Khalil Mack To The Bears, Bucs’ Week 4 Opponent

September 1st, 2018

It looks like the Chicago Bears also believe in the close-game theory.

With a 5-11 record last year just like the Bucs, and a 2-6 record in one-score games with the NFL’s 10th-ranked defense, the Bears just made a very bold move.

Khalil Mack was traded from the Raiders to Chicago today for multiple draft picks, per ESPN. The 27-year-old Mack hasn’t missed a game in his four seasons, has been a double-digit sack man the past three years, and he’s got three Pro Bowls and two All-Pro honors to his name.

And now Mack, who was holding out for a fat new contract, will face the Bucs in Week 4 — seemingly just in time (for his sake) after he gets a few games to work off the rust.

Joe has written and said repeatedly that the Bucs must find their way to a 2-2 record through their brutal opening schedule. With a Week 5 bye, a 2-2 record is a great ticket to a strong final eight games.

That road seems to have just gotten a little tougher.

Man, Joe sure hopes Donovan Smith is a fast healer.

46 Responses to “Khalil Mack To The Bears, Bucs’ Week 4 Opponent”

  1. Ateonetree Says:

    Chuckys ego strikes again , thankful he’s not back in Tampa

  2. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    Would have loved for this trade to have been made by us. But with the rumors that the Bears are going to ink a deal within the day that will eclipse Aaron Donalds, i just dont think that would have been feasible.

  3. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    But one thing we absolutely could have done that the Bears did, and it actually makes me sick to my stomach that we didn’t, was hiring and resigning Vic Fangio.

    Fangio is without a doubt one of the best DC’s in the entire league, and he was available to be signed this year. But nope, Koetter chose to stick with his best buddy Mike Smith, leader of the 32nd ranked defense in football.

    Hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite him in his turd-cutter.

  4. webster Says:

    The bears defense will be nasty. You add mack, roquan smith to an already top 10 defense? Nasty. Then the bears also upgraded the offense. Week 4 will not be an easy win. Watch out for the monsters of the midway.

  5. Marc Says:

    It’s not like we need a double digit sack artist around here or anything…

  6. Reality-is-a-Beotch Says:

    If licht had half a brain, he would send the career loser has been that never was captain blowout to gruden for a first. After all no one likes a roster full of old injury prone has beens like Gruden.

  7. Malcolm-Reynolds Says:

    Wow! That Bears game week 4 just got a little scarier. This guy is a player that MUST be game-planned for or he can wreck havoc on your quarterback. Chicago’s defense wasn’t looking too bad BEFORE this trade so WHOEVER is lining up at QB for the Bucs that week should be deeply concerned about our offensive tackle audition.

  8. Darin Says:

    Chuckys ego? Mack didnt show up to work for 4 weeks. For 13 million dollars. The guy wants over 20 a year. The salary cap means you just cant have those guys unless they are gona be impact players every week. The raiders felt the draft picks and salary cap relief were more important than a guy who didnt show up to work. Looks to me like its Macks ego. Probably some of both. Id have done exactly what the raiders did. Gruden has long term security and high draft picks mean future success.

  9. j dubb Says:

    Any chance willie young becomes available, could be very helpful in pass rush downs, line him up with gmc, jpp and curry.

  10. j dubb Says:

    Nevermind, I didn’t realize willie young is a fa….he would have been worth a look in the preseason to see what he has left

  11. webster Says:

    @ darin

    Show up for work? Fans like you are hypocrites. You are cool when a team cuts a player if they did not live up to their contract but you crap on players for holding out when they out perform their contract. He was in his last year just like aaron donald and both players deserved to get paid well. F£ck that show up for work crap. This man shows up on sunday. You PAY THE MAN!!!!!

  12. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I would have traded DJax and a pick if it meant we could get Mack. Gruden loves his old Vets. We’d be fine without DJax and you can’t have enough pass rushers. JPP, GMac, Vita, Mack together would have put fear in every team we face. Damn! I don’t think Gruden would want to do the Glazers any favors, so a deal probably couldn’t have been made anyway. Maybe Licht called and Gruden told him he had the wrong number! Lol!

  13. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Time will tell if this is a great deal or not. No doubt Mack is a great player but at the end of the day he is still ONE player…for two #1’s and a huge dent in the salary cap.

    Obviously da Bears think they are ready NOW…this move certainly has tied up their future.

  14. webster Says:

    Oh and this man has already won dpoy and you are talking alternative facts like he did not want to show up for work. Gtfooh

  15. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “Joe has written and said repeatedly that the Bucs must find their way to a 2-2 record through their brutal opening schedule.” No too long ago it seemed the best we could hope for was 1-3 AFTER going 0-3 in our first 3 games. Now we’re up to 2-2. Of course, now everyone will turn paranoid because the Bears added Mack. Newsflash: they already had a very good defense BEFORE adding Mack (#9 in POINTS ALLOWED last year). They already had a formidable DLine.

    In other news, the Saints just cut DE George Johnson. That seals their fate in Game 1 … we can beat them now.

  16. Jeffbuc Says:

    Well I bet saints fans are angry. They gave up two first round picks for a rookie defensive end from Texas El Paso. And they could have got Mack for that same package wow. I

  17. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Rules, it’s not a newsflash. We all know the Bears have a good D, that’s why them getting Mack is worse. If their D was Trash no one would care if they got Mack. That doesn’t mean we’ll lose, just that it will be that much tougher.

  18. webster Says:

    @ defense rules

    Read my first post on this thread

  19. Tnew Says:

    I didn’t see the Bucs making a move for him but would’ve loved it. Water under the bridge. At least he didn’t go into the NFC South.

  20. BigOne Says:

    Was doesn’t our GM try and make that big move . Instead of crap players like
    Baker he seems to try and play it safe. It better start getting more bold.. or he will be on the street and the Buc fans get to start all over again. Yippee

  21. D1 Says:


    Marcus Davenport went UTSA , San Antonio, not UTEP.

  22. Tnew Says:

    Now that this is truly setting in. What a terrible personnel move by the Raiders. It’s too hard to get impact players in the nfl. To think many at the time around here thought a 1 and 3 for a rehabbing Revis was a good move. Based on that, Mack for two ones is bargain shopping.

  23. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    Tnew you couldn’t be more correct. I’m thinking the Glazers dodged a major bullet by not pursuing Jon Gruden.

    Won’t say for sure whether or not they made the right call keeping Koetter however.

  24. Easy Says:

    Bears aren’t a very good football team and don’t see Mack making them “contenders” now. Raiders will have 2 top 15 picks next draft now

  25. jay adams Says:

    Scarier defense indeed. The only hope for the Bucs is if they call plays like we saw for Ryan Griffin in the last preseason game, slants, digs, crosses, z outs, up and short outs. But Koetter said in a Pressie that the Bucs offense will be Bucs ball as always. If that is the case then the last 3 yrs showed us if JW does play by game 4 it wont matter because too many deep plays caused TOs whether Picks or Fumbles, especially verses teams that bring the Front 4 heat.

    Winston was one of the few Starting QBs in preseason that played mostly vs 2nd stringers so his high QB Rating doesn’t tell the whole story. Most every other starter would have preseason QB Ratings that high if they were plying 2nd stringers too. And it is only because of the suspension to get Fitz ready that they set it up that way.

    7-9 year at best.

  26. Trench War Says:

    He’ll probably just hit his stride by the time the Bears play us. It’s a Buc’s Life?

  27. Jmarkbuc Says:



    Agree we dodged a bullet if the Glazers were even considering Gruden

    A deeper concern centers around McKenzie’s place inside the organization. It was whispered that Raiders ownership wanted no part in trading Mack, but Gruden won that power struggle just as he has all spring and summer. Perhaps McKenzie remains content in his role, but he’s seemingly lost his voice inside the organization. This isn’t his team anymore. Not by a long shot

    Gruden is overtly tearing this team down instead of maximizing the talent he inherited.

    Sound familiar?

  28. Mtneer85 Says:

    I’m anxious to see Bucs D for more than a qtr. I believe the current DLine is going to change everything about our D. Mack would help any Defense, but the price was too high for what we have currently. I think it was a good move for Bears and Raiders. Licht has already made his BOLD move this year w JPP. Or has that already been forgotten or taken for granted? Biggest issue? Need D Smith back fast.

  29. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Donovan better ice up!!!!!

  30. Defense Rules Says:

    BuccaneerEric75 … “Rules, it’s not a newsflash. We all know the Bears have a good D.” Eric, it’s what they call ‘sarcasm’. Not a big fan of explaining explain sarcasm, but here goes … No, not ‘everyone’ knows that “the Bears have a good D”; many have been assuming that Jameis will return in Game 4 & rescue us from Fitz’ ineptitude that would be blamed for us going 0-3 by that point … odds of Jameis coming in, on a short week that ends in the Windy City playing a very tough DEFENSE, and knocking it out of the park are not as good as ‘everyone’ thinks it is. Bears game could well be the toughest of our first 4 games from the Bucs’ TEAM perspective.

    @Tnew … “What a terrible personnel move by the Raiders.” Au contraire Tnew, it was a brilliant move on their part. Bears finished 5-11 last year & have a questionable offense. Gruden’s betting that they’ll probably end up mediocre again this year (increases the value of those #1 picks?). Plus Mack wanted an arm & a leg to stay, and the Raiders’ defense wasn’t all that good WITH him (it continues to rank in the mid-20’s in POINTS ALLOWED). Chucky will put his $$$ into the offense (which fell off the edge of the earth last year), and create … tada … Buccaneers West.

  31. KnoxvilleBuc Says:

    Overall good move by the Raiders for future success (depending on Grudens improved drafting evaluations) hard sustain success as a team with that type of salary cap hit for a team already with a high salary. Betting on Gruden to put more money into the offense with an excellent D coordinator who can develop young talent

  32. Rodney Munch Says:

    Some Raiders dopes with aguring with me saying that it was a bluff, Mack wasn’t going anywhere, he’s too important, etc etc etc. I pointed out to these dopes that Gruden let Sapp walk for nothing and cut John Lynch – all so he could afford to sign an old injured Charlie Garner and a bunch of old injured offensive linemen. The Bucs fans that read and believe the fake news “salary cap” myth are also dopes, I’ve gone through every signing that offseason the Bucs made and it clearly shows the Bucs could have easily kept both guys, but Gruden didn’t want them.

  33. Brandon Says:

    The Bears might be a better team THIS year but have effectively killed their team moving forward. $20+ mil for one defensive player is gonna hurt when they hope to resign Trubisky, Floyd, R. Smith, etc. The only way to win when tight against the cap is draft picks… which the Bears just gave away two 1st rounders. This is almost as stupid as giving away a 1st and 3rd for a CB coming off a torn ACL and then giving him a deal well above market value. Almost.

  34. Godeep66 Says:

    A non story. Week four opponent. We have our work cut out for us the first 3 weeks….playing 3 super bowl contenders.

  35. Talk2da4skin Says:

    Why do ppl keep thinking Djax is actually worth something and could be easily traded with his contract.

  36. buc15 Says:

    The Bears still going to get destroyed by us

  37. Reality-is-a-Beotch Says:


    Howard is going to RUN all over gmc and his soft dline pals…. bucs would not be favored nor should they be favored against a high school team unt they earn it on the field. they still are rhe worst defensive units in league and of all time until they prove otherwise

  38. BigMacAttack Says:

    He’s a good player, so what? He may make a few big plays against us. So what? There are so many good DEs in the NFL, So what? Chicago needs to worry about the Bucs’ D line.

  39. BigMacAttack Says:

    At least they don’t have to go to Chicago in December.

  40. Mike Johnson Says:

    If only my poor Bucs had the Vision to return our Defense to its once Greatness.
    Mack would have been an exceptional Monster Deal for us. He is a Beast and will be one for years to come. Chicago see’s this clearly. He will return their investment by wreckin Havoc on opposing Offenses. Ok..I’m fully woke now. For a minute I was dreamin it was my Bucs who accquired Mr. Mack. Only in..Dreams people.

  41. Bucsfanman Says:

    Have to agree with webster regarding Mack. Derrick Brooks held out. It’s easy to lose perspective sometimes. Owners make billions, with a B!
    Mack would’ve looked good in pewter!

  42. Godeep66 Says:

    I hope everyone is watching next year’s first round draft pick, Will Grier. Will the Thrill!!!

  43. Kobe Faker Says:

    Peeps here are klueless…

    Gruden didn’t want nothing to do with paying 22+ to a 32-33 year old def lineman… nor should he

    Mack is 27 but paying him all that money 5-6 years from now is idiotic and without vision

    Gruden screwed up big with m Bryant but he was thinking correctly with Mack. Gruden knows he isn’t ready to win this year with their defense with or without Mack

    Next 2/3 years is where he came back from retirement for

    Kobe Faker

  44. Rod Munch Says:

    Gruden traded for another QB today, that really made me laugh.

    Said it earlier this offseason when telling Raiders fans what they had to look forward too. I said Mack would be traded because Gruden wants to have that money so he can sign some old washed up offensive players. Also I said at some point this year Carr will get benched – thus the reason Gruden is trading for yet another QB. I don’t think Carr will stay benched, but he’ll be benched, write it down now. Oh, and this is a bold prediction, Jordy Nelson will be the top receiver for the team and Cooper will just be kind ho-hum. Gruden LOVES old guys, hates young guys and really really hates WR’s that drop balls, and Cooper is still young and drops balls. Finally, Doug Martin will be the starting RB for Oakland at some point. Lynch has looked surprisingly good in the preseason, like he got a gear back he didn’t have last year, but we shall see how long that last, or if Lynch just shows his age. Meanwhile, if you watch the tape of Martin and don’t just read box scores, you’d know that Martin, when he had anything close to a hole last year, would dart through it almost instantly. Martin suffered from insanely poor blocking and watching the games shows that to be the case. Gruden knows this, it’s why he signed him, and it’s why he’s going to be playing at some point and playing a lot.

  45. Bobby M. Says:

    If Bill Belichick traded Mack away it would be genius….Oakland’s defense ranked #25…ish…with Mack. Having him eat up more cap space wasn’t going to make it any better. Bears pulled it off because Trubisky is in rookie deal and assume cap will go up.

    Will you replace Mack from a talent perspective….not likely. But you can field a better team with more draft picks and cap space.

  46. Gene Deckehoff is my hero Says:

    Jon Gruden… Chucky. Hmmm…