Gameday Tampa Bay

September 9th, 2018

Game 1

Bucs at Saints

Kickoff: 1 p.m.

TV: WTVT-TV Channel 13, DirecTV/NFL Sunday Ticket Channel 711. 

Radio: Buccaneers Radio Network (WXTB-FM 97.9 in the Tampa-St.Petersburg region; 97.9 FM ESPN Radio in Tallahassee); spanish language broadcasts on WTMP-FM 96.1 and WMGG-AM 1470 in Tampa; SiriusXM Channel 113.

Weather: Yes, the Saints play in a dome. No problem there. For folks who will be on Bourbon Street tailgating — is there a better place in the world to tailgate? — might want to get to the game a bit early. Temperatures, per, will be in the mid-80s but a thunderstorm is expected right at kickoff. And another thunderstorm is expected to hit the Big Easy right when the game ends.

Odds: Per, Saints -9.5.

Outlook: This game has all the ingredients for a complete blowout by New Orleans. The Bucs are without their franchise quarterback, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston. The Bucs are already without their only reliable cornerback in Brent Grimes. So the Bucs will be forced to try to stop Drew Brees with a pair of rookie corners and Vernon Hargreaves, who is coming off a lousy 2017 season. Call Joe depressed. … The key to this game is for Peyton Barber to have a monster game. Now he has a chance to show how he can be an NFL bellcow back. If Barber can run for over 120 yards and keep the ball out of Brees’ hands, Joe thinks the Bucs have a chance. The Bucs will not win trying to get the better hand of a shootout.

Trinkets: Saints QB Brees has 70,445 career pass yards. Only Peyton Manning and Brett Favre join Brees throwing for 70,000+ yards in their careers. … RB Alvin Kamara led NFL rookies in 2017 and ranked second in the league with 14 total touchdowns. …  WR Michael Thomas ranked third in NFL with 104 receptions last season and became the first player in franchise history with 100+ catches in a single season. … DE Cameron Jordan tied for fourth in NFL with a career-high 13 sacks in 2017. … CB Marshon Lattimore led all rookies with five picks and tied for first among rookies with 18 passes defended in 2017. LB DeMario Davis makes his New Orleans debut. He ranked sixth in the NFL with 135 tackles in 2017 with the Jets. … Bucs QB Ryan Fitzpatrick passed for 1,103 yards and 7 touchdowns against three picks last year. … RB Peyton Barber led the Bucs with career-high 423 rush yards last season in spot duty. … TE O.J. Howard tied for first among rookie TEs with six touchdown catches … DT Gerald McCoy led the Bucs with six sacks last season. Since 2012, GMC ranks second among NFL defensive tackles with 44.5 sacks. … LB Lavonte David tied for second in NFL with five forced fumbles and led the Bucs with 101 tackles in 2017.

43 Responses to “Gameday Tampa Bay”

  1. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    GO BUCS!!!

  2. Buc407 Says:

    Just one problem
    Joe it’s weeke one. Not pre season week 4

  3. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Cmon old man Fitz! !!!!!

  4. Rod Munch Says:

    Watch this to get hyped for the game tomorrow!

  5. MSGulfCoast Says:

    Gotta rattle Brees early and often then get our run game going. Let’s go Bucs!

  6. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    If Ryan Smith is out there play one, I will lose any hope.

    I think this is definitely winnable. Last year is over. Saints are no more a playoff team than us right now.

    Who knows, with Grimes out maybe they will play more press. We know Grimes prefers playing off coverage and Carlton Davis and VH3 played more bump in college.

    We cannot play timid and allow Brees to pick us apart. We must be physical and nasty and lay it all out there EVERY WEEK.
    Every game is a playoff game! Let’s go!!!!!
    Go BUCS!!

  7. Marc Says:

    Even the Saints have real cheerleaders. Beats the hell out of our glorified yoga team.

  8. Easy Says:

    Man I’m so fired up I can’t get a good nights sleep!

  9. Buc1987 Says:

    Rod…thanks and no thanks for that!

    The NFL is trying to slowly chip away at the league until they make it unwatchable!

    I liken it to what the cigarette companies had to do just to stay in business.
    Except they were forced to do things to kill their business.

    Seems to me the NFL is trying to kill their own business….

    Male cheerleaders will work for fans like Walter and Godeep…so there’s still hope in that I suppose….if you can call it that.

    Go Bucs!! Good luck!!

  10. BucDan Says:

    Nothing wrong with male cheerleaders. Show some class and grow up, guys.

    Can’t wait to see the product on the field! Let’s hope that it’s one that leads to Ws, starting today at 1 o’clock in the Superdome!

    I’m looking for or new d-line to collapse the pocket and force Brees into a turnover or two. Also, looking for the newly formed o-line to open up lanes for our RBs and open up the passing attack with some play-action.

    My prediction of final score:

    Bucs 27
    Saints 17

  11. Buc1987 Says:

    Sure Dan…let’s all just grow up…..and become libs!

    “We’ve heard from a lot of young women who say, ‘We’d love to be a part of your program, but we don’t want to be out there in high heels and a swimsuit.’ So guess what, you don’t have to do that anymore, – Spokeswoman for Miss America

    Has anyone checked their ratings lately? Nobody watches it anymore and that was before all this crap.

    But you’re right Dan….we need MORE male servers at Hooters too!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds like you’re focused on the wrong things in life. Don’t forget the pursuit of happiness, my man.

    Go Bucs!

  13. BucDan Says:

    Hahahah! You sound angry! Do something that makes you smile and don’t forget about the pursuit of happiness.

    Go Bucs!

  14. Lucious Selmon Says:

    Well Rod Munch just… well…

    That just doesn’t turn my crank. I hope i can get that out of my head before kickoff. :/

  15. Lucious Selmon Says:

    “Sure Dan…”

    The NFL seems all in on aiding the Marxist destruction of western society. I basically quit watching NFL–other than the Bucs games, anyway.

    I bet those chics just love having that on their squad.

  16. Dewey Selmon Says:

    My liver is the real MVP! hang in there little buddy.

  17. orlbucfan Says:

    Doesn’t matter to me if the cheerleaders are male, female or hermaphrodite, long as they can rouse the fans and use pom-poms. A lot of teams don’t even have them anymore. That said, GO BUCS!!

  18. mark2001 Says:

    Munch… What the? I don’t get it…as if he seems to think he is just in the same groove as the ladies are. Frankly, I think he just looks stupid. Can you imagine running back to the bench for a breather, sitting down, beaten and tired, and thinking about how the guy across from you has been trying to beat your A, and then having that guy walk over in front of you and doing his little dance? If I hadn’t puked by then, as that point I certainly would.

  19. Lucious Selmon Says:

    Dewey Selmon

    A raw egg, tomato juice, and a shot of bourbon. You’ll be good as new. Oh, the important part is drink LOTS OF WATER! Stay hydrated, Brother!

  20. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Did someone pee in your Cheerios when you were growing up. Why do you loathe your fellow humans and feel the need to insult them.

    You must love that Desantis commercial where he tells his three year old and then Mr Trump says “You’re fired”. “I love that part.” Yeah what’s not to love about watching another human’s embarrassment and suffering. And of course anybody who shows even an ounce of compassion is called a “snowflake”.

    What is wrong with you people? Why do you need to insult and hate on people.
    Libs? What does that even mean except for another mindless insult!

    I won’t waste anytime debating you because you have a debilitating problem…I feel sorry for you…so full of the need to slam people who care about things like health care for everyone or a living wage. How dare we have ANY consideration of our fellow human beings.

    The top 5% of our nation possess 62% of the wealth…the bottom 40% possess LESS THAN 1%.

    No need to get political here but you right wing NUT jobs just keep baiting us.

    So you called me a lib yesterday and now other posters…coming from YOU I take that as a MAJOR COMPLIMENT!!!

  21. Buc believer Says:

    Dan says nothing wrong with male cheerleaders…. you sir and the rest of your mamby pamby I deserve a participation trophy I will have a double late with extra whip and a dallop of cinnamon don’t hurt my feelings I need a safe space generation are EXACTLY what is wrong with this country now! OMG i miss the days of hard ass grind it out workers who drank black coffee treated their wives or girlfriends like ladies got drunk on Saturday night and watched real football on Sunday! In short sir keep your sissy ass culture!

  22. D-Rome Says:

    There are things that should never happen in life:

    1. Two men sharing an umbrella when it’s raining.
    2. Two men on a motorcycle where one man has his arms around another man’s waist.
    3. Two men in a two-seater convertible sports coupe.
    4. Two men sharing a single milkshake with two straws in it.
    5. Male cheerleaders in the NFL.

    It’s not a thing against gay people. Nothing in the list above should happen among homosexual men either. Gay or straight, we’re men, and there are things men should not do.

  23. Buc believer Says:

    DRome… Amen!!!

  24. LakeLand Says:

    People will actually watch this massacre?

  25. Lucious Selmon Says:

    St Pete

    Save it for the Saints, Brother! Don’t let those trolls get you going. That’s what gets them off. They probably don’t even believe half of what they say.

    “In with the good air, out with the bad.” deep breathing.

    Go Bucs!!!

  26. Lucious Selmon Says:

    Buc believer

    That’s a double SOY latte. 😉

  27. Buccfan37 Says:

    St. Pete told it like it really is, thank you.

  28. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    StPete, you forgot that the top 1% is the one who employs the bottom 99%. I guess you would just have the government take the money from the 1% and give it to the 99? I guess the people who created businesses that we all need should just hand over their hard earned wealth to the people who didn’t create anything. Sounds like a bad way to get companies to stay in America. In fact, that doesn’t sound like America, that sounds like the USSR. I’m in the bottom 40% that you speak of and I worked hard for everything that I have and I don’t need the government to come in and take my $hit. If I was rich I’d feel the same way. If you have a better country in witch to model ours after I’d like to hear it.

  29. Walkergodeep Says:

    D-rome preach brother

  30. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Thanks. I’m inhaling right now. You are of course correct.

    Buccane Eric…you forget that the top 1% wouldn’t be alive without the 99% who actually do the work. And who does the fighting and dying to protect THEIR wealth?

    You’ve provided a typical which came first the chicken or the egg. How would the wealthy earn money from their businesses if nobody would work for them? Nobody is denying that creative genius like Bill Gates should be rewarded more than their worker bees…but when is enough enough?

    60% of those top 1% inherited their wealth and were BORN to the privilege through nothing they’ve done. The proverbial born on third base believing they hit a triple. As Warren Buffet…pretty successful billionaire likes to point out…the biggest predictor of success in life is the zip code where you were born and raised.

    Here is an interesting test. Google The Top 10 happiest countries in the world.
    Clue we never make the top ten! Meanwhile those Euro Socialist countries we love to trash like Sweden, Denmark..Finland always score near the top.

    How horrible!!! People actually like not facing bankruptcy from health problems.
    People like getting as much education as they are able to handle without being in debt for the first twenty years of their adult life.

  31. Buc believer Says:

    Wah Wah Wag life is not fair! Everyone should be equal!! NO ONE should have more money than everyone else. The people that don’t want to work and choose to do drugs and abuse alcohol SHOULD have as much as the achievers! I AGREE! So tomorrow I’m staying home and all you true believers send me half of your paycheck. Thank you.

  32. Buccfan37 Says:

    Trumptards are 100% brainwashed somehow into believing that this president has any credibility whatsoever. Overstock the swamp. ‘ I say kill kill I wanna kill.” – mafia don

  33. LakeLand Says:

    I agree with St.Pete

    People are not looking for handouts, people want fair wages, benefits etc. They want to compensated for their hard work. Educators, Law enforcement officers, EMS are especially underpaid.

    All soldiers on active duty receive a basic pay. The Army ranks its soldiers from E1 through E6. E1s with less than two years experience earn an annual salary of $19,660. The wage is slightly lower for the first four months of service.

    Don’t make me laugh

  34. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Buc believer

    You really don’t get it. If you laid on your butt and took drugs and didn’t produce anything and we provided your health care and minimal housing you would be miserable.

    Joe Biden quotes his father all the time pointing out that a job is more than the wage and benefits…it gives people a sense of self worth and pride.

    Bums living under the bridge are not HAPPY. So go ahead and make that choice and I wouldn’t beotch if we kept you minimally healthy and fed and housed.

    Alcoholism is a disease…same for opiod addiction…they are SICKNESSES not personal choices or defects.

    As for the lazy among us…they exist in ALL levels of wealth…the difference is that those born to wealth are NOT held responsible…those who are born poor, ill educated are considered slackers.

    Throughout our GREAT COUNTRY’s history the vast majority of Americans have worked…they’ve put their lives…and continue to put their lives on the line for this wonderful nation. Stop worrying about the tiny fraction who are lazy…and certainly not those who suffer from mental illness or addiction.

    As the saying goes…there but for the grace of GOD go you.

  35. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    StPete, enough should never be enough, if you’ve earned it. Also, there is a top 1% in European countries too. We can agree to disagree. I don’t mean any disrespect and I always enjoy your posts. We just have different views. All I know is my experience in life. I came from downtown St.Pete with nothing and worked as hard as I could to get to the middle class lifestyle. I’ve worked 2 jobs for most of my life, and I’m not rich, but I don’t hate on people who are, I’m not saying that you do, just that I don’t. I work for a family owned company, so I know about seeing people born into wealth, but my company did it the right way, making the kids earn it. They were born to the right parents, yes, but they did what it took to succeed. All I got to say now is the reason why we’re all here… Go Bucs!

  36. MadMax Says:

    Its gonna be ugly. But we’ll learn from it and might have a chance to win a close one against the eagles next week.

  37. Rod Munch Says:

    Bombs are flying
    People are dying
    Children are crying
    Politicians are lying too.

    Cancer is killing
    Texaco’s spilling
    The whole world’s gone to hell
    But how are you?

    I’m super
    Thanks for asking
    All things considered
    I couldn’t be better I must say

    I’m feeling super
    No, nothing bugs me
    Everything is super when you’re
    Don’t you think I look cute in this hat

  38. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Buccane Eric

    I hear ya. At the age of 28 coming from a very poor background I was succeeding as morning radio personality.

    I grew very excited by the prospect that in 1976 I was going to finally make enough money to exceed the cap on FICA requirements and have more money to keep for myself. That year they raised the cap and I still paid FICA on all my earnings. Turned me into a Libertarian for the next decade. LOL

    Our egos need satisfaction and we want to feel good about ourselves. I get that and have felt it myself. You deserve your success Eric because you worked for it and you can take pride in that.

    But my mother taught me through her own warped views of life and in particular Christianity. Till the end of her life she could not accept the parable of “The Prodigal’s Son”. She was obsessed with “fairness” and thought the son who stayed and worked for his father got totally hosed when they brought out the best fatted calf for the son who partied and blew his inheritance. But mom…you call yourself a Christian and that’s we HE taught. She didn’t care she just couldn’t accept perceived unfairness.

    I do believe however that greed is simply not good. We all have our own standards for what might be greedy. I admire a lot of wealthy people…obviously Buffett and Gates come to mind. Bill and Melinda Gates were both raised in progressive households that taught them the value of helping their neighbors and less fortunate. Thanks to the Gates Foundation people in poor spots around the world now get vaccinated and have decent water. These libs have made the world a better place.

    Ok sorry guys…I’ll go back to football but I appreciate some of the thoughtful comments even the ones I don’t necessarily agree with.

  39. Bucamania Says:

    Hope they start on offense. Set the tone early with Fitz and the weaponry.

  40. Rod Munch Says:

    You’re literally the most boring person here stpetebucsfan, you had no future in radio, stop blaming others for your personal failures.

  41. BuccaneEric75 Says:


  42. stpetebucsfan Says:


    You’re just mind numbingly ignorant. You know NOTHING about my career.
    But I can tell you had nothing because of the manifest ignorance in your posts and lack of vocabulary. All you can do is call other people names.[

    Really creative Rod…you are the very definition of a loser!!!

  43. Rod Munch Says:

    stpetebucsfan <– Triggered. LOL!