Should Bucs Fans Be Concerned?

August 9th, 2018

Dirk Koetter is a no-nonsense guy. If you ask him a question, you will likely get a (good), direct answer. Or you might get a short, bark of a retort. Far more often than not, Koetter is patient with sometimes uncomfortable questions from reporters.

Joe will take direct answers over coachspeak and dodging cliches any day all day.

Last year, after many Bucs training camp practices, Koetter often kvetched that the practices were less than crisp. Just about every person in the local fourth estate ignored his words (Joe raises his right hand to confess his guilt in this area as well).

In fact, Joe isn’t sure of anyone that heeded Koetter’s words.

And look at what happened after the Bucs flew to Minnesota for Game 2.

Well, this training camp, more than once, Koetter has mentioned that the Bucs offense has been flat. Or at least the defense outplayed the offense. In fact, during one practice, Koetter said it was 90/10 in favor of the defense (as opposed to an even 50/50 split).

Yeah, individual offensive players have shined. Koetter has lauded O.J. Howard for having a strong camp. Chris Godwin has flashed almost every day. Koetter also noted America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, has been passing better and his passes are finishing better than in the past when they sort of wobbled. In one-on-one drills, Ali Marpet looks like a beast.

Given how Koetter’s analysis of practices last year proved all too fateful, should Bucs fans begin to worry about the offense getting outplayed in early August?

20 Responses to “Should Bucs Fans Be Concerned?”

  1. Justafan Says:

    If Bucs fans aren’t worried about the offense getting outplayed in the fall, they aren’t paying attention.

  2. Godeep66 Says:

    I would say that it is pretty scary that I suppose it offense of mind can I get this team off to a fast start. Maybe it’s time to bring in the old ball coach to run the offense, I would love to see Spurrier on the sidelines slam in the visor to the ground. Hell, I remember when he did it with the Tampa Bay bandits back in those USFL days

  3. Wausa Says:

    The Bucs have great weapons on offense, but have a very suspect offensive line on the right side. Also, the Bucs will be playing with a back up QB the first three games of the year(a very good backup but still a backup).

    Even with what we hope is a vastly improved defense the Bucs are probably going to have score 28+ points in each of their first three games to win.

  4. DB55 Says:

    Lol, so 4 hours before kickoff you’re peeping the fans for reality, I like, far cry from all the off-season hype but wtfdik. We all shall see what’s really good in a few hours. Let’s pray everyone comes out healthy.


  5. Dooshlarue Says:

    Geez man……he’s a freaking crybaby biotch.
    He quit on his team when South Carolina stated losing.

    No way man.

  6. Bucs Sam Says:

    Yes, bucs fans should be concerned…. and should Coach Koetter.

    An 0-3, and another sluggish start by the offense will cost people jobs and begin yet another rebuilding.

    This is my least hopeful season since they fired Gruden and gave the job to Morris who has never been a head coach or a def coordinator since.

    I knew during training camp with Morris we were in trouble. The players friend Morris couldn’t get excited built in camp, and now two years in a row Koetter is waving a reg flag….

  7. 813bucboi Says:

    not surprised one bit….dirk stated that he believes in his “offseason process”….the same one that led us to 5-11….

    yeah its concerning… offensive “guru” cant score points with a boat load of weapons…..and folks have confidence in this guy….lol…BS…

    que the excuses!!!!!


  8. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I do not worry about how our offense plays in early August.

    Early September is an entirely different story.

  9. Nick2 Says:

    It is more than common for the offense to be outplayed by the defense early in training camp up until say at least the third preseason game. Hey we have faith in Koetter but he knows that if the offense continues to be flat its on him and nobody else. He has the horses but if he cant lead them to water and make them drink someone else next year certainly will.

  10. Ndog Says:

    The negativity of this fan base and media is disgusting. All of you negative nellies deserve a loser team as that is your mentally. So please move onto a different team as you don’t deserve to enjoy when we start winning.

  11. PSLBob Says:

    Geeze Louise, there hasn’t been a single snap in preseason and already the naysayers are throwing in the towel on the entire season. And I know the retort – haven’t been to the playoffs in forever, perennial losers, etc. etc. I’ve been a BUCs fan since day one, have to listen to most of their games on radio (and with Gene Deckerhoff’s deteriorating announcing skills, that’s becoming almost unbearable), because they don’t broadcast many of their games where I live. However, I still get excited at the beginning of each season. Why don’t we give it at least 6 games in before we declare the season over. Who knows, what looks good on paper now may actually prove to be a winning formula.

    Go BUCs!

  12. Buccano19 Says:

    I’ll hold off judgment for now. However, I will be concerned if the 1st string offense struggle to score touchdowns in preseason. Last year’s preseason 1st stringers produced only one in 3 games. An ominous sign the future red zone struggles.

  13. Eric Says:

    Been concerned for 42 years.

  14. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’m not concerned. From all accounts, the players are approaching this season with a lot of fire. The offense has a backup getting starting reps. It;s par for the course that they might seem flat. Fitz is not an exciting player.

    But that is alright. We just need him to be reliable for three games. Win at least one. (best chance is game one)

    Also, keep in mind that they are not used to practicing with a great defense.

  15. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Buccano19 Says:
    “I’ll hold off judgment for now. However, I will be concerned if the 1st string offense struggle to score touchdowns in preseason. Last year’s preseason 1st stringers produced only one in 3 games. An ominous sign the future red zone struggles.”

    There is no denying the red zone issues of last year, but there were a lot of factors that played a role in the win/loss record last year too. (such as injuries)

    And somehow, offense, led by Jameis, managed to come from behind multiple times (only to have the defense blow the win at the end).

    That’s why I like our chances this year. The defense is there.

  16. Ndog Says:

    Amen PSLBob!

  17. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Also, its the first preseason game. Don’t expect to see much of anything from the offense.

    I think it was the Colts one year who lost all their preseason games, only to go 15-1 in the regular season.

    Preseason results do not matter. Only for the player evaluation process.

    But…I have no doubt that as soon as we lose a preseason game, the trolls will rise up.

  18. unbelievable Says:

    I won’t get worked up over the 1st preseason game too much, but here’s the truth when it comes to the offense:

    If the o-line struggles to run block like it did last year, we are fked. If they get worse at pass protection, we are fked.

    They need to be improved over last year in order to have better results, and right now I don’t know who is lining up at 40% of the positions (the entire right side). Hopefully some guys get healthy fast, or we’re in for another long season.

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Maybe…..just maybe we are looking at this wrong…..Maybe, just maybe our defense is really strong…..strong enough to make our offense look flat.

  20. Dapostman Says:

    Maybe if your offense is flat you may want to pick up the tempo a little coach. Nothing wrong with coming out in an up tempo or no huddle offense. If your QB likes it use it to his advantage. So much easier to play with a lead.

    #Get After It!