“It Seems As If… “

September 26th, 2018

“So who is it?”

So who is going to start Sunday along the shore of Lake Michigan for the Bucs, Ryan Fitzpatrick or America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston?

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network seems to know.

Or at least, his source seems to know.

In the video below, Rapoport reports how many snaps a certain Bucs quarterback took in practice today, which leads Rapoport to believe he knows who may start Sunday.

27 Responses to ““It Seems As If… “”

  1. Dapostman Says:

    I would think Fitz starts week 4 in Chicago. Win, lose or draw I would think he’d go back to his role as backup when the Bucs travel to Atlanta in week 6. This being the Bucs though nothing they do surprises me.

    #Get After It!

  2. Wausa Says:

    The Bucs deserve to get what is most likely going to happen.
    Jamies hired the right agent for his situation.

  3. Wausa Says:

    There is a reason why the Bucs are the worst franchise in major professional sports. They continue to make decisions like the Browns(Tyrod Taylor starting QB until now).

  4. Tom Edrington Says:

    Forget the starting QB nonsense, who the hell is going to block Khalil Mack ??? I’ll answer that for you — no one on the Bucs o-line

  5. orlbucfan Says:

    Fitz is beaten up. I listen to these games on radio. DK has 2 healthy young QBs who looked terrific in the preseason. Why hurt Fitz more when both Jameis and Griffin are healthy? DK owes it to this Offense he’s built. daBears defense any better than the 3 Bucs have played? Give me a break. Their O is a joke compared to Tampa’s. Jameis will play next Sunday. It will be a coach’s decision. 3-1.

  6. Jean Lafitte Says:


    Like you would do better? Jameis has himself to blame and seems to be taking it better than your sorry @ss. The last I looked we’ve been playin good ball. Your incessant condescending rhetoric is ad nauseam.

  7. Wausa Says:

    He should play @orlbucfan but based on the tweet Ian Rapoport sent out it looks like it is going to be Fitzpatrick

  8. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    As much as I admire the job Fitz has done, I think Jameis gives us the best chance to win against the Bears. Jameis is much more elusive and physically much stronger, thus he is better to evade the certain pass rush of the Bears.

  9. DBS Says:

    And maybe that’s just what he wants you to think .

  10. Wausa Says:

    @Jean Lafitte:

    Any logical person would certainly know better than keeping Mike Smith(fifth worst defense in NFL history) from continuing to be the defensive coordinator again this year.

    The Bucs offense and Fitzpatrick played great ball the first two games, but the defense has played awful in all three games,the special teams look bad in all three games and the offense(Fitzpatrick) played horrific in the first half against the Stealers.

    There are only 32 head coaches in the NFL and so far Dirk Koetter has made more bad decisions than good.

  11. AlteredEgo Says:

    Easy … refresh my memory how do Taylor’s and Fitzs stats compare in 2018…. I fail to follow your comparison

  12. LargoBuc Says:

    Fitz has a good rapport going and has been great for 10 out of 12 quarters. I have no problem with him starting on a short week on the road against a scary defense.

  13. D the Bucs fan Says:

    Why is Koetter getting a pass on the failures of this team. Besides a fluke 5 game win streak. All phases of the team has been suspect. You think mcvay, Peterson, Andy Reid. Belichick. Marrone. And others couldn’t get more out of this team than Koetter? We need better from him stop being sooooo sofT

  14. SteelStudBuc Says:

    It will definitely not be America’s Backup former Pro Bowl alternate after all the dust settles.

  15. Knoxville Winston Buc Fan Says:

    If The Beard starts he will more than likely be carted out before halftime. Bears D will eat him up. You guessed it “America’s Quarterback” will come out and dismantle that same defense. All the haters will fall back in love with the Alabama gunslinger

  16. 813bucboi Says:

    if fitz starts this game, then he should finish it…..simple as that…..don’t put Winston in position to fail by throwing him to the wolves(bears) when we’re down 14-0 while mack and the gang have their ears pinned back smelling blood…..

    that would be Minnesota all over again…..


  17. Wausa Says:

    I’m with you @D the Bucs fan

  18. Mike Johnson Says:

    Don’t mean nothin. I like jameis’s attitude in returning. It appears to be genuine.
    He knows he will get another shot this year. Its inevitable. Just be ready Jameis. Cause you are gonna have to win a few..shootouts this season. Your defense does NOT..have your back.

  19. Pat Says:

    FWIW: The Bears have played 2 offenses- Arizona and Seattle- that have no where near the weapons and explosiveness of The Bucs offense. Don’t be surprised if The Bucs offense continues to roll. I think it it more likely than not

  20. ben Says:

    America’s qb …FITZ !!

  21. Buchead5588 Says:

    Jameis is Back

  22. Dbbuc711 Says:

    I have believed that Fitz would start this game. But I also think he will be on a short leash. If he starts again like the Steelers game Winston will be in the game.

  23. Godeep66 Says:

    Winston will most likely not even dress for the game.

  24. Mike Says:

    I like this strategy-

    Don’t dress 1st overall pick

    Don’t dress potentially explosive game changing 2nd round RB

    Don’t dress 1st round “monster” DT

    Fire the Cannons!
    Fire the Koetter
    Fire the Smith

  25. Mike Says:

    WaUsa is correct- they deserve what they get

  26. BigMacAttack Says:

    Fitz has earned it. Sounds like Jameis is ready. I don’t think it really matters who starts or plays, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Koetter mix it up a little and play them both. I think Fitz will start but I could definitely see Jameis come in on a few plays to maybe get a Bears’ timeout called or keep their D on their toes. Our O line and TEs have to step it up, especially with Mack.

  27. Phil Says:

    Jameis should be the starter.