Responses to “Lombardi: Smith Will Get Koetter Canned”

  1. Easy Denman Says:

    Koetter doesn’t have a contract after this season. If he fires Mike Smith and nothing changes then it doesn’t matter anyways.

  2. JabooBuc Says:

    It seems like if Mike Smith was such a good friend then he might go to Jason and turn in his resignation. I suspect these two have a pact to ride or die together on this so it is very likely that this is the end for both.

  3. adam from ny Says:

    koetter knows the water is getting hotter…so he did the most logical thing in the world…he fired jorel worthy…yikes!

  4. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    Why are we surprised? Other then Coach Buckner, Koetter brings back the SAME staff that was LAST in the NFL in defense in 2017. Mike Smith will get him fired, along with every other coach on this staff. They have given up almost 27 points per game since 2017. And the road games? almost 33 points per game in that span. How can you NOT make some kind of change?

  5. Loyaltotheend Says:

    Dude should’ve been fired after last year. As a fan when is enough enough?!!! Been the same d since he got here. If you can’t successfully self evaluate and know your weaknesses you are doomed in this league

  6. adam from ny Says:

    just say we go to atlanta and ryan has 500 passing yards, 6 tds, and they score 50+ points….

    that would be wild af after 2 weeks of defensive scheming…

    i swear jpp might just start bangin’ out heads on the sidelines

  7. AtlBuc Says:

    Lets face it. Koetter is not going to fire anyone. He kept the inept Doug Martin as long as he possibly could. Unless someone steps in, we are going to have another losing season and in January, we will be starting all over again with a new staff.

  8. Zwak Says:

    It’s time to start over, AGAIN and again again..

  9. Not there yet Says:

    Mike Smith sucks yes but it’s not the only reason to fire Koetter. He completely gave up defensive duties to the DC which is bad enough but knowing that why the run game still suck, why is the blocking below average and why can’t his offenses put up points on a consistent basis? Of all the guys in camp Koetter is the one who chose what players to keep and who to cut.

    The worst thing that happened was that offensive explosion in the first two weeks. Now the Glazers know what it’s supposed to look like and that we do have that kind of potential in the field. If this offense is shut down like it was last week that’s another reason to fire him and everyone else probably including Winston if they can’t produce points

  10. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Dirk Koetter will get himself fired. Fired for ignorant decisions. He should been fired after last season. Every day that goes by this bye week is wasted as long as Mike Smith is ruining this defense.

  11. LakeLand Says:

    Dirk Koetter and his dumb coaching decisions will get him fired

    Stupid decisions like deferring the kickoff on the road

    Why have Ron Jones in the backfield in the red zone?

    Then run him and throw to him

    The guy has never been in an NFL game


  12. Ugandan Knuckles Says:

    Anyone else think Smith just gave up after he didn’t get hired as an HC?

  13. Evolvingbucsfan Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaand the captain goes down with the ship…..

    Nice guy or not it’s time to walk the plank Mr Smith……..

    our defense is getting plundered…

    our Scheme is getting pillaged….

    3 years of this crappy defense under M Smith is wreaking havoc on this fan base…..

    yes we have some weapons but it doesn’t help that our canons are in a poorly built dingy….

    and other horrible pirate analogies… you get the point =)

  14. ATrain Says:

    As Bad As I think Smith is and yes it’s time to retire

    This team gave up Sunday they played for the rerun of Jamies

    No way a team can run the field on two good NFL teams and then turn into this in last two games

    Dropped passes by Evans and Godwin
    Defense did nothing

    Except for DJax JPP and a few others the rest of the team quit

  15. adam from ny Says:

    i have watched every single bucs game from 1999 on…have never missed one…i swear…whether going to the game, watching at home, or at a sports bar – i’ve seen them all since 1999 (bucs fan since 1979)…but this past sunday i fell asleep while watching the game very early into the 3rd quarter and proceeded to sleep thru the rest of it….only to re-watch it later…the point is i fell the fugg asleep…my body gave way – i waited all week for this game – excited – anticipating – eager…the bucs put me in a lull and i went to bed…it was like a bad dream

  16. Topcoach78 Says:

    Just throw the whole d#$n team away I sick of this s@%t!!!

  17. Topcoach78 Says:

    Dirks seat should be hotter than ho in church!

  18. Casual Observer Says:

    Overheard at a Tampa sports bar: “Ain’ nothin’ wrong with this team that a new coach GM couldn’t fix,”

  19. AlteredEgo Says:

    Maybe Koetter is OK with that if he is MADE to coach/play Jameis

  20. Ed Says:

    Remember a few years ago when most Buc fans would have not even considered Blake Bortles over Jameis Winston or Tampa Bay versus Jacksonville Jacksonville was just like Tampa a bottom feeding team they turned around with good drafts and by adding Tom Coughlin as team president

    With the draft the NFL is designed for teams to retool after several losing seasons yet the Tampa Bay Buccaneers simply cannot make good personnel decisions nor assemble a good coaching staff players continue to love and average players are reassigned to large contracts to spite the losing as fans we along with Cleveland have continued to get shafted by bad management

  21. Big Stinky Says:

    I’m not sure Mike Smith deserves to lose his job or not. The players on defense are just not playing very good at the moment. The only thing I would blame Mike Smith for is not blitzing enough to make up for the youth in the secondary. Guys are out of position and taking bad angles when they are trying to make a tackle. You can’t blame bad tackling (like Conte in the Steelers game) on Smith or not being able to keep up with the receiver. It’s easy to blame Smith because he is the one calling the plays but it is more than that.

  22. Walter Seidel Says:

    This is like saying Koetter has no control over the situation…..I call BS on that.

  23. OneBucPerson Says:

    Oh no, Smith won’t get Koetter fired, Koetter will get Koetter fired. If Dirk wants to pick that hill for his career to die on then all power to him.

  24. SFNJ Says:

    Yes…the cancer is back! Karma baby.

  25. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    I was really hoping on waking today to read an article about Mike Smith being fired

  26. Greg Says:

    Ive said many times. Light cant evaluate talent. The O-line sucks and has no depth so Quarterbacks are under pressure and no running game. Defensive system allows easy short passes all day so QB can get rid of the ball in 2 seconds and we cant get to the QB.

    Light picked the wrong turn over machine QB, Picked a kicker in the second round, drafted 3 total busts at running back, keeps re-signing D-lineman who cant get to the QB including a 350 pound slow DT.

    This team fails from the chalk board

  27. Evolvingbucsfan Says:

    Ugandan Knuckles, seems like it…..All i know is that we made one coaching change on defense since, Buckner, more talent, same scheme and getting worse.

    D-line is on pace to have 10 more sacks than last year so there’s that.

    but doesn’t look pretty when a borderline back up QB lights up the secondary like the 2nd coming of Joe Montana.

  28. Wausa Says:

    I 100% agree Joe.

    The Bucs just fired DT Worthy because he was not doing a good job. Why in the world is Defensive Coordinator not held to the same standard?

    It’s extremely vexing that Mike Smith is still employed by the Bucs as their Defensive Coordinator. By every account he is not performing well. This didn’t just start this year. Last years defensive was the worst in the NFL and the fifth worst in NFL history.

    Put Tom Brady on this team with Mike Smith as Defensive Coordinator nd he would have a loosing record.

  29. Buc4evr Says:

    Too late to start over. Our Linebacker, safety and DB units are all bad. Yes both Alexander and David are terrible, does anyone notice ?

    With that said, firing Smith probably won’t have any effect. Hate to say it but the housecleaning needs to occur at the end of the season. In the meantime the Bucs need to simplify the defense and try to get through the season with subpar players in the backfield.

  30. Bculaw Says:

    The biggest issue I have with Smith is that we keep seeing the same thing over and over and over again. The collapse in Chicago this weekend was nothing new or novel. It happens multiple times every season, and it is always the same story – wide receivers running free, running backs creating mismatches against our linebackers in coverage, and quarterbacks with time enough in the pocket to write a book before throwing into soft coverage. The players change, but the results remain the same because there are no adjustments and no deviations from what is obviously a flawed plan. It is the definition of insanity. Mike Smith is the real “coach my scheme,” and he may have the softest, most passive, least successful scheme in the league.

  31. Posey99 Says:

    I think Mike Smith knows his job is at risk. He has a bye week to make adjustments and self scout. If atlanta (Koetter and smiths former team) gets loose on us, then he will def be fired for embarrassing Koetter.

  32. Big Stinky Says:

    If you’re looking for someone to blame for how bad the team is playing right now look no further than Jason Licht. Yes, he has brought in some talent on offense in his weapons for Winston campaign but he also has missed on a ton of players and FA’s. You build a team through the draft and other than a handful of players there just isn’t enough talent being drafted. The 2016 draft was terrible and the jury is still out on the 2018 class. Licht not getting us a talented RB in the last 2 drafts is really bad considering how many good RB’s there have been in them. I hate to say anyone should lose their job but you can point the finger at Licht for sure.

  33. Ride the A Train Says:

    Mike Smith is a liability. He is the week link in the chain that will eventually get Kooter fired. We have a good Offensive receiving corp and a minus effective run game. The OL could use some help but they are starting to shape up minus a few cogs. We have potentially great LB’s on Defense and a good rotation going on the line but something is drastically wrong if the only pressure we can get is with JPP and occasionally a sporadic Mcoy and a once in a while Curry. Our corners are either over the hill or still to wet behind the ears to be effective. This leads to a passing QB’s dream as long as the safeties aren’t aggressive – and our safeties get run over with a decent strong arm (embarrassing). Simth’s schemes blow and are the cause for us walking home with our tails between our legs even when we occasionally win a game or two.

  34. doolnutts Says:

    Buc4evr Says — Is spot on.. The whole situation is scary. The ENTIRE defensive staff seems to be useless. No one in the back end of the defense seems to know what they are doing in pass coverage. Not only is the scheme useless the coaches don’t seem to know how to teach it.

    I think we are stuck with these defensive coaches for the season like it or not. They are ALL bad. Even if we promoted Buckner to give him a shot he’ll have little to no support because the DB’s and LB’s coaches clearly stink as well.

  35. Robert Says:

    he’ll get fired, JW will get another shot with another coach. nightmare will be over in 5 years, maybe sooner if someone gets injured or arrested.

  36. Big Stinky Says:

    I agree with Greg’s point. That is the way I have felt since last year.

  37. LakeLand Says:

    This article should be about Jason Licht and Dirk Koetter getting Mike Smith canned

    Brett Grimes- 35 year old slow,undersized CB, should never have been re-signed
    Isaiah Johnson-2nd year undrafted special team player, with his first career start
    Justin Evans- 2nd year player, playing FS, strength is in the box at SS
    MJ Stewart- slow rookie CB, should be a Safety, need experience
    Carlton Davis- slow rookie CB, need experience
    Marcus Williams-15 starts in 5 years, a career backup CB
    Ryan Smith- 3rd year player converted to Safety, then converted back to CB,mostly special team player

    Is this the talent that fans are bragging about

    It’s amazing that no one is talking about the piss-poor job that Jason Licht is doing

    He’s not bringing talent to this team, and Koetter is a clueless Head Coach

  38. Mike Johnson Says:

    DA-HA-HA!! Tell us somethin we don’t already know!! Bucs are not serious about being true contenders. DC Smith should have been fired IMMEDIATELY after last season. Everybody knows it. But many go down in real life with their..Hommies. Koetter will too. I just feel sad for us..the fans. We want a winner so bad. But now its sorta like a joke. We all just shrug and say, its a Buc Life or its the SOB’S (same ole Bucs) to cover our frustration with this pityful franchise. I told you all long ago…this team will go nowhere until we bring back our original calling card…DEFENSE. Not to..Rub it in guys. But ATL will be ready in ATL. Forward…March..to another anti0climatic losing season. FIRE THEM CANONS!!!

  39. joestang Says:

    Smith could make all the adjustments he wants, this defense doesn’t have the talent. I have never seen wide receivers so wide open. How hard is it to at least be nearby to make a tackle.

  40. JabooBuc Says:

    Lakeland: disagree with some of your assessments of the talent. However, your point is a good one in that Jason made a really bad judgement call banking on Grimes for another year, especially at that price tag.

    As it was planned, they were riding with Grimes, VH3 and Davis at CB’s along with Conte and Evans. By itself, this is not a unit that would strike fear in anyone. Now, with VH3 gone, Grimes riding on rims and Conte out (probably a good thing), we are relying on essentially 3 rookies with Davis, Stewart and Whitehead (out Sunday).

    I agree with you that this is the real reason this team is having a hard time competing. You can’t have 3 rookies, a 2nd year Safety and an old, time has come CB, as your defensive backfield. Simply won’t work.

  41. D-Rome Says:

    Totally confident, right guys?

  42. Alex S Says:

    It is a shame to see a man ruin his opportunity because he does not have the guts to make a hard decision. His unwillingness to make the correct football decision because he does not want to upset a friend will be a regret for the rest of this life.

    However, we should not be surprised, this is a man that has admitted that the stats show that going for it on forth down is often the right decision but he doesn’t do it because he fears for his job.

    The Glazers cannot just watch this guy make these reckless decisions and continue to allow him to coach. He should be fired immediately.

  43. 813bucboi Says:

    I agree with every thing he said except for the talent on defense part…..

    JPP-1st rounder- SB champ-PBers
    GMC-1st rounder-ALL PRO-PBer
    VITA-1st rounder
    V.Curry-1st rounder-SB champ

    LVD-ALL pro- PBer

    j.evans- 2nd rounder
    c.davis-2nd rounder
    mj stewart- 2nd rounder

    not to mention spence-2nd rounder who has regressed…..VHG-1st rounder is injured…beau allen- SB champ injured…..

    the talent is there!!!!!!……the scheme and coaching ARE NOT!!!!!!!


  44. LakeLand Says:


    Yeah I didn’t mention Jordan Whitehead because he didn’t play Sunday. But he’s another rookie that they will depend on this season. So these 8 players in the secondary probably has less than 25 career starts combined.

  45. Sunday_44 Says:

    The units are NOT all bad. The new DBs will work out just fine.

    Yes Kwon and LVD are getting slower and you have to keep upgrading over time.

    JPP is a top 10 DE in sacks already, despite being asked to line up differently than he has his entire life.

    The problem lies in their ability to coach spatial recognition and individual assignments in certain coverages.

    If the guys they drafted are smart enough to get it, they fly out of the gate with pure talent.

    If the coaching is sub-par, it takes months, maybe years for the rookies to understand these schemes.

    Yes the ability to simplify is important when these guys don’t understand.

    It appears the Buc’s organization from top to bottom sucks at this aspect.

    You gotta give a $hit to go over the details, the things that appear small and even childish are getting this team slaughtered.

  46. LakeLand Says:


    Those guys are young ,inexperienced or washed up bums

  47. 813bucboi Says:

    I think joe asked the perfect question….and that is, does dirk even want to be HC anymore?…..

    judging by his body language and the way he’s running the team, he doesn’t want to be an HC anymore….just a QB coach or OC…..he’s not HC material….he’s not a leader of men….


  48. isrBuc Says:

    @joe Why all the nonsense? firing MS is one thing but as stated by koetter himself- whats next? Do you think duffner will save koetter’s job?
    for the record i dont care for MS but wanting him to be fired is only good for anger management. obviously he’s not a good coach (not sure koetter is either) but is there a better DC on the staff or anyone that can produce better results this season? write about that then.

  49. LakeLand Says:

    Jason Licht knew that his job was on the line as well as Koetter, Smith job. He shouldn’t have ANY rookies starting in the secondary. But they are starting 3 rookies, or special team players in the secondary.

    This is all on Jason Licht, he had a crop of young veteran CB’s and Safeties to sign during free agency.

  50. JabooBuc Says:


    Instead of grabbing both Unrein and Allen in FA and then drafting Vea, they should have added at least one stud DB. Basically we have been without the 3 DT’s Jason brought in and are relying on rookie DB’s in the secondary.

    Recipe for disaster and why it’s hard to put the blame on Smith.

  51. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Hire Coughlin as the HC of this team and give it a few years he will have it competitive…….sorry but if schiano was allowed another year he would have had this team in the playoffs, that defense was the best it had been since the glory years, but dumb dommy grabs revis for some reason the bucs lose a #1 pick that was needed then the mrsa and the coke/molly head qb decides south tampa is cooler than 1 buc and now you have this crap

  52. Brandon Says:

    I see total chaos on the horizon!!! It’s a bucs life….SMFH!!!!!!

  53. LakeLand Says:

    The Bucs were dead last in the NFL in pass defense

    But Licht want to beef up the D-Line with run-stuffers

    And beef up the secondary with rookies, special team players


  54. Rob Says:

    No one is going to just quit folks. If either Smith and or Koetter gets fired, they collect all their money. Koetter has to fire Smith (with the Glazers making him do so) Koetter knows he is a lame duck coach because this defense is abysmal and has no signs of improving. The only reason we won the first two games is because of our offense setting records which was nice but who felt good about giving up 40 plus points in the first game and almost losing against the Eagles because of our crappy defense? Major changes coming at One Suck Place and I’m over Koetter being a hammerhead and not firing his good old buddy Smith. If you suck, admit it and make the move. Go Bucs!

  55. 813bucboi Says:


    besides grimes, who’s washed up?……and how are they suppose to gain experience, by sitting on the bench?…..we complain about rojo being a 2nd rounder that’s sitting on the bench….you want our 2 other 2nd rounders sitting on the bench with i.johnson & m. Williams starting?….I thought the goal is to have the best 11 on the field…..

    its called player development which goes hand in hand with coaching…..

    the draft is a crap shoot but players that are 1st and 2nd rounders are talented….coaches have to maximize that talent…..

    are you saying every player on the field has to be the #1 overall pick for this staff to be successful…..


  56. Rick Says:

    I think this is a talented defense. We have proven players in the front seven and extremely raw but promising young players in the secondary. It’s up to the coaches to coach the young ones up and get the most out of the defense as a whole. The coach should be able to put whatever player he has, good or bad, in the best possible position. This isn’t a talent issue. This is squarely on the coaching staff.

  57. 813bucboi Says:


    during the offseason most thought that since the dline was upgraded we should have a better pass rush which will make the secondary better…..

    but the pass rush is still meh to say the least and the secondary has more depth and talent but has not improved…..

    so we have upgraded the player but still have the same results…..doesn’t that point the figure to coaching and scheme not the players…..


  58. ClwJB Says:

    It is purely the scheme and the coaches on D, we have just as much talent as more than half the teams in the league

    how can anyone think we are not going to give up 800 yds to Matty ice with Jones and Ridley?

    lets hope and pray the players can band together and give some sort of effort regardless of the inept coaching they are receiving.

    I coach ten year olds that cover the RPO better than our PRO’s and they pick up the rub scheme in like one week of practice, how can grown men not learn it?

    Just disgusting!!

  59. tnew Says:

    Koetter needed to be canned at the end of last season and would have if Winston hadn’t totally balled out the last 4-5 weeks of the season. Even then Koetter made more decisions that cost the team wins than put them in positions to win.

    Everyone likes to point out how well the offense is doing and “that is Koetter’s thing”, my argument is that no it is not doing well. Yes the yards are there and yes the Bucs have stormed back and won some games, however, the lack of a running game is still on the offensive side of the ball. Can anyone imagine a back with 150 total yards??? It just doesn’t happen. Koetter is equally putrid at developing a running back as Smith is at defensive back.

    Even with all of this, for Koetter to be brought back without any significant changes to the defensive staff or special teams coaches was at least curious. Now its proving to be a travesty.

    Some of us that watch film for fun see it. The all 22 is damning from so many aspects.

    Koetter and Smith can sit back and say it’s all execution and in their imaginations all of their plays work. Their job involves scripting plays that can be executed. They are failing at their jobs.

    The first two weeks was as big of an aberration as Smith’s mythical 5 games of 2016. I caught a bunch of flack with that opinion while everyone was caught in the Fitzmagic phase but without a couple of fortunate turnovers in the Saint’s (annual opening day loss, happens every season) the Bucs lose there and a couple of defensive break downs vs the Eagles they loose there. The “explosive play” offense Koetter likes is cool when it works, but the nature of it is very streaky. Defend it over the top and it is easy to contain, then in the red zone it bogs down.

    Bringing Koetter back as they did once again highlights the need for a president of football operations. The Glazers need a football advisor in the worst of ways.

  60. JabooBuc Says:

    813- We may have upgraded the talent in the secondary but i think Lakelands point is that these guys are all very young and haven’t worked together in this system for very long. Thus, we have missed assignments.

    The issue i have with Smith is that he knows this and this is why i think you need to bring pressure. You have to help these guys out by shortening the time window for the opposing QB. Mitch was just sitting back there picking them apart.

  61. desanova Says:

    They have a pact. They agreed that whoever gets the head coach job will hire, and never fire, the other as OC/DC. This is the same as Lovie hiring his kids to coach the secondary.

  62. SOEbuc Says:

    Sorry but no one is going anywhere till next year. Koetter knows d!ck about running a defense so he can’t become HC/DC and they’re not just going to hand the job to some other sh!tty defensive coach.

    2019: M. Tomlin (HC), Monken (OC), Buckner (DC), Ronde (CB)

    And if we don’t do well this year there is a lot of nasty DTs high on the draft board in the first to replace charmin ultra soft.

  63. Schlomie BarmitzvahCircumScissorStein Says:

    Mike Smith (the voice of Chris – Family Guy) has some ‘splaining to do. Btw, the Buccaneers uniforms are terrible.

  64. 813bucboi Says:


    inexperience, yeah maybe(even tho they’ve had minicamp, TC, PS, and 3games)….but no one can say we aint talented….I aint buying that……

    and since that’s the case, smitty should as you stated put them in position to be successful, not hang them out to dry…..then turn around and blame communication…..

    all of that boils down to coaching and scheme not players and talent…..


  65. NewTampaChris Says:

    If Smith’s defense continues like this, Koetter gets fired. If Smith is replaced and the defense doesn’t get any better, Koetter gets fired. So if I’m Dirk Koetter, I have to ask myself, “Who has a better chance at fixing the defense, Smith or someone else?” In and of itself, the firing of Smith may make us feel better but it doesn’t necessarily fix anything.

    I watch the game last night and I always have the Red Zone Channel on. I consistently see teams come up with schemes that produce a free rusher from time to time. That NEVER happens with the Bucs and I’m at a loss as to why not.

  66. Dapostman Says:

    If you are going to play, play aggressively.

    If you happen to lose, lose by playing aggressively.

    If you win, win by playing aggressively.

    In the first 3 games the Bucs offense was nothing but aggressive. It worked out in two games and one did not. That’s ok.

    The first 4 games for the defense is totally the opposite. Laying back with the bend but don’t break philosophy hasn’t really worked. Koetter and Smith are just too conservative. Notice the Steelers didn’t sit on it late and run the ball. Big Ben threw to Smith-Schuster to WIN the game. Koetter and Smith need a philosophy change of if we are going out we are going out swinging. It’s kind of embarrassing because these two look like dinosaurs in an NFL filled with gazelles. The other thing I’ve never understood is since this is a copy cat league you should have film on plays that work against certain defenses. I have yet to see a jet sweep by the Bucs and I know it works because I’ve seen teams run it successfully. If your O plays don’t work copy off someone else. It ain’t rocket science.

    #Get After It!

  67. SOEbuc Says:


    “I consistently see teams come up with schemes that produce a free rusher from time to time. That NEVER happens with the Bucs and I’m at a loss as to why not.”

    Because once again they are not blitzing our fast LBs or anyone else this year. LBs have to play back because the rest of the secondary plays way back. One time they did do it Kwon rocketed straight up the middle and smacked Foles causing a fumble. Hasn’t been done since.

  68. NewTampaChris Says:


    Whether it’s because of talent, injuries or scheme, the Bucs’ secondary can’t cover. So they may as well try heavier pressure. They can’t do any worse than 6 TDs and 48 points.

  69. jmarkbuc Says:


    8TD’s and 56 points

  70. SOEbuc Says:


    Hit the nail on the head. And they’re not going to change their philosophy. Others copycat and that’s why FitzMagic is done. He’s weak in the pocket and teams have discovered from all the opposing defenses how to get to him. Now they see how horrible Benenoch is and take advantage and then he has a defender in his face in a second.

  71. LakeLand Says:

    You can’t play aggressive with rookie corners and a 2nd year FS, special team player playing SS.

  72. LakeLand Says:

    You actually will put those slow rookies on an island?

    They aint Revis

  73. 813bucboi Says:


    you saying smitty and dirk get ANOTHER PASS because of injuries and having to play rookies in the secondary?…..

    since they have to play rookies in the secondary we should just give up….seasons over because of the rookies….lets just die slow…..

    if that’s the case, wave the white flag and tank for baby bosa or Ed Olivier….


  74. Dapostman Says:


    I believe it’s more about philosophy than talent or scheme. Some teams are known as an aggressive defensive team. Tampa is not one of them. The Bucs need to take a page from the 84 Celtics vs the Lakers and make these games street fights instead of gazelles running the Serengeti. Win, lose or draw you will earn your opponents respect. Right now NO ONE respects the Bucs. That is the worst thing that can happen to a professional athlete. Change the philosophy.

    #Get After It!

  75. tnew Says:

    I would argue, the Bucs are forced to play aggressively with inexperience in the back end. Play more man, bring the linebackers. Show some 3-4 fronts (yes we love to hear just how impossible this is but Buckner has made it work) Yes they will give up big plays, but they have been for 3 years. The longer the QB’s have the more time the inexperience of the DB’s will show up.

    Playing them back, having to “communicate” switching receivers and responsibilities is a bad recipe for young DB’s. If this was the plan drafting two DB’s in the second was dumb. Should’ve traded those picks and gotten veterans. I don’t agree with this strategy but if this is what is going to be commended by the DC then get the players who can actually execute the system.

    This is kind of like picking a RB and wanting him to understand all of the nuances of the position before he gets on the field, rather than just allowing him to run instinctively as he learns his trade.

  76. tnew Says:

    demanded not commended

  77. Realbucfan941 Says:

    Hell I’d bring the Ryan’s in as consultants at this point. Tweak the way we blitz which appears to be only A gap. Did anyone see Denver’s blitz packages last night?! Amazing. Lose this quarters coverage and play more man. Make them think. We all know what will happen in Atlanta if we don’t. Hell even if we do. But people are still setting records with these soft zones. Guys don’t know how to pass off in the zones they play over and over. Simplify it and go man. If they get beat, they get beat. Make them drop the ball in the basket.

  78. buddy Says:

    Bart Scott voice–CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Bucamania Says:

    No, Koetter is getting Koetter fired. He brought in Mike Smith and doesn’t have the guts to fix this. He’s obviously not head coaching material.

  80. Gene Deckerhoff is my hero Says:

    Fire Licht too…

  81. Owlykat Says:

    There is a false belief a Defensive Line Coach who hasn’t called defensive plays cannot possibly be a successful DC. Then explain to me why the Dallas Cowboys managed to do so successively with our former Defensive Line Coach and moreover he did so when the Cowboys spent their high draft choices building their Offense and he was left with subpar defensive players to coach into an effective defense and he is still their DC today. He knew how the defense was supposed to work and how to coach up players. Buckner knows how an aggressive defense is supposed to work because he has played in them before and he helped Coach one in the Arizona Cardinals and he knows how to coach up players even if they are not top talent. He can succeed here as Interim DC if Licht fires Smitty and tells Koetter to promote Buckner to Interim DC or be fired. If Koetter refuses fire him and promote our Offensive Coordinator to Interim HC who calls plays. If they succeed make them permanent.

  82. Jaycee Says:

    So what makes Lombardi the expert? He’s banging a keyboard like everyone else. The Bucs have no talent in the secondary. That’s the problem. Everyone wants to find someone to blame. Typical of people when things go wrong.

  83. DalvinCookRules Says:

    Smith will get Koetter fired? I said this nearly two years ago!

  84. DalvinCookRules Says:

    Hey Jaycee, WHY do the Bucs have no talent in the secondary? Hmm, trading up to the 2nd round for a kicker maybe? Drafting a 7th round caliber RB in the 2nd round? Taking an overrated DT with injury problems instead of trading down & grabbing Derwin James (or another talented DB)? Taking Hargreaves with a high 1st Rndr? Taking an astonishingly slow DB (MJ Stewart) so high in the draft???

    The scouting has been terrible, the decision making from the top even worse. Mike Smith has no idea how to adjust his defensive schemes to the type of personnel he has on deck. CLEAN HOUSE!!!

  85. DBS Says:

    buddy you forgot to put your #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!! etc in case you foregot .You gave yourself away about a month ago.

  86. Brandon Says:

    LakeLand Says:
    October 2nd, 2018 at 12:33 pm
    You actually will put those slow rookies on an island?

    They aint Revis


    Carlton Davis is a bigger CB that timed better than Richard Sherman did coming out of college… and you lost all credibility when you stated that Justin Evans was better as an in-the-box SS than a FS. You’ve obviously done no work on watching these guys coming out of college as Justin Evans couldn’t tackle a one-legged man. Just, stop. The talent is young and they can be developed. Smith is not the one to do it.