Ira Talks Changed Jameis Dynamic At One Buc, Answers Hard Questions On Jameis’ Future, Shares His Koetter Texting Story, And More

July 3rd, 2018

It’s the very first episode after the official NFL ruling on Jameis Winston, and the Ira Kaufman Podcast is absolutely sizzling today! Another intelligent and fun must-listen from the Sage of Tampa Bay sports and Tampa Bay’s only Pro Football Hall of Fame voter. Click play above or tune in at iTunes, Google Play or Find the Ira Kaufman Podcast ranked on the Google Play podcast “Top Charts” (all genres nationwide), where it’s been for most of the past eight months. Stay informed, thinking and smiling every single Tuesday & Thursday — and there is NO offseason. Click or download above. It’s fun, free and easy. Enjoy!

23 Responses to “Ira Talks Changed Jameis Dynamic At One Buc, Answers Hard Questions On Jameis’ Future, Shares His Koetter Texting Story, And More”

  1. Doctor Stroud Says:

    All three of you agreed that “Jameis is not a leader” and is “a complete moron”. That’s the first time you all have agreed on something in a long time. That does not bode well for the franchise.

    Not sure there is consensus Jameis is “a moron.” — Joe

  2. Jim Says:

    Let’s do a hypothetical. If the rape allegations didn’t exist from FSU days, would this incident really be a big deal? In my opinion the answer is no. So along that logic, then it is fair to say that nothing was ever made of the “allegations” in FSU. So we have to act like they didn’t exist. Because they in fact could have been a fabricated lie. So this incident is a farce, even if it did in fact happen.

  3. Mike Johnson Says:

    Listened to this podcast. And Ira is correct. Koetter get no mulligan because of Jameis’s ill deeds. Koetter must win this year or go fishin. And You are right Ira, Jameis has to WIN NOW. He;s under the bubble bigtime. The Glazers are not going to give him 21 mil or more based on his current performance or Status.Hell, neither would most owners. Perhaps this is how it was suppose to be…PRESSURE.
    Jameis is on the timer with Koetter and Co. WIN GUYS. This shuts everybody up!

  4. Chris in WA Says:

    Don’t despair if Jameis isn’t the answer. Vince Yong was the greatest thing coming out of college since sliced bread and he didn’t fan out too well. Then it was Tebow, Bradford, RG3, Manziel ect. It has happened before and it will happen again. The added insanity on this website is just due to the fact that he played at FSU.

    I hope (and believe) that this team is actually good enough to win with just mediocre QB play. What will make or break the season is the corners and secondary.

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    Didn’t hear anything new Ira. Same old junk that we’ve been being fed for the past how many weeks? Bucs and everyone else needs to move past this garbage.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I would like to know,what jameis girl thinks about all this.

    He leaves his girl at home …while trying to get some on the side.

    If he can’t be faithful to his girl…the odds are,he won’t be faithful to the organization.


  7. Jim Says:

    Best Ira podcast so far, kudos. Bottom line is time to move on. JW is not the QB of the future…

  8. Trench War Says:

    I’ve got great prices on game day custom Buccaneer logo brown bags. Similar to what the Aints fans used to wear but with modern precision cut eye holes and a reinforced mouth opening to easily enable the consumption of liquid pain relief.

    $2.50 per bag
    A perfectly honest way to support your team without the recognizable embarrassment 🙂 Go Bucs!

  9. Dooshlarue Says:

    Ah come on now guys.
    JW has so much “potential”
    He has such a “high ceiling”
    Blah blah blah……..

    Our Soiled Messiah is a Mental M!dget.
    Let’s move on.

  10. BuccYa Says:

    Great episode! Ira I can’t agree more with your stance on Jameis. Would very well like to see him succeed and live up to the “ Franchise QB” status we’ve all been waiting for him to attain, but how much longer should we wait? I Will admit I’ve seen the flashes of a great QB from Jameis but that’s it. Just flashes. I saw the same flashes from Mike Glennon. Keep up the good work guys, love the podcast.

  11. BrianBucs Says:

    Very enjoyable podcast guys.

    I was convinced that thanks to Ubergate that the Bucs really need to part ways with Winston. After listing to this podcast now I’m even more convinced. Time to cut loses, admit your mistake and move on

  12. James Walker Says:

    Jameis needs to quit drinking. PERIOD. If he does we’ll be fine, if he doesn’t we need a new QB.

  13. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    All I hear is a lot of conflation. The NFL never said Jameis did it, they chose to support the accuser! It amazes mr when I hear people say they have no proof that he did it, but in the same sentence say they know he did it based on what the NFL said ir didn’t say!

    Jameis statement made since to me…that is why his agent is fired!

    If this was a court of law…he would be hung…

    When they dug for dirt on Jameis they couldn’t find nothin but some antics by a teenager and sex with a girl who after talking with her friends accused him of rape!

    Jameis apology…was very understandable! And this was 2+ years ago@

  14. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    It is so irritating when u take time to type and it is not posted…oh well!

    Jaboo you are not a MORON, Naive and to trusting

  15. D1 Says:


    ‘re: first post. (regressing to the null)

  16. D1 Says:


    I like your hypotheses and it has inspired me to author a children’s book.

    “Jaboo goes to the big city”

    It’s the story of baby Jaboo as He leaves the innocence of a rural backwoods town
    that hasn’t prepared him for the evils He’ll encounter in the big city as he pursues his quest to become America’s QB.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve spotted a rational voice on this frenetic site: Chris in WA. This guy likes the Bucs and you should be glad. He’s given two major insights into the Jameis predicament. (# 1) No big deal. QB’s come and go in this league all the time, and (#2) Excluding Jameis, the CB’s and secondary are going to be an issue that may prevent making a deep run in the playoffs.

    Concerning #1, I don’t know how trade deals work in the NFL, but shouldn’t you be looking to trade Jameis for a disgruntled QB that’s sitting on the bench behind someone that’s in the spotlight? I favor Mike Glennon. What a story that would make! Talk to his coaches and teammates. This kid is just a notch under a top 15 QB, and with more experience could reach into the top 10.

    As far as the CB position, Davis could be a diamond in the rough but with rookie CB’s, their first year can be humbling getting burned by high-quality NFL receivers. I think he’s an excellent player that won’t allow his confidence to be shaken by that “mob” mentality in Tampa.

    Oh yes, let’s put that “America’s Quarterback” thing to bed now. I actually feel a little sick every time I see it and it just reinforces my negative opinion of the fool that started that now anachronistic statement. Peace out.

  18. Joe Says:

    Oh yes, let’s put that “America’s Quarterback” thing to bed now. I actually feel a little sick every time I see it and it just reinforces my negative opinion of the fool that started that now anachronistic statement.

    Might want to stock up on Pepto Bismol.

  19. Jim Says:

    I see that the Pod Casters are willing to believe Jameis was drunk and are willing to believe Jameis can’t remember. I want to know if anyone is willing to believe Kate, the Uber driver.

  20. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    The problem is “Kate the Uber is being believed by the mere fact she is a female in thus present climate, and she has the unrestrained PRIVELGE of being able to give HER TRUTH…regardless of some opinion…Jameis do not have that same freedom because he is in a no win situation and he has everything to lose, while she has nothing to lose.

    If history is an indicator of the future, Jameis was NEVER found guilty in the past, but he is still being judged because he was accused…and countered her allegations…and she relented and settled.

    It also amazes me how buying a ticket to a game equates to “OWNERSHIP”

  21. T REX Says:

    Any Nole commentary isn’t objective. The would trade their grandma for that
    POS, Winston.

  22. Winston is overrated Says:

    Wow-Nole you sound like a real piece of trash!! I wonder if you would say the same thing if he did it to your Daughter!

  23. D1 Says:


    Mr. Wonderful Winston is the victim of 3 scurrilous accusers who seem to be part of a plot to destroy America’s QB.

    If Mr Winston an innocent victim,
    When is going to be judged by the same standards as a victim ..