“Jameis Is A Starting Quarterback For A Reason”

July 16th, 2018

Stands behind America.

In one week, Bucs rookies will report for training camp. Three days later, the first practice of training camp commences and the 2018 season will be on.

Since NFL strongman Roger Goodell issued his three-game sentence to America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, to start the season, there have been more than a few vocal fans screaming to run Jameis out of town. Some, including internationally famous JoeBucsFan.com columnist Ira Kaufman, even suggest that if the Bucs come out of the first three games with a winning record, Jameis should be benched.

Well, Joe thinks this notion is patently absurd. And if anyone believes this could possibly come true, Bucs tight end Cam Brate threw cold water on such a thought recently.

Brate appeared on “The Blitz,” heard exclusively on SiriusXM NFL Radio co-hosted by Brady Quinn and Brian (not George) Custer. There, Brate admitted running through the toughest three-game gauntlet an NFL team has faced to open a season in the Super Bowl era will be quite a challenge.

But no matter how the Bucs survive life without Jameis to start the season, Jameis is your Buccaneers starting quarterback, baby.

“It is going to be tough,” Brate said. “Jameis is a starting quarterback for a reason. He’s the leader of our team. You know, it is unfortunate for us that he is going to be out the first three games but luckily we’ve got a guy like Ryan Fitzpatrick who has kind of seen it all in the NFL. We won two games with him starting last year. He is going to step in and do a great job. …

“It is not the way we wanted for the season to start without Jameis, but we have guys who are going to step up and put us in a good spot to win some games.

Brate also noted the players Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht added for the defense will certainly help matters.

So if you are one of the vocal minority (majority?) hollering for Jameis to be benched if the Bucs are 2-1 during Jameis’ suspension, prepare yourself for depression and disappointment.

54 Responses to ““Jameis Is A Starting Quarterback For A Reason””

  1. Pete I Says:

    He sure is, perhaps for the wrong reasons. But there are always reasons.

  2. Buddy Says:

    Man, I for one am going to be grateful he’s back on that field ASAP!

    We have NO CHANCE without the best quarterback we have EVER had.

    Glad to have him back…..


  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I agree that Jameis will start game 4….perhaps game 5 no matter what the Bucs record…..he is our starting QB….like it or not.

    Again, I suggest all those who want him gone….watch him when he returns, then see how you feel….see if you are rooting for him to succeed so the team will do well…..Jameis needs to win. Koetter needs to win. The Bucs need to win.

  4. Roy T. Buford Says:

    For Brate’s part, those are great supportive words from a very good, solid Bucs player who is likely going to be #2 on the depth for his position this year. No one would expect Brate to say anything different than that (especially since Brate likely needs to keep working with the guy who’s already got an on-field and off-field relationship with him).

    Whoever the Bucs put in at starting QB for any game, including Former Face-of-the-Franchise (FFF) Jameis Winston, I hope that person gets a scoring drive every time he gets the ball; I hope that person escapes injury and prospers. I’m a Bucs fan.

    However, brace for this one Joe and others: Jameis cannot be the starting QB when he cannot be the starting QB because he is suspended. He is not available for his team because of his personal conduct, and this has happened before in college, and he’s also gotten his own star players suspended (Evans) because he can’t control himself. The Bucs cannot count on Jameis Winston.

    For the record (and I’ve said it before), I’m not calling for Winston to be benched. I’m calling for him to be phased out (probably over the next year or so) in favor of bringing someone in (draft or otherwise) who can lead this team (Joe “himself” agrees Winston is not a leader given recent articles) and be reliable to be there when he’s needed. I’m also saying Winston does not deserve to be team captain this year, and needs to earn it all back.

    The Bucs need to put the QB on the field (when he’s not hurting his team by being suspended) who gives them the best chance to win–that’s an easy one. But Winston has dug a deep hole for himself with regards to being the face of the franchise, on being the leader of the team, on being a guy who can unite a fan base and make those around him better, on being who the Bucs want to identify with as their brand. The Bucs CAN find a QB who performs as well or better then Winston who also doesn’t have sexual misconduct and general character questions constantly associated with him. It is a fair statement that almost four years in, compared to the actual #2 overall pick for Winston’s class, the Bucs blew it again.

  5. 1sparkybuc Says:


  6. Roy T. Buford Says:

    ^^^^^ Winston should work to makes posts like mine that get to his character and his poor leadership and his lack of honesty and reliability not be needed. Instead, some continue to coddle him and make execuses for him as if it’s Winston or no one to QB the Bucs–enabling Winston’s continued losing ways, on and off the field.

    The only question I have is how long before Jameis Winston does something stupid again, and what will that be? When will he hurt his team yet again?

  7. JameisNOT Says:

    The big problem here is that JameisNOT was handed the starting position and he never had to earn it. He racks up stats for n games in which he has put the entire team behind the eight ball. He has let the Bucs fan base and teammates down in a big way. He should be stripped of his captain title and now have to earn the starting position again.

  8. meh Says:

    Cut him.

  9. Walter Seidel Says:

    TampaBayBucFan……….I do not care how he performs when and if he returns. He’s dead to me. And Buford mentions when will he do something stupid again….and all I can think is that he probably HAS done something else stupid since the Uber sexual assault. We just don’t know about it yet. (Just like the Uber assault was kept quite for over two years…..and his team mates are so damn aware.)

  10. Bucsfanman Says:

    IMO, this season is a “try-out” to see if he will be the starting QB for the Bucs beginning in 2019. Suspension aside, can we honestly say that this is the guy for the next ten years. Think about it.
    He will start. If the Bucs fail to win games, heads will roll! Including his.

  11. The Buc Realist Says:


    No reason to put a question mark behind minority (majority?)!!!!!!!!!!!

    The “real” fans demand the JW3 Confidence Poll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Jim Says:

    OK, he’s a starting QB for a reason, but for what reason is he “America’s Quarterback”? Please explain.

  13. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Cut him. Trade him. Get rid of him. The sooner the better.

  14. Buc believer Says:

    @RoyBuford….. more people would read your responses if they were shorter than the actual JBF post. Stop bloviating.

  15. Destinjohnny Says:

    No one is saying jameis is a bust
    He can for sure play
    He just isn’t a top 10 qb

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    Gotta disagree Joe … IF the Bucs go 2-1 (or who knows, 3-0) to start the season, Fitz will get to start the 4th game. It’d be dumb for Koetter to bench a winning QB for one who hadn’t been on the team for 3 weeks. Besides, Jameis has had the starting position handed to him on a platter for too many years … Time for him to EARN IT BACK. It’d make him appreciate it much more. I personally don’t take it as a GIVEN that Jameis is our franchise QB going forward any longer. He dug a deep hole for himself … AND HIS TEAM … with his immature antics (TRUST being the biggest issue going forward).

  17. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @BucBeliever…point taken. Not necessary.

  18. ChanEpic Says:

    Earning back trust… I don’t know if he is capable of that and I am/continue to be a big fan of JW’s POTENTIAL to be a great QB. I’m beginning to question his ability to understand what IS trustworthy or not. He’s had plenty of chances and has blown them all. This is his LAST chance for this particular Buc/JW Fan.

  19. OneBuc55 Says:

    Young and Dumb yes

    bad QB, absolutely Not!…

    If you haters took the time to look at the positive things hes done on the field you’d realize that Jameis already owns passing records that may not be touched for a long time, if ever…

    I stand behind our QB…this Uber incident is old news and he will learn from this…
    Go Bucs! Gitter dine JW…

  20. Not there yet Says:

    Thing about haters is they don’t even realize their actions prove they are. Your haters and because it’s like breathing you can’t even see it. He’s not getting cut and help get every chance to get a second contract…. Last time I checked his face was still on the side of the building haters. It’s easier to cut a fan than it is Winston. Phased out lol some of you are just stupid. If you have that much hate for Winston that you hope everyone but him scores Everytime they get the ball but not Winston your not a buc fan your a hater.

    That’s what you get for worshipping Stars fools. Expecting more of them than anyone else….. Don’t worship men you’ll never be disappointed by their actions. It’s obvious how many of you probably follow the Kardashians

  21. Joe Says:

    It’d be dumb for Koetter to bench a winning QB

    When did Fitz become a winning quarterback???

  22. Eric Says:

    Cut this bum already! I want to be able to take my kids to a game and not have to explain to them why everyone hates Winston. Try explaining to a 12 year old girl that you support a guy suspended for touching a girl innappropiatly and that same guy was accused by another girl for rape just a few years ago. Not saying he is guilty Joe both were never proven definitively but he has accepted punishment for sexual misconduct on the most recent. Sorry Bucs, either you bench him, cut him, or trade him or me and my family wont be attending or watching any Bucs games. I am a diehard and it will drive me crazy not watching them but my morals come first and I have to set an example for both my son and daughter.
    Gonna be some empty seats this years unless the Glazers do the right thing!

  23. Buc believer Says:

    @RoyBuford…. you have shown that you are reasonable and your post are always well thought out and I enjoy reading them. I appreciate you not taking offense. Let’s hope for a good year from our Bucs!

  24. Joe Says:

    Gonna be some empty seats this years unless the Glazers do the right thing!

    Already plenty of empty seats. Won’t fill too many with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

  25. BrianBucs Says:

    I see the Bucs have chosen Brate to be the first PR mouthpiece to re-sell Winston to the fan base.
    And I see Joe taking the bait and falling in line.
    When training camp starts and the Bucs brass, coaches and players are at the podium, we will all see and hear soooo much Winston spin that we will need our dramamine.

  26. Eric Says:

    Pretty telling that if you go to Buccaneers.com you cant find a picture or an article with the suspended one. Things that make you go hmmmm…

  27. BrianBucs Says:


    He is also America’s Crotchgrabber And Liar

  28. Roy T. Burford Says:

    BucBeliever…back at you. Thanks.

  29. Fire the glazers Says:

    My beloved Bucs will go with Jameis…
    He will play well enough for guys to keep there jobs…
    He will earn a fat paycheck in Tampa…
    I will have to decide if I want to stay on my high horse and not root for the team I have for over 20 years…
    I can not watch…
    If we start winning, people will forget.
    And as much as I want my team to win, I am sad that it will come at the expense of the integrity of our ownership.

  30. Casey Morgan Says:

    Joe- Defense Rules was stating that if Fitz wins 2 of the first 3 he will start the 4th game given week 5 is bye. That could put Fitz at 3-1, and then he would be a winning QB who shouldn’t be benched. Oh and Fitz was a wining QB in 2017 also– remember 2-1?

  31. Not there yet Says:

    To much speculation… If Fitz wins 2 of the first 3 games it’ll be because of the defense. How many games last year did Winston give us a lead only to have the defense give up the booty in the last possession of the game? so many unrealistic OPINIONS here being peddled as facts. You don’t know and you don’t need to know. Lol I’m trying to remember the last time a player was cut because the fans wanted it. Not even Chris Conte would be here if that’s the case…… our opinions doesn’t matter I know you all think you have a voice but that’s just an illusion created by those with power. The media tells most of you what to think

  32. jmarkbuc Says:


    Mathew 16:26


    “JW is the greatest QB we have ever had” Talk about a big, hairy, smelly opinion being peddled as fact.

  33. Buc believer Says:

    If the Steelers had the same kind of fans that the loud minority of Bucs fans have they would have missed out on two Super Bowls. Sure am glad you goobers are not the one making football decisions.

  34. Tony LA Says:

    Does anyone here actually know how bad Fitz has been in his career?
    Like, has anyone taken the 11 seconds to see how really bad he has been?

    Let me help…
    Fitz has started 119 games in his career.

    He has won 48
    He lost 70
    he tied 1


    He has been to the playoffs ZERO times.

    No other QB in the ENTIRE NFL with more than 75 starts has a worse career winning percentage.

    And that is who has the keys to the franchise for the first three games.

    No sane person would hand the keys to their corporation to a guy who has an extended history of never winning anything and not AT THE VERY LEAST bring in someone to challenge him.

    Ryan Griffin? Please.

    Everything one needs to know about this regime can be summed up by their settling on Fitz, without any competition, to lead the team through the first three games.

    Zero playoff games despite starting 119 games.

    So, no, any sane fan would NOT want him starting the entire season regardless of what happens in those first three games.

    Bring in some QB competition for Fitz or suffer a huge changing of the guard in Tampa.

  35. Bucsfanman Says:

    Tony- I would’ve liked to have seen them go out in FA as well. What it tells me is that they are banking on the limited “success” he had last year in going 2-1. We all know that he did not face powerhouse teams, so to speak, but he did do his job.
    It’s a curious presumption. I’m hoping we can win a few games, regardless of who’s QB.

  36. The Real Malloy Says:


    DefenseRules was saying that if Fitz goes 2-1, then he is indeed a winning QB and should at the very least start week 4. After the bye week, tough decisions.

    That being said, we’re all just hoping Fitzy can muster out one win in those 3 first games. I will say this: I watched the AZ game yesterday. Jameis was indeed playing hurt, but the team was flat. As soon as Fitzy took over, he brought them a spark. He made a few fantastic throws to ME13 downfield in that game, and the offense just seemed to be better with him running it.

    Does he have Jameis’ talent? No. But we all know he’s as smart as they come. Unless Jameis makes dramatic strides on and off the field, Fitz is less likely to make dumb mistakes early in games. That has been this teams downfall since he was drafted. Let Fitz use the plethora of weapons around him. An improved defense could make Fitz look like he did in 2015 (I believe) with the Jets. He had a phenomenal year. If he looks like that the first 4 games and we’re on a roll, everyone will forget about Jameis. Winning cures everything, and that includes winning WITHOUT Jameis.

  37. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Fitz and Winston have one thing in common. They both played on teams with major weaknesses. This Buccaneer team is much improved. No weakness has been overlooked. I believe this team can win any game on their schedule with either QB. They’ll win more than 8 and nobody’s getting fired. Jameis will have a long and illustrious career as a Buc.just to piss some people off.

  38. Jeffbuc Says:

    Eric being a little over dramatic. Yeah I bet your 12 year old kid is going to see that jameis is hated at a bucs. I’m pretty sure everyone will be cheering on every play like always. What do you think is going to happen they are going to start a we hate jameis chant on the jumbo tron. And you will have to explain to your kid why. Come on know maybe you can tell your son or daughter that some times in life people lie and make things up about other people to get them in trouble. Because they are upset or feel like they were deceived. So you could tell your son to be careful around women and always be honest with them. Because sometimes they can be really vindictive if they are scorned. Or if you have a daughter you can tell her that no matter how bad a man hurts you emotionally never be deceitful and make up lies to get him back. Is that what happened to jameis daddy. Yes son or daughter he wasn’t ever arrested or isn’t a criminal he was just in some situations that we don’t know if they were true or not. Ok daddy I don’t know why everyone is so mad at him then if he was never arrested and isn’t a criminal. Come to think of it son either do I. But I have been a main cheerleader of being angry with him. Well that’s not nice to judge daddy if you don’t know what really happened. That’s what you tell me not to judge other kids. What the word your being daddy a hypocrite.

  39. Jeffbuc Says:

    If jameis is on the team I’m not going to another game. I going to lay on the ground and throw a tantrum. I’m taking my ball and going home. I admit I’m really going to miss watching the bucs. But because I have so much hate towards one player. I’m going to let that take away my joy of watching and rooting for the bucs. Sounds like a great decision you show them bucs you ha e high morals

  40. Anonymous Says:

    @JeffBuc…do you buy a product where the guy selling it or doing the work is someone you can’t trust, someone who is not dependable? Someone who has cheated you? Someone who says they will do something and lies? Or is that the kind of stuff you do to people?

    This isn’t a moral arrogance or holier than thou issue as you seem to keep saying…people don’t want to waste their money on thinks that aren’t worth it, where they get left in the dark.

    Why do you constantly get on people like they are supposed to just act like nothing happened here and support Winston. I don’t know about you, but I pay $2K per game, and when my team’s starting QB is a liar, getting suspended and making me watch his backups (second time coming up in less than one year), and is a loser at the end of the day anyway–why support the guy…again? And again? Why are you trying to talk people into putting up with that and making it about them when they want nothing of it?…especially given the next shoe can drop with this guy any minute.

  41. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @JeffBuc…why do you keep getting on people for a sound decision not to support Winston? Why do you make it a holier than thou issue when it’s not? What do you do when you pay for a product and it’s constantly bad, and/or the people doing the work lie, don’t show up, don’t do a good job, or show they are not someone you can count on? Is that the kind of guy YOU are…do YOU do that to people????

    I don’t know about you, but I spend $2K per game and for the second time in less than a year the guy that is supposed to be there doing his job is making me pay top dollar to watch his backups play, not to mention being someone who yet again, is proving to be someone we can’t count on? And this is nothing new–he’s been down this road before. Why pay for and tolerate that? Get real. Let people spend their own money, and provide their own opinions.

  42. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @Eric, spot on. Your family, your money, your product to buy or not, and your lessons to teach and I wish there were more dads like you. Of course, that would put me out of work, but what the heck.

  43. Sweeptheleg Says:

    If Winston went to UF most of you nut huggers would be completely on the other side of the argument.

  44. stpetebucsfan Says:


    I certainly respect Bucbeliever’s opinion but different strokes for different folk.

    Lots of guys here like shorter responses of a line or two. Others enjoy the longer posts. I’m obviously in the latter.

    I do not read everybody here…probably 95%. As for longer posts it depends on the poster…some literate folks can handle that…others not so much.

    As soon as I read “hater” or “hate” I lose respect for the poster. That’s the cheapest response and short cuts actual critical thinking and facts or at minimum is perhaps a heavy handed form of intimidation for those who disagree with them.

    BucBeliever…as I said to Roy I certainly respect your posts…but I disagree about the length of Roy’s post. On my devices I have two methods for avoiding them. The scroll wheel is your friend or perhaps a simple finger swipe to pass them.

    I feel certain a LOT of folks here scroll past my posts and I’m cool with that.
    I do not want folks reading me if they are bored or don’t wish to spend time on a longer post. I am beyond cool with that. They should scroll past me.

  45. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t care who plays QB or any other position. Just win baby!

  46. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Man, check that out. So “Anonymous” above is me…I forgot to put in the header info before I pushed the “submit” button but it still posted without my stuff….hence the similarities. Sorry Joe!

  47. Larrywoods3 Says:

    Man, some of y’all are utterly ridiculous and automatically assume his guilt when there are problems with this whole thing, starting with why the hell did she go to deadspin and not to the police? I’m never going to sway one way or the other when It is a he said/she said situation. This suspension doesn’t mean guilt, It means the nfl is doing nfl things smh

  48. Reach87 Says:

    Stick to the story. Its too hard to explain that a man is but a man and we all (ALL) make mistakes. Sad. Team game. Team has improved its personnel. Now they need to scheme them up (all 3 phases) better, then make better adjustments week to week. This will translate into more consistency and wins. This will make the suspension almost disappear. This will demonstrate the notion that we can have a winning team if we do those things as a team well. Hopefully it will also demostrate the notion of personal redemption with respect to our Franchise (I didn’t say All Pro or HOF) QB. Until then, let the “cut the degenerate bum” drivel continue every day, on every thread. Its your right. Go Bucs!

  49. Capt.Tim Says:

    Yes Cameron,
    Jameis is a starting QB for a reason

    1) the Bucs investigated him. Thought they could corral him
    Then they represented him to all the Buc Fans. They lied to us.

    2) Now hes proven to be the sex offender, and a mediocre QB, whos bad decisions have embarraseed the fan base.But he’s still an NFL starting QB.
    Why? Because The Glazers- who I’ve always respected for the way they’ve ran this team- havent show the moral character to do the right thing.

    Trade Jameis, or cut Jameis
    Get a QB
    John Lynch found one, sitting on a bench
    Or draft one next draft.

    Either way- This team wont win over this community, until it gets rid of Jameis

  50. Capt.Tim Says:


  51. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Like Cameron Brate said, he is the leader of the team. The players know it. He isn’t the leader because he is a saint. He is a leader because he goes the extra mile for his teammates, he beats everyone to the facility and sets the tone. He is the heartbeat, the passion and fire of the team.

    You fans and media can write him off as a leader as you pass moral judgement but that doesn’t mean squat to the players who consider him a leader for the above reasons. You can’t take any of that away. That time and effort he has put into his profession, he still has the player’s respect, I truly believe that and Brate reinforces that belief.

  52. Capt.Tim Says:

    The Bucs PR people told Brate to say that.
    Its the first step if trying to lie to the fanbase AGAIN about Jameis.
    Believe it if you want, Abominal.
    If you have daughters, explain to them how you dont care that he is a sex offender- because he is a swell leader! Especially all that swollowing W’s, attacking refs, and assaulting players!

    Tell them its ok to assault women, as long as you are a mediocre QB, who keeps doing stupid things!

    Im sure they will respect both you, and themselves even more.
    Hell- buy’em a Jameis Jersey


  53. Ghastly Bucs Says:

    You read it one way, I read it another. All he said was, “Jameis is a starting quarterback for a reason. He’s the leader of our team. You know, it is unfortunate for us that he is going to be out the first three games but luckily we’ve got a guy like Ryan Fitzpatrick who has kind of seen it all in the NFL. We won two games with him starting last year. He is going to step in and do a great job. …”, not sure where you got that he won’t be benched if they are winning with Fitz.

    It’s unfortunate that America’s Crotchgrabber put the team in this situation. Maybe one day he can redeem himself and be an upstanding citizen. He doesn’t deserve a 5th year right now, nor a big contract. Mediocre play gets mediocre contract.

  54. Alphabucfan Says:

    You can still watch the game an have morals Eric. Wisdom comes from learning from others mistakes. Also there’s always empty seats at a Bucs game bro lol Everyone is a teacher good an bad we can learn from each other. Hate the sin love the sinner. Honestly do you really think the glazers need your money most likely not. GO BUCS