July 14th, 2018

Pressure is on.

A guy from East Cornfield State should be able to connect the dots. So a Harvard man seeing the proverbial handwriting on the wall is a no-brainer.

Such is the case with Cam Brate. The Bucs’ underrated tight end told a gathering of the Tampa Bay pen and mic club after a steamy OTA practice this spring that changes could be a comin’ to One Buc Palace if a repeat of last year takes place this fall. And it seems Brate believes that could also include guys who wear Bucs uniforms on NFL Sunday afternoons.

“Coming off of a disappointing year last year, you can definitely sense something different in the facility,” Brate said. “Maybe there’s a little more sense of urgency. Everybody knows how big this year is for everyone in the building. All of the players can feel it, the coaches feel it. So, I think there is that sense of urgency. It does feel a little bit different this year, for sure.”

Joe senses it too but tries to stay away from using the word “urgency” because in every NFL season coaches should be urgent to get their team wins.

Joe believes it is more of an issue that the coaches know their backs are against the wall. If this team doesn’t turn things around, they won’t know where their checks will come from in 2019, much less where they may be living.

And they must get the job done on the back of their backup quarterback for the first three games.

Remember: Every coach Team Glazer has hired has not survived two straight seasons of losing.

Well, except for one. And that guy won a Super Bowl.

8 Responses to ““Urgency””

  1. Pete I Says:

    Backs against the wall, blindfolds and cigarettes handed out. Will the Glazier bring forward the firing squad. Can this team be good enough even with America’s Choir Boy sputtering under center…eventually under center of course. Koetter hasn’t shown he has IT as a HC, some guys don’t. Lot’s of weapons it seems but not lots of points.

    Fitzmagic or Fitztragic? At least the Choir boy won’t be turning over the ball in at least 3 games!

  2. Fire the glazers Says:

    If we start 0-3, and Jameis finishes below .500, that’s still at most 6 wins.
    At that point, do you jettison Jameis and blame him, or does ownership start from scratch AGAIN???

  3. Seminole Bill Says:

    The question for the Glazers is this; do they trust that Jameis has now matured, both on and off the field, or is he someone who will let them and us down again and again? I don’t think anyone really knows the answer. today. I thought he had learned his lesson at FSU, but that apparently was not the case. So now, should the Glazers cut him loose, abandon any hope for 2018 other than as a re-building year? I would say, yes, but it is not my money on the line.

  4. Sweeptheleg Says:


    Anyone expecting much more than that are not living in the real world.

  5. JimmyJack Says:

    Well, there is one guy saying it. That doesn’t even mean he will play with any urgency. Brate wasn’t playing with any urgency when he dropped the easiest would-be TD of his career against New England. That game was a major turning point in our season for multiple reasons and Brate choked. Call it nitpicking if ya want but that was one of Brate biggest moments of 2017.

    Again Brate is one guy saying it. How bout the other 52?

  6. stpetebucsfan Says:

    “At that point, do you jettison Jameis and blame him, or does ownership start from scratch AGAIN???”

    YES! First off we are not at scratch with Fitz…there are other QB’s along with Pacman Winston available in addition to Fitz.

    QB is obviously the most important position but as many have tried to point out it’s still a TEAM sport. Does anybody consider Trent Dilfer a “franchise” QB?
    I like Trent and he is a Super Bowl winner which is far more important than a “franchise” QB. I want another SB title more than I need a star QB to cheer.

    Nobody has answered my question. We have Rapelisberger…we have Cam’s UF misadventures with the computer…tell me which current NFL or past NFL QB has Pacman Winston’s record for public messups of ALL types not just the two sexual charges.

    How about on the field…has any NFL QB ever assaulted an Official? What do we think the suspension would have been like if Shelton Quarles wasn’t still a great tackler? Look at Pacman’s eyes…he was crazy and out of his gourd…if he got to that official we’d be looking at a lot more than three games!

    I’m one who thinks Pacman has plenty of talent..enough to be a “franchise” QB.
    He has a pinhead with very limited self control or judgement. He may somehow get all of that under control…both on and off the field. Then again if history is any indication…..

    This is not “hate”! It’s simply an observation. There is only one human I hate at the present and since politics should remain off this blog I have nothing to add. But I know the difference between major disappointment and actual hate.

  7. mark2001 Says:

    Something subconscious going on here…Eastern…yeah….cornfield…as in Illinois corn fields….state…yeah, part of the state University system….this has EIU all over it. But though some consider ISU the Harvard of the Midwest, EIU is still a fine school, so says my class of ’74 wife.

  8. Buccfan37 Says:

    We can wait for the optimism to be soured at a later time and place. Right now being optimistic is the only way to go into the season. Predictions of a Bucs losing season are ridiculous imo.