“He’s Got To Come Back With His Tail Between His Legs”

July 11th, 2018

Peter King

Iconic NFL insider and unmatched pontificator Peter King, formerly of Sports Illustrated and now all-in with NBC Sports, has been wagging a finger at Bucs general manager Jason Licht and Jameis Winston on a national stage.

The three-game suspension of America’s Quarterback for inappropriate sexual touching, per the NFL, has King shaking his head at the state of the Buccaneers.

King was impressed that Team Glazer lost its “itchy trigger finger” this offseason and retained Dirk Koetter but he believes only a miraculously successful return by Jameis will keep the regime employed.

“I think he might come back saying all the right things and everything, but I mean [Jameis has] got to come back with his tail between his legs,” King told the PFT PM podcast.

“Jason Licht told everybody who would listen, ‘We did all of the homework that we needed to do on this guy. We have faith in him and all this.’

“I don’t know categorically what [Jameis] did. So I can’t sit here and say he’s evil incarnated. I just will say this, that Jameis Winston entered the league with two strikes on him and Mariano Rivera on the mound. I mean, he couldn’t afford any mistakes and he’s made a few. And right now you’re the Tampa Bay Buccaneers; you have to win this year. And so you’re going to have the mayhem of losing your starting quarterback for the first three games of the year. I would guess, just like you, that they’re going to go 0-3 anyway. But it’s just a bad situation for your starting quarterback to be suspended for the exact reason why a lot of people in football and in life eschewed before he was drafted. And so I don’t see much positive out of that.”

King wondered aloud whether Jameis can play without “real rookie mistakes” and that he might need to win nine or 10 games out of his potential 13 starts this year to save jobs.

Joe thinks King was being overly dramatic and taking things a little far.

Does Team Glazer really think the Bucs, in the NFC South, are a playoff contender? No, Joe highly doubts that. But Team Glazer will need to see a football team that doesn’t dig itself a crater in the first half of the season, doesn’t lose more than it wins, and a quarterback who looks like a veteran, No. 1 overall pick.

100 Responses to ““He’s Got To Come Back With His Tail Between His Legs””

  1. Eric Says:

    If the Glazer’s don’t think the bucs are playoff contenders, then that’s enough to clean house, four years into a rebuild and all.

    unless the standards have been totally altered over at OBP.

    Always has been a tough division – enough of that pitiful excuse. Brees has been around for years, Jake the Snake, Vick, peppers, Steve Smith, etc.

    the problem is WE have sucked, not the competition is so extraordinary.

  2. tickrdr Says:

    The NFL did Jameis a favor by suspending him for the first three games of the season, which in essence, gives him a “mulligan” for those first three games, which are arguably three of the toughest games on the Bucs’ schedule. So now, he has a chance to go 3-10 again for the remainder of the season, and not 3-13.


  3. I'm a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    That is exactly what I said!!! JW 3 needs to be seen and not heard!!!! Tail between his legs, no W eating’s, no rah rah’s, no poking people of the opposing team in the helmet, just keep your mouth shut and be what you were supposed to be when you were drafted !!!! A lot of his teammates are going to treat him different and if he wants to conquer this mishap he just has to suck it up and lead with his mouth closed and lead by example…….Just that simple!!!!! Ifnot I can’t see a future in Tampa Bay for Mr. Winston!!!

  4. Mike Johnson Says:

    Thats a bunch of BS with the Mulligan thing. Neither Jameis nor the coaching stafff gets one. Thats the problem with this franchise over the years..To many GD Mulligans. WIn or fire the whole lot. We are sick of being the laughin stock of this NFL!!..PERIOD!

  5. gotbbucs Says:

    If they’re not a playoff contending team right now then what’s the point? The only thing holding this team back is the same thing that’s held it back since the beginning of time…inconsistent QB play.

    I’m sick of the excuses. Winston sitting might actually be a blessing in disguise. The real leaders on the team will be forced to step up and Winston’s ridiculous pre-game speeches won’t be there to distract.

  6. tval Says:

    Haters galore.Pete must be needing clicks from espn fanboys…I see a few out now…hahahahahaha
    Water those DAINTY flowers, Pete!!!!

  7. DB55 Says:

    The NFL did Jameis a favor by suspending him for the first three games of the season,
    Do you really think the nfl is taking it easy on Winston of all people? The fact that it’s only 3 games rather than the mandatory 6 leads me to believe they had nothing concrete to suspend him for so they negotiated 3 to save face.

    I truly believe if they had any proof or if the claim/accusation was truly malicious they would have suspended him for AT LEAST 6 but probably 12.

    Since when does the nfl take it easy on a player?

  8. Dooshlarue Says:


    Jameis will never be quite. He will never truly be humble.
    He should and he may even want to, but he can’t.
    He’s too impulsive and lacking in the intelligence department.
    And BTW…..

    We aren’t going 0-3 to start the season Circle Jerk Peter.

  9. JMan5 Says:

    Bring in Bridgewater! Draft Tua 2020

  10. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    “Jameis Winston entered the league with two strikes on him and Mariano Rivera on the mound.”

    Then he better take notes from Luis Gonzalez.

  11. Eric Says:

    If Winston is jettisoned the same Goobers will be crying for years that were so glad we ran Chucky out of town.

    Because we will have no credible QB on our roster and will have to start rebuild number 10 million.

    Same goobers celebrated Doug Williams not getting re-signed back in the day.

    Pure idiocy.

  12. stpetebucsfan Says:

    How sick of all of this are we already. Get used to it!

    I’m still going to cheer for the Bucs for sure. That means whoever starts under center will have my support. But it leaves a really, really bad taste in my mouth.

    Why should I let some spoiled self entitled little snot ruin my fandom.

    To those who are still supporting Jameis big time. I get it and do not judge you.
    Hopefully you do not judge me for losing faith and trust in him. It’s not about hating or loving…it’s about reacting to betrayal. Some look at that as just another innocent youthful mistake from Jameis…or again another gold digging cleat chaser out to get poor Jameis…others do not. NO biggie.

    We shouldn’t let this steady drumbeat split us up or beat us down.

    Go Bucs and Optimism rules.

  13. WestminsterCoBucsFan Says:

    jameis isn’t the “tail between the legs” type. He probably won’t be quite so “rah-rah” but his head will be held high. Do you honestly want your qb acting like a beaten puppy dog? I’m sure most of the commenters on here would like to see that, but most of them don’t seem like they actually understand the game of football either.

  14. Pete I Says:

    America’s Choir Boy (s) never have their tails between their legs, it means they have the wisdom to know they have done something wrong. The stain of the franchise isn’t likely capable of that.

  15. WestminsterCoBucsFan Says:

    I’m sure its inconsistent qb play that’s holding us back
    Can’t be the run game, kicking game, and defense. Those aspects of the bucs game are all top notch

  16. 813bucboi Says:

    everyones job is on the line this year….no one is excluded except maybe the TE coach and the LB coach….

    but i disagree with the thought that the glazers don’t think we are playoff contenders…..if they didn’t, why spend in FA…..why be on the hot seat


  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    No mulligans, no excuses for anyone…..not again.

    I root for the Bucs to win with Fitz and I root for Jameis when he returns…..but if this team cant’t win, I with the clean house crowd……that includes Licht, Koetter, Smith & Winston.

    What I would love to see would be a 3-0/2-1 start….then hand it over to Winston to prove it.

  18. meh Says:

    Cut him.

  19. WestminsterCoBucsFan Says:

    Tails between legs stem from abuse, not wisdom
    But nobody here expects you to understand wisdom

  20. Bobby M. Says:

    I think he’s dead on with Winston…..just shut up and show some humility. Let your performance speak for you. All that “rah rah” nonsense hasn’t done anything…these are pros, they dont need bs rah rah speeches….They need you to A) do your job effectively and B) dont be a distraction. That’s what true champions do….execute their specific job consistently and be a professional.

    As for the team, i think what you expect by year 4 is a push for the playoffs…even if you fall short. As a fan, you want the end of the year to be exciting…you want to be in contention for a playoff spot at a minimum. We’re generally completely out of it and talking draft by mid season….I dont think 0-3 is the nail in the coffin…..but by mid year we better be 3-5 at a minimum….Anything less, the season is definitely over, the fans will be disappointed and calling for changes.

  21. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:


    EAT THOSE W’s in your own time…OH NO…forgot we OWN THAT TOO…


  22. Eric Says:

    65 tds
    winning season
    pro bowl appearance

    Better start to his NFl career than many who went on to Canton. By FAR the best start of a rookie QB for the bucs.

    But lets just dump him over the Uber hassle.


  23. DB55 Says:

    Lions do not concern themselves with the opinions of sheep.

  24. Bucsfanman Says:

    Geez guys, it’s a metaphor for being humble. Also, can we please stop the speculation of the “why” for the 3 game suspension. He’s suspended 3 games, PERIOD, end of story. Clearly he was guilty of something, otherwise well, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

    Everybody got so excited about the “Beastly Ayers” and his big bark, but PRODUCTION is what matters. Same with Jameis, shut the heck up and play.
    Point blank, if this team doesn’t win a lot of games this year Winston will be sent packing along with Koetter, Smitty, Licht, and everybody else.

  25. D-Rome Says:

    If Winston is jettisoned the same Goobers will be crying for years that were so glad we ran Chucky out of town.

    Because we will have no credible QB on our roster and will have to start rebuild number 10 million.

    Jameis is not going to be jettisoned this season. If he plays the same as he has over the past three seasons with no marked improvement the team should move on. There are 32 starting QBs in the NFL. He is not in the top 16. If a QB is not in the top 16 after 4 years there’s no reason to stick with the guy.

  26. ben Says:

    the qb rating for Winston by the nfl is only 17th with all his weapons. So far not much to show for his skill set and is viewed as a thug nationally . A lot buc fans wish for a leader for the face of the team and Winston is NOT.. Lets hope the bucs find a new qb soon!

  27. Hodad Says:

    The worst is over. Ask anyone, we’re already 0-3. Nothing but blue skys from here on out.

  28. Mark Says:

    release the porch monkey… you people need a life and a job, losers sitting on here talking football all day lol

  29. WestminsterCoBucsFan Says:

    If you don’t like talking about football all day, why are you reading comments on a website that talks about football all day? I love talking football all day considering my life/job consists of making sure your mom has enough water in her dish

  30. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    That’s right Mark…make clear what “tail between his legs mean”


  31. D-Rome Says:

    release the porch monkey… you people need a life and a job, losers sitting on here talking football all day lol

    That’s cute, the racist calling other people losers.

  32. Couch Fan Says:

    A flat our racist comment while calling others losers LMAO. How does that even get past the filters?

  33. I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    Meh….How man Just Cut em’s is that????LOL

  34. Knoxville Buc Fan Says:

    Ok so who is moderating today? Calling someone a porch monkey and it makes it through to the comments. I would love for Mark or anyone for the matter to walk up to my house And call me a porch monkey. Being a black man I’d stomp your a$$ all da way down the street

  35. WestminsterCoBucsFan Says:

    Ignore marks racism, he just has an inferiority complex. Guys with small peckers tend to be full of hate, especially against blacks

  36. ndog Says:

    Just remember almost everyone saying we will go 0-everything this year are the same gurus that said last years team was a playoff team. Never forget these guys know nothing and they prove it each and every year. Peter King, give me a flipping break with this guy, what a joker he is.

  37. Knoxville Buc Fan Says:

    Guessing the moderators are digging for their next piece to bury JW deeper

  38. The Buc Realist Says:

    @Knoxville Buc Fan

    Obviously that Mark is mark dominik!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Couch Fan Says:

    If he plays the same as he has over the past three seasons with no marked improvement the team should move on. There are 32 starting QBs in the NFL. He is not in the top 16.
    Does nobody remember that he was on pace to be a top 5 QB last season before the injury? Then ended the season very well also. He hasent put it together for a full season, yes. History shows this is normal for QBs his age. Has he had turnover issues? Yes. Again most QBs his age do. But to pretend he hasent shown improvement is ridiculous.

  40. Pete I Says:

    America’s Choir Boy hasn’t shown improvement. That is what is ridiculous.

  41. Couch Fan Says:

    How hasent he? Are you saying what I said is false? Elaborate please. Thats if you are capable of anything other than spewing half ass’d thoughts.

  42. JMan5 Says:

    Draft Tua in 2020. Sign Bridgewater in the meantime.

  43. JMan5 Says:

    Wtf Mark? No need to bring race into it. I don’t want to keep Winston but I don’t want to keep people like you either.

  44. Reality_43 Says:

    I just don’t understand the constant arguing and bickering on this site sometimes.
    I know all of us are true Bucs fans or we wouldn’t even be visiting these articles.

    Someone earlier said that Jameis now has a chance to go 3-10 instead of 3-13 but he has a CHANCE to go 13-0.

    I just can’t say that the suspension will have anything to do with how he plays.
    The ONLY reason he is still a Buc is because he can play.

    If this were say Josh Robinson, he would be gone already.

    I’m ready to start talking about how good the rest of our team is and talk about the possibility of winning ANY game we play.

    Until I see otherwise, I’m still a believer that Licht made the right moves and we are a playoff contender.

    Let’s just wait and see 🙂

  45. I Bleed Pewter Says:

    Winston can’t afford to post a losing record out of 13 games. If he loses a bunch in a row because of his continual carelessness and lack of ball security all bets are off. The Bucs will be in the QB market “again”

  46. DBS Says:

    Poor babies upset now. DB55 does it everyday Remember Glennon is a Giraffe.

  47. tval Says:

    Only “stain” on the bucs are fairweather fanboys, like, Pete..lol

  48. Walter Seidel Says:

    With his WHAT between WHOSE legs????

  49. Walter Seidel Says:

    And goddammit……I don’t care what the HELL you think about Winston as a player OR as a pitiful excuse for a human…….but STOP the racist CRAP!!!

  50. BrianBucs Says:

    I agree with everything that King says.
    Winston is who he is and that will never change. On and off the field you are going to get a whole lot of good mixed in with a whole lot of bad. That’s just who he is and how he plays.
    Bucs took a huge gamble drafting a QB with red flags and a history of bad acts and now they are severely paying for it. Winston will always be doing something to embarrass this franchise and it’s fans. Bucs should release him, admit their mistake and move on. Then let the next GM find us a TRUE franchise QB because Licht failed badly

  51. stpetebucsfan Says:

    What Walter just said!

  52. Defense Rules Says:

    @Tbbf … “What I would love to see would be a 3-0/2-1 start….then hand it over to Winston to prove it.” I was with ya Tbbf right up until then. IF Fitz is doing great after 3 games and the Bucs are winning against powerhouse teams, why turn it over to Winston who would’ve sat on his butt for 3 weeks? I say start Fitz in Game 4 … IF he does well, leave him in; IF not, bring Winston in off the bench.

    Far as I’m concerned, Winston lost the right to start when he got suspended. Next man up. If Fitz does well and the Bucs win, let him stay the starting QB until he loses the job. Maybe Winston will value the starters role more if he has to earn it back instead of having it handed back to him (like Doug Martin was).

  53. Not there yet Says:

    Meh his opinion wasn’t important to really read it all. I value my own opinion about the bucs more than everyone in the media reporting from another city

  54. Skipper Says:

    Pete I (stain of the message board), if you think Winston has not shown improvement on the field then you know nothing about football.

  55. Steel forever Says:

    Stop it already buc fan jezz fix your defense first go head cut him fire your fourth coach in fact sell your team . Already none of that will help have some faith you act like you have ben or Josh that kids gives you everything he has and you act like baby get over it stop trying to always break someone to your foolness it was wrong for what he did and he paying and he will man up like always more than some beer tugging slugs I hope he turn this in to a plus

  56. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Tyrod Taylor please

  57. Steel forever Says:

    Like I said some of the people on this comment page need to actually learn football personal has nothing to do with knowing the game west what ever your name is need to stay off these chat forever you in one of the toughest conference the league title has been in a different team hand each year

  58. Sc Bucs fan Says:

    Maybe Tyrod Taylor as a running back but he’s horrid as a QB

  59. Architek Says:

    Everything is always negative and or bad news with this team….

  60. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    King hAs never been fond of Winston. I put more stock in the Good Morning Football cast turning on him.

  61. Pete I Says:

    America’s Choir Boy hasn’t shown improvement on the field. Not really.

  62. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Cut him. Get a real QB who’s not a criminal next year.

  63. First Down Tampa Bay Says:


    If you look at the stats Jameis actually had his best season last year aside from the fumbles of course. Unfortunately, people connotate Jameis having a terrible year last year due to the injury and the record of the team. But if not for the outright incompetence of the defense we might be viewing Jameis’ season in a different manner.

  64. WestminsterCoBucsFan Says:

    Most jameis detractors would prefer Tim Tebow. Goes to show their football IQ.
    Sure, he needs to relax, but to say he shouldn’t be here is asinine. It’s not gonna happen, but if jameis were to be cut, I’d gladly move on to another team as well.

  65. Couch Fan Says:

    Just like I thought. Nothing to articulate his reasoning just silly hate and name calling.

  66. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Defense….

    You certainly make a good argument with the 3-0/2-1 hypothetical to start Fitz in game 4…..he may be the best QB to start that game because of the lack of preparation for JW.
    But, I am convinced that Jameis will get another chance and it will be starting one of those games regardless of the record.
    If he loses, he won’t have his 5th year with the Bucs….and, I’ll be OK with that….but you an I both know they won’t sit him for long.

  67. BrianBucs Says:

    Winston will be a backup QB somewhere else in the league in 2019

  68. webster Says:

    @ defense and tampabay buc

    Its bigger than simply the record. If the bucs go 3-0/2-1 and fitz sucks but we win 13-10 due to the defense balling out, then winston will definitely start week 4 because he has the capability of being more explosive/playmaker. Think about the bucs with trent dilfer. Yea they won games but it had nothing to do with dilfer and many were made harder then they had to be. He was clearly holding back the team. Now if fitz throws for 3-4 tds a game and the bucs win, then thats a different story. But the chances of fitz throwing for 3-4 tds is not very good. That means winston will be starting week 4.

  69. pryda30_sec147 Says:

    Cant wait for the season to begin and Jameis to TUrn up… Bet he breaks 7TDs in a game…

  70. GhostofSchiano Says:

    “Tail” and “Between the legs” is what got jameis in all this trouble to begin with.

  71. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Jameis is the reason Jameis is not starting the first three games. And so Fitz has to come in and be the miracle worker. If he goes 2-1 or better still 3-0 he will have EARNED the right to be the starter game 4. Due to his behavior the Bucs owe #3 nothing.

    I certainly concede Fitz would be on a short leash when Jameis is ready but I would like to see him earn his return to the starting lineup.

  72. BrianBucs Says:

    “Tail between his legs”

    Didn’t King mean “crab legs”?

  73. Pete I Says:

    FDTB – turnovers and of course wins. He certainly wasn’t any better at leadership either. To many people equate yards passing as significant, all QBs have yards these days.

  74. SB Says:

    @Mark…………Don’t act like DB55. You are embarrassing yourself.

  75. I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    GhostofShiano…..That’s funny dude!! Good one.

  76. Stanglassman Says:

    Passer rating vs QBR
    Comparison to NFL passer rating. ESPN claims QBR is a more complete and meaningful alternative to the passer rating, which remains the official NFL measure of quarterback performance. … Additionally, passer rating double counts completion percentage, favoring quarterbacks who tend to throw screens and other short passes.

    The one that matters JW3 was #13 in 2017. Playing with a bum throwing shoulder, no run game, below average OL and terrible defense.

  77. JA Says:


    First you say that “James will never be “quite.”
    Then, you follow it up with, “he’s too impulsive and lacking in the intelligence department.”


    It’s “quiet,” not “quite!”
    Who’s lacking in the intelligence department now????

    I love this site! Where else can one get this kind of entertainment for free?

  78. Defense Rules Says:

    @StPete … “Fitz would be on a short leash when Jameis is ready but I would like to see him earn his return to the starting lineup.” Me too StPete. It’s make appreciate more the incredible opportunity he’s been given.

  79. SB Says:

    I concur! You win post of the day Ghost!

  80. Couch Fan Says:

    Lol Ill get you credit for trying.

    Wins is a team effort. This is reaching. Jameis, even with all the turnovers had us in position to win many of our games that we lost because the defense/special teams blew at the end of the game. Common sense.

    Turnovers…. Really? Again every young QB turns the ball over. Again even with the turnovers he had us in position to win many games. Stop. You are embarrissing yourself and the sad thing is you think you sound smart.

  81. JMan5 Says:

    Did Licht call jags about Dareus yet? Seems like his kinda guy. Getting sued for sexual assault

  82. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’d keep Licht no matter what. He’s a good GM and he learns from his mistakes. He’s a keeper in my book. I wanted Koetter fires but he’s here. If he improves and cut out all of his stupid mistakes, I’d give him another year too. I think Mike Smith and his defense will save everybody’s jobs. The Saints are going down. Hard. Brees will spend the day on his back with 4 interceptions. Hargreaves is going to ball out too. Mark my words. So it shall be written. So it shall be done. 😂 😂 😂

  83. Reality_43 Says:

    I agree with what @Couch put earlier about QBs in their 1st 3 years.

    I mean if you compare Tom Brady’s 3#s from HIS 1st 3 years, he and Jameis both had 69 TDs against 44 interceptions for Jameis and 40 for Tom Brady.

    Only 4 more picks (in 3 years) than arguably the GOAT QB in the NFL.

    Looking at their QB Rating for the 1st 3 years.
    86.03 Tom Brady
    87.20 Jameis Winston

    The kid can play just fine thank you!!

    People hear bad news and they just wanna bitch about EVERYTHING

  84. T REX Says:

    @ Reality – Comparing him to the GOAT is stupid. The league was way different back then.

    I’m a BUC fan first and foremost. Players come and go. I’ll be here long after JW is done eating all his L’s.

    Win or get gone. That’s for the staff and the QB. Four years in…need to make the playoffs or everyone goes.

  85. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Psst. Hey sheep what happens when Fitstragic goes down? Philly dline going to make a pretzel out of him when koetter whats him to throw deep in his 10 second pass plays”

    JW3 will have a heroic welcoming when he comes back to tampa with a victory vs chicago bears”

    “Americas poster” Kobe Faker

  86. SB Says:

    PacMan would have beat the Brakes off of this dude if the fight continued.

  87. SB Says:

    If anyone hasn’t seen the Pacman Jones video then check out ‘Worldstar” with pacman in the search. Joe’s filters won’t let me post the link.

  88. JameisNOT Says:

    Peter King is 100% correct. I only wonder what Joe will do when is man crush JW is out of here. Also wonder if Joe will get visitation rights at the state pen.

  89. JameisNOT Says:

    Kobe: you are still as dumb as a bag of hammers. You gotta strat leaning. Winocheo is a loser in life and the NFL will not bail him out like Free Shoes University did.

    The Truth has spoken. It hurts.

  90. DB55 Says:

    Speaking of tails between legs I’ve been scouring twitter to see how many “fans” want to cut Marcell Dareus, out of 10 articles only found 1 comment to cut him. Interesting, he’s not even a quarterback but he does make 100 mil.

    This dude did bad things (allegedly) to two separate women. Has 2 separate law suits against him and while his fans are like wth only 1 guy (that I found) wants to cut him.

    I’m going to look for how many “fans” want Shady McCoy cut. Personally I think Shady should get run over with a semi-truck if and when they arrest him. Allegedly Shady sent his friend to beat up his ex and if I were the prosecutor I’d try him for attempted murder. But let’s see what his fans have to say, brb.

  91. DB55 Says:

    Well man, based on the comments in the Espn article most people are defending shady, WOW!

    Meanwhile in Tampa…..

  92. EA Says:

    I agree with everything peter King said.

  93. Joe Says:

    Peter King is 100% correct. I only wonder what Joe will do when is man crush JW is out of here.

    Careful what you wish for.

  94. IsrBuc Says:

    How did JL miss on the alcohol problem? With all the background checking they talk about, why didn’t they ban him from drinking?

  95. Capt.Tim Says:

    Poor Anus Jameis
    2017- no running game, bum shoulder, bad blocking, bad defense
    Boo fking hoo

    Ryan Fitzpatrick won 2 outta 3 games, with the same “horrible” team.
    To bad Koetter didnt have the guts to let him keep starting!!

    And he didnt sexually assault anyone, and the league didnt list him as a sex offender.

    Cant wait to hear broacasters talk about that every game!

  96. Pete I Says:

    Broadcasters will mention America’s Choir Boy’s Uber hassel every game, and some will recite the whole stain of the franchise lost of being a malefactor. They will also note several turnovers per game inevitably.

  97. BucNole Says:

    I think that is the heart of the problem with my team.
    There literally are no expectations of winning. . .
    This team should have 3 defined goals – that if not met would mean someones ass is getting fired.

    1. Division Title
    2. Playoff wins
    3. Super Bowl Ring


  98. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Really? A QB with his tail between his legs? King is stupidly sold out. He wants the leader of a football team playing scared???

    Well, he ain’t gonna get it.

    First, Fitz will win his first game. Why? Because we’ll have the advantage of a fired up, new defense that no one is expecting. All he has to do is keep mistakes to a minimum and score twice. Let the kicker do the rest.

    The next two games? Iffy at best. A chance to win them, but a slim one.

    So winston will probably come in to a team that is 1-2 after his suspension. They won’t sit him an extra week because after dropping two in a row, everyone will want Fitz yanked.

    Winston will have a rough first half in game four, until he gets back into a grove, then lead a comeback to take the lead. And the difference? Our defense will not cave and lose us the game. 2-2 after Winston’s first game back. Jameis gets people excited again.

  99. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    After this season, Koetter will be batting around .500. For those keeping score, that means we’ll have a winning season. Koetter and Licht get three years added, and Mike Smith leaves for a head coaching job.

  100. Capt.Tim Says:

    What is Las Vegas predicting for the Bucs?
    Superbowl ? No
    Playoffs ? No
    Winning record ? No
    8-8 ? No
    4-12? Yup, right around there.

    And that was The line before the suspension, If Im not mistaken.

    You hope with your heart. Hopefully, you bet with your brain.