Ira Kaufman’s 10 Takeaways From Falcons-Bucs

October 14th, 2018


The little things will get you every time.

The Bucs did some things very well Sunday in Atlanta, but the details did them in. This football team isn’t good enough to overcome key mistakes — and Tampa Bay made too many of them in dropping to 2-3.

Gerald McCoy can’t be flagged for an illegal use of the hands penalty on a 3rd-and-11 incompletion early in the second quarter. Instead of settling for a field goal, the Falcons scored on the next play.

That’s a 4-point gaffe.

Chandler Catanzaro can’t miss an extra-point try following a game-opening TD drive. That’s a 2-point gaffe because the Bucs went for two later in the game and failed.

Anthony Auclair can’t get called for a false start on second-and-goal from the 2-yard line. Instead of a viable pass-run option, the Bucs were forced to throw and Jameis Winston was intercepted on the next snap.

Not being good enough on the details will get you beat in the NFL, where the talent differential between teams is less than you think.

Tampa Bay’s tailspin has now reached three games before the improved Browns come to town. With a chance to effectively eliminate the Falcons from the playoffs, the Bucs played well in spots but came up short.

Here’s how it went down:

* Dirk Koetter called it “ballsy.” Arthur Blank might have had another way to describe Dan Quinn’s gutsy decision to bring on Matt Bryant instead of the punter from the Bucs 39 and Atlanta clinging to a 31-29 lead. Bryant seemed to pull a hamstring as he nailed a 57-yard FG. If Bryant had missed, Tampa Bay would have assumed possession near midfield, needing only a FG to win. By the way, Bryant has converted 88 percent of his FG tries and 99.4 percent of his extra-point attempts in the 10 years since the Bucs foolishly let him go.

* That’s the Peyton Barber Buc fans saw in the preseason, a physical, hard-nosed back who always falls forward. Barber ripped off a 28-yard gain to highlight an 82-yard rushing effort, adding a short TD reception for good measure. That balanced attack helped the Bucs roll up 512 yards and tie a franchise record with 30 first downs.

* This Noah Spence situation is absolutely inexcusable. If he’s not good enough to dress at this point in his career, release him. In Spence’s place, the Bucs dressed Demone Harris, an undrafted free agent just promoted from the practice squad.

* The Bucs blitzed extensively Sunday, with mixed success, but wasn’t this front four supposed to apply enough pressure to minimize the need for extra pass rushers? New defensive line coach Brentson Buckner can’t be happy with the time Matt Ryan enjoyed on most of his pass attempts. And this was an Atlanta offensive line that failed to protect Ryan last week at Pittsburgh.

* Are we at the point where this defensive effort is to be applauded? Tampa Bay forced three third-quarter punts, but that doesn’t erase the TD drives Ryan directed on his first three possessions. The Bucs didn’t register a takeaway and finished with one sack as Atlanta converted 8-of-13 on third down. On the road, the Bucs have allowed at least 20 points to its last 14 opponents.

* While Winston and Cameron Brate continued their productive partnership, O.J. Howard also played well. Since the start of the 2016 season, Brate is tied for the league lead among all tight ends with 17 TD catches.

* To show you how brutal Tampa Bay’s pass defense has been, Ryan finished with a QB rating of 125.5, which was actually an improvement for Mike Smith’s embattled group. I believe the Fox broadcast crew just set a record for most camera shots of a defensive coordinator in the booth, holding his head.

* One sequence sure to be overlooked came near the end of the first half, when the Falcons took over at their own 25 with only 26 seconds remaining. Completions of 14, 17 and 16 yards against soft coverage led to a Bryant FG that proved critical.

* Ryan Smith had another forgettable day in Atlanta, but Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David led a second-half defensive effort that the Bucs need to build on. It wasn’t great, but it was better.

* A couple of poor decisions ruined what could have been a day of triumph for Winston. Barring injury, he should take every snap the rest of the way. This offense remains potent, averaging 28 points. That’s what makes this 2-3 getaway so frustrating for Buc fans who crave complementary football.

Now in his 40th year covering the NFL, Ira Kaufman is the most revered sports personality and writer in the Tampa Bay area. He scored a full-time seat at world headquarters in July of 2016. Tampa Bay’s only Pro Football Hall of Fame voter busts out columns here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and his award winning podcasts fire Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can also hear Ira on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio Wednesdays at 5 p.m. Also a TV star, Ira is part of the FOX-13 Tailgate Sunday NFL show at 10:30 a.m. He’s also on BayNews 9 Mondays & Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. “The Sage” enjoys beet salads, Riesling, tennis, Bette Midler, Chiefs victories and needling Joe. …WATCH IRA AND DERRICK BROOKS on the new TAMPA TWO show from The Identity Tampa Bay and JoeBucsFan.

70 Responses to “Ira Kaufman’s 10 Takeaways From Falcons-Bucs”

  1. Darin Says:

    Bye bye Bucs. I’ll come back to ya when Klueless and Sittin Back are gone. Ive seen enough

  2. Mike Johnson Says:

    Nothin you can say Ira. Its almost comical now. I mean my nephew did his Moses impression to the Glazers this afternoon..He stood before me and my wife with his white cape and cane sayin, Go down Moses, way down in Buc One Land. Tell ole Pharoah (Glazers)..Let my people Go!!!
    Release us for this seaons agony Of Defeat Glazers. Do somethin. Free sodas, beer popcorn..something!! But let Buc fans GO!!!!!!!!!

  3. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Seriously, I’m tired of hearing about Kwon and Lavonte. They are average football players who consistently get pulled in on play action, are liabilities in pass coverage, can’t make tackles consistently, and aren’t effective blitzers

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I love ME13….but Ira missed one of the most egregious mental lapses in the game……we are driving for the win….no time outs…..time is running out and Mike clearly had an opportunity to get out of bounds and stop the clock…..but didn’t……that could have cost us the game.

  5. WillieG Says:

    I’m done with the Bucs. I’ve had enough. I will not waste 4 hours watching garbage. The Bucs D is garbage. McCoy is a joke. Yeah, he may be a great player but he isn’t worth a damn as a team leader. The D needs a leader. McCoy and David both suck at leading. Kwon isn’t any better. Grimes is done.

    Jameis is mostly garbage. He plays good enough to lose. Lots of yards, but slow starts, turnovers, missing wide open receivers and throwing into triple coverage instead. In other words, same old #3. Smith is a joke. Marpet needs to go back to the right side.

    I’m done. See ya, Joes and Ira (done with y’all too. No need to read about a team I am no longer interested in.)

  6. Joel Says:

    Agreed. Kwon and Lavonte are liabilities.

  7. DB55 Says:

    Osweiller and Watson both threw 2 ints and still won their games. Their defenses however did NOT allow 30 points. Hmm

    As for Winston he’s the top QB in the league for week 6 thus far in terms of yards and TDs, also has the highest fantasy points for a QB this week.


  8. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    Absolutely spot on Ira…. This team did just enough to lose today. Atlanta didn’t play great. In fact I thought Matt Ryan struggled at times. I literally turned to my girlfriend after that false start on the goal line and told her we won’t get any points here. It’s bad when you can feel and predict when this team will shoot themselves in the foot. This team leaves points on the field and doesn’t play to the whistle. Our so called leaders on defense are as big of a liability as the rookies out there all getting roasted in this submissive, vanilla defensive scheme. It’s over. As hopeful as I was that it wasn’t. It is. It’s kinda like holding on to a bad existing relationship only to avoid having to start all over with a stranger. It’s time to clean house and get some proven, driven winners in the building.

  9. unbelievable Says:

    Every unit on the defense is playing below average.

    The fact that a d-line with JPP, GMC, and role players like Nassib and Curry, still can’t get any consistent pressure is laughable.

    Our linebackers are only good against the run. Liability in coverage and hardly effective at blitzing.

    The secondary is a disaster. Everyone looks lost. None of them can tackle. They start the play 10 yards off the LOS and then start back peddling as soon as the ball is snapped. Massive 20 yard holes everywhere in our “coverage”. Grimes avoids contact at all costs, even if it means giving up the completion.

    It’s insulting to the fans.

  10. ben Says:

    ok Ira .. Please explain why Winston should take every snap so i understand the reasoning. Isn’t winning the most important and Fritz has a better winning %.

  11. DB55 Says:

    Is a QBs inaccurate if he has a 73% completion percentage this week and a 80% completion percentage last week? Winston has a 75% completion percentage for the season. 46 of 61. Is that inaccurate?

  12. Brett Says:

    I haven’t posted much, but I have never thought Kwon is very good. He is easy to take out of the game.

  13. TheDailyAutopsy Says:

    Finally someone talks about the stupidity of letting Matt Bryant go!
    And how did that work out?

  14. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    We competed, had a chance to win IF IT WASNT FOR MIKE SMITH DEFENSE!!!!! Fire his A$

  15. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Well I guess we’ll see just how much McCoy means to this D now that he’ll probably be out for some time with that dreadful calf injury.

  16. dmatt Says:

    Mike Evans not stepping out of bounds cost us about 16 seconds that we could have saved.

  17. Gobucs Says:

    The best part is that people actually thought this team would make the playoffs and win 10 games lmao.

    Idiots. 6 wins max. Complete regime change. And Winston is the 4th best QB in the division which means last place every single year.

  18. Buc believer Says:

    Nothing will ever change until the people at the top (the Glazers) change. That means hiring a football operations guy (like a Tom Coughlin) and get out of his way to get a new Gm head coach and defensive coordinator offenseive coordinator and everyone else. We are lost lost lost.

  19. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Blackmagic00 Says:
    October 14th, 2018 at 8:04 pm
    Well I guess we’ll see just how much McCoy means to this D now that he’ll probably be out for some time with that dreadful calf injury

    What defense??? I must be blind because it doesn’t look like we have any defense

    30 points before half, that’s a Mike Smith defense

  20. Lunchbox Says:

    Ira, I don’t care about complimentary football near as much as I care about WINNING football.

  21. ATLBucsFan Says:

    This defense is terrible. They can’t put pressure on the QB, gives up too much space away to an accurate passer and I’m done hearing about the talent of individual players. As a defense they stink. They choose to s**k. They are good at that.

  22. Wombat Says:

    Next week we play a rookie QB leading the Browns…. I know who my money is on!! Won’t even be close, sorry guys, this team has lost the will to win. The body language on the field says it all! Koetter won’t see the season out.

    On a bright note, I switched my car insurance to GEICO and saved over 10%!!

  23. adam from ny Says:

    people don’t realize but kwon started like a house of fire when he got to tampa – he was no joke – and has slooooowly declined every season thereafter…lavonte is just getting older and bulkier – and doesn’t fly to the ball like he used to…we went from having the thought of “we have the best linebacking corps in the league”….to “not so much”…beckwith actually pulled the whole unit together last year, with glanton and bond great in spot relief…this year it’s a whole other story…also glanton was pretty darn good – almost great at times last year..this year, not so much

  24. Lunchbox Says:

    What defense??? I must be blind because it doesn’t look like we have any defense

    30 points before half, that’s a Mike Smith defense
    Actually it was 24 points at the half. No point making it worse than it is.

  25. AZBucsFan4Lyfe Says:

    Here’s the thing. Had Kwon made that tackle 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage. They would never have went for that last field goal. But as usual he whiffed. So they kicked a 58 yarder. He is bad, real bad. He missed more tackles than he has made. Sorry for telling you the facts.

  26. Jim Says:

    Don’t know how two interceptions don’t merit mention. Oh, right, that’s on jameis! Never mind…

  27. Buccfan37 Says:

    Buc fans hang around for decades waiting for their 30 year special season to show. Hurry up and wait some more. It has become second nature to gripe about this team. Hang in there comfortably numb.

  28. CT Bucs Fan Says:

    It’s unacceptable to preform the way they did in the first half coming of the Bears game with a bye week.

  29. Lunchbox Says:

    I no longer believe Jameis is the guy. I held out hope despite my eyes telling me something completely different. I’m now listening to my common sense. Don’t give me the stat line. 4000 yds bla bla bla. How about W-L record? That’s what extends contracts and/or gets people fired. Going by that stat (the one that matters most) along with the eye test, run Jameis out of Tampa on the same train you send Koetter and Smith on.

  30. Kobe Faker Says:

    “The updated betting odds of Tony Dungy as the new president of operations next year

    Yes -600
    No +550

    Dungy in means JW on the trading block

    1st and 4th round picks for JW


  31. Lamarcus Says:


    If JW is worth and 1st and 4th then he has no business being traded in the first place. That’s for the Cleveland Brown life

  32. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    When are we gonna fire Mike Smith?

  33. adam from ny Says:

    the 10 points atlanta scored in the second half were very important points at the time…they scored those points at decisive moments – in response to the bucs scoring…they countered against the bucs when it was most important…so the defense wasn’t all that in the second half either – they’re just proud of themselves for not getting trounced like in the first half…

    if mike smith was an animal in another life, he’d be a skunk

  34. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Lunchbox Says:
    October 14th, 2018 at 8:30 pm
    I no longer believe Jameis is the guy. I held out hope despite my eyes telling me something completely different. I’m now listening to my common sense. Don’t give me the stat line. 4000 yds bla bla bla. How about W-L record? That’s what extends contracts and/or gets people fired. Going by that stat (the one that matters most) along with the eye test, run Jameis out of Tampa on the same train you send Koetter and Smith on.

    You literally have to be Drew Brees to win with a Mike / Lovie Smith Defense AKA put up 40 a game, or 30 before half

  35. JabooBuc Says:

    Kobe: Who the hell would give up a 1st and 4th for JW? Seriously good stuff you’re smoking.

  36. Lunchbox Says:

    Bucs fan #7423 Tell me something. Since you used Drew Brees as an example, do you think Saints fans are saying every time he drops back “oh please God don’t let him do something stupid “? No. But that’s what Bucs fans think EVERY TIME Jameis drops back. And if you don’t, you’re not paying attention.

  37. LakeLand Says:

    The Falcons defense is just as bad as the Bucs

    The Bucs offense went punt/punt/interception in the first half. During the same time the Falcons offense went TD/TD/TD. You can’t do that against a solid Atlanta offense.

  38. firethecannons Says:

    The defense sucks and causes offenses to play more aggressive than desired. Unfortunately this defense is the worst in the league and the Bucs with this difficult schedule will lose every game. We are going to lose all the rest of the games as our defense is beyond bad. I’m out.

  39. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Bucs had a chance to show America that they are contenders. Instead, pretenders again. I’d be willing to bet that ATL will have a better record than Bucs at saasons end.
    Next up, Baker Mayfield and the Browns. 2-4 is right around the corner and 2-6 by midseason.
    Jameis Winston remains underwater from a W/L perspective. The Titanic fared better. So far this season, 5TD, 4 INT. Hardly Pro Bowl numbers.

  40. LakeLand Says:

    Then the 6-0 Bucs lead turned into Atlanta 21, Bucs 6.

  41. Tnoles Says:

    I know our defense sucks but I’ve never seen a team hold as bad and obvious as the falcons offensive line did. At times it was so blatant and clear and yet no call. I guess the only time you get the calls is when you earn it in the win column. No excuses but man the refs sure didn’t help.

  42. firethecannons Says:

    I just read Lunchbox post–no doubt–I do that–it has become hard to watch–Jameis played well but unfortunately the pik in the endzone happened–apparently Humphries wide open there

  43. LakeLand Says:

    There is no EXCUSE for the Bucs offense to go Punt/Punt/Interception against a weak Atlanta defense.

  44. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    We need Beckwith. We need hope. We need fire! We need accountability. We need heart in the game of football by everyone. It’s not about who makes what. It’s about doing your job! It’s about being damn good at your job! Be great at the little things. Do you want to be a loser? Excuses are for losers! It’s time to turn a new leave defense. Are you weak or will you influence up and change your leader?

  45. Resurrection of Fitz Says:

    We have seen the potential of the offense. Today they underachieved with Winston. His inability to hit deep balls is helping opponents. If a balanced offense averages less than 30 points per game, we will go winless the rest of the way. SMH

  46. NewTampaChris Says:

    My one takeaway — this team is awful and I won’t spend one dollar of my money on them. The Glazer boys need to bring Malcolm back from the dead to run this team.

  47. Lunchbox Says:

    Inability to hit the deep read. Inability to make the correct reads. Tendency to throw into coverage despite other open receivers. Questionable decision making ability (both on and off the field). These aren’t the qualities of a Franchise quarterback. I hate to say it as much as anyone. I don’t like that we screwed up on the first pick of the draft (Mariota wasn’t the answer either) but the time comes when you have to cut your losses. NO WAY is he worth an extension. NO CHANCE.

  48. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    My Sunday afternoons are cleared up for a long time now. I will not be watching this joke of a team anymore.

  49. Red86 Says:

    I felt nothing during the game. I knew we was going to lose the moment Mike Smith allowed the cbs to play 10 yard off two plays in a row to give up the first down. This is the same defense that got Case Keenum paid, Sam Bradford look like a HOFer, Kirk Cousin “You like that?” phrase a thing, and other backups looks like starters.

    Of course Matt Ryan is going to destroy this defense that play soft and scared. I don’t think we are going to beat the Browns because this same wack defense ran by Mike Smith. Baker Mayfield is going to give the defense fits.

    I understand Jameis picks. When your team is down, qbs in general are going to take more risk. Kicker is suspect. McCoy need to take a pay cut or be cut. (McCoy is average. He will never be a defensive player of the year. You know like the real Elite player does year in and out.) This defense lack pressure in the DT positions.

    This defense suck for too long since Monte Kiffin left. With just two decent years. This is ridiculous. Average defense only give up 21 points. The Elite defense give up less than 21. Horrible defense give up more. The expectation for any of our qbs to lead an offense to score 30 points a more every game is just unrealistic and unfair. Only Brady may be able to do that. Newsflash not every Qbs are on Brady’s level.

  50. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    It doesn’t matter. Sooner or later we will rip each other apart.

  51. Jeffbuc Says:

    I’m over it done watching every year same bs hope. Every year same bs defense and same jameis throwing picks at the worse time it’s not fun anymore I’m over. Has two weeks to prepare for a 1-4 team. I’m sick of every game being so out coached. Are defense looks like we had no clue what they were going to do. we are outcoached every game please just relieve koetter and Smith. I can’t believe Smith is still giving a 10 yard cushion. Get over yourself and change some atuff

  52. Mike Johnson Says:

    Don’t worry fans. After all its just the..SOB’S (same ole Bucs). Glazers will let these coaches finish out the year and start fresh with a top 5 draft pick next year.
    At least we know..No playoffs for this team. I don’t think Koetter will finsh 8-8 lookin at the remaining schedule. Just as well. Next year, just to find us some coaches with winning pedigree. Not rejects from another pro team where they could not get the job done. I’m done with these Bucs for now. I’ll watch’em for a half. But if they cannot perform any better, its a waste of my Sunday afternoon.

  53. Jeffbuc Says:

    I’m done I am seriously done watching this. Thai is like buying groceries from a place every week even though they have the lowest grade vegetables and meat. And still charge full price for it. To let smith keep coaching is a smack to every fans face

  54. Buc21 IDAHO Says:

    Ira. Check tape again. It wasn’t McCoy who committed the hands to the face it was Gholston. Very clear on the replay. I hope you clean this up and clarify on the podcast for Tuesday that we will hear on Wednesday or Thursday

  55. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Baker Mayfield is gonna set the Browns franchise record for touchdown passes against a MIKE SMITH DEFENSE

    Matter of fact, if Baker Mayfield doesn’t set a franchise record that will be considered an accomplishment for a MIKE SMITH DEFENSE

  56. DBS Says:

    @ Mike Johnson
    You are probably right. Then they will hire more people that can’t do the job. Brown’s South.

  57. jjbucfan Says:

    Hey JeffBuc, Are you done? I can’t tell

  58. Buc21 IDAHO Says:

    Trade for Patrick Peterson. He’s on the block

  59. Buc21 IDAHO Says:

    And hire Arians.

  60. Buc1987 Says:

    “That’s a 4-point gaffe”


    That about sums up the last 15 years and the 110 years prior to that.

    Like Tmax says Bucs fans have been acustomed to losing.

    We’ve had a few “Glory Years”…….THEY won a Super Bowl!

    Wow! The Bucs? Won a Super Bowl? Really?

    Sucks being a Bucs fan…JUST DEAL WITH IT…. like I did from 1987 or so and YOU will appreciate what you watched them for. Some of us readers and posters have done it more than I since………….1976…you poor SOB’s. We DEAL don’t we? They won it huh? YES they did.

    We deal with the nonsense. WE live in a small market area. Some of us have moved….. with good reason….but we remain Bucs fans.

    STAY with us. STAY with whoever owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Cause when they win the whole dayum thing….. there isn’t any dayum thing like it. Patriots fans can’t relate to us Bucs fans I grew up in Massachusetts…. sure the 1st one was special..but NOWHERE near the Buc’s first one. Just deal. I promise you as a HUMAN being. It’s worth it.

    Just deal with being a Bucs fan……

  61. Season Is Over Says:

    Are we back in the gutter so soon?

  62. Wausa Says:

    No accountability for the defense after last year and this is what you deserve this year

    The Bucs have the worst defensive coaching in the league

  63. Season Is Over Says:

    How is that running game, Sage? Are we there yet?

  64. Blackmagic00 Says:

    @ bucs fan. I was just putting the McCoy thing squarely in the McCoy haters lap. I know we suck, but we’re probably about to suck even worse.

  65. Blackmagic00 Says:

    And anyone hanging th his on Winston is pretty stupid. This was an absolute defensive disaster. I cant even hang this on Mike Smith, it’s the entire unit. The offense is ok and will get back to explosive soon.

  66. FireMikeSmith_orDie Says:

    Lovie Smith >> Mike Smith…. Lovie had less talent to work with, but as bad as his defenses were, they did force turnovers & they would sometimes even be dominant!

    Lavonte David & Kwon Alexander were killers under Lovie, but under Mike Smith, you’d think they are the two worst LBs in the NFL. I don’t have time to go through all of the data that supports my thesis, if your eyes work & you are honest with yourself, that is all the evidence you need.

  67. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Sorry, Ira, I’d like to stay positive, but 2 weeks to prepare and Defense still gives up 24 pts in 1st half- if you can’t cover anybody, then at least blitz every play.
    And correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that the 2nd time this season Auclair has been called for a false start ? Cut him- tolerating BS from players sends a message to rest of team that it doesn’t matter if your mistakes cost the team.

    This coaching staff is likeable, but are too soft on players.

  68. Alanbucsfan Says:

    This reminds me of Bucs 15-20 years ago when a great defense was being wasted because of terrible offense. Now it’s the reverse- a great offense is being wasted on a terrible defense.
    Maybe Bucs should do a reverse Dungy/Gruden and bring in a defensive head coach next year…

  69. Defense Rules Says:

    I think I’ve come to the point of believing that the Bucs are simply LEADERLESS. That’s the kiss of death in the NFL. We’ve basically got several superstars, backed up by (1) several average 1st contract players; (2) too many ‘newbies’; and (3) a number of ‘rentals’ who spend a couple of years with us & move on. Our presumed ‘superstars’ AREN’T LEADING. Average 1st-contract players typically don’t make good leaders; neither do the ‘newbie’ rookies. FA ‘rentals’ who come to the Bucs rarely seem to work out as top-shelf leaders.

    Since you brought up COMPLEMENTARY FOOTBALL, I’ll add this: The whole idea there is supposed to be that your strengths pick up your weaknesses. In our case, our OFFENSE should be picking up our DEFENSE right now. Having the capability to SHIFT MOMENTUM to our favor is critical … yet instead we keep digging deeper & deeper holes that we can’t get out of. Turnovers are momentum killers. 3-and-outs are momentum killers. Missing extra points are momentum killers. Sure did have a LOT of that yesterday. I think that I’ve lost faith not only in this coaching staff, but also in many of these Bucs players.

  70. Bucsfanman Says:

    ’87- It’s our lot in life as Buc fans! I’ve suffered far too many seasons but still root for my team. It’s crazy, I know!
    Yesterday left a really bad taste in my mouth. Defensive woes aside, 2 things really ticked me off:
    1) What are our defensive players dancing for? The ONE stop of the game?! Check the scoreboard idiots!
    2) What professional football team stocked with 6 foot plus WRs calls THAT play from the 20 yard line?! What in the name of everything holy is going on with this football team?! Utterly embarrassing!