The Lingering Effect Of Eating W’s

July 15th, 2018

Branded into memories.

So far in the short NFL career of America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, he has one signature moment that transcends all NFL team markets.

No, it is not his five-touchdown game against the Eagles his rookie year. No, it’s not his game-winning bomb to Chris Godwin to beat the NFC South champion Saints to end the 2017 season. Nor is it his fumble-six against the Packers in his first game back after a three-game absence with a shoulder injury last year.

What Jameis is famous for now almost has nothing to do with football. It was his eating-W’s stunt prior to the curb-stomping at the hands of the Saints last year in New Orleans.

At the time of the pregame-stunt gone bad, even Jameis’ teammates knew that act probably wasn’t well thought out. In a recent interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Bucs tight end Cameron Brate was asked about that and he confessed at the time even he winced at Jameis’ weird attempt to fire up his teammates.

“Hopefully that is something we can look at after we win a Super Bowl,” Brate said. “That is a ‘W’ I am willing to eat with Jameis.

“Hey, I’m not a big rah-rah guy. I kind of stay in the back. That [eating W’s] caught my attention a little bit. That was, yeah, a little bit confusing.”

Joe hopes that is not the lasting memory Bucs fans will have of Jameis. He needs wins, as does the entire team from the suits all the way down to the towel boys.

If Jameis starts racking up wins, meaningful wins, the eating-W’s display will hopefully fade away.

Without winning games this fall, Joe fears that could be the lasting memory Bucs fans have of Jameis’ days wearing pewter and red and alarm-clock numbers.

107 Responses to “The Lingering Effect Of Eating W’s”

  1. Maze Says:

    W’s and cockroaches

  2. kyle Says:

    im so embarrassed for jameis… he looked like a frigging idiot. I was a huge fan but he has really turned me off. Im starting to believe Lovie’s last screw job to the bucs was drafting this guy. I screamed for koetter to be fired but i almost feel like he’s in a bad spot. he didnt really want this guy in the first place, he wanted mariotta. I love the bucs but not confident in the leadership of the team right now.

  3. Topcoach78 Says:

    I get that most qb’s are the vocal leader on a team but it has to be and feel natural not to over the top like JW most stuff the natural vocal leaders do is not scripted or rehearsed it comes off the top in the moment they’ve talked him up so much as being leader this leader that he finds ways to try to win everyone over with the “eating W’s” foolishness which made the entire organization as a wholesale look like “wowww” this guy is kinda a dumba$$ maybe he should take D Jax advice and just fall back and stop trying to be “Americas Qb” and just try to be Tampas for a year or so and see how that works smh…

  4. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I’m not a Glazer…nor Licht so my opinion does not really count. Unless a critical mass of Buc fans start thinking and feeling like me…totally betrayed by spoiled rotten enabled athlete…who lied to us and still shows little sign of remorse.

    Now it’s Jameis against the world…does that include we Buc fans? Or perhaps just those of us who are over bonehead decision after bonehead decision?. Joe claimed Jameis is used to people hurling spears no matter what he does. Really?

    Again if Jameis had ONE major messup…we could get past it. If he showed the slightest sense of true remorse we could perhaps get past it. The sheer number of mess ups and allegations and drunken partying that resulted in two sex charges and he STILL believes the world is against him. You can’t make this stuff up. Jameis is the new Pacman.

  5. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    I’m confident Jameis will WIN us many W’s but that stunt looking back at it was odd. I’m sure even Jameis probably laughs at it now. But in the end if he just WINS and keeps his image clean he will have the last laugh. It’s all up to you Jaboo! Go Bucs!

  6. Bucsfan951 Says:

    When I saw him eat his hand, it turned me off so I could only imagine what the other players were thinking. Google a pic of him eating his hand and zoom in on Jackson. His face says it all!

  7. gotbbucs Says:

    I’ll never be able to get that moment out of my mind. It is burned in for eternity. Great QB’s don’t need to pull those stunts.

    Can you imagine Joe Montana pulling that crap? Tom Brady? Brett Favre?….the list goes on and on. We were looking for a king, and what we got was the court jester.

  8. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Joe says “What Jameis is famous for now almost has nothing to do with football. It was his eating-W’s stunt prior to the curb-stomping at the hands of the Saints last year in New Orleans.”

    Seriously? I disagree. What Jameis Winston, the Former Face-of-the-Franchise (FFF) is INfamous for is his inclination to be the center of sexual misconduct and other lessor controversy and lying about facts OFF the field to save his hide, and also the shady company he seems to keep at times. Unfortunately, his serious off-field misconduct will be what he’s remembered for, much more than for just being a dork.

    Jeeze, I WISH the only thing against FFF Winston was eating Ws and dusting it up between the whistles.

    And he’s not THAT good either.

  9. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    Wasn’t a big deal at the time. Silly? Absolutely. Do I think Jameis would be would be better off keeping it chill before games? Absolutely. But people will forget about it once the Bucs actually start to eat W’s.

  10. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Interesting take. While I certainly agree it’s sad for Koetter to have to deal with Fameis the conceited head case…I’m not sure MM would have made a giant difference.

    IMHO Fameis free of the stupid mistakes on the field as well as off would have been the right pick. I’m now starting to wonder if EITHER of these two top picks will really generate enough value to justify those super high picks and all the PR that went ahead of them.

    Three years in and neither of them have played like a #1 or #2 pick.

    At least MM is perceived as a good leader. Fameis can’t even take care of his own business much less lead others.

  11. AlteredEgo Says:

    Looks like he is picking one of those mating cockroaches out of his teeth….Gag me…

  12. Tom Edrington Says:

    Bozo, simply Bozo….clown leadership at QB

  13. JMan5 Says:

    Schwifty you mean when he’s gone.

  14. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I didn’t get the eating-W’s thing when it happened either. I thought it was stupid. But I also figured it was something the newer generation does. We all have our thing, and though my sons would laugh at me saying this, I try not to be a stick in the mud.

    But Jameis will be fine. People saying he will be cut are in for an awakening. If you honestly feel you can’t be a fan unless the Bucs cut him, then you may as well save yourself the time and stress and quit the team now. At the very least, we real Bucs fans will have some peace and quiet.

  15. Howard Cosell Says:

    Lol this kind of post draws haters like Terro liquid ant baits (which works really well by the way)

  16. OneBuc55 Says:

    Just WIN Baby!

  17. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    JMan5 Says
    “…you mean when he’s gone.”

    Don’t hold your breath. Jameis is under contract for the next 2 years, and by the time that runs out, he will have been clean for over five years. So if he is released at that point, it will not be because of this event.

  18. The Buc Realist Says:


    The “real” fans demand to have the JW3 confidence poll!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @Bonzai…FFF Winston hasn’t been “clean” for five weeks, much less five years, as lying to your owners, players, and fans is a big deal. If you want to count doing stupid things that hurt his image, it hasn’t been five days.

  20. OneBuc55 Says:

    I still believe in Jameis…

    I’ll never attempt to justify what happened in Arizona but some fans have totally gone overboard with the hate…Many forget that Brett Farve, Payton Manning, and Ben Rothlisberger all have had sexually explicit scandals…Not saying it’s ok, but many act as if Winston’s the first. I’ve also been young and dumb before too; I just hope Winston finally understands that with all the talent in the world, your biggest enemy is always the man in the mirror…

    At this point, Winston has to accept the fact that he’ll aways be loved by few and hated by many…His haters will continue to focus on the bad things he does on the field, and not give him credit for the good things he accomplishes… but ultimately, as long as he keeps his nose clean, keeps getting better every season, and “keeps eating W’s”, I’ll proudly wear my #3 Bucs jersey every Sunday…

  21. I Bleed Pewter Says:

    If Jameis would come out and be more of a game manager than a gunslinger he would do better. He has a plethora of talent around him without risking possessions on nearly every drive. Let his talented teammates make the difference. Instead of forcing the issue in the first half and putting the team in a hole, play smart and take what the defense gives you.

  22. BucNole Says:

    Stupid stunt that will only be erased by winning some football games.
    I too wish he would just take a chill pill to start games. . . let some of the guys on Defense fire up the team.
    I can only hope they dont do the stupid intros like they used to. . JW would get mercilessly booed.
    Maybe take a page out of the Pats book (you know winning teams) and dont introduce players at all – RUN OUT ON THE FIELD AS A TEAM!!!!

  23. I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    Don’t understand everyone saying”Jamies will be fine”!!! He’s 17 & 28. That to me isn’t fine! That to me is a loser!!! He is not that good really. Don’t get it!!!! Wish we could someway have gotten Foles. With the Receivers we have I could see how we could have been feared. Eatin W’s really! I’m with Meh….Cut him and start over at the QB position!

  24. Seminole Bill Says:

    BucsNole – at the first home game I think you’ll hear a huge cheer as Fitz is introduced

  25. Season Is Over Says:

    You know it is bad when even Flacco mocks you.

  26. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    You nailed it Roy…

  27. 2002WasALongTimeAgo Says:

    America’s Most Reviled Quarterback, 6th Alternate Pro Bowler Jameis Winston needs to at least pretend to be humble to decent people. There are reports that his bad behavior was noted THIS spring. Maybe he did quit drinking when he was suspended, who knows? Hopefully, the psychiatric treatments will work.

  28. Lamarcus Says:

    W. W. W.
    W. W. W. W
    W. W

  29. Roy T. Buford Says:

    The worst thing about that picture is the “C” on is chest. Hope we don’t see that this year. Disgraceful! Don’t see that from Brees, Ryan, Trubisky, Geoff!

    If this is how Former Face-of-the-Franchise (FFF) Winston acts when he’s not drinking…wow…wonder how he’d be drunk in a Uber and then take that same hand and… (should make anyone shudder)

  30. IsrBuc Says:

    Hopefully this is the last year we see these ugly ass uniforms regardless of JW.

    I traveled to RJ last year from Israel for the first time (been a fan for almost 20 years) and couldn’t bring myself to buy a jersey. I support Bobby Fenton’s fight against these ugly unis and the blind man who authorized them

  31. Pickgrin Says:

    Keep it up haters.

    Redemption is gonna be extra sweet once this team starts eating Ws 11 or 12 times a year and most all of you disappear and/or are forced to change your usernames because of how unbelievably judgmental you were of the Bucs star QB.

  32. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    For those of you thinking that Jameis is going to be cut. You are going to be sorely disappointed. He’s not going anywhere.

    And @TandyMan, your boy Keith Tandy’s record is 33-63. You clearly don’t judge him by that record, even though clearly Tandy hasn’t even come close to the amount of sustained production that Jameis has in his 3 year career.

    Jameis doesn’t rush the passer, Jameis doesn’t cover wider receivers, Jameis doesn’t tackle running backs, nor does he kick field goals or run the football. Judging a singular player by their win loss record is asinine. It takes an entire team of competent players, as well as a competent coaching staff to win in the NFL.

    In Jameis’ short tenure here, he’s been productive in every season, shown the ability to make incredible plays, and despite his poor decision making at times which leads to turnovers, he’s been the best QB the Bucs have ever had. And if you’ve been watching this team for more than 10 years and don’t think that’s true, then you’re either really dumb, or you have a piss poor memory.

    Simple as that.

  33. Pete I Says:

    Just another check mark on the America’s Choir Boy’s list of moronic, mindless, inane choices. What a horrible look. Eating W’s? Ugh

  34. Season Is Over Says:

    Haha. Those comments on the youtube video. This team is embarrassing.

  35. gilhealy Says:

    Insulting Joe is not nice. –Joe

  36. WutdaBucisthis Says:

    3 strong points
    1…NO more pregame speeches for #3
    2…The C comes off
    3… unis are horrid

  37. gilhealy Says:

    I actually don’t think about this at all. I do think about the Philly game, the Godwin pass, and the skill set of Jameis. But, thankfully, you and others like to play up all the negative aspects of Jameis. Pathetic and infantile. Evolve.

  38. I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    Schwifty….. 33 & 63..Where did you come up with that??? He was only a starter in 2016 and they were like 6 & 2 with Tandy having more interceptions and tackles than any Safety in the ZNFL during that 8 game stretch. Then your ZDumbass defensive coordinator sit him for Weedwhacker Ward and went 5 & 11. So that’s what’s real Schwifty. He has been on Bucs teams that have gone 33 & 63. That’s a little different than Jameis being 17 & 28 as a starter and making dumb decisions and throwing interceptions and grabbing crotches of little girls and lying about it. Keep upholding him man and get back to me after the 2018 season and we will talk about his performance!!!! I may be wrong but I may not !!

  39. SchwiftyBuc Says:


    He’s been on the team since 2012

  40. RODNEY J ALLEN Says:

    Honestly I still think he was high on pain killers from his injuries shoulder he shouldn’t have been playing with but yeah either way it was awkward AF

  41. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    Face it, your favorite player, for 85% of his career hasn’t even been good enough to be a starter on losing teams.

    And before you say he wasn’t playing the whole time, he absolutely has been playing on special teams and in back up duty since he’s been here. And the record of the bucs from 2012 til now is 33&63.

  42. I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    Oh and Schitwifty. Talking about piss poor memories. You remember a Quarterback named Doug Williams?? Jameis couldn’t wear his Jock Strap!! You my friend need to get real!!

  43. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    Doug Williams had 2 ok seasons with the Bucs. His first 2 seasons in Tampa were AWFUL, even for standards at the time. In 78 he threw for 1170 yards 7 Touchdowns and 8 picks with a 37.8% completion rate. 37.8! In 79, he threw for 2448 yards 18 touchdowns and 24 picks. I repeat 24 picks. And had a 41% completion rating. He never threw more than 20 touchdowns in a season. Never had more than a 54% completion rating in a season.

    The only truly special thing he did in his career was with Washington when in a mediocre season on a spectacular team coached by the legendary Joe Gibbs, when he played a great game in the Super Bowl. That’s it.

    His career and production with Tampa doesnt come close to what Jameis has done before the age of 24. Try again. And don’t say Steve Young either because he didn’t really become Steve Young until he went to SF and got coached up by another legendary coach by the name of Bill Walsh.

    Face it dude. Jameis is the best QB the Bucs have ever had. And they would be fools to cut ties with him at this point in his still very young career.

  44. I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    Ok Schwifty it’s your world! Kinda remind me of my Ex Wife that knew everything. Opinions are like rear ends, everyone has their own and ours look nothing alike!! You think Jameis is a stud and I think he’s a Dud and that’s ok!!!

  45. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    You’re the one giving opinions. Im giving you facts.

  46. OneBuc55 Says:

    Gotta love’em he’s America’s QB…

    If he had a consistent defense at the minimum he’d have more wins and possibly a few playoff appearances…Many of Jameis’ haters chooses not to acknowledge how bad the Bucs Defense has been since he arrived…With the exception of an 8 or 9 game run in 2016 the Bucs Defense has been a hot mess for years now…No pass-rush and no pass defense…But whatever, haters gonna hate…

  47. I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    No Schwifty I gave you facts on Tandy ….6 & 2 as a Starter and led the NFL in tackles and Interceptions during that span!!! Winston 17 & 28 as a Starter. As a holder of a Rank one in Education , I think as a Starter Tandy’s winning percentage would be 75 % and Winston’s as a Starter would be 37%. Now I know Winston has started more games than Tandy and that may be a bit skewed in comparison. But those facts are real. So the way I see it your spitting opinions as well. You think he’s a stud and I think he’s a Dud.

  48. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    They should have cut him after that!

  49. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    Again, you’re choosing to ignore the FACT that 2nd of 2016 for Tandy was a flash in the pan. He’s never ever even come close to playing like that at any other point in his now 6 year long career. And that his over-all record as a Buc is much worse.

    Apparently in your mind one year wonders aren’t a thing that happens on a regular basis in sports. Shoot Trench Richardson had a very good rookie year, and is now considered to be one of the biggest bust’s of all time.

    Also not that it matters or will change your mind, because you clearly already have it made up, but Jameis’ record is 18-27.

  50. Ndog Says:

    Man you guys are so weak minded. Being a part of this fan base is embarrassing. You want to gid rid the best QB we have ever had over a pregame speech? No wonder we suck cause idiot owners listen to our idiot fans. Just like everyone wanted Talib, Blount, Steve Young, Bennett and Vinny gone. You people are clueless! !!

  51. SchwiftyBuc Says:



  52. Bobby M. Says:

    He throws a football, not to be confused with rocket scientist

  53. Stanglassman Says:

    Are fans are way more embarrassing on a daily biases than JW3’s pregame speech. No one mentioned it until espn decided to play it in a loop for a entire week.
    Doug Williams? Are you Kidding me. I love the guy but I clearly remember how bad he was his first few years. Our entire row use to chant “think Dougie think” when he made bone head plays and when he went back to pass we would all hold hands and prey it wouldn’t go over the extended WR head by five yards, again. Once he started finally playing better was when Culverhouse said he wouldn’t pay a black guy 100k a season and he was gone.

  54. Buc believer Says:

    NDOG is the voice of reason!!!

  55. WestminsterCoBucsFan Says:

    I’m looking forward to a great season from the bucs and jameis. I get the eating w’s thing because when you eat crab legs that often you get butter fingers and cant hang on to the ball. At least he’s trying not to fumble. Looking forward to seeing him week 4 against the bears, with a smile on his face and a c on his chest. Go bucs. Go jameis.

  56. Sumo Says:

    Jameis will never be any good till he quits giving the ball to the other team. If he can’t clean that up, he’ll only be average. This “gunslinger” crap gotta go.

  57. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    It’s ok everyone because the owners listen to fans who actually pay for season tickets and go to the games. They already know I am in full support of the Bucs and Jameis and I bet their are more fans in the stands who feel the same as I. Most fans wanting Jameis cut probably are not from Florida and have a second team so they are not true fans of one team and could probably care less what happens to our Bucs. I say walk the plank and go Bucs!

  58. Stanglassman Says:

    NDog and others who defend JW3 on the field play just realize there are lots of fans out here like myself who read the crap these guys writing and just laugh. We realize they were the same ones who didn’t like (even St Pete BF) Jameis before the draftt and have been tepid JW3 fans if at all since. They are just hiding behind the Az incident that happened 9 months after we drafted him. We will never know what exactly happened that night but we do know it wasn’t something JW3 and Buc fans in general could or should be proud of. So we wait and let Jameis’s last 2 1/2 years and future on and off the field acts speak louder than we could ever.

  59. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Oh and someone who defends Keith Tandy that much obviously lost all credibility in what they say going forward. What a joke!

  60. Stanglassman Says:

    The entire offense pregame meal must have been buttery crab legs then because when you break down all 15 fumbles there was plenty of blame to spread around. If you really want to know the facts go to link below.

    QB-Center Exchange: 6 (1, 2, 3, 5?, 6, 14)

    OL gets beat: 4 (7, 12, 13, 15)

    QB-Skill Player Exchange: 2 (4, 10)

    Winston trying to be a hero: 2 (8, 9?)

    RB gets beat: 1 (11)

  61. Stanglassman Says:

    Joes may not let me share the reddit page of the 1-15 fumbles last season but here is the breakdown. Really worth a look for those who really want to know why the 15 fumbles happened and how it effected each game.

    QB-Center Exchange: 6 (1, 2, 3, 5?, 6, 14)

    OL gets beat: 4 (7, 12, 13, 15)

    QB-Skill Player Exchange: 2 (4, 10)

    Winston trying to be a hero: 2 (8, 9?)

    RB gets beat: 1 (11)

  62. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “Nor is it his fumble-six against the Packers in his first game back after a three-game absence with a shoulder injury last year.” Yet another excuse for Jameis’ performances Joe? Is that to imply that his shoulder may not have been completely healed, thus the ‘fumble’? (Actually it was just a DUMB play). Since the final score was 26-20, that 7 pts Jameis gave up with that fumble cost us the game (doesn’t REALLY matter WHEN the pts are scored, does it?). His other fumble (and that of our Ctr, Evan Smith) didn’t help much either, although Jameis did recover both of those himself.

    What’s incredible to me is that there was NO WAY the Bucs should’ve lost that game, and yet we did. Bucs had 37 mins time-of-possession in regulation to only 23 mins TOP for the Packers. Jameis had a decent game (21-for-32, 270 yds passing with 2 TDs and 0 INTs) BUT … those fumbles killed us AND he was sacked SEVEN times. We ended up settling for TWO short FGs (had we scored on either of those the game never would’ve gone into regulation). Defense gave up 19 pts, but it also came up with an INT that gave the offense good field position (but they did nothing with it). I say again: Bucs should NEVER have lost that game … and yet we did.

  63. I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    I’m tired and 87!!! You 87 and senile?? Just stating facts Brother. Tandy hasn’t signed 3 times now with the Bucs cause he’s a Chump! When he played he was productive. Can’t make Coaches play him but these guys we call Coaches will be out after this season if they put all their marbles in on Conte and Jameis! You don’t have to read my post but I hope I have to eat crow after the Season because I love the Bucs. But things have to change from what they have been the last two years or we will all be on here crying the blues. Just one mans opinion!! Credible or not to you!! Over and Out.

  64. Jeffbuc Says:

    Oh yes Roy how dare he lie to us. He is a football player not a priest. That right there shows me you had it out for him from the get go. I can’t believe a football lied to me. Like he was personally talking to you. Get over your petty self. How many times you lied in your life to save your own behind. And if you say none you are lying to all of us you hypocrites.

  65. Jeffbuc Says:

    I just do t want a liar being the face of our franchise he lied to me. Boo hoo hoo I cant believe he lied to me. I was suppose to be special to him. I was such an important person in his life and he just betrayed my trust and lied to me. I just can’t sleep at night it has me so upset. Why jameis why did you lie to me. To all of us. You don’t deserve to play football anymore you did the ultimate no no and lied to me. Roy that is what you sound like. Grow up and quit being a hater.

  66. stpetebucsfan Says:


    You are simply incorrect. Like everyone I had questions about Jameis judgement.
    It wasn’t just “allegations”. It was facing a RAPE allegation and still shouting FHITP but 87 convinced me in our pre draft debates that Jameis was just immature and he had learned his lesson.

    Dang…AGAIN…we’re 11 days from training camp. Would anybody here be upset if Jameis went out drinking…got blind drunk..hung with Darby and a convicted rapist next week? That would be OK? Seriously?

    What a freaking copout. When you have NO defense you simply call those who are stating the OBVIOUS hating. If there was any hate it’s the way Fameis treats strange women and his team and fans. I get so tired of the misuse of the word hate…our society is going down the crapper because NOTHING means anything anymore and if the truth hurts you simply call it hate or fake news.

    Does anybody from the TOP down in America take any responsibility for their actions and words anymore? It’s always somebody else with fake news or simply hating. What a lamearse copout. Get some responsibility and hold people ACCOUNTABLE!

  67. BucEmUp Says:

    safe to say that’s the last time he does that

  68. BigMacAttack Says:

    The eating Ws display was pure d Jameis. That’s who he is. If the Bucs really did their homework as they say, that came as no surprise. He will do it again or something similar. Again, that’s who he is. I also hope his play can overshadow his idiosyncrasies. Jameis is best when you let him be Jameis. Dirk should have figured that out by now, but he’s not that smart. Jameis don’t run. Jameis stay in the pocket. Jameis take the check down. Jameis run the play I called. Dirk you’re an idiot. O

  69. Capt.Tim Says:

    Jameis will be thought of as a sex offender
    Which is exactly what he is

    Ndog- I dont think fans get to trade or cut players.
    Dont think they get consulted about personel decisions either

  70. stpetebucsfan Says:

    This morning’s threads have a kernel of the future in them.

    The largest number of responses came on the Jameis eats W’s thread. And it’s not even close.

    For better or worse Jameis is the face of the franchise. It’s not hate or any other lamearse excuse that has fans upset. It’s the moronic ACTIONS taken by our QB on and off the field.

    Many like me were certainly willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on the field although he’s certainly done things moronic there as well…the N.O. game where he got ME suspended and most of all when he went after the official and Shelton Quarles saved his boneheaded arse. If he gets to that official with that crazy look in his eyes…turn out the lights the party’s over.

    Some believe that despite the fact that Jameis has done stupid stuff on and off the field since he first arrived in Tallahassee. Remember when Jimbo had to jerk him off the field and give him a stern lecture.

    This has gone on EVERY year since Fameis graduated high school. It’s still going on…he lied to us this year and shows NO sign of real remorse.

    Some here think it’s hating to simply point out the obvious. Other are certain that Fameis will reverse these years of moronic choices and on field bad decisions. Other feel history is the best predictor of the future.

    But it doesn’t matter which side you take…this is not going away this year….and it’s NOT MY FAULT or desire nor that of any other so called “hater” who have simply seen enough BEHAVIOR to make an informed decision.

  71. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @JeffBuc…how does me taking issue with his lying show anything? Don’t be ridiculous. Lie to me, all I will do is stop supporting the player–big deal, and maye the organization if they don’t deal with him accordingly over the next two years. But lie to the owners, the community, fan base as a whole, and that’s pretty serious stuff. I gave him an honest chance. The benefit of the doubt. And he screwed all of us. We didn’t draft him to be the face of the franchise and QB to be not be around when the season starts. Those aren’t my rules. So yet again, he screwed his team. If you can’t see that then it’s probably one reason that guys like Winston never learn.

  72. NPR SageBoy Says:

    Let’s face it; if he doesn’t straighten out and grow up, he’s gone. Best QB we ever had or not

  73. DB55 Says:


    BigMacAttack gets it.

    I love Tandy, really do, but if he can’t straight up beat out Conte there’s no way you can compare him to Winston. Conte has to be the softest and weakest Safety in the league (probably why so many “real” fans like him)

    SPBF keeps posting that jw has been charged twice, I think he means he was accused twice.

    I’m still trying to figure out how he lied to the team. He lied bc the lady’s story was “credible and consistent”? Or bc Banks said he lied? More importantly I wonder how many of his teammates really give a darn.

    “He grazed his fingers over my lap”. “It was not an accident”.
    Narrator ***it was indeed an accident***

    I’m hoping and praying that Licht can come to his senses and sign Tim Tebow. This way he can give these “real fans” exactly what they want. A 48% completion percentage with 17 TDS and 9 Ints in 35 games with what 12 wins?
    That is a buc man if I’ve ever seen one.

  74. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @SPBF…good post as usual. It’s funny how folks like to chock it up to hating, you never supported him, you are racist, you’re a liberal, you’re a conservative, all of it. You are right. At the end of the day, Winston has managed to run the range of finding trouble (big and small), hanging around the wrong guys (which really tells me who he is), getting involved in sexual mischief well outside of where even the vast majority of NFL celebs never go, and then lying to those who trusted him. And in return, what good has he brought?

    I will differ with you a bit on this: Winston had a chance to be the face-of-the franchise, and that was shaping up, but that’s not his call, not the fans call, or the players call. It’s the owners’ call. I am pretty confident they will phase him out by end of next year. Homie didn’t even go two weeks without publicly doing something stupid agaion. I’d even expect they push to restructure his deal this year because if he gets hurt at all and can’t pass a physical first of the league year in March, it will cost them $20.5M. If something else comes out this year, they’ll cut him. If nothing does, I bet they still move on within the year, on the basis of what’s good for the franchise first, and then the team. It will come down to if they think he’s worth it. So far, definitely not. So my take is as face of the franchise, you will not see or hear that so much out of One Buc Place at all this year. I’m pretty sure the Bucs will realize they can indeed find a QB who can play as well or better than Winston and also be reliable to be there for the team when they need him.

  75. DB55 Says:

    Homie didn’t even go two weeks without publicly doing something stupid agaion.
    I’ll ask you again, homie, did you watch the video? Are you capable of finding the video and watching it? Or are you just spewing nonsense bc it makes you feel good about yourself?

  76. Ndog Says:

    Just for the record here are all the QBs the Titans beat last year. Briset twice, Savage, Flacco, Dalton, Bortles twice, Wilson, and Kessler. WOW IMPRESSIVE

  77. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Redditt is just a poster trying to interpret Jameis’s turnovers. Two people can watch the sameplay and have two different interpretations.

  78. Ex-Buc Fan Says:

    After giving it some thought I have decided to move on from the Buccaneers. I started to root for this team 20 years ago and it has given me a lot of joy. Specially when they won the superbowl against the Raiders which is my brother’s team. However, this Jameis situation has put me off. First it was the accussations when he was at FSU and now again the same issue. It’s only football and I won’t stand for a guy who has his values mixed up. So I came to this forum to waive goodbye to the Bucs fanbase. Cheers!

  79. DB55 Says:

    Lol ndog

    These guys don’t watch film or games. They don’t read material witness statements or watch source video of a blatantly bias article. They read headlines, get on their high horse and spew hatred all day and all month long.

    Call Tim Tebow, Tampa needs more choir boys to play along McIceCream and hopefully some days soon return to their roots, 0-16. This way they won’t be embarrassed.


    The sad part is that the Bucs aren’t even the owners favorite franchise. Lol.

  80. Not there yet Says:

    I am a fan of Winston but not like I was before because the bottom line is if you aren’t winning games for my team I don’t want you here. The only person that speech made sense to was Winston, the sad party is he say at home and thought it up first. I can forgive it all if he’s winning but I really want more than anything is for him to really shut up and play, the defense no longer needs your energy….. Worry about the offense and let the defense get themselves fired up as long as gmc isn’t giving speeches they’ll have a good year

  81. Jeffbuc Says:

    All I’m saying Roy is be mad at him for groping a women quit bringing up he lied to us. He is suspended for groping the chick. Not for lying to us. Im not mad for a guy lying to us to save his own butt. He hoped it would get swept under the rug. It’s human nature to do what he did. Talking about the lying. I have lied you have lied joe has lied Ryan Fitzpatrick has lied. You said pathetic by keep saying can’t believe he lied to us like he owes you anything. He is a human first. People have done a lot worse and have been forgiven. You just sound like a whiny girl to me with how dare he lie to me. I just lied to my father in law the food he made was gross. But I still said sure I want some to go it was delicious. Everyone lies it’s easier than telling the truth sometimes. So I’m not going to fault a kid for lying when I have done worse. And you know you have to so quit judging. You probably are a racist but are lying to your self and everyone else that you aren’t. You hate jameis you hated him when we drafted him and you have waited for something like this to happen. Did he mess up yes. Did he let the team down yes. But come week 4 he has all my support. And I’m all for him being great because the better he is the better the bucs are. So people trying to be the moral police when they know they aren’t perfect is what pisses me off. You have hit on girls inappropriately you have lied so you are no better and are in no position to judge. So quit roasting the kid every post. He is t going anywhere no matter how important you think your post are so support him like it or not. He is your qb of the future. You sound like a jilted Democrat saying he is not my president. Yeah you are a citizen of the United States of America he is your president. You are a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers he is your quarterback.

  82. JameisNOT Says:

    @Ndog: JameISNOT managed to beat his own team last year, 10 times by his poor play on the field. I was at the NOLA game when he pulled this W crap, along with his other sideline antics. He cannot lead a team of men.

  83. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Man to think I used to respect you. You’ve lost your mind and apparently your reading comprehension.

    Fameis has enough fluffers already. I’ve NEVER said Fameis was charged I’ve always added he was “alleged” to have done the two sexual crimes.

    Furthermore I’ve repeatedly said I’m willing to stipulate we were not there for either of the ALLEGED CRIMES so we do not know who was lying Fameis or the two women.

    What we DO know is one year after FHITP and ALLEGED rape and paying off the ALLEGED victim he was out acting a total fool.

    And so DB55 man up and tell me your OK if Jameis wants to go out this coming week…it’s his time off he’s free to do want he wants…TC doesn’t start for another 11 days…so you got no problem with Jameis going out with Darby for a third try and getting in major trouble with nasty ALLEGATIONS and also allegedly hanging with a CONVICTED RAPIST. You apparently and some others here would have no problem with Jameis out blackout drunk till 3AM. Cell phone video of the event spreads on social media and TMZ and others but it’s not a problem right?

    What would have happened DB if wild eyed Jameis had gotten to that official and Shelton Quarles hadn’t got there in time.

    How many “alleged” infractions mixed with perhaps a half dozen other actual factual messups does he get?

    DB55 have you ever heard the term enabling? That’s what has happened to spoiled rotten baby Jameis all his life and why? Because he’s cured cancer?
    No because he was blessed with size and a gun for an arm.

    But apparently all the fame and adulation went to his head and he simply is unable to behave properly.

    Will he win some more games…absolutely…is he trustworthy? Absolutely not if you judge his ACTIONS and not the words from his obsequious sycophants.

  84. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @Jeff…I can be and should be and will be steamed because he lied to the world. He can’t be trusted. You can’t support an organization where the main guy is a lying, unreliable, loser.

    If you can’t see that, I can’t help you…and don’t really care.

  85. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    @Roy T. Buford

    Tom Brady’s destroyed cellphone says different. Or how about spygate for that matter?

  86. Orlampa Turd Says:

    I actually liked it. I also liked Dennis Miller on MNF.

  87. BrianBucs Says:

    Winston made himself look really ignorant at that moment. You could tell by the look on his teammates’ faces that they were confused and embarrassed.
    Winston will always be doing something to embarrass and humiliate this franchise and it’s fan base

  88. BigMacAttack Says:

    We got about a month to preseason right? Thank goodness. Something meaningful to talk about. Good job keeping it going 365 here. I couldn’t do it, just so much bs to wade through.
    No seriously, I think we’re going to be just fine with and without Jameis.

    I hate the Saints and we have to beat them down.

  89. Ndog Says:

    JameisNOT your last comment just proves your bias and cluelessness. Jameis was OUTSTANDING vs Buffalo and Atlanta and had us in position to beat Carolina, GB and NE (more yards same amount of TD passes and less turnovers than Brady). Since you probably can’t count that puts us at 10 wins with any kind of defense and kicking game but yeah he costs us 10 losses.

  90. DB55 Says:


    drunken partying that resulted in two sex charges
    It was in your first post on this article. I’m confident I’ve seen it in previous articles either today or yesterday. I’m happy to find them and post them if you wish. Lmk.

  91. Joe Says:

    drunken partying that resulted in two sex charges

    No charges have ever been filed with police authorities.

    But please do carry on with your narrative that we have the next Son of Sam walking amongst us.

  92. JMan5 Says:

    I want to win so bad that i’ll support a proven liar, diddler and scumbag because he throws foosballs well!


    Jaboob supporters

  93. Ndog Says:

    JameisNOT so you really believe Jameis costs us the game vs NE when he threw for more yards, the same amount of TDs and less turnovers than Brady? Or when he outplayed Matt Ryan by throwing for more yards and 2 more TDs than Ryan did with no turnovers? Or when he only had 12 incomplete passes with 384 yards and 3 TDs vs the Bills while leading the offense to 27 points, 14 in the 4th quarter? So he caused those losses? Dude rip him for being a idiot off the field if you wish but this team losing has a lot more to do with the defense, Doug Martin and Nick Folk than Jameis.

  94. BringBucsBack Says:

    Jameis:…that’s a “W”! Ya’ll want to eat a “W” today!

    Players: Yea!

    Jameis: High Five…!

    Players: Naw dude, we’re good.

  95. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Goodnight Stpetebucfan the one who used to preach positivity everyday. Go Bucs!

  96. stpetebucsfan Says:

    OK busted on misuse of the word “charged”. The girls do not count as legal charges so I stand corrected.

    I try to put alleged but if I forgot that is my mistake.

    Again though I’m not the morality police here. NOBODY here knows what happened with Kinsman or Kate. It’s all speculation whether you call them allegations or charges.

    But there are enough FACTS about repeated bad judgment both ON and off the field. The women are just a backdrop to a much larger reputation.

    I can tell all of you this from just watching life over the past 70 years. Going out with guys with questionable character as in a convicted rapist and getting blackout drunk will expose any of you…ALL of us to a dangerous situation..and as far as I know none of us has to manage the celebrity that goes with being an NFL QB.

    I do not defend Jameis with the two women nor do I judge him because I do not know unlike some here who must have been there those nights I freely admit I have no idea what happened.

    But I could type two more posts on WHAT has happened and been documented.
    If you examine that behavior…the ACTIONS…then the lying…Jameis simply has proven himself untrustworthy.

    I get the upset….we all though Jameis was the answer to our QB prayers. I just have my doubts. Look at today’s threads. This one on Jameis is far, far ahead of the rest for number of posts. This is not going away even if I or Roy or many others here disappeared. Don’t mean to be the grinch who stole Xmas but…

    Remember I’ve been on the record frequently defending Jameis athletic ability and potential…it’s his lack of trustworthiness that bothers me. There are other QB’s and I DO remain positive. I think we’re building a good team here. If we have to go back to the last great team and build this beast with defense.

    And there ARE other QB’s…everybody keeps bringing up Foles and he’s obvious but there are others just have to look. How did the Niners get Garapolo from the Pats?

  97. BrianBucs Says:

    So Kinsman and Kate were both lying?

    Personally, I always thought the Publix Crab Leg’ s side of the story smelled a little fishy

  98. DB55 Says:

    I freely admit I have no idea what happened.
    Then why repeat the same thing over and over again? Your disappointment has been noted. But, JW has NEVER be charged with ANYTHING. That’s all we know.

  99. Pete I Says:

    Hasn’t benn charged but has been found guilty by his employer and by public opinion. His only aupport is 50% of Bucs fans in Tampa, the rest of the nations sees America’s Choir Boy as bad news and nothibg but trouble. Oh and mediocre at best on the field.

  100. JameisNOT Says:

    @NDog: stats are for losers. Can JW look into his players eys at crunch time and demand excellence? Can he push them when they feel beaten? Can he will his team to “break down the wall”? The answer is NO!!! He lost a large percentage of his team last year with his childish on the field antics and many more with his offfield (Uber) incident, and then a few more by trying to cover it up with lies. His best option for success in the NFL would be to get a fresh start with another team or grab the clipboard and learn how to lead!!!

    I speak the truth, I am the truth, and the truth hurts!

  101. Dan Says:

    Another example of so much talk and no action. Classic Jameis. Classic Bucs ownership. Classic Bucs coaching. And sadly if we stand behind this guy classic Bucs fans. Go Bucs. Move on.

  102. JameisNOT Says:

    Pete: go with 20% support. MANY Bucs supporting bars across the country have also changed their team to a different NFL team.

  103. D-Rome Says:

    Joe, this picture is now my favorite JBF picture of all time. Previously it was Jameis’s deer in the headlights look at a press conference taken his rookie year.

  104. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Roy T. Buford Says
    “@Bonzai…FFF Winston hasn’t been “clean” for five weeks, much less five years, as lying to your owners, players, and fans is a big deal. If you want to count doing stupid things that hurt his image, it hasn’t been five days.”

    Prove it.

  105. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says
    “Don’t understand everyone saying”Jamies will be fine”!!! He’s 17 & 28. That to me isn’t fine! That to me is a loser!!!”

    Because you are putting the losing all on him, when in fact he kept leading the team from behind to take the lead late in games. It was the defense which blew the games, the defense and in some cases the kicking.

    He did his part. In fact, the entire offense did enough to have a winning record last year. The defense lost 4 comeback from behind games, which would have made them 9-7 at worst.

    You cannot hold that against Jameis.

  106. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The problem here is the haters lack the facts to back them up. Everything is circumstantial. They speak like they have facts, but they really do not.


  107. jmarkbuc Says:


    How did the Niners get Garapolo from the Pats?

    Best up and coming GM in the league, that’s how…That’s where we really missed out.