The Morning After

September 25th, 2018

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Ugly game last night. So let’s get going. It’s 4:11 a.m. and Joe hasn’t gone to bed yet.

* Cloning Jameis. If the guy quarterbacking last night wore No. 3, most wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference between Ryan Fitzpatrick and America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston. What do the Jameis haters always b!tch about: Jameis racks up yards in garbage time when the team is well behind and he is turnover-prone. Well, Fitz threw three picks in the second quarter and the Bucs trailed 30-10 at halftime. Fitz raced to get the Bucs back in the game but it was too little too late. He got his 400 yards passing though. If that was Jameis on the field doing exactly what Fitz did last night, Jameis wouldn’t have been able to get to his truck to go home without a police escort. Bucs fans would have been rioting. Yet the Jameis haters last night after Fitz had, at best, a sloppy game, beat their chest and screamed Fitz should be starting instead of Jameis. The only difference last night between Fitz’s game and the stereotype of Jameis? Well, last year against New Orleans at the Den of Depression, the last time Jameis took the field, Jameis marched the Bucs on a 95-yard drive for a game-winning touchdown with just under two minutes left. Last night, with 3:02 left and the Bucs trailing 30-27, the Bucs had first down on their own-20. Fitz couldn’t get a first down.

* Here is something that will turn your stomach: The Bucs gave up 353 yards passing last night. Even more revolting is that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger completed 30 of 38 passes. That’s an outrageous 79 percent. Big Ben completed 7 of his first 8 attempts and 12 of his first 15 attempts. This is just brutal. The Bucs have the league’s worst completion percentage allowed at 77.9 percent. That’s well behind No. 31 Buffalo. Last year the Bucs finished at 67 percent completion percentage allowed, No. 29. In 2016, when the Bucs won nine games, they were No. 15 allowing 63.3 percent completion percentage. They’ve grown steadily worse in three years under Mike Smith took over as defensive coordinator – from OK to bad to embarrassing. This year’s defense is worse than Lovie Smith’s defense which allowed 68.7 and 70 percent. The sad thing is the Bucs have added so much talent on the defensive side of the ball and it doesn’t do any good.

* Bucs backup safety Isaiah Johnson had one of those nights you just want to crawl in a hole over and never come out. First, he slammed into the north wall full-blast while defending a pass and trying to grab a pick. The wall is about eight yards away from the end zone. Talk about not being aware of your surroundings. Then, after it appeared DeSean Jackson scored on an 83-yard punt return late in the game, Johnson got flagged for a hold away from the play, which wiped out Jackson’s score. Joe saw Johnson at his locker last night with a towel draped over his head and face after the game. Joe can understand wanting to hide after making plays like that on national television.

* Pro: Mike Evans last night caught his 35th touchdown as a Bucs receiver. Evans accomplished this in less than five full seasons. Pretty freaking remarkable. But you want to know why Evans is a pro? He insisted he caused Ryan Fitzpatrick to throw a pick and detailed why. When a reporter tried to tell Evans that Fitz had an awful game, Evans, ever so slightly, kind of grew irritated and said, “No, I am here to tell you what happened. I was in the game.” Many players after setting a franchise-record would bask in the glory. Instead, Evans insisted he may have been the reason why the Bucs lost by causing a pick. That is a pro. And a damn good teammate.

* Joe is starting to warm to the idea of a one-year rental of malcontent running back Le’Veon Bell, a rotten teammate and maybe a quitter. Instead of helping the Steelers win games to try to make a Super Bowl run, Bell is holding out (mind you he was due $14.5 million – the richest salary for any NFL running back) and instead is jet skiing off South Beach. The Bucs running attack is average bordering on weak. Peyton Barber so far is just OK as a feature back (but worlds better than Doug Martin). If the price was right (say, a third-round pick), should Jason Licht pull the trigger for a one-year rental?

102 Responses to “The Morning After”

  1. Walter Seidel Says:

    Joe, your first paragraph is hardly a defense of Winston…..but rather a scathing attack!!! LOVE IT!!! You’re actually attacking Fitz by comparing him to Winston. GO FITZ for all of 2018!!!

  2. Sarasota Garey Says:

    Chris Conte sucks

  3. DBS Says:

    No. If Barber was better than Martin we would have some kind of run game. There is none. Just another shot wasted.

  4. Rick Says:

    RoJo has to understand the playbook by now! Trot him out there, and can’t get any worse.

  5. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    John Mckay famous quote on execution applies to the bucs defense, as far as the running game goes and top scout lichts ability to evaluate talent, he is horrible, barber is what he is borderline nfl back then dunder licht addresses the situation by passing on guice & johnson, the bucs are a 6-10 team that woll put up big passing numbers and set NFL records for THE worsr defense ever

  6. Easy Says:

    That big play TD where Conte was thrown outta the club looked like a busted coverage.

  7. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    I don’t agree with the entire article but I do agree that Smith’s Defense, especially with the DBs who have been getting progressively worse throughout his 3 year tenure – to the point that it is embarrassing. I am not sure if Koetter will pull the trigger on his friend but Licht and company needs to fire Smith if he continues and does not change his defensive philosophy. On paper, we should be a lot better on Defense.

  8. Wausa Says:

    Jamies turned the corner when he was healthy at the end of last year:

    Jamies lead the NFL in passer rating during the preseason and was number two in passer rating per profootballfocus (behind Tom Brady)over the last month of last year and was also number two in passer rating for the entire year when under preasure(again behind Tom Brady).

    If the Bucs don’t start Jamies the coaches deserve to be let go at the end of the season, especially when you consider the head coach thinks Mike Smith is a good defensive coordinator.

  9. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    @DBS – “No. If Barber was better than Martin we would have some kind of run game. There is none. Just another shot wasted.”

    The NFL has become a passing league. The rules are now widely in the QB and WRs side. Who needs a running game if your QB can put up 400 plus yards in every game? If the Bucs were smart, we use our RB more like a WR. Can you imagine if we had the Saint’s Alvin Kamara?

  10. Frank Pillow Says:

    The Conte play will live in infamy…right up there with the best of the worst plays in team history. It changed the whole vibe in the stands and on the field. As bad as Conte is, Smitty didn’t do him any favors- what the hell was that rush-game/blitz/coverage call that lets every eligible receiver run down field uncovered!?!?! Smitty’s calls were baffling all game. He is the anchor on this pirate ship! Conte should sit. Let Whitehead and the kids in the d-backfield play!

  11. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Walter Slidell once again shows what a moron he is. If we are getting the same game from a 13 year veteran that we get from a 4 year starter with more upside and a stronger arm then you go with the younger player, but of course we all know why you don’t like Jameis don’t we???

  12. Hodad Says:

    No we don’t need Bell. We need a G.M. who can pick a good R.B. in a deep draft full of them. Rojo was the 38th player selected in the draft. If he isn’t any good that’s on Licht, not on him, he didn’t pick himself to be drafted.

  13. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    @ Sarasota Garey – “Chris Conte sucks”

    Starting to believe that we should have drafted Derwin James but then again, I am not going to judge until I see what Vita Vea has to offer. He was a monster in college. No one could stop him one on one. He should be collapsing the pocket often.

  14. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Where oh where is Noah Spence?

  15. Waterboy Says:

    No to giving up a 3rd round pick for a 13 game rental of a RB that will be a free agent after the season. Plus who’s to say he’d show up to work before he has to in week 10.

  16. ChanEpic Says:

    Joe is spot on re:Jameis haters grading Fitz with a HUGE curve. Jameis is a knucklehead AND a significant upgrade over Fitz at the position, and only people who are moralizing and/or have a problem with Jameis for *ahem* other reasons would say otherwise. That said, I do believe there is a reason to keep JW on the bench and it’s only because of his off the field issues and not because Fitz is a legit starter for 16 games. Oh and if JW had the same issues with turnovers, at home on a Monday night, MY GOODNESS the wailing coming out of Bucs fans would be deafening.

  17. Godeep66 Says:

    JBoo Who??????

  18. 911bucs Says:

    Conte is on all the highlights this am but not for the right reasons.

  19. DBS Says:

    You still need a run game. People have said it is a passing league for years. What do you think the defense is going to do if they know your going to throw every down? But even with your suggestion we don’t have a back good enough to that.

  20. German Buc Says:

    No, Walter. It is just the proof he knows guys like you.

  21. Joe Blahak Says:

    Don’t need more weapons and someone crying about touches….Bell trade is ridiculous…need defensive help

  22. Jim Says:

    Last night’s game, a loss against a good team, was about a ineffective offensive line, poor defense, interceptions and no running attack, but to Joe it’s all Jameis all the time.

  23. Godeep66 Says:

    Watch Dirks press conference closely. He stated that he wants to speak with JW before he addresses the team. Read between the lines snowflakes. Although, I doubt Fitzpatrick gets through the Bears game healthy if the line blocks like they did last night.

  24. Rick Says:

    That conte stiff arm play is up there with the butt fumble, the wrong way touchdown, Leon lett blunders. That one will haunt him forever.

  25. Godeep66 Says:

    @walter: great take!!!!!

  26. ChanEpic Says:

    @Rick – I am surprised Conte didn’t retire at halftime. I wouldn’t blame him if he had.

  27. Jim Says:

    Oh and Chris Conte, if he hasn’t quit already, has to go. A disgrace…

  28. Big Stinky Says:


    I was going to say the same thing about Fitzpatrick looking like Jameis last night. It was like Jameis came back a week early but I wouldn’t blame that game entirely on either of them. There was too many things that the TEAM could get blamed for as a whole. From the stiff arm on Conte to the hold on DJax’ punt return TD. Even Godwin didn’t have a good night dropping that pass in the end zone that was right in his hands and the fumble he had. There is more I am leaving out I’m sure but you get the point.

    Fitzpatrick should get at least the start in Chicago since Jameis is only going to have this week to practice before the game. After that you start whoever has the best practices through the bye week. We all know Jameis has to come back at some time so we can evaluate his play this year. Is he worth the 20.9 million he is due next year? Should he get a new contract worth 100+ million? He still hasn’t proven in the 3 years he has been the starter whether he should remain the starting/franchise QB. Can’t wait to see if he takes that jump since Fitzpatrick has played so well the past 3 weeks.

  29. Robert Says:

    we all know those int’s were not on fitz.

    seriously weak stuff.

  30. DBS Says:

    Picture a bowling alley with a single pin left. Here comes the ball. That is what that Conte play looked like.

  31. Wausa Says:

    The short throws, the over throws, the poor decisions of moving up in the pocket were not Fitz’s fault….. hmmm ok

  32. '79Defense Says:

    Love you first paragraph regarding Jameis, Joe.

  33. ChanEpic Says:

    @Wausa – Exactly, people are acting like Fitz is a rookie and doesn’t have a history of being a back-up caliber QB. In 2011 he had a WHOPPING 23 INTs. Let’s not act like this guy was going to all of a sudden turn into something he has never been. That said, we couldn’t ask for a better BACKUP which is what Fitz is.

  34. DB55 Says:

    slammed into the north wall full-blast while defending a pass
    After we found out he was okay I could not stop laughing 😆

    Last night Fitz turned me into a believer. From my count Pitt blitz on every play from the second qrt on. Wharhops oline just can not handle it. Poor Fitzy got molested like another QB I know that plays for the Bucs. A couple of drops that could have made a difference ie godwin in the end zone.

    Fitzpatrick 51 yards to Mike Evans, Oh MY what a catch!!!

  35. BucfanBF Says:

    Fitz is a very good BACKUP QB. That is it. This is Jameis team. Period!!
    Let Fitz play the game against Chicago and after the Bye start Jameis, he is our future and starter.

  36. JameisWin55 Says:

    With Jameis at QB we win that game last night Fitz threw 3 picks in 2nd quarter one for a td and another one that put Pitt in scoring range that’s 14 points caused by our QB. Plus he missed some easy throws last night that would have been big momentum plays. Fitz did his job we are 2-1 without our “starting” QB it’s time to give it back to the franchise and say ok Jameis win us 8 of the next 13 to secure us a playoff spot. You don’t bench a 24 year QB for a 35 year old journeyman that’s ignorant. Dirk job rests on the development of Jameis Heads will roll if the Glazers have to find another franchise QB after waiting this long to acquire one.

  37. DB55 Says:

    The pick 6 was 100% on Fitz, Winston does that and the gator alum are calling for his head. Instead they rock the beard🧔🏼 like nobody’s business

  38. Wausa Says:

    If the Bucs mess this up then the coaches will get what they deserve at the end of the season.

    Thank you Fitz for playing great in the first two games, but now it is time for the Bucs franchise QB to take over.

  39. Robert Says:

    I’m not saying fitz looked great, just that those picks were not on him. looked more like JW back there and the supporting cast (OL and WR and RB) were much to blame.

    I like fitz, but it’s JW’s team and they should put him back in. If he’s to grow with the team its best on the field.

    I was on record long ago fitz would go 2-1.

    seriously though anyone who puts this on fitz are the same who say JW’s behavior is no big deal. somethin’ on yer chin there..

  40. Godeep66 Says:

    Joe: what are the odds that JW does not dress for the Chicago game?

  41. FR Says:

    To many points left on the field

  42. DBS Says:

    Keep crying Wausa. You just might influence the coach and owners.

  43. FR Says:

    Fitz has shown us what a accurate QB should look like go ahead and put JW back in and compare.

  44. Alanbucsfan Says:

    The Bucs lost because they lost in the trenches, offensive and defensive, in the 1st half. Steelers were more physical.
    Fitzpatrick wasn’t sharp 1st half.
    Receivers made mistakes 1st half.
    Conte is who he is – he shouldn’t start- and one of the Joe’s should now know why.- and don’t blame it on a sore knee.
    The good news is, they won the 2nd half, 17-0.
    Bears D and Mack will be even more of a challenge defensively next week.
    OLine needs to be ready

  45. Big Stinky Says:


    Why would you pay Bell so much for the production we would get out of him? Our OL CANNOT run block to save their lives it seems but it is hard to tell as much as we have been throwing the ball. I would love to see him in our offense but still don’t think he would be that productive. What do we have to lose though? I’m not sure he would sign a deal for one year, that’s probably why he is holding out right now. We need a veteran CB more than a running back IMO. #GoBucs

  46. JameisWin55 Says:

    I have been a supporter of our GM but it’s gettjng hard now. Noah Spence not playing, Ronald Jones can’t even be third running back to 2 underdrafted players and a journeyman at RB, Roberto cut after one season, these are second round picks!!! Second round picks that are not just not playing well they are borderline on the roster and not even good enough to get playing time in the NFL in positions of need.

  47. Billybob Says:

    If anything, let’s hope that Jameis has learned from Fitz that Evans isn’t the only receiver on the field and spreads it out a bit

  48. ChanEpic Says:

    @JameisWin55 – Let’s not forget the many many whiffs on free agency. But he is also responsible for Fitz, Godwin, OJ Howard, D-Jax and Ali Marpet. I feel frustrated by his misses but his hits are pretty darn good. It’s tough.

  49. glen k mattingly Says:

    I know this is not the popular opinion. I did not see the game last night because my wife wanted to watch an HBO special about Jane Fonda. We have only one TV. I saw highlights only. I saw many positive things. I am not going to run with the negative comments, the Bucs coaches will/have looked at the tape. It’s up to them. I did see that nasty Conte moment. He got owned and revealed. I would think he would be looking for a side job.

  50. D-Rome Says:

    If that was Jameis on the field doing exactly what Fitz did last night, Jameis wouldn’t have been able to get to his truck to go home without a police escort. Bucs fans would have been rioting.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick is not a #1 overall pick. Fitzpatrick is not a franchise QB. Franchise QBs are held to a different standard.

  51. Mike Johnson Says:

    Here the deal in a nutshell. You can talk x’s and O’s all you like. ine, even
    whine. But until the Bucs fix their Defense they will never be contenders. You simply cannot outscore a bigger and stronger team. That was clearly evident last night.t We were..Manhandled. Espspecially our Secondary. Poor Conte, they are showing that play over and over again. Its going on the..eternal highlights of all time reel.

  52. Bucnjim Says:

    I am curious as to where the McCoy is going to dominate crowd is? JPP is playing great while McCoy begs the QB for forgiveness then misses a game changing sack to get us the ball back.

  53. AlteredEgo Says:

    MJ and a running game… I guess I see things differently but this team is vastly better than last years and 4 starting rotational defense players out, the 3 rookie DBs are playing GREAT in their 3rd NFL game

  54. Chris in WA Says:

    The team should try Ronald Jones out at Cornerback at this point.

  55. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Yeah plus it’s not the fact that Jamies makes mistakes, it’s that he makes the SAME mistakes over and over

  56. TOM Says:

    We all know JW is the starter (after chic. game) but as far as the future goes I’m not so sure. Hell no to Tinker Bell.

  57. SC Marlow Says:

    Joe, that is a horrible and misleading misrepresentation of Fitz in first your first paragraph. If you indeed want to be objective, and I hope you do, then you would have mentioned that 2 of the three picks were not solely on Fitz’s shoulders. Like many interceptions, more than one things goes wrong that may lead to an interception. One of Fitz’s INT’s was a tip ball by a free rusher off the edge that the OT should have picked up. Tipped balls can’t always be attributed to the QB as a bad decision. It is more of a misfortune. You can apply this to any tips for picks that JW has thrown too. Having a tip pick count as an INT is a misrepresentation of the play, much like when the WR has a ball bounce off his chest into a defender’s arm. This is not typically carelessness by the QB. Now, for the next INT last night, Evans did not follow through with his route. Evans and Fitz were not on the same page, to use a common cliche. However, Evans came out post game and took the blame for that pick. The third pick, the pick six… that was all on Fitz 100%. That ball sailed. That was his error. Also, to compare Winston’s drive vs. NO to last night’s last drive is poor journalism and shameful on your part. You did that to feed the frenzy, and shame on you. You can’t even justify your reasoning there. Instead of sorry clickbait-like journalism articles like that one, you might want to focus more on the lack of a running game, the fact that the starting running back is averaging only 14 carries per game, the pass attempts are over 35 per game, the lack of depth in the secondary, etc… With all of this said we are 2-1, leading the division, Fitz is 78-188 with 11 TD passes and 4 INTS. We are better off than we have been in quite some time. Fitz will start week 4, and JW will eventually get back on the field.

  58. PSLBob Says:

    Been saying it since Week 1 – Jameis will start Week 6 against Atlanta after the bye week. We knew the wheels would come off the Fitz bandwagon eventually, although not all of the turnovers or poor play last night were his fault. However, the final possession was very telling. In games 1 and 2, Fitz would have driven the team down the field for a score. I agree with Joe, I have more confidence in Jameis in that situation.

    Re Conte: watched the game on TV and one of the ads they kept running was that of a Dback getting burned and falling face down on the turf. When he looks up, it’s Kenny Mane telling him, “that’s going to be on Sports Center!,” to which the player replies “NOOOOO.” Well, after Conte got planted by Pittsburg’s tight end, who took it 75 yards to the house, that commercial is still stuck in my head.

  59. DBS Says:

    So TOM, that means you don’t care how the Bucs are doing. You only want Jameis playing. Top of the line fan!

  60. ndog Says:

    After listening to the local media even they are just in love with the Fitz story to the point where they are blinded. They are making every excuse in the book for how bad he played last night yet if Jameis were to throw 3 picks in a game he should be cut and banned from the league. The bias is unreal, and again all anyone is looking at are the picks but what about on the first drive where we had to punt cause Fitz underthrew Evans for 15 yards, or the sacks he took just holding the ball all day, or the throw where he missed Godwin the 4th quarter wide open for about 15 yards, or the throw he missed to WIN THE GAME to Evans on the first play of our last drive or the throw he missed on 2nd down of that last drive that should have been picked. Also I have heard people saying this morning that the pick 6 was not his fault because he has pressure right in his face, so I guess has been playing 7 on 7 the last 3 years while not being touched at all right? Jameis really needs to request a trade cause this town has turned on him, but regrettably that just means we will watch another great player go on a do great things elsewhere while we are stuck with a journeyman backup QB and coach who puts the ball back when we have the worse defense in the league.

  61. JameisWin55 Says:

    @Chan Epic I agree not all bad decisions but come on man second round picks are getting threw away like 6th and 7th let alone not drafting Derwin James after trading back for a guy in Vea who they say is McCoy’s replacement a guy you paying 16 mil a year to be face of defense. Howard great player but he fell to us nobrainer there. Godwin great pick but toooo many misses in early rounds we have a big holes at RB, DE, S the same three positions we have had holes in since he got here I feel at this point RoJo homerun ability is needed Spence skills are needed and Derwin James would look great in place of Conte which I’m sure we all would agree

  62. NewTampaChris Says:

    Joe got accolades for that first paragraph about the way we digest the performances of Fitz v Winston. What you left out is: Jameis was a #1 overall pick, brought in to be the savior; Fitz is a 35-year-old journeyman, brought in to be a backup. Way different standards.

  63. Godeep66 Says:

    @ndog: you are finally starting to make a little sense. Although, the trade of JW “leverage” has come and gone. We should have done it after his performance in the preseason/practice game. We would be lucky to get a third round pick for him at this point. Look at what Cleveland got for Gordon, 5th round pick and he he was of the best. JW has even worse of the field issues and is mediocre at best.

  64. DBS Says:

    Get off it n-N dog. You are looking at one night. The others are looking at Jameis history here. But that does not mean Jameis should not get his job back.
    What you like to listen to 10 out of 50 people? The play callers tell you what happen on TV. people (experts like you) say no it didn’t. Then the players come out and say it just as the TV play callers said it did. He stopped and should have kept running. And just like Jameis stats did NOT win the game did they??? So now you can get off the Jameis sets all the stats crap. Stats are uselss if you don’t win games.

  65. Aaron May Says:

    So many plays we can go back to – but that’s the NFL. This will be good experience for our young players playing in the spot light.

    Here are a coupe of drives we kicked FG(s) on –

    1st & Goal at PIT 5 (Godwin dropped the TD on this one)
    (2:00 – 2nd) (Shotgun) P.Barber up the middle to PIT 3 for 2 yards (S.Tuitt; T.Watt).

    1st & Goal at PIT 6
    (9:10 – 3rd) P.Barber up the middle to PIT 3 for 3 yards (V.Williams). PENALTY on TB-C. Godwin, Illegal Shift, 5 yards, enforced at PIT 6 – No Play.

    I think we learned that Davis is our #1 corner and watch Godwin get even better than he is now. He’s way to much of a competitor to not learn from his mistakes.

    Go Bucs – Learn from your mistakes and move on to Chicago.


    Maybe give up a 6th round pick with conditions. When does he come back to play and can you resign him. He has to play on his franchise tag money and why would he come back to play before week 10 even if traded?

  66. Big Stinky Says:


    You act like Winston has never gave the other team 14 points in a game. It has happened multiple times in his 45 games. And who’s to say Jameis wins 8 of the last 13 games, he only won 3 out of 13 last year. Jameis only averages 20 points a game and Fitz is averaging 34 points these first 3 games. Somehow I think Jameis wouldn’t even have us in the game, he has a hard time scoring in the red zone. JW only averaged 8.5 points per game in the first half of the games last year. Fitzpatrick has raised the bar and I hope JW can keep pace.

  67. DaPostman Says:

    The Bucs defense gave up 23 points. The offense lost this game plain and simple. Fitzpatrick and the offense. Remember it’s about points surrendered and scored. Steelers scored zero in the second half. Bucs offense gave Pittsburgh 7 points on int return. As much as the Bucs offense has played well in the first two game they blew this game.

    #Get After It!

  68. ndog Says:

    See SC Marlow comments above for a prime example of the double standard I was referring to. I hope you all enjoy games just like that from your savior Fitz when Jameis is tearing up the league for somebody else.

  69. Big Stinky Says:

    Good point D-Rome

  70. JameisWin55 Says:

    @GoDeep66 I hope you are kidding trade a 24 year old former first overall pick to turn over the franchise to a 35 year old QB who just recently was considering retirement over playing football. Might as well trade JW to the Patriots to continue their dynasty hey trading or releasing the likes of Blount, Talib, Michael Bennett, Mark Barron, Matt Bryant, Donald Penn has been very beneficial in the past so why not try it with a QB!

  71. DBS Says:

    Pitts should have had anouther 7 points but their kicker was sh!t. So it may not have been close anyway. The real culprit is defense. Mike Smith needs to go NOW!

  72. DBS Says:

    ^ another

  73. joestang Says:

    let me get this straight we drafted a high 2nd pic on a running back, however this back is healthy but he can’t pass block, can’t catch a pass and he can’t run. Perfect. We also spent a high 1 pic for a defensive tackle who can’t even get on the field. I think the heat has killed Vea, he seems worthless also. These 2 picks will contribute nothing to the Bucs success.

  74. Bucnjim Says:

    There is no hidden agenda behind cheering for Fitzpatrick. Two very simple reasons he’s 4-2 as a starter for the Bucs and everyone loves an underdog. I’m not for getting rid of Winston but I am for Buccaneer wins.

  75. DaPostman Says:


    I thought the Steeler pk missed a PAT n a 47 yard FG. That’s 4 points in my book.

  76. Eric Says:

    Definitely fun to watch our Buccaneer team on the rise until our rotten defense full of supposed stars hits the field and gerald mccoy whiffs on an easy sack to prevent sealing the game….. our linebackers, jpp, and justin Evans are the only players worth a damn in this garbage cover 2 scheme that is completely built around Gerald Mccoy and Brent Grimes who can’t make as stop when it really counts. Gerald mccoy and Brent Grimes are good players but the scheme and defensive philosophy being built around their strengths must change asap

  77. Phil Says:

    We can’t get Jameis back on the field soon enough.

  78. JameisWin55 Says:

    I agree Jameis would excel in Monkens offense even more than Fitz in my opinion

  79. Wausa Says:

    DBS Says:
    September 25th, 2018 at 8:25 am
    Keep crying Wausa. You just might influence the coach and owners.

    I highly doubt the owners and coach read or care what is posted on these boards. I think it would be a terrible mistake to let Jamies go, but I think it will probably happen.

    Perhaps the Bucs can trade their next two first round picks to move up and get a QB like Will Grier from West Virginia.

    My guess is Jamies will be the Giants or Broncos starter within the next year or two.

  80. DBS Says:

    extra point, 49 and 47 yard fg.

  81. DBS Says:

    extra point, 47 your right

  82. pelbuc Says:

    1) Trade or release Conte 2) Trade GMC, his disappearances are getting old 3) Sign Eric Reid as another safety 4) Trade Spence if you’re not going to play him 5)Have RoJo suit up and play 6) Bench Benecoch 7) Trade for a CB as Grimes is done

  83. Trotter Says:

    By the way, who was that guy wearing Grimes jersey last night..
    Not one of his better games.

  84. JabooBuc Says:

    If you think about it, we should have easily won that game. Godwin drops 2 TD’s, we throw a pick 6 and punt return negated by a stupid no need hold. 28 points difference. We definitely gave this one away.

  85. Buc1987 Says:

    Replace Conte with a little girl….

  86. Anonymous Says:

    Never saw what lovie saw in Conte when he arrived from Chicago..

  87. Godeep66 Says:

    @jameiswin55: no joke about the trade. Have Fitzpatrick play through this year, dump JW and the 20.5 million owed, draft Will Grier next year in the draft. Have Fitzpatrick start and groom Grier for the starting job in 2020. This is exactly what Kansas City did with Mahomes. Think of it as your own business….there is no way you would write a check for 20.5 million on a guy that has so many transgressions. Ones that we know about and many others that have not been revealed.

  88. Godeep66 Says:

    GMC apologized to Big Ben fro hitting him late. That’s a prime example of how damn soft we have become

  89. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    That’s not on Johnson. It’s on the coaches for cutting Josh Robinson for him.

  90. Trotter Says:

    Never saw what Lovie saw in Conte when he came here from Chicago..
    Regardless, 27 points should be more than enough to win that game last night..I don’t care which QB is starting, until we get better defensive play, we aren’t going anywhere with the schedule we have this season.

  91. Buccnbeleiver Says:

    Let me fix this passage for you, Joe:

    “Cloning Jameis. If the guy quarterbacking last night wore No. 3, most wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference between Ryan Fitzpatrick and America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.”

    The only difference between Fitz and #3 during last night’s game was a few sexual assault allegations and shenanigans that cost the team his availability.

    I reserve judgment on Jameis for due process sake and am glad that to play him or not isn’t my decision, but if you’re going to bash haters, at least take their argument into account. It has very little with him being better or worse than Fitzpatrick–otherwise, they’d choose #3 for all but a couple games.

  92. Pickgrin Says:

    “with 3:02 left and the Bucs trailing 30-27, the Bucs had first down on their own-20. Fitz couldn’t get a first down.”

    Jameis would have driven the Bucs offense down the field and won that game under the same circumstances.

    Evans can try to take the heat for Fitz on that one play all her wants – But Fitz did NOT have a good game. Interceptions aside he was way inaccurate on too many throws.

    Fitz melted under the heat the Steelers were bringing – simple as that.

    Jameis on the other hand has been a top 3 QB in the league when under pressure each of his first 3 years.

  93. Wausa Says:

    Thanks for the sane comment Pickgrin

  94. Buccaneer Bill Says:

    Joe, still beating a dead horse?

    “Peyton Barber so far is just OK as a feature back (but worlds better than Doug Martin).”

    Barber is also better than LeGarrette Blount, but you don’t constantly beat up on LeGarrette.

    Time to move on, you’re better than that.

  95. Cobraboy Says:

    At least Fitzpatrick didn’t fumble under pressure, a Jameis Winston trademark.

  96. Trench War Says:

    4:30AM troll feeding

  97. RustyRhinos Says:

    Hey pick how is Mr. Winston in the last 3 seasons in the only thing that matters WINS? Is he top 3? Bottom 3? Top 15, bottom 15? Please look that up and get back to us on those stats thanks.
    Go Bucs!

  98. Wausa Says:

    I think the comments by the coaches, local media and fans are exactly the reason why Jamies new agent will look for him to move on to another team.

    I’m confident a 24 year old QB with his skillset will find multiple teams bidding for his services.

  99. RODNEY J ALLEN Says:

    Fitz was off cuz of the oline but if that was jw yall would be crying about it all being jw fault but since it fitz it was a team effort in the failure smmfh some of u r ridiculous

  100. Bucsdelight Says:

    That would be great and all about Winston and Fitz, except Fitz CAN throw for 400 yds. The Last and ONLY time Winston threw for 400 yds was in 2016 on 9/25 against the Rams. Threw for 405yds. He got close last year with 384 yds against the Bills, but let’s face it, Winston isn’t going to be throwing for a lot of yds.

  101. Bucsdelight Says:

    If you look at the rookie class this year, I’d say that Darnold, Mayfield, and Allen all look better than Jameis and Mariotta did when they first started.

  102. gman Says:

    Gerald McCoy could have finally made his signature play of his career by sacking Big Bum on that final drive instead of letting him slip out of his hands…or bouncing off him…whatever the hell happened