Mixed Feelings About Indoor Practice

July 25th, 2018

O-line is divided

Parts of several Buccaneers training camp practices will be indoors on turf this summer. And that’s not getting a standing ovation from everyone at One Buc Palace.

Today, Joe asked guard Ali Marpet and Lavonte David for their feelings about working inside the fancy new practice facility at One Buc Palace versus on the pristine grass outside.

“I think it’s kind of split. I think some guys really like playing outside and actually getting used to it,” Marpet said. “But when you go inside, sometimes with the older guys you feel more in your joints, so there’s that you got to consider. But it is nice getting a break in the [air conditioning,] obviously.”

David, a South Florida native, said the indoor thing is new to him because he’s used to many years of playing in the extreme summer elements, “but I do like the idea of the A/C.”

While plans may change, Joe has learned that the Bucs are not expecting to work consecutive days in the indoor facility in order to avoid the stress that work on turf can cause.

37 Responses to “Mixed Feelings About Indoor Practice”

  1. 813bucboi Says:

    again, make them earn it!!!!!….have them practicing outside unless its lighting….

    stop coddling football players!!!!!!


  2. miken Says:

    thats right813…. practice outside,thats where the games are. DK runs the softest camp anyway

  3. Billy Bob Thorton Says:

    who cares

  4. David Lee Roth Says:

    then why did they build a 3 million indoor facility?

  5. Godeep66 Says:

    The indoor facility is an excellent idea for a team that plans on playing in January, as in the playoffs. The Florida heat where is on these guys and by week 12 they are absolutely beat. This will be a non-issue for this team as they will most likely have nothing to play for after week 6

  6. small axe Says:

    comment section the den of depression damn GO BUCS

  7. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Let them enjoy indoor practice for now.

    But with the first crappy practice, send them outside. With the first loss, send them outside.

    Make them work to get it back.

    And put up covered stands again outside for training camp!

  8. Eric Says:

    For years Ive heard complaints of no indoor facility. Now they got one and some players don’t even want it.

    Heat didn’t bother the 72 Dolphins.

    Or the 2002 Bucs for that matter.


  9. Pickgrin Says:

    The point about turf being harder on the joints than natural grass is a legit one. Its also easier/more likely to cause a serious knee or ankle injury on turf if your leg(s) get rolled up on accidentally.

  10. Reality-is-a-Beotch Says:

    Wrap these pansy arses in bubblewrap and give them thier basement title now. Soft franchise ran by clowns…. trophies, hugs and air conditioning for all.

  11. stpetebucsfan Says:

    What Pickgin just said!

    As an old dude I select where I walk very carefully. No sidewalks if possible…hate walking in airports and malls…love walking up here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

    Trails are challenging but not hard on the old knees. I get not wanting to pound your knees on artificial turf.

  12. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Eric, is it possible the humidity and heat are worse than in the 70s?

    Seriously asking, considering global warming and that sort of thing.

  13. Reality-is-a-Beotch Says:


    They’ve been enjoying the basement for a decade plus why dont they just let the soft mentally weak players cancel practice all together not like it matters on sundays

  14. Jeffbuc Says:

    It baffles me with all the technology and all the money the glazers and other nfl owners and the league itself. They can’t make a turf product that is rolled over some kind of foam or compacted dirt. That would simulate real grass. I would like to think when you have fighting ai soldiers you could make something as simple as indoor fake grsss that feels just like grass. Is there a rule it has to be on concrete. It doesn’t make since to me like Tropicana field it’s hard as a rock.

  15. Jeffbuc Says:

    with all the money the glazers the other owners and the nfl itself has. And with all the technology we have someone cant make indoor grass turf that is soft and feels just like real grass. Can it be put on foam or regulated air pad or something softer than concrete. It seems with all the nfl injuries that happen associated with bad turf. The league and owners would be trying everything to design something better than the turf we have now.

  16. Jeffbuc Says:

    Joe are you going to be putting in a thumbs up thumbs down on the post. That would be great. So some of these posters can see that a lot of people don’t agree with them or that a lot of people do. So maybe they will stop with someone of the rendudnant post because they assume everyone agrees with them. And good posters would know there 2 cents are liked also. Is it something you have thought of. Or does the price of doing not justify it. Just curious because I would love to have that on here. And we could keep a tab on the most thumbs down and thumbs up comments of all time on here. And get a good laugh.

  17. D-Rome Says:

    Jeffbuc, I think up/down vote buttons are a bad idea. It creates a hivemind of sorts, and then people will care about writing things that generate the most likes rather than expressing genuine opinion. Not only that, up/down votes are a passive aggressive way of disagreeing with someone rather than spending a moment to express your thoughts as to why. If someone on here posts redundant stuff then call them out on it. A down vote is a cowards way out.

    As for the topic at hand, heat vs. A/C is irrelevant for elite athletes, or should be.

  18. Chris in WA Says:

    What kind of turf do they have indoors? Is it the new Fieldturf or something else? Also what kind of padding is underneath the turf? If it’s just the turf on top of concrete than I can see the issues.

  19. GP Says:


    I’ve lived in Central Florida since 1965 and there is no real difference now – vs- the 70’s
    Some summers are hot and dry and some are hot and wet, sometimes we get a lot of hurricanes and sometimes we don’t
    Yes, the climate is changing, has been since this ball of dirt we call earth was formed

  20. Owlykat Says:

    The artificial turf gives the Saints an advantage over us for the first game, which is a real good reason for us to get reps inside. Second there are lots of storms here and if all we do is play outside we could lose playing time because of lightening. So the indoor practice field should be welcomed by the Bucs.

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong here, but don’t we play some games in domes and on turf…..what is wrong with some practices taking place indoors?

    Let’s face it….our players will get plenty of sun.

  22. Bird Says:

    Pretty sure they open in a dome stadium

    Can’t hurt getting used to both types of surfaces

  23. Defense Rules Says:

    Owlykat & TBBF … finally somebody gets it. Everyone was focused on Air Conditioning, but the heat more than likely wasn’t the reason the Glazers built that indoors facility. Bucs were losing all kinds of valuable practice time because of crappy weather (when lightning was in the area especially). Can remember when they’d move practices to various places indoors in an effort to at least salvage ‘something’, but reality is that it had to put us at a disadvantage versus other teams who were able to practice without weather constantly screwing things up. If the Bucs’ coaching staff is concerned about practicing in A/C the solution is simple: turn the thermostat up to 90 degrees.

  24. Cobraboy Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Eric, is it possible the humidity and heat are worse than in the 70s?

    Seriously asking, considering global warming and that sort of thing.

    BB, I played my college ball in Tampa in the early 70’s well before training camps were so easy as the NFLPA has negotiated.

    We used to have the morning practice at dawn and afternoon practice was at 4pm to beat the heat. Afternoon practice was brutal.

    Perkins ran 3-a-days in the Tampa heat.

    I can assure you it is no hotter now than back then. This “oooh…it’s soooooo hot in Tampa so we need to practice in air conditioning is a bunch of bullPelosi.”

  25. Andrew Says:

    At the very least it will be useful game planning against dome opponents lol…

  26. Jimmy Says:

    Air conditioned practices?

    Somewhere, Jack Del Rio is smiling.

  27. SB Says:

    so on that basis and because the release of this story was an embarrassment to the shield – we the NFL tend to believe the driver in this case even though there’s no proof. (especially considering this player’s – ahem, alleged “history”). So thus – here’s what he did (allegedly)….

  28. SB Says:

    The above post is a Complete accident. Ignore please since Joe has no Edit button with a 5 minute time span which most other Disqus sites have.

  29. SB Says:

    813bucboi Says:
    July 25th, 2018 at 2:48 pm
    again, make them earn it!!!!!….have them practicing outside unless its lighting….

    stop coddling football players!!!!!!



    ^^^ This ^^^

  30. BigMacAttack Says:

    You will play on turf in New Orleans. Get ready for it

  31. BigMacAttack Says:

    Football is here. Finally. Can we stop all the Jameis kvetching and focus on the team? These guys are going to be good as long as they stay healthy. Let’s get fired up Buc Fans and put the past in the rear view mirror. Everyone go get laid and start fresh tomorrow. No groping though.

  32. SB Says:

    AMEN BigMac!

  33. D1 Says:


    There is turf that is like grass and is much more forgiving than the 1970’s turf on cement. The issues that were a major problem specifically, no give and so abrasive as to peel a player’s skin off , has been corrected. Today’s turf is light years ahead of the product you’re referring to.

  34. D1 Says:


    I have to say that the Spartans had some of the best games in the old stadium and it’s a shame so few Tampa residents know that at one point that the Spartans were the best team in the state.

  35. Buccfan37 Says:

    D1.. also a U of Tampa fan. Who else was there to cheer for around here? Said it before that the Spartans played the national champion U of Tennessee in the inaugural game at Tampa Stadium, lost 38-0. They had wins over U of Miami and Tulane that I remember.

  36. Mike Johnson Says:

    Sapp/Brooks amd Lynch never had AC here in Tampa. And they..Won us a superbowl!!

  37. Trench War Says:

    If this team starts off well and fresh to start the season, then we have our answer. Because right now, for the last 10 years, all that past practicing in the heat never corelated into a winning record to start the season. There has been no advantage for the Bucs, in fact the other teams come in looking fresher than us.