Ira Kaufman’s 10 Takeaways From Bucs-Saints

September 9th, 2018

Ira’s takes on today’s game with locker room quotes


It was wild, it was frantic and in the end, it was transcendent for Buc fans.

Beating a division rival on the road is a heck of a way to start a season. The last time the Bucs opened like that, they finished 9-7 in Dirk Koetter’s first season as an NFL head coach.

A lot of Tampa Bay players stepped up Sunday, but Ryan Fitzpatrick takes game honors for a spectacular effort. Besides throwing for 4 TDs and registering a passer rating of 156.3, he used his 35-year-old wheels to seal the NFL’s biggest upset of Week 1.

As Buc players headed for the airport, New Orleans fans headed for Bourbon Street to drown their sorrows. Happy landings to both groups. Here’s how it went down in the Crescent City:

* How about some props for an offensive line with much to prove in 2018? Fitzpatrick can’t launch those bombs without ample time to throw and he was not sacked all day. Check the video on that early 58-yard TD pass to DeSean Jackson and you will see a perfect pocket.

* Starting in the preseason, we saw growing evidence that the star power in Tampa Bay’s receiving corps will be showcased this season. Sure enough, Fitzpatrick boasted six completions of at least 34 yards – to three different targets. “They won all the 50-50 balls,” said Saints CB Marshon Lattimore, who was repeatedly scorched by Mike Evans.

* By the sheer numbers, Peyton Barber had an OK day, averaging 3.6 yards on his 19 carries. But look a little closer and you’ll see why the men up front love blocking for this guy. He opened Tampa Bay’s second possession with runs of 23 and 12 yards, so all of a sudden the Bucs are on the New Orleans 40 en route to another scoring drive. When there’s 3 yards to be made, Barber usually gets 4. That matters.

* He’s just a footnote now, but Chandler Catanzaro could have been a main story line. With a chance to make it a 3-score game with 4:52 remaining, Catanzaro pushed his 44-yard FG try wide right, keeping hope alive for Drew Brees and company.

* Speaking of Brees, let’s just get this out of the way — he’s one of the greatest competitors I’ve ever seen under center. No game is out of reach for this future first-ballot Hall of Famer. “He gets the ball out so darned quick,” said Gerald McCoy, shaking his head at his locker.

:* While rolling up 26 first downs and 529 yards, the Bucs also made a little team history in the Superdome. The 48 points marked a franchise record for a road game and that doesn’t happen without a smart game plan and precise execution. “Take your pick,” said Sean Payton. “We didn’t hurry the passer, guys were open, third downs (8-for-13) were awful, they had over 500 yards. I can’t think of any positives.”

* The Buc defense had no answers for Brees’ two most dangerous weapons. Michael Thomas caught 16 of the 17 balls sent his way for 180 yards and a TD. That’s unacceptable. Kamara ran for only 29 yards, but he finished with 9 receptions for 112 yards and a score on 12 targets. Yes, Brees directed more than two-thirds of his throws to just two players. Make that two exceptional players.

* Kwon Alexander tied Lavonte David for the team lead with 9 tackles and he turned in a big defensive play late in the third quarter when his hit on Thomas forced a fumble at the Bucs 32. Alexander isn’t a finished product, but you can never question his hustle and desire.

* Everything turned out rosy, but I don’t like the decision to defer after winning the opening coin toss — especially this season. With all this firepower, the Bucs should be eager to break out on top and declare that opposing defenses are in for a long day.

* Mr. Monken, take a bow. What a debut. In his initial effort as an NFL play-caller in a game that counts, Monken carved up a Top 10 scoring defense with a backup QB. “Tampa Bay came ready and they put it to us,” Payton said. “They put it to us good.”

Now in his 40th year covering the NFL, Ira Kaufman is the most revered sports personality and writer in the Tampa Bay area. He scored a full-time seat at world headquarters in July of 2016. Tampa Bay’s only Pro Football Hall of Fame voter, Ira busts out columns here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and his award winning podcasts fire Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can also hear Ira on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio Wednesdays at 5 p.m. Also a TV star, see Ira now on Mondays at 10:30 p.m. on Spectrum Sports 360 (aka BayNews 9). Ira also is part of the FOX-13 Tailgate Sunday NFL show and enjoys beet salads, Riesling, tennis, Chiefs victories and needling Joe.

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88 Responses to “Ira Kaufman’s 10 Takeaways From Bucs-Saints”

  1. JimmyJack Says:

    Yo Ira? That kick wasn’t blocked? I couldn’t tell but it looked like it was to my Keen eye

  2. Jim Says:

    Will the “fans” who called Fitz “garbage” and “poop” on this site now step up and apologize? They should…

  3. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Sadly the ‘Boys are getting their butts thumped by the Panthers. Too bad or we could have had undisputed possession of first place in the NFC South.

    1 down 15 to go or more accurately…the next game against Philly.

  4. DanBucsFan Says:

    All the pathetic “fans” who do nothing but complain about our team.. and predict nothing but misery should be gone ! This is a NEW YEAR n our Bucs control their own destiny. I’ve yet to see trolls like realityisabeotch to name 1…. Guess they only post to talk $hit or criticize our team. Sorry haters but the Bucs are ready to win this year. And all of us real fans are in store 4 some fun…. watch how quick the bandwagon fills up

  5. DB55 Says:

    The game changed with the two roughing the passer penalties. 30 yards and 2 first downs to open the 2nd half. That helps. Fitz ran the ball well, I think he felt a lot more comfortable taking off than jw does. And I can’t lie that pass to ME was a thing of beauty, play of the game!

    Mike Evans had 7 catches for 147 yards and 1 TD and he wasn’t even the leading receiver. Godwin is super impressive and so is OJ. Btw where did Brate disappear to? Too many weapons and not enough balls and we sure could use a DE, but I digress.

    Monken did such a good job Koetter didn’t even want to say his name publicly, lol, as to not start an entire offense controversy, lol.

    As for the oline they played well. The right side with Ali and dsmith should be money all season. Barber had a 8ypc at one point in the game, crey.

    McIceCream still jumping offsides,lol, and I didn’t see him make a play until well into the 3rd qrt. I expected JPP and lvd to create turnovers but it was Teflon kwon and VH3 go figure. Hey, Ira, did Brees have to take a shower after the game?

    Next week is the real test, if Fitz can drop 40 on the eagles and come away with a win I’m all for a qb controversy. #RunJameisRun

  6. yrbndr Says:

    Masterful play calling by Monken and spot on execution by Fitz! His total command and running when needed Fitz was in a zone the entire game! Congrats to the o line that allowed him to work his flawless game! Well done! Go Bucs!

  7. NPR SageBoy Says:

    Jameis who?

  8. D-Rome Says:

    Great win but that defense is embarrassing. What a disgrace! It’s not the talent. It took a career game from Fitzpatrick to earn this win.

  9. Not there yet Says:

    Most teams defer when they won the opening coin toss. Your in the minority in that one because I liked the lead we had going into the half knowing we would be getting the ball back coming out of the break.

    You would think these guys are coaching for their lives but despite all the evidence of how bad it can get they still went into turtle mode as if their defense knows how to hold a lead. Bad coaching will do them if you trust this defense

  10. Bucfan1988 Says:

    YES, the 40 yard field goal by Catanzaro towards the end of the game WAS partially blocked. When it hit the lineman’s hands, you could see it shoot right. I watched the replay a few times….Our kicker was solid today overall…

  11. Bucfan1988 Says:

    And so help me, if Fitzmagic doesn’t get NFL/NFC offensive player of the week, the decision makers are flat out smoking crack, lol!!

  12. DB55 Says:

    Fun fact: the Bucs have won the last 3 season openers and the saints have lost the last 5 season openers. As a matter of fact, last year jw beat the Bears by 22 points.

  13. JimmyJack Says:

    It’s….. One of my main takeaways from this game was the small amount of penalties we took. We played a lot of solid football today. It was a pleasure to watch.

    . Meanwhile the Saints were very undisciplined and got baited into a lot of calls.

    The discipline on this team was something we haven’t seen in a while. Looking forward to more of the same!!


  14. JimmyJack Says:

    Watching Fitzpatrick run the ball is a thing of beauty. The NFL films music would be a great compliment to his Highlights today.

  15. ElioT Says:

    Loved seeing Evans establish complete dominance over Lattimore.

    F**king owned his a**!!

    Not sure if a Bucs’ QB has ever played a better game than Fitz did today.

    If Fitz continues to play evenclose to this level, anyone who thinks Jameis deserves to be inserted as the starter is a complete moron.

    Every single offensive player has a child like sh*t-eating grin on their face right now because Mr. Fitzpatrick played his balls off today.

    If Fitz hasn’t played a flawless game, the Bucs would have been leaving NOLA with a Loss.

    How many mistake-free games can you count on from Winston?

  16. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Great game by the entire offense and defense made some plays when needed. Just think what the score could have been if they didn’t get those to’s and score I one. Whoever thinks Fitz is the answer please stop it. He has 2 more games to go ado if he plays lights out then I will be impressed. Once again prevent offense and defense almost cost us the lead Mike Smith needs to get his head or puff his butt!

  17. mark2001 Says:

    Some may not want to hear this, but as long as Fitz can play close to what he did today, the job is his. You can’t bench a guy that plays like he did today. But the silver lining in the cloud for Jameis, is that Fitz would have to play better than he has his entire career so far for that to happen, so at some point in time, he is likely to faulter.

  18. JimmyJack Says:

    Eliot……how about that series when Fitz went to Evans on back to back plays? We basically stomped our foot on their throats at that point!!

  19. DB55 Says:


    Fitz is a 13 yr vet who started his 6th season opener today. He has 14 300 yard games in 13 seasons.

    Jw on the other hand has 11 in 3 seasons. 1 as a rookie, 4 his second year and 6 in 13 games last year. Jw even has a better rushing avg per season than Fitz 171 to 159 and I don’t think Koetter wants him running the ball.

    Let’s see if Fitz can drop 5 tds on the fletcher Cox and Malcolm Jenkins like JW did.

  20. Chris in WA Says:

    Did anyone watch the Koetter Press Conference? A certain reporter got scolded by Coach K when asking questions about play-calling.

  21. Bird Says:

    It’s funny that Fitzpatrick has one of the best qb performances all time in bucs history , especially long ball TDs and there is one article about him stealing a win.

    If this would have been Jameis , there would be 10 out of 10 articles about how great he is …with I told you so ..and describing passes like lasers …and American flags all over the article

    Shame shame shame.

    So happy to see Fitzpatrick play like a savage today. He won the game single handledly with a bad defense just like last year.

  22. BigMacAttack Says:

    Drew Brees can carve up any defense in the NFL. He’s just that dang good. Our defense could have played better for sure but they got two turnovers, scored a TD and made a few key stops. It wasn’t great, but against the Saints, I’ll take it, especially on opening day. They will get better. I hate the prevent defense because it never ever works. Mike Smith is a fool for thinking it would work, and against Drew Brees. Hello? Hopefully we learned something about being too conservative and trying to protect a lead. When you have your opponent down and everything is working, keep your foot on his throat with the pedal to the metal. Fitz bailed out Mike Smith and the defense with his final 3’rd down scramble for a first down. Fitz was not going to let the defense steal another one away. Catanzaro could have iced the game but blew it in the clutch. That’s a problem because it will happen again. Still need to look for a better kicker because he isn’t it. 44 yards in a dome, perfect conditions and he missed it. He needs to go and that’s all I have to say about that.

  23. BigMacAttack Says:

    Coach K was all over Steve I wasn’t he? 😂

  24. Larry Edwards Says:

    I’m not sure why Fitzmagic was called a back up QB? He took starter reps all preseason. He might be a backup when JW returns though maybe not without a bit of controversy.

  25. BigMacAttack Says:

    The offensive line was outstanding!!!

  26. JimmyJack Says:

    BigMacAttack…….. I just want a piggyback off your statement and give some love to Carlton Davis. He had a very tough job today in coverage and held his own while giving up some big plays……… then there was one point in the game where we need somebody there stop the Saints and he made a huge tackle. That stuff doesn’t show up in the statutes but it was a game changer and a big hit!!¡!!!

  27. rrsrq Says:

    I don’t wanna hear any of the national pundits do nothing but apologize, especially Pat Kirwin. Yeah he was right about the saints scoring 30, but he forgot about the Bucs offense (I didn’t).

  28. JimmyJack Says:

    Stat sheets*”””

  29. Brett Says:

    I know at some point Jameis got a shoulder injury last year. But he never had a game anywhere near this with the same weapons. Jameis was supposed to do stuff like this last year with all these weapons. Man. Ryan Fitzpatrick.

  30. GhostofSchiano Says:

    IT’S FITZMAGIC!!!!!!!

  31. JimmyJack Says:

    Brett are you trying to start a quarterback controversy? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…………… I would love a quarterback controversy. That is nothing but a good thing.

  32. GhostofSchiano Says:

    I will apologize for doubting the offensive line. Great game by the O-line

  33. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Another more subtle improvement to the Bucs…depth.

    We seem to be able to weather injuries better this year. We are of course concerned about DJAX’s shoulder and more importantly perhaps his concussion but are we worried about his replacement in Godwin? Hate to lose VHG but the rookies played like rookies at times but also showed some good coverage against an HOF QB when they weren’t out of position. They will learn. And Smith coming in for Benenoch didn’t cost us at all.

    Could this be the year we actually have enough depth to compete all year long?

    BTW…Godwin’s long bomb was interrupted when he and the DB tangled feet…of course the DB went down leaving Godwin wide open but the tangle did disrupt his route enough to throw off Fitz’s timing.

  34. TheBucsAnthem Says:



    Lookie mom…… at all these cute little bucs fan coming outta hibernation cause the buc finally played awesome

    You kids are so cute!!!!!!

  35. JimmyJack Says:

    Anthem…….So what’s your deal?

  36. Jeffbuc Says:

    Has anyone heard from reality and his naysaying behind. Hi jacked every article all offseason. And now he is a ghost. F u reality! Oh your words of wisdom all offseason and your saints 52 bucs 7 predictions and then you go in hiding. Joe you should banish tmax again from this website. On thing to be all negative but to go in hiding and not man up. Should t be allowed to post for a while if your going to be negative if everyone and bash jameis for not taking responsibility for his actions how you going to talk crap all offseason and then not man up. That just shows that all of us true fans were right you are a troll. And joe should say be gone to you. But what other team can you be up 16 with 8 minutes left and still get an uneasy feeling that you don’t like the score. Mike Smith is garbage he is going to cost koetter his job. Quit being friend friendly and fire him koetter. I don’t know what defense he was calling today. But it wasn’t to stop Thomas and Kamara.

  37. BucDan Says:

    @Chris in WA Says:

    Did anyone watch the Koetter Press Conference? A certain reporter got scolded by Coach K when asking questions about play-calling.

    Seconded! Had me a hearty chuckle

  38. firethecannons Says:

    Fitz was swimming in room in that pocket, very impressive offensive effort & way pleased with Monk calling the plays Best Bucs game I have ever watched by far!!

  39. BrianBucs Says:

    Today is the very best a Bucs offense has looked in ages WITHOUT WINSTON. Bucs fans got to see today what their offense can look like with a true, professional QB leading it.
    Great decision for Koetter to turn over the playcalling duties to Monken.
    Defense with all of their new additions was disappointing.
    Great win! Go Bucs!

  40. Mike Johnson Says:

    ira..I’m elated for Fitz. A journeyman who has..paid his dues in this NFl. Bouncing from team to team. It just might be his time? I’ll say this..IF Fitz messes around and wins 2 or 3 of out o four 1st 3? Mr Winston needs to..ride the wood for a while. Might do him a world of good going forward to see…What waiting and paying dues ultimatey rewards you with. Now if only we can right our..DEFENSE? Just imagine. We are not going to win every shootout in this league. Defense must get better. If it does? Watch Out!I

  41. Defense Rules Says:

    Like BigMacAttack said, Drew Brees can carve up any defense in the NFL. Lost in the discussion of our victory Ira is that Bucs won the TP battle (32:09 to 27:51), and won the turnover battle (2 turnovers to 0 … and our D returned 1 for a TD). The defense also limited the Saints to 43 yds rushing, meaning to me that we did a pretty good job of containing Kamara in the rushing category. That IMO is an improvement right there over last year.

    Brees is so fast getting rid of the ball that the Bucs pass rush barely sniffed him all game however. What I don’t understand though is that almost two-thirds of his throws (29 of 45) went to just 2 players (Thomas & Kamara). But still we couldn’t cover them … especially short. Doesn’t make sense. I still think the LBs need to do better in that short coverage. They also need to do a better job of tackling (I know, it’s early in the season).

  42. JimmyJack Says:

    Mike… Fitzpatrick came into this season seen as a backup and nothing more. Got to love that guy for putting everything else aside and playing this hard out for his team and for us!!!!!!!!


  43. JimmyJack Says:

    Defense Rules I agree about our LB. Kwon looked rough in the first half and LVD did next to nothing today. I definitely expected more out of that group

  44. King C Says:

    The pundits wont apologize for being wrong…they never do
    Because they’re so often wrong

  45. scbucsfan Says:

    Bunch of negative posters putting in new names for a day or two

  46. martinii Says:

    Agree with many of the above comments and certainly enjoyed the Win. I may be wrong but I think we took our foot off the the pedal when we started playing prevent defense during the end and the third quarter and throughout the 4th. Even the analyst mentioned the Buc’s being in prevent mode. Hopefully we learned a lesson that teams especially with QB’s like Drew Breeze play till the final gun.

  47. BigMacAttack Says:

    Defense rules, I agree. They did rotate all the linebackers in today which was good. They definitely need to step up their coverage skills for sure. Kamara is tough though. Payton does a great job of drafting skill players and offensive linemen. He rarely misses on high draft pick.

  48. Topdoggie Says:

    I have watched Fitz for a long time. I have seen him look this good before and then look like he was Trent Dilfer the next. One thing though is he has never had a lot of talent around him. He has it now. Once he had TO at the end of his career but no one else.
    I am so damn happy today.

  49. BigMacAttack Says:

    It’s a good day to be a Buc fan. We really needed this one, probably more than the team did. 😂

  50. Jmarkbuc Says:

    We do need another power back to spell Barber..We will wear him out at this rate. Great Great day for the offense…Hope the Defense can improve to respectable..

  51. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Seems like Ira needs to watch the game on tape before writing a takeaways article. I think we miss too much watching the games in person.

    The truth is, Fitz played mistake free, as we needed him too, but of even more import was the play of the offensive line. If they keep playing that good, then Licht finally got the right mix of players.

    Fitz had a LOT of time. The Eagles won’t give him that much time, but then, our defense should do better next week.

    Getting a kick out of people saying he is better than Winston. Even Fitz knows he isn’t. Give Jameis that kind of time and he’d do great too. But, of course, fairweather fans base everything on one game.

  52. ElioT Says:

    I’ll say it again…

    If Fitz keeps up this level of play, anyone who thinks #3 deserves to be automatically inserted as the starter week 4 is a complete moron.

    Not only was Fitz flawless but he showed some serious grit today.

    Hug on Winston’s nuts all you want but y’all know he would have either fumbled or thrown a pick at least once today, and the team couldn’t afford it.

    I’m not one of the many Winston haters but…

    Name a better game by a Bucs QB and I’ll shut my mouth.

  53. Buc believer Says:

    Wow Khalil Mack is having a monster game! Are you watching this GMC?? That’s is how a DL should play!

  54. Bucamania Says:

    What a HUGE win! Statement game. Talk about firepower! It all came togethr on offense today. The offense looked unstoppable. More potent than NO for once. Fitzmagic baby!

  55. ElioT Says:

    If you don’t think that Fitz has the vote of every single player on that team (offense especially) after today, you don’t know sh*t about a team’s mentality.

    Forced l, emotional pre/game speeches and bone headed “he’s just trying to win” blunders ain’t worth sh*t.

    I hope Jameis can’t sleep tonight.

  56. Bird Says:

    Gruden is a moron for trading Mack

    He doesn’t even know system yet and cannot be stopped.

    Eagles defense and bears defense will be huge tests

  57. JimmyJack Says:

    Rogers couldn’t handle one game of Mack hahahaha. Go lick a snowcone baby.

  58. Kevbeth5 Says:

    I’ve been reading this site for years on end and I think have commented a handful of times. But I’m wondering where in the hell is the great Kobe Faker and all the other negative Nellie’s. Its laughable to read their comments and then they disappear when it doesnt adhere to their negative agenda. What a pathetic life they must have. Lmaoooo.Only to reappear next week if we lose. Cant make it up.

  59. Joe Says:

    If you don’t think that Fitz has the vote of every single player on that team (offense especially) after today, you don’t know sh*t about a team’s mentality.

    Joe would suggest you don’t sh!t about what you are talking about. And yes, Joe has actually spoken to Bucs players.

  60. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Chris in WA…that was Tom jones that kept hammering Koetter with that same damn question..

    No surprise..Tom Jones is a azzhole

  61. BucsFanInDFW Says:

    @Joe – Given your statement (this is not attacking – I am actually curious) what is your take from the locker room? Obviously, if Fitz is lighting it up like this, he keeps playing, but what is the overall feeling towards JW from the players? Or do they really even care who is QB as long as they are producing (my opinion is the latter – I don’t think most players really care, as long as the person in the position is delivering results).

    What a game today, I can’t remember a game with this many points and just lights out offense on both sides. As for the Bucs, Fitz or JW, I don’t care – keep playing competitive football and winning some games!!!

  62. Rod Munch Says:

    Meanwhile in Miami…

    “Mariota was removed from Sunday’s 27-20 loss to the Dolphins late in the third quarter, finishing with 103 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions on 16 pass attempts.”

    The Winston haters will spin that as a victory for Mariota. LOL!

    Anywho Fitz had a great day, probably the best day a QB has ever had for the Bucs, ever! Basically he looked like Winston in the preseason. Congrats to Fitz and I hope he can do at least two more times.

  63. Trench War Says:

    Let’s hope the Eagles come in looking past the Bucs after their first win, and the Bucs post another 500 yard game.

  64. Rod Munch Says:

    LifeOfABucFan – Tom Jones is your typical St Pete Times fake news wanta be shock jock newspaper hack. He’s such a douche.

  65. BucsFanInDFW Says:

    Good or bad – I don’t think anyone is overlooking the Bucs after dropping 48 points. The Eagles have had a long week given they played on Thursday. We are going to get their absolute best. Time to win some home games.

  66. Rod Munch Says:

    Considering the Bucs will face Foles in that game they’re probably going to need another 500 yard effort to win.

  67. ndog Says:

    Not being negative here but where was JPP in this game. We had them in 3rd and 7 or more at least 5 times and nothing form JPP not even a sniff or pressure. That just does not bode well for us long term. Trust me I am enjoying this but I already know we have a high priced DL member that never comes through when we need him, we certainly dont need two of those. Curry did make a play though which is good.

  68. BucsFanInDFW Says:

    JPP got banged up early, never looked the same again after. Expect him on the injury report this week.

  69. ElioT Says:

    I’m not a Jameis hater but the blind trust everyone puts in him is a joke.

    Same for the Joes.

    You have the media pass but if you think you understand the real feelings of the locker room, on record or not, you’re kidding yourselves.

    Real leadership, inspiring the troops, that’s what happened today.

  70. ElioT Says:

    Suggest all you want Joe.

    The Joes are never wrong.

  71. ndog Says:

    BTW did anyone notice the refs shorted us a play down in the red zone after that penalty on Jensen? On first down we ran Barber, second down we threw a quick out to Cross then they called the penalty and then they called it 4th down. Where did 3rd down go? Unreal that they missed an entire play and no one noticed.

  72. Bird Says:

    Bears defense is nasty. Gonna be another test

  73. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Mack is such a man beast…….

    Gruden ran off another great player

    I’d be pissed if I were a raiders fan

  74. BucsFanInDFW Says:

    Agreed on Mack. Gruden better hope he hits on both of those 1st rounders in a VERY BIG WAY. Mack was wrecking GB all by himself…

  75. Rod Munch Says:

    Gruden cut Lynch and didn’t bring back Sapp and then blamed the salary cap, yet he could afford a big money deal for an injured washed up Charlie Garner, a big deal to Ion Gold, a huge deal to Ellis Wyms and could afford $4-5m each to various injured mid-30s offensive lineman. The narrative that Gruden had to do it because of the salary cap is fake news and isn’t supported by the facts. Gruden cleared house after he got McKay fired and wanted to make it his team so people wouldn’t say he only won with Dungy’s team.

  76. BucsFanInDFW Says:

    I will self-admit – I am a Gruden fan. However, he should never, ever, EVER, be in charge of personnel again, anywhere. Great coach, great schemes, terrible at talent evaluation…

  77. Rod Munch Says:

    BucsFanInDFW – Mack AND a 2nd rounder…

  78. BucsFanInDFW Says:

    Not really… He got 2x 1st rounders. and swapped a 2nd for a 3rd.

  79. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Gruden is a self proclaimed I know it all bad personnel acquisition idiot.

    He’s the biggest NFL cheerleader for average to washed up NFL players.

    I thank God when he left and he didn’t come back here

  80. BucsFanInDFW Says:

    Because we have been so good since he left?

  81. Nick houllis Says:

    Rod munch, u have it all wrong. The Bucs were in cap hell, and sapp was not dominant anymore, and you invested a pick in booger McFarland, it was time to move past sapp, who had one good season after out of 4.
    Lynch? That’s hindsight. But let’s not forget, Tony dingy was in Indy, he didn’t make a move for lynch. Lynch’s own secondary coach Herm Edwards was a head coach, and he didn’t move on Lynch. His shoulder was considered a serious injury, but Lynch in hindsight proved everyone wrong.

    Yes, I agree, Gruden doesn’t know how to talent evaluate, but McKay was our GM and making the calls. Gruden got him fired because he said he couldn’t work with him. McKay drafted a left handed QB for a right handed offense. Gave big contracts to players at end of their careers.
    Munch, u need to get over the Gruden dingy thing. Gruden publicly thanked dingy after the Super Bowl, and the truth is Gruden won a Super Bowl with dungy’s defense, which dingy couldn’t win a Super Bowl with. In 2002 the buc got Roman oben, Kerry Jenkins, Keenan mccardell, joe jurivicious, Micheal Pittman, ken dilger, Ricky Dudley. That sound like “dungys “ team to you?? The truth is, the Bucs don’t win that Super Bowl without Gruden, or without a dungy. These are facts, stop saying fake news, you’ll feel silly in a year or two.

  82. Rod Munch Says:

    No, I don’t have it all wrong Nick, I’ve been through it with you people over and over and over again, I went through every single signing, what was being paid out to the guys they signed, etc. You listened to fake news and believe it, but it’s not true. It’s insane how people just repeat the salary cap myth over and over and over again without ever actually doing the math. But I have done the math, and pointed it out at the time, Gruden signed something like 23 FA’s that offseason, and a bunch of big money guys, and gave Wyms a big extension, Gold his big deal, Garner his big deal, heck Gruden threw away $6m alone on Steussie, Derrick Deese and Stinchcomb. The facts are the facts and if you want to go through the entire salary cap situation, player by player, and the signings, then lets do that, otherwise don’t tell me I have it wrong since I have done that.

  83. lambchop Says:

    Left handed QB for a right-handed offense? WTF is that? If anything, you flip the personnel on lineup. These guys are pros, if a lefty QB throws your offense off, something is very suspect about that “talent”.

    Oh and Jon Gruden is over-rated. We dodged a huge bullet.

  84. THETRUTH Says:

    Did not like how conservative he got the last few series, could have called a roll-out on the 3rd down to give a Fitz A option to throw safe pass or keep ball and run for a few.

    Also near goal line with the pitchout runs, go straight up middle or behind your 2 best OL, we are always negative yards on pitches to the outside.

    take the win in Superdome however you can !!!!

  85. KingCrabbLeggs Says:

    Stiil @Jaboowins Team. No C’s because some is still protective of Jameis.

  86. Destinjohnny Says:

    No we have the champs coming In

    We are going To need the d line to show up to get the W

  87. miken Says:

    whats are record for most points and when was it?

  88. diggler Says:

    Hey Ira sacks don’t matter right LOL