Koetter: JPP Is A Beast

July 29th, 2018


It was one of the better quotes Joe heard this past offseason.

After the welcome-to-Tampa presser for newly acquired DE Jason Pierre-Paul, Chris Torello of Spectrum Sports asked JPP about his ability to stop the run. JPP’s grin quickly turned to a frown and JPP’s eyes grew wide as he glared at Torello saying, “Don’t come my way with the ball.”

JPP has sort of flown under the radar as a pretty solid run-stopper. But don’t tell that to Dirk Koetter, who thinks JPP is a damn good run-stopper. Yesterday after practice, Koetter was asked about JPP’s run game and he just oohed and ahhed.

“He anchors, he sets the edge, his length, he’s hard to get into his body,” Koetter said. “He’s got those long arms, and then he’s so powerful.

“I was just watching a clip [Saturday] on a big play where the tight end slices back across the line, [the Giants, JPP’s old team] were playing the [Los Angeles] Rams last year. He just picked the tight end up and walked him right back into the ball carrier.”

Folks don’t know how terribly Joe wants JPP to rock quarterbacks’ worlds. And if JPP can stop the run this well — he’s been logging some practice snaps at tackle — the more he and the Bucs can keep offensive lines guessing and worn out, the better.

The way Joe sees it, if the Bucs are going to survive life without America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, as he serves his three-game sentence, the defensive line cannot be just good, it has to be dominant.

11 Responses to “Koetter: JPP Is A Beast”

  1. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Kobe sees JPP as the first malcontents when we go 0-3. JPP knows he is a 1 year rental and will be going 80% from the middle of the season to conserve his body for next years new team”

    The Kobe Realist

  2. Buc believer Says:

    JPP will finally teach Batman what a REAL football player looks like instead of the cartoon character that has been force fed to us over the years and sadly enjoyed by too many Buc fans and media alike.

  3. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    We can always count on you KB for some uplifting thoughts, lol

  4. Tampa Bay Demon Says:


  5. teacherman777 Says:

    No he won’t!!

    If he puts bad film up this year, he’s toast!

    If he wants to stay in the NFL, he will need to keep looking like Julius Peppers!

    By the way, JPP is one of the best DE’s of all-time.

    Why has nobody realized that JPP and GMC were drafted in the same year?

    They are soul-mates! GMC and JPP gonna take us to the Promised Land!

  6. Not there yet Says:

    Nostradamus is alive and well, actually there are a million fake copies predicting the first 3 games as if they have already been played and lost. But ok I’ll let the ignorant keep talking about how it’s impossible to beat the saints because it’s not like we’ve beat them before right? Make any team one dimensional by stopping the run they can be best especially the saints.

  7. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Have you guys ever been around truly elite athletes? They are sick. When they lose they mope for weeks and they’ll do anything to win. EVERYTHING else becomes a mere distraction.

    JPP could care less about opinions and salaries…he’s already fabulously wealthy and certainly he and his family are set for life.

    So what motivates him what drives him? What he’s always had before the fame and the money…that inner obsession to win…to BEAT his opponent…whoever is standing in front of him.

    Kobe…JPP laughs his arse off at your silly comment.

  8. Waterboy Says:

    Folks don’t know how terribly Joe wants JPP to rock quarterbacks’ worlds.

    You and me both!! I want to see this defensive line start to bully some teams.

  9. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Let me state this 1 more time.

    There is NO REPECT for the owners, front office and Koetter. JPP skips OTAs though he lives around the corner because he knows all involved with Tampa is SOFT and PUSHOVERS… JPP wouldnt dare to skip OTAs to the Maras and Gettleman

    It all starts from the TOP…

    We need a fierce no nonsense accountable leader at 1 buc place”

    Kobe Faker

  10. Broy34 Says:

    So an article about JPP being a beast turns into a loser saying he’s coasting for next year. That dude is one of the few guys we don’t have to worry about slacking. But “Kobe Faker” knows everything of course

  11. Jeffbuc Says:

    Yeah Kobe the wise one he knows all. He will be the first malcontent if we start losing. But last years what was the giants record. Did t they draft second overall. And yet there was no malcontent last year. But the great kobe says all of the sudden this year there will be. When he knows he is on a team who has the longest playoff drought in the nfc. And his giants were picked last year to win the division after winning 11 the year before. But he will be a distarction thais year because of why exactly what leads you to even say these things with no proof that he has ever acted this way before. Didn’t you say in a previous article that he was washed up. You just say things just to sound stupid to see how many people will respond to your ignorance. And I bit. Because you don’t have any real knowledge to bring to the conversation so you go with outrageous statements just to be heard.