Asking The Questions Other Rookies Don’t

August 9th, 2018

A couple of renowned Bucs have been talking independently about standout (so far) rookie cornerback M.J. Stewart.

It’s quite early to be doing backflips for the No. 53 overall pick, but the evidence is adding up on the practice fields of One Buc Palace and from assorted chatter.

Iconic Ronde Barber was a recent guest on the Salty Dogs podcast at and talked about watching Buccaneers practice film in preparation for his Bucs preseason broadcasting gig. Barber said he can see that Stewart isn’t showing much of a learning curve.

Then there was Lavonte David on WDAE-AM 620 this week talking about how Stewart is a rookie asking questions — good questions — in film sessions that rookie very rarely ask. It really made an impression on David.

And, as Joe has written, Stewart certainly looks solid in practice, especially for a rookie against a very talented group of receivers and tight ends.

For Bucs fans who haven’t attended a training camp practice, definitely watch for No. 36 tonight. Joe knows the Bucs want to get him a load of playing time.

8 Responses to “Asking The Questions Other Rookies Don’t”

  1. Ghastly Bucs Says:

    Always good to hear positive things about our defense.

  2. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Earlier posts were full of people talking about how Carlton Davis was the better pick and insinuating the Licht was a fool for taking MJ Stewart before him. As if all these posters were closely monitoring the CB play of UNC and Auburn. Glad to see Licht shut them up and expose their lack of knowledge in regards to MJ Stewart.

  3. m0j0 Says:

    Licht hit on Evans last year and hopefully he strikes again with Stewart, Davis and Whitehead!

  4. Big Country Says:

    TouchDownTampaBay Says:
    Exactly couldn’t agree more. There were even post that talked crap about MJ Stewart being from the ACC and not seeing enough real competition like Davis cause he’s in the SEC (nothing against Davis, I wish them both the best).

  5. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    Makes me laugh to remember all the people on this site who were pissed that Stewart was drafted ahead of Carlton Davis.

  6. Tnew Says:

    I was pissed he was taken before Isiah Oliver. Mainly as I see Stewart as a redundant player. He’s projected as a slot/nickel corner, which is where VHIII looks most comfortable by my eye. Here’s hoping I am wrong. Still not ready to make the call that the best team decision wouldn’t have been to pick another big body athlete and put VHIII at slot, but I will be ecstatic if proven wrong.

  7. Guzzie Says:

    Really doesn’t matter when you’re playing 10 yards off the LINE OF SCRIMMAGE

  8. GrudenForPresident Says:

    MJ is getting more publicity now cause they stopped throwing to Davis’s side giving MJ more opportunity. CD played great tonite so i dunno what you’re talking about. And im pretty sure that was MJ Stewart who got embarrassed by Godwin no? I could be wrong tho.