“It’s Remarkable”

October 10th, 2018

Falcons head coach Dan Quinn, a defensive guru in the NFL for several years, has spent his share of time studying film of DeSean Jackson.

Today, Joe asked him about it.

Joe joined a media conference call and the following exchange took place:

JoeBucsFan.com: Coach, you’ve been watching DeSean Jackson on film in the NFC for many, many years. What can you say about his game now versus when he came in [to the NFL] and how it’s evolved?

Dan Quinn: I think it’s remarkable because the speed feels exactly the same. It’s just dynamic. It’s off the line; it’s finishing plays. So that part feels really good, you know, like you’ve seen him from before and to now. And that’s pretty remarkable, then I think you can tell the route running, the discipline and then, quite honestly, how the coaches [in Tampa] feature him. They really have a good understanding of what he does best and then try to put him into those spots to accentuate that. So I thought pretty good match for a guy’s talent and then to a scheme that seems to really suit his skills.

Yes, the Bucs have a lethal weapon in Jackson, a freakish athlete at the top of his game in his 11th NFL season, and he might be in just the right fit for his standout career. Also, teams can’t afford to double cover Jackson because general manager Jason Licht has stocked the offense with a parade of other weapons.

Now, barring injuries, America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, simply has to hit the open man and not giveaway the football like it’s Halloween candy.

16 Responses to ““It’s Remarkable””

  1. Not there yet Says:

    No excuses this town went nuts over a journeyman Fitz but give credit where credit is due, when he had the time to step into his throw the ball was on time and accurate. Winston has to be on time and accurate because if he can’t be it will get harder to argue he’s better than Fitz. He is Better by the way

  2. ATLBuc Says:

    Fitz’ success wasscheme and blocking. Give Jameis those two elements and he will have some 500 yard games. I was very encouraged by Janeis’ Lobngball accuracy in the preseason. Let’s hope it carries over to Sunday. He is going to light the falcons UP!!!

  3. theodore Says:

    Hope you like the tape, coach, cause Fitz to DJax is all the tape you’re going to get. Jameis can’t hit DJax, I’m sticking to that opinion till I see otherwise.

  4. Dewey Selmon Says:

    If we just had a mediocre to middle of the pack defense the victories would come, We are wasting Djax and Evans best years with nothing to show for it.

  5. Mike Says:

    Does this sight kiss Light’s you know what to gain press access?
    It seems half of the content on the sight is propaganda.
    OK. So Joe asks the Falcons’ head coach about DeSean Jackson’s film now versus years ago and this is what you come up with? Joe had this “press access” before Licht was here and will whenever Licht’s time is up. Sheesh. –Joe

  6. Mike Says:


  7. Loyaltotheend Says:

    Until Jameis proves he can read the field and distribute the ball to the open guy I’ll believe he JUST can’t do it

  8. Bucnjim Says:

    Winston could light the Falcons and I hope he does, but the rest of your comment is COMPLETELY untrue! Fitz had success because of his ability to extend the play through scrambling in the pocket and running for first downs.

  9. JimmyT Says:

    Jameis has ZERO problem reading Defenses. That is an IGNORNANT statement. Now does his confidence sometimes get the best of him throwing into tight windows, yes? But don’t ever say Jameis doesn’t understand how to read defenses or going through his progressions! No one has EVER said what u said.
    Jameis’s picks are never because he didn’t see the defender. I’m over this, we have a great qb and these fans will always want someone else. Total joke

  10. ATLBuc Says:

    When it comes to extending plays and scrambling for first downs Jameis rules!! Remember 4th and 29 against the Dixie Chicks? Greatest first down scramble ever!

  11. Loyaltotheend Says:

    JimmyT- if your a qb who can properly read a defense why are you throwing it into double and triple coverage when other receivers are either open or have a 1 on 1 match up?

    I’m a fan of the game I’m not going by what a talking head says I watch the All 22 with a few friends of mine that played for power 5 teams. Week in and week out over 45 starts Jameis has a habit of throwing it to Brate or Evans no matter the match up. A good qb would go through his progressions and hit the open guy. Qbs with this many weapons are basically point guards they need to distribute the ball to the open guy!

    Jameis consistently hasn’t done that. He has 12 games to prove he can be consistent protect the ball and make good decisions

  12. tickrdr Says:

    We all make spelling mistakes from time to time, but I try not to put mine in all caps, especially when suggesting another poster’s comments are not too bright.
    BTW, I often agree with him.


  13. ben Says:

    Winston needs to shows he can be an accurate qb with the long ball and hit receivers in stride..or move on!

  14. VegasBuc Says:


    Totally agree 100% with you. Jameis has been reading defenses and writing notes in his own notebook about what each defense means and its pros and cons since he was 12 years old.

    With another year in the system and Monken calling plays, these receivers are responding which will help take the load off Jameis thinking he has to carry this team alone offensively.

  15. DB55 Says:


    You are 100% correct!

    So is Bucnjim Says Fitz had success because of his ability to extend the play through scrambling in the pocket and running for first Downs.

    My 2 cents, his second pick vs bears (terrible right?) Mike Evans has 1v1 on the left sideline. Seemed to me like the “open rcvr” but wtfdik

    If Jameis ran more and had time to see the field we’d probably win every game but that’s not the case. With Dotson and Caleb Smith there no way Winston will overcome his ptsd

  16. Sunday_44 Says:

    @ Joe

    I’m thinking maybe you should add a spell check feature for people like @ Jimmy T, who in the process of calling someone IGNORANT in all caps, manages to spell the word wrong LMAO