“If You Guys Had Your Way, We’d Adjust Our Offense For About 20 Guys.”

July 17th, 2018

“You can’t handle the truth!”

It’s been just over a month since a local Bucs beat reporter got under the skin of Dirk Koetter.

It was beautiful. Joe loves real, raw Koetter, especially when it’s offseason passion from the head coach. Heck, at the time, Koetter hadn’t lost a 2018 game or starting quarterback yet. And he wasn’t yet living in the bizarre realm of T-shirt-gate.

ESPN writer Jenna Laine asked Koetter a simple question at June minicamp. She wanted to know if all Koetter’s praise of Chris Godwin would translate to Koetter adjusting his offense to get more out of Godwin.

This rankled the Bucs’ fourth-year playcaller and third-year head coach.

“(Laughs) Well if you guys had your way, we’d adjust our offense for about 20 guys. Right? You could start naming off all the guys I should adjust the offense for,” Koetter barked back at Laine.

During that answer, Laine rudely interrupted Koetter with a “but seriously” that wasn’t missed by the head coach.

“I’m being serious. I am serious. I’m being really serious right now. This is seriously,” Koetter replied. “There’s one ball, alright. There’s one ball to go around. So you gotta make it work. We gotta make it work.”

See the queued up video below with the Laine-Koetter exchange.

Yes, Koetter has got to make it work. Joe, of course, is one of those “guys” who has no problem offering free advice to Koetter regarding his offense.

Last year, Joe only offered one steady call to the coach: cut Doug Martin and or recognize the clear-as-day reality of his soul-sucking effect on the offense.

Now, Joe feels liberated with Martin gone and Joe’s confidence in Koetter the playcaller has been restored.

31 Responses to ““If You Guys Had Your Way, We’d Adjust Our Offense For About 20 Guys.””

  1. Chris in WA Says:

    Why does Koetter always get so upset with Jenna Laine?

    She is a pretty good reporter from what I can gather.

  2. Fire the glazers Says:

    Dirk getting pissed at a lady asking him a silly question.
    At least he wasn’t condescending about it like FIG Newton.

  3. Buccernutter Says:

    I respect Jenna and she does good work but I’m not gonna share my opinion of her. Let’s just say I can see why he did.

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … Now, Joe feels liberated with Martin gone and Joe’s confidence in Koetter the playcaller has been restored.” Huh? That’s all it took Joe? Nothing about play-calling or kicking FGs instead of going for TDs or soft training camps or … ?

    And as far as Dirk seemingly getting frustrated with the media at times, hey, if you want someone to be honest with ya, you’d better expect some irritation once in awhile. I don’t blame him a bit for that response. Keeping the owners happy is one thing. Keeping the players happy is quite another. Keeping the media happy? Ya right. Only way to keep EVERYONE happy is to ‘WIN BABY WIN!’

  5. Onetrickpony Says:

    Lucky he didnt say “hush up, or I will send JW for a visit”

  6. Adambomb418 Says:

    Typically, she brings lots of statistically information with her questions which it appears Dirk is not a fan of.

  7. Sweeptheleg Says:

    Don’t worry Dirk. Winston will make sure you’re adjusting your living situation after the season.

  8. Pryda... sec147 Says:

    Lol Dirk love him

  9. teacherman777 Says:

    Dirk Koeter is Bob Dylan as a football coach.

  10. pick6 Says:

    @Chris. The bucs media pool is relatively small. A head coach who has a tendency to get ornery with reporters is bound to have multiple run-ins with each one every year. Off the top of my head I vaguely recall JBF, Greg Auman, Jenna Laine, and Reynolds\Cook all reporting testy exchanges at one point or other just last season.

    Koetter’s right though. It seems like anytime the offense pulls more focus to one guy, there’s talk of which of the other 4 or 5 key guys isn’t getting used enough as a result…at least when the team is losing, which they did alot. Dirk has to ignore the noise and find the best way to exploit each defense we play using that diverse toolbox

  11. Lord Cornelius Says:

    My confidence in him as a play caller will be restored when he figures out how to score more points.

    Top 10 in yards 2 of the last 3 years – yet never top 10 in scoring with a peak ranking of top 16 – or just average.

    And no – it’s not because we couldn’t play “pitch and catch”. No – it’s not because our QB just decides to throw the ball into the stands in the red zone.

    We’ve been one of the worst teams in the league at rushing for TDs under Koetter; and one of our top 10 yardage years was with a top 5 rush yardage attack – yet he couldn’t get more scores out of the offense. So even when we had a good run game – we couldn’t run for scores as often as we should have.

    In general it seems to be very rare for Koetter to have ever ranked higher in points scored than yardage. 1 year out of the last 6 in fact:

    2012 – 8th in yards, 7th in points
    2013 – 14th in yards, 20th in points
    2014 – 8th in yards, 12th in points

    That trend points to someone who does not excel at converting drives to 7 points

  12. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Also went back and watched the Bobo Wilson play. There was one underneath option (Brandon Myers) – not really open but I guess there was 3-4 yards available with a LB sitting on him. No easy TD tho.

    Humphries appears to come open quickly over the seam but it’s hard to tell with the camera view – it’s possible a S was there actually. But if there was an easier TD to be had that was it if the S isn’t there.

    It seems Winston see’s him but it’s late because he was looking at Wilson early. Based on how the play looks I’m guessing he should have key’d on Humphries earlier

    So in general I may be wrong on that play. It did seem he locked onto Bobo when he was not someone whose route would break open early.

    Winston definitely needs to improve his game. No more “this guy needs a catch” mentality or any of that sh1t. Get the TD the easiest way you can.

    So “pitch and catch” definitely is a big reason we failed last year. Our QB is definitely to blame for a lot of that. But Koetter also historically has not made it easy on his offenses to score – despite making it seemingly easy on them to move the ball

  13. BigMacAttack Says:

    A lot of media types suck. She doesn’t and that was a Dick move by Koetter. He probably treats his players the same way if they have an idea or question he doesn’t like. Can’t stand the heat, get out the kitchen, Derp. He’s an idiot.

  14. BFFL Says:

    She is exactly right..the system last year did not match the talent. That falls on Licht, koetter or both

  15. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Agree with the first part not the second. I do not believe he talks to his players this way.

    As for Koetter’s play calling it seems we only look at Jameis successful play changes that weren’t sent in by the coach.

    And so I would like to know how many times Jameis ignored Koetter besides the N.O. game and how many times Jameis succeeded because of it and how many times he failed? Koetter never throws his QB under the bus…yet folks do not hestitate to toss Koetter under the wheels.

    So knowing Jameis as we do…wildly independent and difficult to manage…remember Jimbo sitting him down for that stern lecture on the sidelines? Would we not at least suspect that Jameis has gone “rogue” in more than just the N.O. game? I’d love to know the results.

  16. Bucsfanman Says:

    Thank you Defense Rules and Lord Cornelius for not allowing Joe to wiggle off the hook! Confidence in “play-caller restored”? Because of Martin?!!!
    There is just sooo much about that statement that’s wrong. While Martin was clearly not the same back and most certainly needed replacing, it is up to the signal-caller to identify and adjust their gameplan. Joe, using Martin as a scapegoat diminishes Koetter’s culpability in that ish-show!
    We’re relying on the SAME play-caller from last year to get better results?!
    Two words coach: In-game adjustments. (is that 2 or 3 words? the hyphenated stuff throws me off!)

  17. Capt.Tim Says:

    After the lousy offenses this smug losing smuck has fielded- he should appreciate any advice he gets!!

  18. buddy Says:

    It will be a GREAT DAY IN TAMPA BAY!!! When this arrogant a$$clown is fired and takes his support staff with him. Simply not even close to what is advertised with this guy. He stabbed Lovie in the back by claiming only he could coach Jameis because of their “great relationship” oh really??? Hows that working out now Coach?? Jameis likes being around him and his coaches so much he works out outside the building. Can’t wait for BLACK MONDAY and #KLUELESSKOETTER is gone!!!

  19. D1 Says:


    Collective bargaining agreement limits the time a player can be in contact with a coach. I recently spent a week at IMG and their were a few current starting nfl QB’ s there to train. I am pretty sure that they don’t hate their coaches.

    Stabbing lovie in back, so what, how was another stab going to be noticed among the plethora of self inflicted wounds lovie did to himself. Oh yeah it’s a screw job on a hapless losing college coach. The cream rises to the top, lovie is the worst coach in all the power conferences. Lovie is the stuff sinking below the bottom.
    Probably hard to float w all those holes in his back. Thanks to Dirk it is one more loser banished from the NFL. Dirk is the main man and the world knows it.

    Hey it’s just your stupid statements taken to the destination you put him on.
    Dumb af? Well…..
    Yeah. But it’s your ideas so the outcome was completely predictable.

  20. BucsFan90 Says:

    Whats Koetter’s problem with Jenna? That was a legit question. Nothing to get chippy about. Godwin deserves more reps

  21. Capt.Tim Says:

    why does Koetter always seem to get angry, and belittle the female reporter?
    Must be from the Jameis school .

    Meybe Koetter needs someone to explain the games intent to him.
    Its to score the most points.
    Not to get behind, the drive up and down the field without scoring

  22. BigMacAttack Says:

    Look into Koetter and his team at Arizona State. They had problems with women there. I think the metoo thing is out of control but Dirk has issues. Egomaniac. Micromanager. Always has an excuse. He just strikes me as a guy that kicks dogs and humiliates people. Why can’t he let his OC call the plays? The whole world knew Doug Martin was a problem but Dirk decided otherwise. I think he fooled everyone and part of the reason Lovie never said anything after he was fired. Lovie had a horrible defense but I think he knew the truth about Koetter.

  23. Season Is Over Says:

    This is how he gets after losses combined with the 1000 yard stare. Totally lost respect for him a couple years ago because of how he talks to the media. Actually, once the losses started piling up last season the most enjoyable part of the game experience was watching Dirk “We were done by Halloween” Koetter become condescending towards the media. The irony of the whole situation is him treating people that way because he couldn’t win.

  24. Jeffbuc Says:

    I feel like he doesn’t game play his offense per the opponent. I think he is one of these arrogant old timer coaches. Who thinks this is my offense I’m not changing just cause of who we play. I think my offense will line up and beat there defense no matter the scheme. And unfortunately for us fans and his job security it doesn’t work. We always look like a big jumbled cluster f. Every play it seems like the running backs are swallowed in the back field like are lineman are all in a circle. And on passing plays it seams like the receivers are always tightly covered. I very rarely see great designed players where guys are wide open. We can’t evwn do quick outs and things properly. It is almost like the defense knows what we are doing before we do it. And watch the linebackers on other teams when we line up there yearlong to all there players like they do know exactly what we are running. I think he tips his plays to much.

  25. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Bobby Knight was the worst…perhaps the all time biggest aaaahole.

    When I was still working the Olympic basketball team was still composed of college players it was before NBA players were allowed.

    And so I went to cover an NBA/Olympic squad (coached by Knight) in an exhibition game to help the Olympians tune up.

    It was after the NBA season and the pros were clearly not in their normal shape nor did they really care about the game.

    So somebody asked Knight if he thought the lack of conditioning of the NBA team affected their play and if he worried the Olympians got a tough enough test.

    Knight goes off on a long personal attack of the reporter who asked a VERY reasonable question. Bobby Knight is truly a dck. Koetter looks warm and fuzzy in comparison.

  26. Capt.Tim Says:

    Agreed StPete,
    But still a warm a fuzzy dick, with women issues!

    Glad ge’ll be gone after this season. Bring on Jack Del Rio.

  27. WestminsterCoBucsFan Says:

    New running back: check
    New defense: check
    New kicker: check
    The glaring holes have been patched. Now it’s up to Koetter & friends to bring it together.
    Top two priorities: red zone scoring and stopping 3rd down conversions. Improve those and 8 wins should be cake. Imo 8 wins saves him from the koetting board. He nor I or anyone else care if it’s godwin or any of the other 7+ offensive weapons jameis/Fitz has to work with. Go Fitz Go Jameis Go Bucs

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Koeter gave Roy Cummings the s

  29. westernbuc Says:

    He gave her an answer and she interrupted him with “but seriously” which is just whiny. Dirk gave a serious answer and was only short with her after she subverted his answer with “but seriously”

    I like Jenna but it was a bad moment for her. Anyone making this about sexism is a lazy hack.

  30. Realbucfan941 Says:

    Pretty sure popavich had them all beat for biggest d!ck to reporters!

  31. Realbucfan941 Says:

    As for NFL coaches it had to be parcells or ditka. Loved watching those pressers.