Dolphins First-Team Defensive Line For Preseason Opener Includes Robert Quinn, Cameron Wake And Akeem Spence

August 5th, 2018

Can Ryan Jensen knock the smile off Akeem Spence’s face on Thursday?

Your new look Buccaneers offensive line will have a stout and very interesting test on Thursday night.

Joe is fired up for a Bucs football game in four short days! Yes!

And what better way for the new-look line to start than against a couple of monster pass rushers off the edge: Cameron Wake, who cranked out 10 1/2 sacks last season, and revived Robert Quinn, traded to the Dolphins in March.

Quinn seems to have impressed just about everyone in Miami so far, much like Jason Pierre-Paul has done through Bucs training camp, except Quinn showed up for his volunteer spring workouts while JPP preferred the comforts of home.

Joe studied the Dolphins newly released depth chart today and listed as a starter up the gut of their defense is 2013 Bucs fourth-round pick Akeem Spence. The defensive tackle was traded to Miami by Detroit this offseason.

Spence had three sacks and a forced fumble for the Lions last year. (Chris Baker had three salami sandwiches, a palm tree and half a sack for the Bucs.)

Spence, 26, is a powerful guy and he’s been very vocal about his disappointment that the Bucs launched him after he played every game of the 2016 season. It should be interesting to see him squared up against Ryan Jensen and perhaps allegedly NFL-nasty rookie Alex Cappa filling in for injured Caleb Benenoch at right guard.

The other DT spot will have Dolphins 2015 second-round pick Jordan Philips battling for a job with Davon Godchaux, a fifth-round pick last year. Those two share the first-team spot on the Miami depth chart and both started several games last season alongside Ndamukong Suh in 2017.

There’s talent on this Dolphins D-line, but Joe will be found weeping if the Bucs can’t look like they’re moving any of these bodies Thursday night. They certainly should find some victories up the gut.

11 Responses to “Dolphins First-Team Defensive Line For Preseason Opener Includes Robert Quinn, Cameron Wake And Akeem Spence”

  1. Bird Says:

    That’s hilarious joe

    Think it was 43 salami sandwiches

  2. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    JPP > Quinn
    We already have a speed rusher in Noah Spence who is heavier but shorter than Quinn.
    JPP is a beast @ 6’5 275 and a freaky athlete and so far a good mentor for the other lineman (both sides).
    Beau Allen/Gerald/Vea> Akeem Spence
    Cameron Wake is a stud and probably edges Curry but I like our Dline way better. Better overall and better depth.

    I’m not really confident at this moment about our offensive line. I don’t see world beaters but I can see the potential to be good.
    Hopefully these RBs can take advantage when there is holes, something Dougie Fresh couldn’t do but Peyton Barber could.
    Go BUCS!!

  3. Easy Says:

    Spence is a good run stuffer but he won’t get past Jensen-Marpet or Jensen-RG. Our tackles are the ones who will get tested.

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    Always like Akeem (good ol’ Bama boy). Hope he does well this year (except against the Bucs of course).

  5. Jjones Says:

    (Chris Baker had three salami sandwiches, a palm tree and half a sack for the Bucs.)

    Gut wrenching laugh on that, good one Joes!

  6. The Buc Realist Says:

    Before some give out the labels of “this guy is a stud” and/or “this guy is a bust” !!!!!! Know that usually that blocking scheme are really not implemented in the first preseason game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Godeep66 Says:

    This should be a good test to see how week our OLine has been pushed by our own DLine. I will be at the game to take it all in. Let’s go Bucs!!!!!

  8. Jjones Says:

    Scheme or no I just wanna see how they work together.

  9. Jjones Says:

    Sapp mentioned that during the SB year they were trashing the offense every day in training camp.

    Iron sharpens iron.

  10. BucEmUp Says:

    Spence was a good rotational guy but not hard to replace.

    Doesn’t matter our corners will be playing 12 yard cushions all game. Just ask Robert Ayers

  11. Owlykat Says:

    We would not have been so poor against the run if we had kept Spence who was our strongest guy on the DL and a great run stopper. That was on Licht. Watch Turnstyle Smith get beat pass blocking against Miami. It’s like the kid’s fable about the King has no clothes! Smith gives up 42 pressures last year and holds a bunch more getting holding penalties but the Bucs continue to pretend they have a top 3 LT that needs to be given a huge LT contract to keep him. How they keep believing Warhop instead of their own eyes is beyond me! D. Smith is a road grading run blocker who would be an All Pro at LG. If Smith was a top 3 LT like Warhop said his peers would have voted him to the Pro Bowl! Fire Warhop and hire a competent OL Coach.