“Communication” Hiding Warts

October 2nd, 2018

Discusses “communication.”

Joe understands Bucs fans are absolutely sick of the generic term Bucs defensive players and coaches use to cover up garbage play.

And that is the term “communication.” It seems like that is the knee-jerk answer some give for a tough question they don’t want to answer.

And the Bucs have been claiming this is the problem with the defense now going on a third season: “communication.”

At this point, a cynic might suggest the Bucs download the free Google Translate app on their phones if their communication is this rotten.

(From what Joe learned from two different people at One Buc Palace over the course of the past year, what the Bucs say is accurate — provided this is actually still continuing. But the term “communication” is very generic and is really glossing over a larger issue that frankly should be easy to solve but for whatever reason, powers that be continue to let it fester. Joe’s not going to offer specifics because it would give a player a football scarlet letter and that would be unfair to the guy.)

Even Bucs coach Dirk Koetter thinks the excuse of “communication” is overblown, to a degree. In his weekly sitdown with WFLA-TV Channel 8 sports anchor Dan Lucas, Koetter didn’t deny communication could still be a problem. However, Koetter said when a team is curb-stomped like the Bucs were in Chicago, that’s a terrible oversimplification.

“We can’t just blame being down five touchdowns on communication, it is more than that,” Koetter said. “We weren’t ready to start the game. That is ultimately on me. We didn’t tackle well, we didn’t cover well, we didn’t get enough pressure.

“And oh by the way, we have a pretty good offense but when you have three three-and-outs and a turnover in the first half, that isn’t helping out defense either.

“It was bad all around and I have to take responsibility for that. It’s on me.”

If the Bucs can’t figure out well into the third season under the current defensive braintrust how to solve a communication issue, that really doesn’t say a lot for the defensive staff, does it?

Maybe it might be smart for the Bucs to at least coach up their defensive coaches and defensive players to use a different crutch to try to explain incompetence.

You can watch Koetter’s full sitdown with Lucas below.

80 Responses to ““Communication” Hiding Warts”

  1. Boogie-Nightz Says:

    Why is Mike Smith still employed here? Is it becuase Diana and Mike went to band camp together in 1999?

  2. Pete Mitchell Says:

    This coupled with the article earlier on the one constant throughout the last seven years of September beat downs tells me all I need to know.

    Simple as that.

  3. OneBucPerson Says:

    How hard is it to sit your DC down, tell him to put your DBs in the right position to succeed, and to blitz regularly throughout the game if the front 4 ain’t getting enough pressure?

  4. T in Orlando Says:

    @Maverick LaVonte David?

  5. Pat Says:

    This article only makes me want to know which player it is that deserves the Scarlet Letter for quitting or being to stupid or whatever it is

  6. DBS Says:

    So how do you make an excuse for an excuse?

  7. Pat Says:

    I believe the equivalent of a scarlet letter in football is that you are a quitter. Is this correct Joe?

  8. Lord Cornelius Says:


  9. D-Rome Says:

    Joe’s not going to offer specifics because it would give a player a football scarlet letter and that would be unfair to the guy.

    It’s not very difficult for us to figure out.

  10. Buc'n Since I Was 10 Says:

    It’s time to get back to Training Camp practices.

  11. Rob Says:

    All a total bunch of bs. The Bucs have given up a historically bad number of points to start the season and show zero signs of improving on the defensive side of the ball. Fire the incompetent defensive head coach, best buddy or not, and try to keep your job Dirk. You cannot defend the level of ineptitude on the defensive side of the ball. From Conte trying to shoulder tackle a 6’5″ tight end which I think cost us that game and all momentum, to giving up 6 passing touchdowns to a qb who had 1, I repeat 1 passing touchdown leading into the matchup with the Bucs. Embarrassingly bad performances like that cannot be forgiven or explained. Fire Smith, admit hiring him was a mistake, and save your job. Otherwise, you don’t last the season Dirk. Go Bucs!

  12. Bucsfanman Says:

    As a garbage man I know what “TRASH” smells like! This team’s rolled enough of it out to fill the Long Island barge.
    Losers make excuses, winners fix ’em!

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    @Koetter … ““And oh by the way, we have a pretty good offense but when you have three three-and-outs and a turnover in the first half, that isn’t helping out defense either.” Absolutely LOVED the way that you glossed over that little tidbit from Dirk Koetter’s beatdown (oops, I meant sitdown). What a concept … COMPLIMENTARY FOOTBALL. Where the defense can help the offense (creating turnovers, etc) AND the offense can help the defense (controlling the clock, NOT making turnovers, etc).

    The bottom line from Sunday isn’t all that difficult to figure out Joe. Players sucked AND coaching sucked. Bucs had several players on the field Sunday … on BOTH sides of the ball … who had NO BUSINESS being in uniform for an NFL team. Could probably say the same thing for several coaches I surmise.

  14. Evolvingbucsfan Says:

    Mike Smith confidence poll?

  15. jjbucfan Says:

    Anyone who watched Brent Grimes play the last 2 weeks knows the answer. That dude has been nothing but classy, but I think even he has given up on his friend. He knows we aren’t going anywhere other than winning a couple of games here and there. He will be on IR soon-mark it down!!

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “Joe’s not going to offer specifics because it would give a player a football scarlet letter and that would be unfair to the guy.” Oh go ahead Joe. You did that yesterday to Mike Smith and he didn’t even suit up. Go for it … NAME NAMES. (oooh, let me guess … Isaiah Johnson? Actually I could’ve picked ANY player on the Bucs, just thought I’d start there).

  17. theodore Says:

    Once Mike Smith makes his bye-week adjustments, the Bucs defense will be as formidable as the ’75 Bears and ’88 Steelers.

  18. Darin Says:

    And u didnt coach well dirk. A rookie head coach 3 games in just tried to hand you and smitty your pink slips. U sat back and took it. Embarrassing. Then blame ur players. What a joke this guy is. Monken covered up dirk and smittys shortcomings first 3 weeks. Now tape is out and teams wont be surprised. So now its time for monken to adjust to try n bail out dirk and smitty some more. Fire Dirk and Smith now and lets get this team to the playoffs! Not too late!

  19. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Seriously, what is your infatuation with Smitty.. Dude can’t coach his way out of a wet paper bag, and yet you incessantly defend him…

    This is the third year of this crap..not the first.

    You are becoming the reverse Tmax in regard to Smitty.

  20. Evolvingbucsfan Says:

    I probably jinxed us for the Bears game by making fun of Conte, I meant it in fun but I publicly would like to offer my sincerest apologies for my comment. Dude was playing with a torn PCL it shows what a true football player heart he has.

    Me jinxing the team is still a better excuse for what bull we have been hearing from Koetter.

  21. EA Says:

    I was listening to Dave Moore this morning on Ronnie and Tkras and he said that teams that go on the road after a Monday night game only win about 20 percent of the time. It’s one thing to lose the game but to lose the way they did is very very disappointing, veery disappointing.

  22. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Welcome Yall to “Browns South”!!!!!!

    Defense???? Who needs Defense????……….. just take it from good Ol hue…… screw it!!!!!

    Being prepared……… just take it from good Ol hue…… screw it!!!!!

    Listen…… We may have a crappy situation but you have the good ol beach to cure your depression!!!!!

    ……. Jump right into the red tide!!!!…… That won’t make you half as sick as your defense

  23. '79Defense Says:

    Damn, those first two weeks of the season were fun.

  24. SOEbuc Says:

    THEY’RE NOT FIRING SMITH RIGHT NOW UNLESS M. RYAN THROWS 35 POINTS AGAINST US (which is far from impossible right now). Next year it’s a given he’s gone but they don’t have any other good coach with HC/DC experience that can come in. Have to realize it’s not all on Smith. It’s with all the crappy defensive coaches on his squad also and the way Koetter runs his team. I like JL because he’s a great scout and like “build through the draft” but knows d!ck about choosing good coaches.

    Defenses win championships. Bring Mike Tomlin back to Tampa in 2019.

  25. Eric Says:

    ok, we got the bye week and Jameis is coming back.

    Just last year we played all the teams in our division tough coming down the stretch. We aren’t as good as our first two games or as bad as this last one.

    Lets bounce back. I know the September blow up has occurred every year, but we did recover to 9-7 that one year.

    Cant judge Jameis on one half of football when trailing by five touchdowns. I prefer to look at the body of work last year after the shoulder injury. No reason he cant go back to that, which was damn good.

    Keep the faith, we are 2 dash 2

  26. LakeLand Says:

    Still no talk about how the NFL BEST offense went to Chi-Town and stunk the field?

    The defense was horrid and the offense also pathetic


  27. SOEbuc Says:

    ^^I meant Tomlin for HC, not DC and let him pick all the coaches^^ Monken OC.

  28. LakeLand Says:

    How about that GREAT Buc run game minus Doug Martin

    278 total rushing yards
    69.5 yards per game
    3.1 yards per carry
    1 rushing touchdown

  29. SOEbuc Says:


    No doubt. These bandwagonders have already jumped off the bandwagon at 2-2. Not true fans. Jameis hadn’t played the first three games or been allowed in OBP for first three games and it started raining when he went in there. He will improve. Keep the faith is always my motto to real Bucs fans.

  30. tnew Says:

    I bought into the communication mumbo jumbo… three years ago. Now….

    But I’ll let the offensive mastermind that is Dirk Koetter a secret. A good running game, a disciplined defense, complimentary special teams and a multi layered passing game wins football games.

    Counting on explosive plays and turnovers gets you ESPN time.

  31. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Tomlin ain’t going anywhere…Steelers have had 4 coaches in 60 yrs.

  32. Pops Malone Says:

    Agreed with Rob’s post 100 percent. He hit the nail on the head. This is beyond ridiculously bad with this defense. Enough already.

  33. SOEbuc Says:

    ^^Or actually Tomlin could be HC/DC. He could handle that where as Koetter can not handle HC/OC^^

  34. NPRSageBoy Says:

    This “communication” issue is BS, pure and simple. The Mike Smith defensive schemes are outdated. Smith got fired in ATL along with Mike Nolan for the same flawed, BS philosophy. He can’t fix it, nor can anyone else, quickly.
    Jason Licht is as much to blame as anyone, too. He bought into the Smith BS and acquired players for this flawed system.
    Pray that Jameis can run this offense as well as Fitz did when it was humming and Don Coryelle through the reminder of the season. Shootouts are the only way this team will survive.

  35. Bucsfanman Says:

    LakeLand- You have to wonder about a team who is SO sold on Peyton Barber but decides to feed the rookie instead. We can experiment anytime.
    The offense didn’t do the defense any favors.

  36. SOEbuc Says:


    “Tomlin ain’t going anywhere…Steelers have had 4 coaches in 60 yrs.”

    Not really relevant, but I do know his entire team is not too happy with him right now. Chance he could leave if they don’t make the playoffs this year.

  37. JaxBucsFan Says:

    “Joe’s not going to offer specifics because it would give a player a football scarlet letter and that would be unfair to the guy”

    So its either 58,54, or 93

    Most likely 58 Because he is the QB of the D

    Sucks, but if Kwon is the problem, lets trade him, same with any of those 3. If they truly the reason behind the communication issue, they should not be here

  38. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Completely relevant…

    Tomlin hasn’t had one losing season..not one.

    Steelers will get over their whining, and Tomlin will be there. Leveon Bell isn’t on Tomlin. That’s the front office.

    Steelers front office does what is right for the team LONG TERM..always have.

  39. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    When is there going to be an article indicting the main problem and that is the guy that collected all of this bad talent jason licht? this is a mish mash of bad players, players like isiah johnson who could have been vonn bell instead, the bucs drafted a DE & K in the 2nd round in 2016 and passed on Michael Thomas, Derrick Henry, Mac Alexander, Vonn Bell, and Yannick Ng…..im guessing that is a pretty good 2 players or 3 the bucs could have grabbed instead of the crap they throw out there……….Jason Licht and personnel are the real problem with this entire franchise

  40. Wesley Says:

    How about communicating that Mike Smith needs to go.

  41. theodore Says:

    The communication issue is Mike Smith calling the defense.

  42. Robert Says:

    “And oh by the way, we have a pretty good offense but when you have three three-and-outs and a turnover in the first half, that isn’t helping out defense either.”

    BUC FANS CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and MIKE FRIGGIN, drop the ball, EVANS started it….

  43. Ryan McGregor Says:


    The player you are referencing can only be one of two people, and its hard to believe that Kwon is the guy who is ‘festering’.

  44. 813bucboi Says:


    Which players on both sides on the ball do you speak of?….I can only think about i.johnson….

    complimentary football is correct…..and the bears got the ball first….could’ve forced them to a 3&out or hold them to 3 but we have smitty as our DC….he let them go right down the field, let MT get into a groove and gave up the booty…..

    the most telling part was dirk saying, “We weren’t ready to start the game. That is ultimately on me.”……

    WTF is that!!!!!!……but we loved how you glossed over that…..one of the coaches that shouldn’t be on the sidelines as you suggest is Dirk!!!!……


  45. I'm a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    You guys are some funny ass delusional people on here. Koetter, Smith and Licht are not going anywhere this season. That opportunity ceased at the end of the 2017 season when all 3 were retained. Bude Bude that’s all folks!!! Your stuck with them and to keep from being totally slammed this season root for a 4 & 12 season and Jamies Americas Quarterback having a do do season which he will and take all the money you will save by not resigning him and buy yourself a new football team and for sure at this point get rid of Koetter, Smith & Licht and you may have a chance in the very near future!!!!!!

  46. LakeLand Says:

    Dusthty Rhothdes

    Jason Licht just signed another run-stuffing DT
    Rakeem Nunez-Roches

    Ex Kansas City Chief

    I guess he will take Worthy spot

  47. 813bucboi Says:


    mike is a stud….but when he dropped that pass, I knew exactly what type of day we were going to have…..


  48. Buc1987 Says:

    Two weeks.

    Fix it.

  49. Evolvingbucsfan Says:

    Lakeland Licht signing that DT means they will use him as our new fridge style running back …lol

  50. LakeLand Says:

    He’s a 3-4 DE that will be converting into a run-stuffing DT, similar to what they tried to do with Chris Baker.

  51. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Lakeland, is really worthy of that spot? Why isnt Carl Nassib not playing more he seems to have a motor……….if you re-watch the game close on vea, and how he plays DT, it is super sad esp if he is being coached, I defintely think he gets coached at practice but he plays with his head down, guy is strong but decent OL will use that against him and have him run hmiself out of plays……ol derwin james is looking pretty good

  52. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Patrick Mahomes is the new Aaron Rodgers

  53. LakeLand Says:

    After the season when the Glazers evaluate Licht

    Glazers: Jason the defense was horrible
    Licht: With all due respect sir…..we were 1st against the run

  54. Buc1987 Says:

    The time to hesitate is through
    No time to wallow in the mire
    Try now we can only lose
    And our love become a funeral pyre

    Come on baby, Licht my fire
    Come on baby, Licht my fire
    Try to set the night on fire

  55. Kobe Faker Says:

    “The reason Mike Smith still has a job is because when the defense sucks even more with another defensive coordinator, They will find out the real reason why our defense sucks….ME!”

    Forrest Dimlit Licht Gump

  56. Jerry Jones Says:

    We’ve all seen, heard and felt Dirk blame most of the Bucs woes on players and not coaches, it’s his go to(Glaziers could care less too). Im not surprised Mike Smith hasn’t been fired by him.

    Glaziers+Koetter+Smith=A MATCH MADE IN HELL!

    I’m giving Jason Licht a pass.

  57. SOEbuc Says:


    They’ve also had LeVeon Bell who isn’t playing and team might be shopping (hopefully to us) and AB that said he wanted to be traded then didn’t show up to work the next day and Big Ben can’t last forever even though he’s still a great QB.

    He’s a defensive coach. And we could always pull a Gruden and trade for him. You’re right. He has a phenomenal record as a HC. Why I don’t want to risk bringing in some coordinator again to leave us in the basement for another three years. Pull a reverse Gruden for defense and win a Super Bowl next year.

    I’m just saying he’s the best possible good HC that a team might want to let go of or shop. It would be sweet with him and the young defense.

  58. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Kobe Faker…..great point!!!!

  59. Defense Rules Says:

    Jmarkbuc … “Seriously, what is your infatuation with Smitty.. Dude can’t coach his way out of a wet paper bag, and yet you incessantly defend him.”

    Old school mentality Jmark … I’ve held a lot of leadership positions in my life (mostly in the military, but elsewhere too), and I always remembered one simple rule I was taught by the best leader I’ve ever known: “Don’t tell the people who work for you how to suck eggs.” He further explained that as (1) making sure they knew what the mission is; (2) giving them the guidance AND resources to accomplish the mission; (3) but also holding them accountable for completing the mission. Expect mistakes, and help them learn from those mistakes. But if they for whatever reason can’t or won’t learn, find someone who will.

    I have no idea JMark how good a DC Smitty is at this point in his life. And maybe Joe & some of these others are right: maybe time has passed his defensive scheme by. Maybe he can’t keep up with the pace of the game anymore … IDK. But having followed the Bucs since 1982, I can tell you that this team is poorly constructed, especially on defense. I honestly believe that Mike Smith, the gentleman that he is, is taking ALL THE HEAT for this crap show that Jason Licht built. I’m not sure that there are more than a couple on this defense who could even make our 2002 SB team, much less start on it.

    I played 4 years of college ice hockey (many years ago admittedly) for a very good TEAM, and among the things that I learned was that coaches aren’t allowed on the ice during the games. It’s all up to the players … they defend, and they score. Smitty wasn’t on that field Sunday, and most of those players have performed in the past MUCH BETTER than that. There was NO LEADERSHIP on that field, and I saw far too many Bucs players who had ZERO clue what they were doing. That collection of wannabees Sunday was pathetic. Who’s responsible? Everyone has their own opinion I guess.

  60. Not there yet Says:

    Is it going to take a big loss to the browns to unanimously agree they have to go because based on that game it’s coming. They have a good defense and a better offense than the bears

  61. Bucsfanman Says:

    Defense Rules- You make a valid point. All of our ire is pointed square at the DC, I think some should also be shouldered by the GM. When you look at the roster and its architect, there have been some major swings and misses. I think you want to have your 1-3rd round draftees playing meaningful snaps on Sundays.
    Players play, at least theoretically! Players deserve blame too. These guys are veterans. They should be able to recognize issues.
    Whether it’s the DC, HC, players, or GM, somebody better get it fixed. We’re going to mess around and flush a talented offensive season down the toilet if we don’t.

  62. PSLBob Says:

    Koetter keeps saying the poor play is “on me.” Damn right, and you keep saying it over and over. If you don’t fix it, and fix it quickly, your ass is going to be out the door. Hiring (or promoting) a new defensive coordinator might be a good start. For some reason, he doesn’t see that as an option. Well, he should have done it at the end of last season, and if he doesn’t do it now, it truly is on him!

  63. Nprbuc Says:

    Regarding no talent to work with. Where does that crap come from? Every guy that straps on a helmet made it to the NFL. THAT alone shows that they have talent. ALL had performed well above average through their college years or they wouldn’t be where they are now. Of COURSE some are better than others. Same with every team in the league. So why do “our” professional football players struggle so much in the basic coverages and blocking/ pass rushing? COACHES. PERIOD. They have the “ clay”. It’s up to them to mold them into at least good football players. Everyone isn’t going to Canton but could we please have someone coaching who knows how to defend a wheel route or a slant? These guys are athletes. Put them in a position to succeed! Get rid of the defensive coaches now and get some people who know how to work with the talent they have. If everyone else in the league can do it, why can’t we? SMITH HAS TO GO!

  64. lewis Says:

    Bucs will have a new head coach next year and it has to be a splash / this guy is awful and I cant stand hearing him talk any more .

  65. Pryda...sec 147 Says:

    100% put this L on the coach he should have pulled Fitz as soon as he did consecutive three and outs ! Elite Defense backup QB isn’t going to do it Jameis is the starter for a reason! He had weeks to prepare! Blame coach for not freaking using Noah Spence!! Blame coach for not using Rojo till that game!!! Moron moves there you drafted Jameis go down with Jameis too or Play better and win and hold that trophy with Jameis!

  66. PSLBob Says:

    Over and over you hear coaches and players say that the talent level isn’t that great among teams. Sure some teams have collectively more talent than others, but nothing that resembles a high school team playing a professional NFL team. But, that’s what it looked like last Sunday. It comes down to basics, coaching and execution. If coaches don’t prepare their players through practice and film study, game plan correctly, and call plays during a game that the opponent is not expecting, you’re not going to win. Plain and simple. You also have to develop schemes that maximize player’s strengths, It’s obvious that coaches on the defensive side of the Bucs organization are unable to do any of that!

  67. LakeLand Says:

    The Bucs has talent

    Too bad it’s not NFL starting talent

    Most of these players are career backups at best

  68. Kobe Faker Says:

    “There is a total of 4-5 starting Buc players that could start in 1 of the other 31 teams.

    **There are 17-18 Buc starters that could not start in any of the other 31 teams in the NFL”

    Kobe The Realist Faker

  69. Buc1987 Says:

    lewis Says:

    “Bucs will have a new head coach next year and it has to be a splash / this guy is awful and I cant stand hearing him talk any more.”

    Said about : Gruden
    And now Koetter


  70. D1 Says:


    Let me start by saying up front that I know zero about hockey. But I will attempt to draw a comparison to your experiences with the current bucs team.

    A college hires a new hockey coach , the new coach has been successful building around a philosophy of being strong defensively , keeping the other side from skating free up and down the ice. Punishing the opposition on the floor and against the boards. Eventually, the physicality and subsequent beating down of the opposition opens scoring opportunities late in the game. That’s what the new coach has won with and that’s the mole that the team will built by.

    Now, it’s the people who are responsible for recruiting the type of player needed to effectively implement this system. So in this example let’s say the recruiting class is comprised of smaller quick speed skaters with exceptional puck handling skills that play best when they can skate up and down the ice freely ,using superior speed to evade the defensive players. Fast forward to mid season and the team is not successful. Why, Coaching?

    Switching the scenario slightly, this time it’s the recruiters bringing in exactly the type of players the coach wants. Big, punishing fundamentally sound defensive players. But now it’s mid season and the team is worse than ever. Who do you blame the HC coach or the recruiting dept?

    There’s something about the process of assigning blame that when it begins , it’s
    already on the wrong course. In most cases it’s about hanging all the blame around one person’s neck. This idea is flawed because it fails to consider the organizational structure and how decisions are made within it.

    In the case of the Bucs, if JL drafted and signed free agents to fit the philosophy of Mike Smith’s system. Is he responsible for the results? If JL disagreed with how Smith’s system and or philosophy, and is responsible and the decision maker on player acquisitions, then the responsibility is not something that rests solely on either . The guy with the most power ultimately wins . But the problems will persist in the future because the nature of problem isn’t addressed ( how to proceed when there’s disagreement between the GM and the coaches) . I say proceed with, but that’s simply a single option to what is ultimately a organizational process.

    If I’m the owner, I’m asking questions looking for answers regarding how my GM made personnel decisions and looking to see if these decisions were reached by consensus. If so, the decision to make is easier, fire the GM and the Coaches.

  71. D1 Says:

    ^mold ^^ be built.

  72. RobertG Says:

    What a bunch of whinny so called fans. Give them the by to fix the bleeding. I’m happy they’re 2-2, good job Buccaneers!

  73. RobertG Says:

    We’re 2-2 and not a playoff caliber team yet. A true fan would be happy so far but not you whinny so called fans.

  74. Chris in WA Says:

    Does anyone else find it odd that Koetter said everyone on the field should have been fired yet Mike Smith isn’t on the field instead he is upstairs in the box?

    Is Koetter saying Mike Smith is the only one who shouldn’t be fired?

  75. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Robert G, I am guessing you just became a bucs fan or something? As a bucs fan and only a bucs fan, I have spent my entire life being a bucs fan and they have sucked the entire time basically, and now the NFL has been built so that teams cannot suck, yet the bucs and the browns suck, but now the browns are getting better yet the bucs suck and now have sucked since 2005, and that is a long time to suck, so ya I may be a whiny fan but when you see the dumb arse crap this team continually does like most recently draft a kicker as well as get killed this past sunday by a qb that is average at best, its tough to be optomistic about the team

  76. joestang Says:

    lack of communication equals we suck and don’t have the players to defend anyone. 3 years of watching the most pathetic defense i have ever seen in 50+ years of watching football.

  77. Jmarkbuc Says:


    I don’t disagree that he GM is just as responsible… But Smitty has been here three years and I ‘be never heard Mike complain about what he was getting.

    So he had no input? That goes to D1’s point.

    Ultimately he is responsible for what goes on that field. His name is on it. It’s not good. It has not improved in three years.

    I’ll humor you. Say for instance, everything you say about Smitty is true. Clearly it’s just not a good fit. This defense is patently embarrassing.

    It’s his name.

  78. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Funny thing is, I love Tomlin. Always have. For a lot of the reasons you gave.

    Bottom line is he has one of the best jobs on the NFL.

    Why would he come to this steaming pile ? The Steelers don’t make rash decisions. That and the Steelers have a good chance to run deep into the playoffs. They always do. Drama is just part of their gig.

    Head coaching the Bucs would be a downward move.

  79. Pick6 Says:

    Is it Kwon wearing the green dot? Another case of loyalty gone overboard?

  80. Rod Munch Says:

    “We weren’t ready to start the game. That is ultimately on me.” – Dirk

    Indeed, and that’s something that has happened again and again and again under you.