“Over” With Jameis

July 10th, 2018

Scolds America.

It seems the crew of “Good Morning, Football” has turned their backs on America.

When the popular morning show (popular for many except Ira Kaufman who is no fan of co-host Kay Adams) debuted on Aug. 1, 2016, the very first guest was none other than America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

Until recently, the co-hosts crowed about Jameis and even prominently displayed a Jameis figurine on the set’s anchor desk dubbed “the breakfast table.”

But all of this cheerleading for Jameis began to wane, like a leaky faucet that drips all night. Earlier this summer, co-hosts Peter Schrager (who Joe thinks is a closet Bucs fan) and Kyle Brandt began to mock Jameis, saying he needs wins on his resume before being brought back to the show.

In the wake of NFL strongman Roger Goodell slapping Jameis with a three-game suspension to start the season, it appears any invitation for Jameis to return to the show is at best on hold.

The day after the suspension was announced, Colleen Wolfe, Steve Smith, Brandt and Schrager each offered their reactions to Jameis’ suspension. Schrager even wondered why the Bucs stick with Jameis at this point. He makes a valid point. There’s a lot of drama to put up with from Jameis but few positive results, as in wins.

Brandt was more direct, essentially calling the Bucs enablers and that Jameis is spoiled, adding he was done being a fan of Jameis.

“I am looking at the statement and the apology and at this point, it is Jameis 101, you know?” Brandt said. “Jameis steps in it and then flashes that smile and flashes that charisma and you hear what a leader he is and inevitably he makes another mistake. And this goes back years guys.

“I wish I had a more nuanced take, other than to say, ‘I’m over it.’ … Are you not rolling your eyes about Jameis Winston at this point? There are so many good players and so many good young players and so many good people in this league. This idea that this is going to be the moment for Jameis that scares him straight? And now he is on the straight and narrow, you know? He’s had that moment two or three times already.

“I saw him stand on the sideline in Tallahassee as a college player. It was humiliating. That was years ago. As far as the Bucs are concerned, they say they are disappointed. They can’t possibly be surprised.”

Brandt went on to compare Jameis to a troubled child of a wealthy family that spares no expense on private tutors, private schools and anything the child would want in an effort to turn the child’s life around — and he still gets expelled from high school.

“I can understand if [the Bucs] throw their hands up at this point. What else can they do?”

The Bucs can do a lot of things. If Jameis stinks this year and the team loses, then it’s hard to imagine Jameis being brought back. Of course, if Jameis plays well and Jameis wins, that drastically changes the dynamic.

Joe is of the mind if Jameis is brought back, he gets franchised in 2020, and perhaps twice in consecutive years. This would be two prove-it contracts. If Jameis keeps his nose clean, that would be five years (this Uber hassle happened over two years ago) trouble-free.

At that point it would be a safe gamble that he turned the corner.

Yeah, a franchise tag is an expensive prove-it contract. But it is a CYA for the team. This is what Joe proposed the Bucs do with Doug Martin in 2016. Instead, the Bucs dropped a significant stack of Team Glazer loot in the Muscle Hamster’s lap and got fried in the process.

Hopefully, the Bucs learned the hard way. While a franchise tag on Jameis would be very pricey up front, it could save loads of cash (and further embarrassment) down the road.

82 Responses to ““Over” With Jameis”

  1. D-Rome Says:

    Jameis is not a leader.

  2. K_Bassuka Says:

    That’s the worst football talk show hands down. They represent the true meaning of talking heads and I can’t believe anyone would watch or listen to such garbage.

  3. AlteredEgo Says:

    Jameis’s NFL fate will be decided on the field….as it should….I do agree he has been given glory before he earned it….which has been counter productive to his growth as a NFL QB….he has the best set of offensive weapons he has ever had as a pro…and the makings of a much better defense….if he can play within the game plan and system…take the easy yards each passing play ,move the chains…then take his few shots each game he should have his best year as a pro

  4. onetrickpony Says:

    Brandt said. “Jameis steps in it and then flashes that smile and flashes that charisma and you hear what a leader he is and inevitably he makes another mistake.
    bingo, who needs the headaches from the drama queen Americas QB

  5. Walter Seidel Says:

    Uber “HASSLE”???? Sir, sexual assault is NOT a “Hassle” and he is NOT America’s QB. America’s Hassler?? And please stop trying to diminish it with the ridiculous “well, that was two years ago” crap.

  6. Bobby M. Says:

    Winning fix a lot…..IMO…what he actually did is not even close to abusing a woman, not paying child support, etc and those guys hang around the league constantly. He needs to win….He needs to let his play be his voice…..Winston is waaaay more bark then bite and teams know this. They dare us to throw because the stats dont lie…..He drops back 32 times, he WILL turn the ball over 2x and there’s an 80% the opponent wins. He sucks in the red zone, there’s really no reason for teams to fear him. For every highlight play he makes, theres a bonehead play that’s twice as costly.

    I’ve said this before on here, the Bucs have Winston by the b@lls…..They can basically put him on three straight prove it deals….if he doesn’t win….there’s plenty of reasons to cut the cord…if he wins, everyone is happy. The only risk to the team is injury and its just for one year.

  7. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Joe uses hassle, like he uses America’s QB, to get a rise from the moral people on this board. Don’t let him bait you. Joe will show you its his sandbox and he can say and do what he likes.

  8. Bucsfanman Says:

    Winston’s future, IMO, is solely based on his performance on the field at this point. Thus far he has proven nothing other than he has “potential”. The team owes him nothing, the fans owe him nothing.
    Rest assured, another 5-11 season and there will be a blood-letting at One Buc! Including one Jameis Winston!

  9. Fartman Says:

    Yeah… I’m ready to move on. He ain’t Peyton Manning, or even Ben Rothlisburger. we can go 8-28 with a QB who is much less prone to rape controversy than Jameis

  10. Bird Says:

    Comparing to spoiled rich kid …given chance after chance

    Yup. Hammer on nail.

    Will bucs give Jameis a shot. Yup. Has he played like he deserves to be worshipped like a God on this website. Heck no. Him and mariota appear to be average to just good qbs. Not elite. But mariota has no off field.

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I wouldn’t franchise him……take his 5th year option, extend it into a 3 year prove it deal for $50 mil with $30 guaranteed…….conduct clauses…
    Yes, it’s cheap but it’s enough to keep any other teams from outbidding us and gambling…..also, it will keep Winston from testing the market.
    Call his bluff…..the Bucs are holding the cards now.

  12. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Bucsfanman, JW’s future here depends 100% on his performance on the field. They aren’t going to let him go because of what happened. Assuming he keeps his nose clean – a big assumption – then he will be judged on his season.

  13. George Says:

    I disagree, the Bucs have a bargaining chip. This cost Jameis a boatload of cash. If He plays well the Bucs can sign him to a team friendly contract with a behavior clause that gives the team a out if he gets stupid again.

  14. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    What does Ira have against Kate Adams though? Her and her occasional porn glasses are love and respected worldwide.

  15. tickrdr Says:

    The NFl did Jameis a favor by suspending him for the first three games, since that is essentially a three game “mulligan” against arguably the three toughest games on the Bucs’ schedule. So now he has a chance to go 3-10 against the softer part of the schedule, instead of 3-13.


  16. Destinjohnny Says:

    Here is a question.
    Is this the first and only time jameis has done something like this?
    Again just a question
    What if…. someone else comes out ??? Not saying it will but what if ?

  17. doolnutts Says:

    Can’t cut Winston period end of story. Guy will just go to the Patriots or really anywhere. If the NFL banned him for life it would be a different story but why should we cut him when someone else will just sign him anyways. To be honest, cutting him to send a message only hurts the fan base. We pay money for tickets and everything else buc related. I want my team to have the best chance to win and right now that is still Winston. If some kind of trade happened to change this then fine this is still my team but until then I think we should keep him. I already am skeptical on spending money on tickets/NFL season ticket/ Jerseys etc.

  18. AlteredEgo Says:

    Stop the Jameis to New England…. he could never run effectively that offense, not with Belicheck as HC….

  19. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Some critical words in these discussions…trust….enabling…risk.

    BTW Can we all stop with the excuse…well he did this two years ago.
    B effing S!

    He lied to us THIS YEAR in an attempt to cover it up. If Jameis had simply come out and told the truth this past March or at least the part that didn’t put him at risk of civil litigation from Kate I could have gotten past it.

    IF he has said something like….I made two HUGE mistakes in Arizona. I drank way too much and I shouldn’t have been out partying at 3AM with a crowd that would revive memories of the Tallahassee controversy. I should have NEVER done either of those things and I’ve learned my lesson.

    When you are drunk you do unfortunate things. It’s not an excuse though and so I’ve stopped drinking. And for anybody…including Kate…or my friends I have embarrassed I am truly sorry.

    My greatest regrets are what I’ve done to Buc fans…and the Glazers and Todd and Coach. All I can say is I’m truly sorry, I regret it…it won’t happen again and I’ll do my best on the field and in the gym to help the Bucs win a title.

    Since I’m not one of the guys who has given up on Jameis talent…just his head and heart…that would have helped move me past all of this. It’s the lying up until the last minute….

    OK we all have our hot buttons…and for me one of the biggest is LYING.
    You can imagine how happy I am today. A President who I believe lies on average 6.5 times per day and a QB for my favorite team who is also less than honest.

    And no to the jackwagons who want to ask me if I’ve never lied…bite me. I am not a liar. If you or your friends lie that’s on you not me.

  20. BrianBucs Says:

    These folks hit the nail right on the head.
    America’s Crotchgrabber And Liar should have already been released. It’s an insult and embarrassment to the real, devoted Bucs fans that he is still on the roster.If the Glazers and Licht can’t admit their mistake in drafting Winston and decide to make their situation worse by keeping him then he should hold the clipboard All season, be the #3 QB and be deactivated on game days, only playing in Emergency situations if the other QB’s are all injured.
    Winston is a total cancer to the Franchise

  21. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    [What don’t you understand about accusing Bucs players of a felony??? Next guy that does it — banned. No more Mr. Nice shut. If you can’t control yourself Joe will. — Joe.]

  22. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Fake news
    Jameis has (had) an alcohol problem which he apparently has addressed and hopefully this will stop his other bad behavior. He is showing signs of maturing with his philanthropy and having a child will definitely have an impact. If he relapses or has another issue he is done and he knows it.
    Everyone loves to be judgmental on media – nobody cares what NFL Network personalities think- they should just show highlights.

  23. Fartman Says:

    we should cut him because we can go 20-28 with a lot of quarterbacks who aren’t as “grope-y” as Wisnton.

  24. T REX Says:

    It will be decided on the field. If he loses a bunch he’ll be gone. There’s no benefit of any doubt left. Win or see ya. He won’t get a long term deal until they know without any doubts he’s the guy.

    So what record does JW need to have to stick around?

    9-4? 8-5? 7-6?

  25. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Jameis is going to have a long and successful career as a Buccaneer QB. The defense will be better than average, and the offense will have a legitimate threat to run the ball. Some of us will be happy, and others will be pissed. Whatever. It’s over and done. The law sawnot enough evidence to even charge him. The league saw enough evidence to suspend him. It’s done. Nothing is going to change. He is our QB, and he is our best option moving forward. Get Fitz ready for the first three games, and get Jameis ready for the rest of the season. Adversity builds character and it creates a bond within a team. I expect the Bucs to make the playoffs, or at least still be a contender in December. The Bucs are my team, and I will always root for my team. Jameis is a keystone for the offense. I will wish him success with the Bucs, and in life. There is proof that he is young and foolish. There is NO PROOF that what he did was criminal. Nothing to see here folks. It’s time to move on. September is just weeks away.

  26. Fartman Says:

    playoffs or bust for Winston, Dirk, and probably Licht

  27. JameISNOT Says:

    Bucs will sign him to a max contract. That’s what they do.

  28. JMan5 Says:

    Is there a throwback I i this year? JMan wonders how Jameis looks in orange…

  29. JMan5 Says:

    Throwback uni game*

  30. Alphabucfan Says:

    Well said sparky

  31. Defense Rules Says:

    @TBBF … “Call his bluff…..the Bucs are holding the cards now.” No such thing TBBF in the NFL nowadays. Good QBs are very hard to find, and any number of good teams lacking a decent. QB will bid for Winston’s services if given a chance. Plus Jameis and his handlers may decide moving on to a fresh start is in his best interests. Joe has the best solution … Make him prove he’s the answer to the Bucs long-term QB quandary by using the franchise tag twice.

  32. Rob Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t “Joe Bucs Fan’s quarterback”, or “America’s turnover machine” (ATM) guaranteed a ton of money if he suffers injury in 2018 whether it be preseason or regular season? I’m talking around 20 million for the 2019 season if he gets hurt in 2018. That is reason enough to not let him practice/play because if/when he gets hurt, the Bucs are screwed out of that money. If they cut him and admit they made a colossal error in drafting him and his propensity for self destruction, they could let the chips fall where they may with Fitz or whoever. Look to an improved defense, get a game manager type quarterback if possible, and try and right this Buccaneer ship without walking on eggshells and trusting the untrustable Winston. Go Bucs!

  33. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    It does not surprise me that the haters flock to this article.

    First, I’ll say that Brandt has been a huge supporter of the buccaneers, and I find it nice to have someone out there that does that.

    Second, hating on Jameis is the in-thing right now. For all we know, Brandt is being pressured by the higher ups to talk like that, but even if he isn’t, his point fails to take in all the factors. For example, this happened two and a half years ago, and Jameis has remained clean since. That means he is the same guy now that he was a year ago. Two years ago. A charitable, supportive man who is now a family man.

    And thirdly, I agree with Joe. Double franchise tags are the way to go. He said this about Doug Martin (a franchise tag) and I agreed with him then. If Martin had not gotten suspended, the Bucs would have been on the hook for all that money given in his contract.

    The franchise tag is more than protection from a long term contract for the Bucs. It would place Jameis in a position where he must improve, not only his life but his play on the field. It is the perfect solution.

    However, if the Bucs end up with a top 3 pick this year, I have nothing against drafting a quarterback. At worst, he earns the right to replace Jameis, at best, he becomes a top trade option in the future. It would cover our bases either way, and add competition to the QB position.

    But I might change my mind on that before this season starts.

  34. Pete I Says:

    This will all end badly for America’s Choir Boy , the turnover toucher of women.

  35. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Rob, that is a terrible idea. Here’s why:

    With the improvements recently made to this team, Fitz is just good enough to win us 6-7 games on a good year. That would remove us from a top quarterback pick. We would be set back by years.

    The better idea is to keep Jameis, but if the opportunity to get an elite QB presents itself, we take it and add competition.

    And if Jameis gets injured, those are the breaks. We pay him a year and that’s that.

  36. 813bucboi Says:

    Fartman Says:
    July 10th, 2018 at 9:26 am
    playoffs or bust for Winston, Dirk, and probably Licht



  37. JameISNOT Says:

    You know you are a bad person when your Wikipedia link has a tab labeled as “controversies”. Google Jameis Winston and go to his Wikipedia page. You folks should check it out and open the tab. This will give you a better understanding of what type of loser this guy is today and will be the rest of his life.

    I speak the truth, I am the truth, and the TRUTH HURTS!!!!

  38. Not there yet Says:

    He’s right about one thing, no one is coming Winston on their show without winning BECAUSE of him and even then he might not get booked because no one wants to see his face

  39. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Joe says: “In the wake of NFL strongman Roger Goodell slapping Jameis with a three-game suspension to start the season, it appears any invitation for Jameis to return to the show is at best on hold.”
    Add to that, Jameis has no sponsors for him to endorse their products, and a divided fan base locally makes it arguable whether he deserves to be painted on the side our stadium–or allowed to mix with the community for PR purposes. I think he needs to come down a lot, drop down the depth chart list, dropped as team captain, and be made to earn his way to get back anything….that was just handed to him before…in what was really already his second chance.

    I agree with Joe…at least one year as franchise player 2020 or so, so the Bucs don’t have to risks waste their money. But that likely won’t be necessary if this is a bad year on the field for the Bucs. Winston has already hurt the Bucs as an organization (especially public image) more than he’s helped…with his track record on and off the field. So I agree with the go with “prove it” on the field and add “earn it back” for team captain, starting QB, and face of the franchise. But I don’t think he will ever get back at least one of these three. Maybe none.

  40. BucfanBF Says:

    I don’t understand how the Joe’s can still call this guy “America’s Quarterback” when it is clear that he is now America’s crotch grabber. Some other players have done much worse and gotten a pass and that is only because they were winners such as Roethlisberger and Ray Lewis. Jameis is neither. He hasn’t done anything yet except for having a couple decent games and yeah, he is a leader in a lot of QB related categories but that isn’t saying much considering most of not all of our previous quarterbacks sucked.
    Stop calling this guy America’s quarterback. it is old and insensitive to the victim he assaulted.

  41. Phil Says:

    No matter what Ira says Kay Adams is the one and only star of NFL Network.

  42. Pryda... sec147 Says:

    I say no one knows what happened if it was such an issue for the woman press charges she did not. Why does no one question the timing why the hell didn’t we hear about this right when he got his Uber account suspended I blame NFL for making me love Jameis so much for nearly 2 years to drop this bomb on us f u Goodell. Drunk driving is so much worse imo People lives are at risk.

  43. Fartman Says:

    double franchise tags… is not the way to go. Look at how that worked out for the Redskins and Cousins. You give a QB the franchise tag and they make the average of the top 5 qbs in the league for that year. Worse than overpaying him drastically… that salary becomes the starting point for contract negotiations the following year. 2 franchise tags doubles down on the problem. The QB has all the leverage. Giving a QB with a losing record and a character problem the franchise tab, is insanity.

  44. LongSeason Says:

    I have had no problem with Jameis performance on the field. Lack of wins goes to no pass rush, no run defense, no pass defense backed by worst defensive line and secondary in the NFL. Even Joe Montana couldn’t win with that defense. Linebackers are off the hook but they can’t do everything on every play.

    My problem with Jameis is now his off field actions. He lied about the current situation and got caught. Low and behold the same guy (Darby) was involved in his earlier sexual assault charge. I would say they were lying then. I would rather cut ties with Jameis, have a horrible QB (Harold Lloyd), tank for two years at 0-32 and start over.

    The reason the Bucs won’t give up on Jameis is his talent on the field and they have a lot invested with America’s Liar Jameis Winston. They just have to have the courage to pull the plug. The fans need to have the courage to stand behind the Bucs if the do this.

  45. Fartman Says:

    LongSeason Says:
    July 10th, 2018 at 10:41 am
    I have had no problem with Jameis performance on the field. Lack of wins goes to no pass rush, no run defense, no pass defense backed by worst defensive line and secondary in the NFL. Even Joe Montana couldn’t win with that defense. Linebackers are off the hook but they can’t do everything on every play.

    — Aaron Rogers went to the Super bowl with the 32nd ranked defense. Great QBs overcome a teams short comings. We don’t have a great QB. We have an average QB with character problem.

  46. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    BrianBucs, and I bet all of those Pittsburgh Steelers fans that I know, who never even mention Rothlisbergers accusations, feel the same way. How dare those die-hard Steelers fans have to root for a rapist every week? Just because he wins? Right? Swept under the rug! *sarcasm

  47. Bucsfanman Says:

    LongSeason- It’s a team game. Jameis is just as responsible for 5-11 as the lack of pass-rush, etc. The TEAM played horrendously, including the QB. There are no exceptions because 5-11 says so!

    Jameis will be the staring QB after week 3, you’re kidding yourself if you think he’s not. Essentially, the rest of the season is his audition to be the future starter.
    Like it’s been said time and again, if the Bucs don’t win some serious games there will be heads-a-rollin’ including the QB. Year #4, same coach, same offense, it’s time to show out.

  48. Tony LA Says:

    I want Jameis to succeed still but let’s be clear about one thing, Joe…

    If your scenario above were to play out, then it would be 5 years since Jameis has BEEN CAUGHT. There’s a clear patter of behavior and mindset with him and to think the public knows about the ONLY mistakes Jameis has made is simply irrational. We just know about the times he got caught.

    I think Brandt’s analogy is spot on. And seeing how the Bucs are literally standing pat at status quo and are going into the season…
    1. Trusting Fitz to save the season (that’s what it is because if we go 0-3 we are done)
    2. Trust that other Ryan guy to be one injury away from playing
    3. Trust that Jameis is all done with the bad stuff

    It’s insane and they will all get fired because of it. In no other successful business or team have I ever seen a team 100% relying on a guy who can’t stay out of trouble, a guy who has literally never won anything or been to a playoff game in more than 11 years in the league, and a guy who has never taken a meaningful snap in his career.

    That’s the true Buc way. Incompetence.

    Go get a QB to compete with Fitz and push Jameis. It’s the last chance this regime has.

  49. LongSeason Says:

    Fartman, look at the stats from the 2010 season when Green Bay won the Super Bowl with Aaron Riogers. They were far from the worst defense.


    Defensive Rankings:
    Rush Yards Allowed 18th
    Passing Yards Allowed 5th
    Total Yards Allowed 5th
    Points Allowed 2nd

    Did I hurt you feelings about Jameis? You are dead wrong about Green Bay having the number 32 defense in 2010.

    Know your facts.

    Without Jameis we would have been 0-16 each of the last three years.

    Bucsfanman – When the defense is as suck as the Bucs defense is the problem lands squarley on their shoulders. Don’t forget that Jameis played half of last year with a shoulder injury. Like I said, my problem with Jameis is not on the field. It is off the field that Jameis disappoints. It is now likely that he did commit rape at FSU and was protected. How can I root for that.

    F Jameis

  50. Eric Says:

    After the initial shock I say give Jameis one last chance.

    I can’t stomach trying to break in another franchise QB. Play out the situation and see how he plays and acts this year.

    Then decide.

  51. Oneilbucs Says:

    Ok every body or most people on this site want him gone. Ok can we talk football cause I’m tired of seeing this now. It don’t matter if Winston throw for 500 yards and 5 touchdowns a lot of people on this site still would want him gone ok we get it. Man why not find another team to cheer for. Let’s just talk football.

  52. Buccfan37 Says:

    You could run that pic of Jameis in the locker room dancing with the team and coaches looking on again. That always made me smile.

  53. LongSeason Says:

    If the Bucs keep Jameis, they need to hire a team of bodyguards to keep him out of trouble. Wherever he goes he has a male driver who works for the team.

  54. Jmarkbuc Says:


    You hate lying. So do I. What I dislike even more is this notion that JW is a recovering alcoholic. That and all the eyewitnesses on this site that just “know” he was ” blackout” drunk in AZ.

    Getting drunk and doing something stupid is one thing. Using it as an excuse when you’ve been caught is another. Nobody ever heard of JW and a drinking problem until now…a little convenient, no? The lies seem to dovetail here.

  55. Rob Says:

    When people state that Joe Bucs Fan’s quarterback has been “clean” for a couple years, it really makes me laugh. How naïve are you people anyway? The anointed one came out and said he was now giving up drinking when his suspension was levied. He didn’t say this two years ago when the incident happened, did he? How many drunken stupors has he had over the last two years when he was still getting his drink on folks? I don’t believe he was trouble free for the last two years. I sincerely hope he was because if anything else comes to surface during this supposed “good guy period” where he was still getting his drink on, he is DONE. Go Bucs!

  56. Bucsfanman Says:

    LongSeason- No question about the defense, however, 15 or so fumbles and a bevy of poorly thrown balls is enough to lose games as well.
    Just wanting to keep it fair. He contributed to those losses.
    I think he has a lot to prove still, even on the field. It is disappointing to have to deal with these off the field issues in addition.
    I’m VERY cautiously optimistic that they’ll be a better team this year, VERY!

  57. Dan Says:

    We now know the level of player the Bucs are content with. A 6 win guy who embarsses the Tampa Bay Area. Sad just sad Glazers.

  58. JMan5 Says:

    Bonzai while you’re up there can you take a look at Jameis’ colon?

  59. Sweeptheleg Says:

    All you blind idiot FSU fans.

    If this was any other QB you’d all be calling for his head and you all know it.

    Bunch of idiot hypocrites

  60. Jaywill Says:

    I find it funny when people say if Winston can keep his nose clean…It allegedly happen 2 seasons ago. I find it funny these allegations show up 1.5 later right before Winston put himself in a position to collect millions.

  61. JMan5 Says:

    ^ what he said

  62. stpetebucsfan Says:


    You’re so unfair. Bringing facts to a sportsblog? LOL

    Perhaps I’m returning to opinion here…MHO…but it sure seems factual to me.

    Jameis is many things…he has a lot of talent…he is NOT Aaron Rodgers and quite honestly watching him the past three years makes me believe he’s never going to be anywhere near Aaron Rodgers. No need to insult Aaron and Pack Nation with that absurd comparison.

    If you must compare Jameis at least stick to his level…MM…I think Jameis is better than MM.

  63. Defense Rules Says:

    @LongSeason … “I have had no problem with Jameis performance on the field. Lack of wins goes to no pass rush, no run defense, no pass defense backed by worst defensive line and secondary in the NFL.” Don’t know what games you’ve been watching but you’ve apparently missed 2/3rds of the play on the field. Last year’s offense scored LESS THAN 20 points per game if you subtract the points that the defense scored. Oh and you apparently missed the turnovers graciously provided by this vaunted Bucs offense. I’ll be the first in line to tell anyone that the Bucs defense needs to improve big-time (and I for one believe that it will), but please, stop buying into the misdirection that it was ALL the defenses fault.

  64. Defense Rules Says:

    @LongSeason … “Without Jameis we would have been 0-16 each of the last three years.” Don’t know what Kool-Aid you’ve been drinking but I want some of that. Somehow you even managed to disregard that Fitz won 2 games last year and that the year before (our lone winning season with America’s QB at the helm) that the Bucs DEFENSE won several games where the Bucs offense did practically nothing. Take the blinders off and try to be at least a tad objective.

  65. Pickgrin Says:

    Nothing like an almost 2 week old video clip posted as a current “story” to just rip that scab off and pull all the judgementalists out with yet another “fresh” chance to spew vitriol at Jameis Winston….

    Joe – Way to tap into that negative emotional well yet again – by Groundhog Daying us all back to when the suspension was first officially announced and to the talking head’s initial (over)reactions….

    I guess the only question now is – how many times is jbf gonna wash, rinse and REPEAT these golden opportunities for “piling on the QB” between now and the start of TC in 2 1/2 weeks?

    Just a guess, but based on the way things have gone around here over the last 3 weeks – I’m going to set the over/under at 15 between now and TC.

  66. LongSeason Says:

    Rush Yards 27th
    Passing Yards 4th
    Total Yards 9th
    Sacked 40
    Points Scored 20.9
    Int 14
    Total TD 34
    3rd down pct 43 (tie-4th)

    Rush Yard Allowed 23
    Passing Yards Allowed 32
    Total Yards Allowed 32
    Sacks 32
    Points Allowed 22
    Int 13 TD 1
    Fumbles 18
    Recovered 13
    TD 3
    3rd Down Pct 48 (32nd)

    Jameis playing most of season with a bum shoulder, porous pass protection and no running game. Jameis was not the problem on the field. Everyone can play better, but our defense didn’t allow us on the field enough.

    But I don’t care if Jameis plays perfect on the field. I would rather go 0-32 than have a rapist for a QB on our team.

    Yes, Fitz did win 2 games. That is why I do trust him this year. If our defensive draft picks pan out we can have a better year with an improved defense.

    Oh. I guess I don’t have blinders on.

  67. ARGH_M8E Says:

    I’m not mad at ya Jameis, just disappointed that’s all:(

  68. Capt.Tim Says:

    The uber driver reported it the night of the sexual assult.

    Why didnt he report for months and months?
    Because he and his team of lawyers and managers were concocting an alibi

  69. Joe Says:


    Love the fact we have a Stern fan posting. 🙂

  70. Joe Says:

    What does Ira have against Kate Adams though? Her and her occasional porn glasses are love and respected worldwide.

    Ira is nothing if not unique.

  71. tickrdr Says:

    Defense Rules #1 = +1
    Defense Rules #2 = +1

    The actual number is 18.96 points per game with JW3, and that is giving the offense credit for any defensive scores in those games.


  72. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Fartman Says
    “Aaron Rogers went to the Super bowl with the 32nd ranked defense. Great QBs overcome a teams short comings. We don’t have a great QB. We have an average QB with character problem.”

    Aaron Rodgers was 5 years into the league and 26 years old at the time.

    Not to mention he had the ti e to develop behind a hall of fame quarterback. Not really a fair comparison.

  73. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Oh, and btw the Packers had the 5th spot in total defense that year (2010). And 9th in total offense.

  74. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Capt.Tim Says

    No he wasn’t. And the rule didn’t come into affect until after the incident. That’s why the nfl statement did not mention the rule.

  75. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Jameis got pinched because the NFL did not want the image of tolerating sexual assault. If they’d had any sort of real truth, there would have been no need to negotiate and they would have leaked the report by now.

    Three games is not a sexual assault suspension. It is a “We don’t want to look bad” suspension.

    At some point, someone will leak the report and it will show there is nothing in it to prove his guilt. Then all of the haters will will have to live with misjudging the man.

  76. Dapostman Says:

    Aaron Rodgers > 25 years old >W/L 6-10 > 28 Td, 13 int, 252 ypg,

    Jameis Winston > 23 years old > W/L 3-10 > 19 Td, 11 int, 269 ypg

    Eli Manning > 25 years old > W/L 8-8 > 24 Td, 18 int, 202 ypg

    Big Bonehead > 24 years old > W/L 7-8 > 18 Td, 23 int, 234 ypg

    There is no way the Bucs are going to cut Jameis Winston. They may put a behavior clause in his contract but he is going to be here for a long time unless his behavior warrants an exit.

  77. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    LongSeason Says
    “But I don’t care if Jameis plays perfect on the field. I would rather go 0-32 than have a rapist for a QB on our team.”

    And nevermind the other players who work their tails off trying to win?

    Pretty selfish, man.

  78. 1sparkybuc Says:

    If you consider Trump innocent and Jameis guilty of the exact same accusation, you might be a redneck…….or you might be a racist……or both.

  79. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Anyone saying they wish to lose if Jameis is here is a selfish idiot. This isn’t just about one man.

    It is about the other players working their butts off to win, and about a city that really needs its team to win.

    So take your ill wishes and shove them where the sun don’t shine.

  80. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Sweeptheleg Says:
    July 10th, 2018 at 1:16 pm
    All you blind idiot FSU fans.

    If this was any other QB you’d all be calling for his head and you all know it. ”

    I’m not an FSU fan, but I’m not calling for his head. Truth be told, I hate college football.

    If it were anyone else leading this team, and this same case arose, I would do just what I’m doing. Taking of the blinders and not just seeing what the media wants me to see.

  81. Wesley Says:

    Who? Well whoever they are they need ratings.

  82. DalvinCookRules Says:

    Unless you’re a self-made QB, a rare talent like Brady, Brees, or Rodgers, there are very few QBs out there that are going to step in & do much with a team that lacks coaching and defense–not to mention, a subpar stable of RBs (please don’t tell me Ronald Jones is the next superstar RB, because he’s not even half as talented as Dalvin Cook–who is still trying to make a name for himself in the NFL)

    Jameis will be gone by the end of this season, and hopefully, he lands with a good team that is able to identify his issues (both personal & professional) and help him reach his potential.