Damn Good Shape

July 15th, 2018

Knows receivers.

Joe understands there are folks who like to take potshots at Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht.

Hey, Licht is a big target. Not because he still looks like he could play offensive line, but because he is an NFL general manager. Big fish? Big targets. Joe gets this fully.

(If you ever run into Joe, ask what he thinks of the bow-tied stooge who runs the St. Louis Cardinals. Be prepared for a spirited discussion.)

When it comes to wide receivers and tight ends, Joe thinks Licht should stand atop the list. He has done a masterful job collecting them.

Brad Gagnon of Bleacher Report agrees. In ranking all of NFL skill positions, Gagnon gives the Bucs a major thumbs-up when it comes to receivers and tight ends.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston entered the 2017 season with one of the best wide receivers in the league at his disposal. By the time that season came to an end, he had one of the league’s best skill-position quartets.

That’s because his rockstar supporting cast (Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson to begin with) added two new members in tight end O.J. Howard and wide receiver Chris Godwin.

If both of those guys can pick up where they left off in support of Evans (a four-year vet with four 1,000-yard seasons under his belt and the second-highest paid wideout in the NFL) and Jackson (a three-time Pro Bowler a year removed from a 1,000-yard season in Washington), Winston will be in damn good shape in 2018.

So if Gagnon is so high on Bucs receivers and tight ends, why does he rank the Bucs No. 8? Well, remember, it is all skill positions, not just receivers and tight ends.

Rightly, Bucs running backs don’t impress Gagnon.. Peyton Barber is mostly an unknown commodity and rookie Ronald Jones is totally unproven.

So a No. 8 slot for all Bucs offensive skill players? Joe thinks that’s fair.

20 Responses to “Damn Good Shape”

  1. Pete I Says:

    Even a broken clock…being good or lucky at one of 22 spots is hardly a reason to be considered good at what one does.

  2. Fire the glazers Says:

    Licht is a great talent scout… for the first four rounds…

  3. Destinjohnny Says:

    Above average talent at those positions and d tackle

  4. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Is mediocre fair…. Then 8-8 is what it will be! 10 wins will get you a play/off spot. Let the season unfold!!!

  5. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    He probably would’ve ranked us higher than 8 if he knew who Cameron Brate was.

  6. JameisNOT Says:

    Cmon Joe: “two thumbs up for receivers and tight ends”……..that may be true but who do we have to throw them the ball. Answer, no one. What about the O line? We have got to make some major improvements on the O Line. You could have Joe Montana throwing the ball for the Bucs but if he does. It have an O Line it would make him just average. Our O Line makes our dumb as a bag of hammers AVERAGE QB VERY Mediocre.

    I speak the truth, I am the truth, and the truth hurts!

  7. Dan Says:

    One of the worst GMs out there. 22-42 Record is just awful. If you like loosing a lot he’s your GM. Go Bucs!

  8. Roy T. Buford Says:

    #8 is a bargain. OL and RB are unknowns really, and with D. Smith, I’m pretty worried about the QB’s blind side.

  9. Knoxville Buc Says:

    #8 And not one damn player on the team let along any of the skilled position players cracked the top 100. You’d think ME could’ve at least came in at 100 or 99

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    Licht’s had FIVE drafts to build a T-E-A-M, probably more than most GMs get considering that he’s had a LOT of high draft picks (due to our LOSING RECORD under his management). He’s built several strong position groups through the draft (WRs, TEs & LBs especially), but that hasn’t resulted in a winning T-E-A-M, largely because he’s built those at the expense of other position groups. He’s attempted to create BALANCE through his FA signings, but that obviously has been ineffective … to date. This last group of FAs (DLine & Ctr) should help significantly, but we’re still not a well-balanced T-E-A-M. Not yet …

  11. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    And our QB is a turnover and sn@tch grabbing machine.

  12. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I’m admittedly an optimist so there’s that. I am a Buc’s fan so there’s that.
    I understand if you don’t take me seriously because I am indeed biased!
    So no need to flame me…I get it…I’m a homer and can admit it.

    But I believe Licht has addressed our major problem successfully our D line. And if Spence returns truly healthy…watch out for the Bucs D.

    I think one or more of our high DB draft picks will work out.

    Our LB’s are solid to very good and with that new DL in front of them they’re going to be able to use their real skill and fly to the ball. The D is set.

    I believe our OL needs either Benenoch or Cappa to blossom and for Dot to stay healthy enough to play decently. Our OL will be fine if they work out.

    I believe in ROJO and think Barber is at minimum adequate.

    We have the best TE’s in the entire league and our WR’s are close to the best.

    So where is our biggest question right now? QB!!!
    And WHY is this a question. Because our “future” can’t stay on the field. Again imagine how long he’d be sitting if Quarles hadn’t gotten him before he got the official with that wild eyed out of control look on his eyes.

    At minimum if the Bucs decide to keep Fameis he needs a stern lecture…perhaps more than one from the Glazers…then Licht..then Koetter.

    At minimum they should RIP HIM for that decision to go out drinking and getting blackout drunk with a convicted rapist and Darby the same guy who participated in the Kinsman disaster. They should tell him POINT BLANK.

    Jameis you cannot be a Buc and go out drinking with Darby and convicts.
    If he feels that infringes on his personal freedom…we get it…we search for a team that will put up with bonehead decisions.

    Again think of this…our major ? is at QB…again why? A freaking unforced error by the face of the team!

    And what disturbs me as much as anything I do not see true remorse or in any way sense that Fameis actually truly understands how incredibly STOOOOPID he has been. Admit it out loud with sincerity and perhaps we can forgive you.

    And again…name other NFL QB’s with an “allegation” list nearly as long as Pacman Winston.

  13. Ndog Says:

    Stpetebucsfan would you admit to something you didn’t feel you did? What is so hard about for you to understand? And again why show remorse for something you didn’t do? Should he do it to appease people like you who are going to hate him no matter what? If he actually didn’t do what he is accused of i hope he says “screw the view of me, I going do my charity work play ball with zero hesitation and win a whole bunch of ball games”. Then when done don’t grant any interviews, no radio spots just go do his personal thing and don’t talk to anyone cause people are fickle and no matter what he does they are ready to pounce on anything (ie classroom speech, video of him working out with a trainer where a t shirt that the whole flipping league has).

  14. stpetebucsfan Says:


    I respect your posting a lot. We simply disagree on Fameis…not his talent but above the neck. But I truly appreciate your question. I see where it comes from.

    “Stpetebucsfan would you admit to something you didn’t feel you did?”

    Of course not. But if I clearly and factually did it I wouldn’t lie to everybody and worst of all including myself. I suspect you might be correct. Maybe Fameis is like some other sociopaths who simply cannot face the TRUTH. Fameis should just start screaming fake news and provide some “alternate facts”.

    And again I’m not saying Kinsman or Kate are telling the truth. Nobody really can prove that either way.

    But I am saying going out at 3AM with the same guy you got in MAJOR trouble with and adding a convicted rapist nearby and then getting blackout drunk…all admitted FACTS should be simply unacceptable. Especially in light of ALL the allegations that swirled around him in Tallahassee…most of which were trivial…some of which..FHITP during the Kinsman ordeal are just not acceptable for a leader much less the face of the franchise.

    So a question for you Ndog and any other Jameis defenders who wish to take a swing.

    We have reached a downtime between draft…first FA flurry…and OTA’s are over.
    Jameis is responsible for his own management of this time off.

    So would believe it’s OK if Fameis decides to again hang with his troublemaking homeboy Darby and getting blackout drunk at 3AM in public? Is everybody cool with that or was that just ONE of Fameis MANY bad decisions…and a Fact.
    Again I stipulate that I do not know if Kinsman or Kate told the truth.

    It doesn’t matter. All the other stuff just adds up to trouble.

    And can anybody imagine the video of somebody had whipped out their cell phone to catch Jameis and his buds out drunk at 3AM and doing what drunken revelers do at 3AM? It would be all over social media…perhaps TMZ..BPSN.

    Do we care about this teams image at all or is the face of this franchise free to do that and then LIE about it? Just askin’.

  15. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    I’m not sure that any charity would endorse a habitual sexual deviant with a track record of associating himself with convicts. Furthermore, one in which he has trouble with accepting differing roles of the opposite sex. Lastly, the dude has not played at the level he was expected to play at. Focusing solely on him, his performance is lackluster at best. To hell with all the yards he’s thrown for and the fluff stats. The man consistently makes poor decisions, has rampant inaccuracy issues and forces the ball to players well covered. Giving credit were credit is due he has flashed at times and I love his tenacity and love for the game. But! he cannot control his emotions and thus makes irrational high-risk decisions. As for his bucs records… They’re the equivalent of being the hottest chick in an all blind community. They’re worthless.

  16. Andrew Says:

    Well. When you have at this point an average qb and average o-line how do you get your skill positions to shine? Plus, only one football to go around. Meanwhile, lichts drafted 3 DLineman total in 5 drafts. Two oversized DTs and one undersized DE.

    Don’t have to look very far to know why we had 22 sacks.

  17. stpetebucsfan Says:


    A hot chick in a blind community? That’s a good one.

  18. Tom S. Says:

    On one of Ira’s recent podcasts one of the Joe’s mentioned the awful records to start the past 5 years and then proceeds to say how another one will get Koetter fired. Just Koetter? He’s been coach for two of those 5 seasons with one winning season. Licht has built the roster of 4 of those 5 seasons! The double standard is absolutely insane.

    There is some magical spell Licht has over the media in Tampa and for the life of me I don’t know why. Maybe he gets beers with everyone in his off time? Because it has nothing to do with winning football games.

    Will someone tell me about the receiver quality Tom Brady has had the past 10 years? It doesn’t seem to have affected him negativily in any way. WR is nowhere near the positional value of a pass rusher or pass protector. Belicheck learned that a decade ago, Licht has yet to show he has.

  19. DB55 Says:


    Can you explain the lie that you keep referring to?

  20. 1sparkybuc Says:

    My sympathy to those here who want the Bucs to win and Jameis to fail. I’m not conflicted. I root for both. With no criminal charges from March of 2016, and no incidents since, I’m ready to move on