Grimes: Camp Vibe Is Same As 2017

July 27th, 2018

With two days of training camp now in the books, 35-year-old cornerback Brent Grimes says there is the same great positive energy on the team that he felt last summer.

This might cause the cynical Buccaneers fan to weep or throw a shoe in frustration, but Grimes is wholeheartedly sincere.

Whatever sank the Bucs last year wasn’t about attitude, Grimes told Joe after practice today.

“It’s a good vibe at camp. I feel like we always have a good vibe; it’s a positive group of players, coaches,” Grimes said. “I feel like this is a positive group. Last year things didn’t go how we wanted, obviously, but it wasn’t because we started off any type of way wrong. It was positive. … You know, to really tell if you’re good, that only happens when the games count. That’s how this league is. For now, we just got to go out here and put the work in and make it happen when it really counts. This is a very positive team with a good attitude and that’s really the foundation.”

Great to hear that from Grimes, though it would have comforted Joe to learn something already was different from last season, which was a complete mess by early November.

It’s really not too surprising, though, Dirk Koetter very much believes in his system and he loves the talent on his team and the way it battled through a 2-6 start and finished with seven one-score losses last season.

17 Responses to “Grimes: Camp Vibe Is Same As 2017”

  1. T REX Says:

    Same vibe? I do not think that is a good thing. There should be a huge vibe of URGENCY. The time is now. This is it. This staff and team are looking at major turnover if they don’t get it done this year. Licht, Dirk and JW will all be jobless at 6-10 or worse.


  2. ndog Says:

    The problem isn’t the attitude of the players it is the attitude of the coaches that think their way is correct and refuse to change up the same predictable play calls on both offense and defense.

    Let throw deep to DJax, lets throw comebacks and deep out to Evans, lets put Hump in the slot and run crossing routes, lets have Martin in the run the ball and bring in Simms to catch the ball. Lets sit in the same off coverage defense the entire game let them pick us apart, lets stick with the same effortless players (Baker) and hope it changes. Lets play with the same temp almost all game till we have to go fast then do it when everyone knows it coming. Lets put Hump back to return punts cause he can catch the ball as we don’t want to take a chance on DJax breaking off a big one and getting his hamstrings sore.

    We have the talent on this team my biggest fear are the coaches and their lack of creativity or lack of willing to take risks.

  3. Couch Fan Says:

    I heard VH3 cut his leg in the same fashiong Grimes did last training camp. Hope its nothing serious.
    Not similar. –Joe

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It depends on what his definition of “vibe” is…….

  5. 813bucboi Says:

    T-REX & N-DOG

    I AGREE!!!!!!

    same B.S. + no urgency = 5-11(again)


  6. AlteredEgo Says:

    I hope Grimes ,”Spider-man” has one more year in him….because when his game slips….OC’s will be cruel and often

  7. gman Says:

    That is not good…who is the worthless clown humping the palm tree this year?

  8. Back2bucball Says:

    I really like Grimes man! I’m happy he and his pretty wife Miko are happy here with the bucs and we have to start winning football games man! It cures all bad blood. But I’m glad he truly feels that he loves this team and for them to win and be a close group that makes it even more special..

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    I keep thinking that if the OFFENSE can score 3 more points per game on average (383 total pts scored & a #10 ranking) AND if the DEFENSE can give up 3 less points per game on average (334 total pts allowed & a #15 ranking) then the Bucs could be a playoff contender … even given the NFC South competition. Still predicting 10-6 this year.

  10. SJ-Bucsfan Says:

    He feels the “same great positive energy” on this ears team as he did last year?
    I say DANGER!!!!!

  11. LostinPa Says:

    Here we go again

  12. Tony LA Says:

    “It battled through a 2-6 start”

    With an amazing 3-5 finish.

  13. Cobraboy Says:

    Everybody is a Super Bowl contender in training camp.

    I am tired of vibes. I’m tired of mouth All-Pros.

    I want wins.

    Just shut up and win.

  14. Buc1987 Says:

    Cobraboy…that should be the Bucs slogan for 2018!

    “Just Shut Up and Win”

  15. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Great fans we have here…..they don’t even wait til the firsr loss to start bitching. With “fans” like these, who needs trolls?

  16. Broy34 Says:

    Oh and I wondered why I stopped reading the comments lol. Good god

  17. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Than you Sparky exacto mundo! Most worthless set of fans in the entire NFL! The Browns have been far worse longer than us and and still pack the stadium and support their team whole heartedly no matter who the coach and qb are. Same thing with the Sea Hawks when they sucked for a while, fans didn’t cry I won’t go until they change our qb! They still were one of the loudest stadiums in the nation!