Mike Evans Says Bucs’ Indoor Facility Has Prepped Him For New Orleans

September 3rd, 2018

Forget for a minute that Mike Evans only has one 100-yard receiving game in his last 20. He’s an excellent receiver, but he has admitted to an aversion to playing in domes.

Evans has had issues picking up the football when there’s a roof on the stadium.

The Bucs, if you’re unaware, open the season in six short days in the Superdome.

Today, Joe asked Evans if practicing in the Bucs’ new indoor facility this summer has helped his dome game. Evans said it’s been a huge help.

JoeBucsFan.com: Mike, in past years, you’ve said that you’re not a big fan of the dome and the lights and catching in it. That’s not your favorite thing. Do you think practicing indoors here has helped you?

Mike Evans: It does help. It helps a lot. Because when you’re outside, and then we have to make that transition to go [indoors] for practice, the second half of practice sometimes, in indoor the depth perceptions changes a lot. So you have to get used to that. And you have to get out there early, get a feel for your cleats and then the lights.

Joe liked that answer. Anything that gives any Buccaneer confidence is a good thing.

8 Responses to “Mike Evans Says Bucs’ Indoor Facility Has Prepped Him For New Orleans”

  1. Mort Says:

    But I thought it was going to make them soft pansies. How could it be a good thing?

    You guys are too much sometimes.
    Not sure where you’re going with this silliness. First, Joe has never been against practicing indoors. How hard a team practices isn’t ruled by a facility. Second, not sure what you don’t like about anything in this post. Simple and intelligent question for Evans, asked and answered. –Joe

  2. Mike Evans Goat Says:

    FSU Offense is almost as bad as ours last year lol

  3. Steve in Mad Beach Says:

    Tell em Joe! You da man cousin.

    Before all of the self loathing, hate spewing, negative commentators jump into this thread, let me just say that Mike Evans is a beast!

    Love that guy, love his attitude!

  4. Jeffbuc Says:

    Damn that is a true stat only 1 in his last 20 games. Would have never guessed that I would have said 7-10. 100 yards games in his last 20. We need him to step up. And become a beast and maybe stay on his feet when he catches one in stride.

  5. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Evans was once our only viable receiver. He was the primary target. We now have more good options than at any other time in franchise history. An efficient offense means more opportunities for everybody, but now it’s spread around among more receivers, not just three or four. Hundred yard games might not be common for any single player, but team totals should be much more. Winston’s practice with backups should really pay off throughout the season. That’s the silver lining to his suspension.

  6. Defense Rules Says:

    This is one of the most insightful articles I’ve read on JBF in a long time Joe. Awesome. Had no idea that ME13 has only one 100-yd game in the last 20. That says a lot for not only the quality of the TEAM receiver group as a whole, but also about ME13 … to get over 1,000 yds each season without having huge games interspersed in there says a lot about Mike’s durability, consistency & reliability.

    The other intriguing tidbit in here is Mike’s comments that “indoor the depth perceptions changes a lot” and also that “you have to get out there early, get a feel for your cleats and then the lights”. Little things like that probably give the Saints’ receivers an advantage over most opponents’ receivers, since many stadiums aren’t enclosed. Interesting take.

  7. stpetebucsfan Says:


    It’s not your writing it’s just my disbelief at an amazing stat. Are you sure you meant to write 1 in the last 20 games or perhaps did you omit “dome” as in 1 in his last 20 dome games. That is easily believable but still a problem.

    I’m really over anybody calling an NFL player a pansy or other derogatory name referencing courage. Get your butts out there for one play and see how you wuss out. Anybody who steps on an NFL field is a brave dude…some may like contact more than others but ALL of them demonstrate courage just for going on the field.

    Sports is getting as bad as the rest of our society!! Instant gratification.
    So Nole fans have you started calling for the firing of Willie one game into his career? Just asking and definitely not picking on Nole fans…same question would apply to ANY school or program.

  8. Crabberbill Says:

    I agree with Defense Rules, interesting take Joe. Indoor light perception & different cleats can make a big difference. I love ME13 & am happy as hell to have him sign a big contract and be here for the rest of his career. Now, (soory Mike for a little sack but your YAC could increase) and you would get 2000 yards. LOL! GO Bucs !!!