Dirk Koetter Sporting Undefeated Mentality

July 16th, 2018

Joe has written many times that this Buccaneers team is brimming with confidence, overflowing. 

The reason is simple: the players and coaches look around and see more talent than they’ve ever seen before.

You don’t hear Dirk Koetter bellowing like Lovie Smith used to when he took over the Bucs. “We’re a 4-12 football team,” Lovie said over and over.

In fact, Koetter talked to his hometown Idaho State Journal during his vacation and admitted he is as high as ever about his team.

“Every year you feel like you are going to go out there and be 16-0,” Koetter said. “This year is no exception.”

Joe sees the talent. Anyone could. The Bucs should be better at running back and offensive line, and at receiver and tight end with the 2017 rookies there now having experience. The Bucs are immensely more talented along the defensive line. Three draft picks are competing in the secondary and the Bucs have two stud linebackers in their prime.

Now it’s about putting it together.

All that talent really puts the Ryan Fitzpatrick X-factor in the spotlight. If the Bucs can find a way to a winning record with Fitzpatrick, Koetter will continue to be steaming with confidence. And then what at QB?

23 Responses to “Dirk Koetter Sporting Undefeated Mentality”

  1. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    It is true, we are loaded with talent, so don’t be shocked if we surprise some of the teams that are supposed to beat us. Pittsburgh may be w/o the services of their star running back, when we play them.
    Ryan Fitzpatrick has never had this much talent around him before.

  2. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Jobs are on the line, Monken might storm in there and demand Fitz to continue. If Smith’s defense is rockin and rollin and the team chemistry is strong Dirk will have to go with Fitz.

  3. Buc4L Says:

    16-0!!!!! GOBUCS!!

  4. DB55 Says:

    Fitz Fitz he’s our man if he can’t do it no one can. I said 15-1 yesterday but obviously I stand corrected

  5. I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    Now, Now, Now!!! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 16 & 0. Really? I am optimistic about this season with what Licht has done. Just hope this Coaching Staff plays the people that needs to play at the right times. I would so much be amped if Fitz could pull off a great season and Jamies is in the waiting all season as the highest paid backup in League history!!!!! And the Bucs make the Playoffs. NOW, NOW, NOW

  6. Sweeptheleg Says:

    Expecting more than that isn’t realistic.

  7. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Expecting more than that isn’t realistic.”

    Really SweeptheLeg? So all those upgrades in talent, experience and the kicking game the Bucs are only going to win ONE more game than last year.

    Time will tell. I’m one of the blog optimists…you can be one of the blogs’ negative nellie. You may be the one who is right.

  8. JameISNOT Says:

    Ha ha ha….. you said the same thing last year. Gleeming over fat boy Baker and DJax. Your better than that.

  9. mark2001 Says:

    Honestly, who would expect his to say anything differently. He can’t afford to think any differently, right or wrong. His job is in the balance…he has to win this year…at least .500 . Frankly, if I was an owner and he said anything differently in his third season at the helm, I’d fire him as quickly as I could.

  10. Reality_43 Says:

    Lol seriously at NOT expecting better than 6-10.
    Must be an I told you so kinda guy.

  11. mark2001 Says:

    And BTW…before anyone get’s too out of shape one way or another, he said “Every year you feel like you are going to go out there and be 16-0” . “This year is no exception.” Meaning that he also felt that way last year.

  12. gambelero Says:

    Stone cold alpha dog stud with the written word pointed out that four defensive regulars on last year’s team, guys with at least 400 snaps, are unsigned months after free agency. Kind of a glaringly stark indicant of the the level of talent we put on the field defensively for much of last year.

  13. Sc Bucs fan Says:

    I’m glad Koetter isn’t a loser like 1/3 of this board that has already written off next season and have already started pouting. You know who you are.

  14. I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    Gambelero…. That comment carries much weight Brother. Wow I didn’t realize that!!! Think that might have been a factor in us being ranked 32nd in the NFL defensively????

  15. gp Says:

    At this point in time, we are undefeated, unlike some of the posters here

  16. 1sparkybuc Says:

    This will be Winston’s best year yet, and Stevie T will be a key in the D-line rotation. The Bucs will be in contention in December. Too much hatred and negativity going on in America today. These guys support each other. They’re bonding and they’re going to surprise a lot of teams. I view the suspension as motivation and incentive for the players. When talent and effort coincide, good things happen.

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    Before bellowing the ‘Woe is Us’ routine, consider 2 teams from 2016 & 2017. First the Jaguars. In 2016 they were 3-13 … scored 318 pts (#25) & gave up 400 pts (#25). In 2017 they improved to 10-6, won their division & made the playoffs … scored 417 pts (#5) & gave up only 268 pts (#2). Pretty dramatic turnaround, so what changed? Beefed up their defense (with FAs), added a great RB (Fournette) & a promising Tackle (Robinson) to their offense. Changed HC, but kept the same OC & DC (just gave them better TALENT).

    Next look at the Saints. In 2016 they were 7-9 … scored an amazing 469 pts (#2) but gave up a ridiculous 454 pts (#31). In 2017 they improved to 11-5, son the division & made the playoffs … scored 448 pts (#4) but ONLY gave up 326 pts (#10). Again a pretty dramatic turnaround, so what changed? Beefed up their defense (with FAs & draftees), added a great RB (Kamara) & a promising Tackle (Ramczyk) to their offense. Kept the same HC, OC & DC (just gave them better TALENT).

    Now look at the 2018 Bucs. Our approach to ‘fixing’ our issues on offense & defense has been fairly similar to what those 2 teams did. Beyond the obvious improvement in TALENT though, BOTH T-E-A-M-S played excellent COMPLIMENTARY FOOTBALL. Offense & defense did a good job of feeding off each other most of the season. Bucs last season? Not so much. Bucs have a good chance this season though to change that. Hopefully we start strong, and pick up steam from there.

  18. Buctooth Says:

    7-9 and we should be thankful with the 4th hardest schedule in the NFL.

  19. gp Says:

    It’s a good thing that none of us are actually on the team
    0 and 16 is the best we could do with some of the attitudes I’ve seen posting lately

  20. Duke Says:


    Damn is all I can say to your info…..There’s no easy way to fix that kinda problem
    except ….get new guys and hope that they can play .

    Defensive rules,

    Solid take with great examples……I think that it’s going to be difficult to suck as bad as many people are predicting. Upgrading the line and kicking game is a big deal far bigger than the suicide squad fans are willing to hope for.

    If you’re not optimistic now, then why bother with the season. If you’re waiting to be right……stop right now because you have serious issues and either get help or
    fire the canon …..into your own noggin….problem solved either way.

  21. Dan Says:

    Honestly Fitz is more reliable than Winston unless your looking for fumbles them Winston is you guy. Sad to say but honestly Fitz is less erratic. Go Bucs.

  22. JameISNOT Says:

    @ddddddduhdefenserules: your optimistic take is to be commended. Although, you do know that the self appointed team leader will be suspended the first three games of the year. The walls are falling in and the “leader” left the building before the quake began. Just as if a captain that leaves his crew when the ships is going down, Winocheo is a coward. He has zero respect from his teammates.

  23. mcruzer Says:

    I am not a debbie downer and I want to win as much as any of you, but anyone who thinks Fitz is the answer or he is more reliable & talented than Winston did not have the NFL Package and they have not watched Fitz over the years on those other teams.