Mocking A Mock Draft As Only Todd Can Do; It’s The Todd Wright Fantasy Football Podcast

August 13th, 2018
Todd shows you what you can learn from looking at other mock drafts in this edition of the Todd Wright Fantasy Football Podcast. There are clear patterns, players appropriately moving up, players being overdrafted and just some idiotic decisions being made in early rounds on risky players. Take a listen and get Todd’s instant analysis of this particular mock draft as well as his comments on the zero running back draft philosophy.
Or as Todd calls it: Guilty by reason of insanity. Remember that you can join Todd, Ira Kaufman, defending champion Robert Wright and even a couple Hooters Calendar Girls on Wednesday, August 22nd at Hooters in Tampa for a fantasy football draft event that is by invitation only. If you’d like to receive an invite to be an owner (+1’s are also welcome although they do not draft), make sure you listen to details in this podcast and send your information to
Remember, Todd answers all your fantasy questions personally at

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