“I Want To See The Letter From The League”

June 22nd, 2018

Mike Florio, Joe’s friend and the creator and guru of ProFootballTalk.com, and the chief NFL insider for NBC Sports, went very deep this morning into the Jameis Winston Uber hassle and the subsequent investigation and potential NFL findings that will or will not be made public.

The video below is very thought-provoking and takes on many angles of what might be happening behind the scenes.

Remember, there is no official NFL announcement of the suspension yet. So it’s likely that back-room dealings are still happening as you read this.

Of course, the NFL cares more about its image and the public fallout of a suspension than it does justice for Jameis.

Florio details, as Joe believes, that the eventual letter from the NFL explaining the suspension will go a long way to determine the fate of Jameis with the Buccaneers. If the NFL admits they believe Jameis groped the female Uber driver, then Jameis might be cooked in Tampa.

“I don’t have an opinion on it yet,” Florio said. “I want to see the letter from the league.” But Florio did go on to say perhaps the NFL will broker a joint announcement with Jameis of an agreement that includes little details and no appeal by Jameis.

Florio did say he his highly skeptical of Jameis and what his Uber ride behavior could really mean. “If he did that one thing, what else has he done that we don’t know about? Because that seems awfully random?”

Sadly, Joe knows a lot of Bucs fans are saying the same thing.

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  1. Mort Says:

    I mean it’s one thing if they say they can’t say what did it didn’t happen but that he had a duty to report it, and it’s quite another to say they think he did it. Three games for failure to report seems harsh, and if that’s what it is, Tom Jones looks like a tool. We don’t know enough yet to draw any conclusions. Pump the brakes, indeed.

  2. Steven007 Says:

    Jesus, what a sh!t show. On the one hand I want to believe and support Tampa’s QB (starting game 4), Former Pro Bowler Jameis Winston. On the other hand, when there’s smoke there’s usually fire and with this guy there seems to be smoke and smoke and more smoke. If a cat metaphorically has nine lives I wonder how many lives this cat has in Tampa. I too am looking forward to more clarity (hopefully) from the letter before I draw any conclusions.

  3. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    First off, Joe was right and I was wrong about this. I’d call him out if he was incorrect, I’ll call myself out.

    Second, I believe this is far from over. I have to think JW get legal counsel and goes at the NFL if – IF – he is innocent or there is no evidence. Its scary to think I could meet Drew Brees, accuse him of groping with no evidence, he denies and gets suspended.

  4. miken Says:

    Man, this sucks. We will have this cloud over us durring camp and it seems we are starting the season going uphill. I guess we knew this could happen when we drafted him though. Hopefully Fitz can pull out a win or 2.

  5. Walter Seidel Says:

    Sad day. The entire Jameis saga is sad. And I’m gonna give Joe credit for not using the “America’s QB” now…..

  6. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Mort, my thought is if you didn’t do anything then how do you report it. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  7. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Suspend Jameis Winston for a year and make him attend sexual abuse recovery treatment”

    Kobe Faker

    Im a Jameis Winston fan and the only reason i follow the tampa bay bucs.

    Jameis is an entitled unremorseful individual that doesnt know right from wrong. He does what ever he wants and has been taught its ok and not his fault. He needs to learn, hit rock bottom and turn his hidden secretive life around….he has a bad secretive side that will not cure itself

    “This is my last post at JBF”

    Kobe Faker

  8. patrickbucs Says:

    If JW willingly accepted a 3 game suspension then there is enough evidence again him to accept that. Think how long they have investigated this, they hire ex FBI agents generally so they know what’s up. If it’s 3 games for not reporting it, he would/should appeal and hopefully just miss a game imo. If he were to sue then all of the beans would be spilled if it ever made it to court. Still would like to see the NFL letter.

  9. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Kobe is probably the biggest tool on this site but he may be right. I am a Jameis fan but this whole thing does seem shady. He didn’t tell the team, he didn’t tell the league, and he hasn’t said anything publicly denying this accusation. While the woman could be making this up, I would say it is probably true. At this point it doesn’t mattter though. He has given the league, and especially the Bucs a black eye. The franchise will hated by many NFL fans if they keep a guy with his track record as the face of their team. It really sucks because I think he could end up being a great QB if a team is willing to give him another chance. The Bucs may be that team but I think they have to consider all options at this point. PR is important.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Where do you guys get this idea that he is suspended for failure to report

  11. miken Says:

    @mort… the report is pretty clear that this has nothing to do with failure to report.

  12. Roy T. Buford Says:

    I can’t believe 3 games looms for failure to report. That seems more like 1 game. I CAN HOWEVER, believe three games for lying/covering up info in an investigation (as well as not reporting)…and THAT is why I’m thinking he got 3 games. So when we hear he may get less, that tells me he may have fessed up and told the truth at some point about people in the car, and they just have to confirm it. That is, who the third guy was, etc. If he’s good on this, I bet they take him down to one game for a simple “not reporting.” And his future as a Buc is tight.

    Just so far, it points to hm and Kate alone together–-and whether doing what was alleged or not, he’s still in hot water for covering/obstructing the NFL’s inquiry…and maybe lied to his owners. That is 3 games and done in Tampa Bay.

    I see this going to six games if there is reasonable (not court style…NFL CBA style) belief that taken in with lying to hide/cover up, he likely did commit the crime that is alleged (and he just skated the legal piece).

    Looks like he’s getting suspended one way or the other. If it’s 3 games or 6 games, I think the Bucs will draft or bring in a FA QB in ’19. As I’ve said from the start…identify the 3rd guy. Don’t know if he has or not.

    Hoping it’s just the one game deal.

  13. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “miken Says:
    June 22nd, 2018 at 11:37 am
    @mort… the report is pretty clear that this has nothing to do with failure to report.”

    Link to this “report”?

    The NFL hasn’t released anything official. Agree with Florio that this letter / how they present this is key in terms of knowing what they’ve actually determined..

  14. TakeYourVitaMen Says:

    unfortunately, screw Jameis.

    Pulled for the guy, never want a buc to fail.

    Between the ears was his biggest quality, but became his biggest fault.

  15. Eric Says:

    I dunno if I am the owner of the team do i want this associated with my brand ad infinitum?

    Even when he returns it will be chaos and coverage.

    Id be thinking of cutting and going with Fits, get a QB in draft next year.

  16. 813bucboi Says:

    I think he’ll have an agreement with the league to sit 3games while evidence and reasons are never published…..

    imo, he’ll sit 3games and we’ll never know what really happened….

    very sad fan…..


  17. Jff Says:

    New Darren Sharper/Big Ben minus any Super Bowls

  18. Ed Says:

    Jameis, welcome to the world of being a black quarterback in this N.F.L. just ask Doug William.

  19. Jff Says:

    At least he’s won more playoff games than Marcus

  20. Roy T. Buford Says:

    How important is this for the Bucs as a franchise? Well…post-Gruden butt-in-seat fans left for ticket prices, losing, poor character of players, losing, poor PR with public, and losing. Butt-in-seat fans got hope and a load of skeptical caution in drafting Jameis. Brought in new fans, new hope, arrows pointing up with coaching changes and a 9-7 season. Now we are back to (even higher) ticket prices, losing, and what could be poor character of players. It is clear to me season ticket holders are WAY down this year. This isn’t going to help. If poor character is confirmed (3 games or more), JW is done for the reasons above plus the bigger PR issue that has yet to play out. And it will be big. If Tampa Bay thinks (true or not) their hometown QB and face of the franchise is a sex offender, he’s gone. Yeah, sign on somewhere else if it happens, but unlike Big Ben, they ain’t winning, and this isn’t Pittsburg…an armpit of the U.S. population to start with.

  21. Pickgrin Says:

    Even though Florio has never liked Winston – and you can tell he believes Jameis did what was alleged – both previously and more recently – he made a great case about the completely counter-intuitive nature of the newer rule that requires players to “report” on themselves to the NFL if someone accuses them of something.

    TDTB Says:
    “he hasn’t said anything publicly denying this accusation”

    WTF are you talkiing about?? Within less than 24 hours of the (TMZ style) buzzfeed “report” – Winston stood in front of a podium at OBP and said strongly and in every way possible that he DID NOT DO what that girl accused him of.

    I believe Jameis Winston.

    Apparently many of you do not – and that is the saddest thing of all about this whole situation…

  22. Frank Pillow Says:

    I think the angle that Florio touches on- but doesn’t get enough play- is the Jaboo is most likely going to be nailed for the league’s equivalent of “obstruction of justice,” …particularly if they predicated their defense on the notion that this is all a case of mistaken identify because Darby and Jaboo were in the backseat with a mystery +1 in the front with the driver- and articulated/testified to throughout the course of the league’s investigation. That’s to say, if the investigators were able to establish that Darby was NOT in the car with Jaboo at/about the time of the alleged groping, nor were they able to positively identify the +1, then they have everything they need to suspend him.

    The question of whether he did or didn’t commit the grouping is almost immaterial with respect to the personal conduct policy and the Commissioner’s ability to suspend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trivializing the alleged assault…I’m merely saying that it is MUCH more difficult (absent audio/video evidence) to ascertain whether he committed that act vs. determining the veracity of his alibi.

    For the sake of argument, if this is what he’s getting nailed for, then the team has an even bigger problem on their hands…they have an impulsive man-child who is willing to go to great lengths to intentionally mislead his team, the league and the fans. A self-consumed untrustworthy liar…to say nothing of the fact that he’s going to be labeled as a serial jackass and two-time alleged sexual assaulter.

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    None of us know what really happened and we may never know…..we do know a few things….
    Jameis used poor judgement by being alone late at night with a female Uber driver……(he has the money for a private car service)
    Jameis used poor judgement by not reporting the incident to his team or the NFL.
    Jameis has a history of controversial incidents involving women/sexism.

    Now….even if completely innocent of the allegation…..does he still deserve another chance given his history?…….perhaps, but only in the NFL & only by the Bucs.

  24. Lamarcus Says:

    JW should stop mingling with the common ppl. U know fans that want a pic or autograph. Just ignored and take the asshole remarks from now

  25. jmarkbuc Says:


    Really? smh

    Jameis did this to Jameis, not “The Man”

  26. Easy Denman Says:


    You are a f*cking moron. Go away please. With that said, Jameis is an idiot for putting himself in these positions constantly.

  27. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    This is exactly the break the Jameis Haters were looking for. Since he was drafted, all the “fans” that hate him have constantly had it out for him. Despite no proof of him committing a crime, Jameis Haters will NEVER live this down. They’ve been digging and digging for something and now they’ve found it. Enjoy it, haters. Enjoy returning to mediocrity without a decent quarterback.

  28. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Ed, that’s Doug WilliamS…

    Linking Williams, a Bucs Ring of Honor member and SB champ, to Winston is completely ridiculous.

    And suggesting this is all because of color is precisely what’s wrong with this country. What a racist statement.

  29. TampaTown Says:

    How about every season ticket holder who has been waiting 10-15 years for this circus to turn around, barely renewed their tickets this year on the condition this was Jameis’ last shot at showing he was going to take the next step, now this $hit. Season is over before it starts and now what? Are we going to start all over AGAIN?! Go right ahead, I’ll be watching from home.

  30. Eric Says:

    Could be why Chucky ran to the Raiders…..

  31. jmarkbuc Says:

    First Down

    Sometimes if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s a damn duck…

    I wouldn’t be comfortable or happy, even with a Superbowl win, if the teams QB is a sex offender…just sayin’

    btw, The “Jameis haters” don’t have to live this down, Jameis does, it’s all on him

  32. BucEmUp Says:

    Why were the police never called. Why didn’t the employer call the police? Why??? This is a load of crap and really making me sick of keeping up with this league altogether. I’ve got better things to do than worry about my teams status in a league ran by people who make up their own laws as they go.

    Jameis has.never been arrested or had a police report filed against him. I was 21 once and I got slapped in the face a f2f ew times…..it happens. This is being made out to be much more than what it really is and then Jameis will go.on to join guys like Doug Williams and Steve Young. Why do I invest my time in this crap anymore!?

  33. TampaTown Says:

    I guess it wasn’t enough that the 2017 season was over by Halloween. Looks like we are improving because the 2018 season will be over by Labor Day. Maybe next year don’t even bother with training camp.

  34. Lord Cornelius Says:


    Agree that the worst case is not knowing anything. At least with the FSU case there was so much evidence / testimony to go along perfectly with the timeline of everything for me to easily dismiss it as complete BS by the accuser.

    But because of that case – it just makes things look so much worse. Praying he didn’t do this because I don’t want to root for people with low character.

    It’s super hard to reconcile something like this against everything I’ve heard said about him from every person that’s ever known him. You’d think he’s a 24/7 living preacher/motivational speaker by all those accounts. He seems super religious and extremely hard working. Just weird.

    Either way I’ll be in New Orleans with the wife for the takeover and that’s exciting. It’s easier and more fun to share in the misery with other fans. And Joe can then put a face to the poster known as Lord Cornelius lol.

  35. pelbuc Says:

    This all screams of a negotiated deal between the Winston camp and the NFL. If little to no information is released by the league and no appeal, it will show that the NFL has more dirt on JW for which the public is unaware. Perception is reality and JW is not perceived to be a very honorable person. Get rid of him and Licht for picking him over Mariota and ignoring Dungy’s advice.

  36. jmarkbuc Says:

    And still no statement from OBP?

    Not even the boilerplate “We are gathering information”

    Something stinks to high heaven

  37. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Why would the NFL negotiate a deal with Winston? That is the last thing the NFL would do as I see it. I do see the sentence in the article: “So it’s likely that back-room dealings are still happening as you read this.” But I don’t think that statement is about a deal with Winston. I think it is in the context of work behind the scenes to continue to figure out what happened and whether it’s more or less than 3 games, and what the reasoning it.

  38. DB55 Says:

    Of all the “reports” since yesterday this is by far the most accurate account of what has occurred. ESPN completely twisted what Cameron said in order to fit their narrative.

    After sleeping on it I truly do believe the Bucs should cut or trade Winston. Not bc Winston is a monster but bc the Bucs and Tampa as a whole is a cesspool of morally righteous hypocrites. Let them live in nfl obscurity for the remainder of their days.

    Last night I watched the nfln doc Americas Game the 2002 Bucs and realized they’ll never be that great again ever! This org is a complete dumpster fire and should be put to sleep.


  39. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Would be pretty ironic if Goodell notifies Winston that he is cleared, and all this was just bad reporting.

    Here’s a question…if Winston has not been notified yet…how can there be a deal? Hmn?

    Too many people judging without knowing things. Of course, that is just what the media wants.

  40. uckinator Says:

    Ed – Like the others lambasting you, the race card don’t work anymore (Tell poverty pimp Jesse Jackson that). It’s been way overplayed. Did the NFL ruin another Buc QB, Freeman ? He just partied his way out of the NFL. Color had nothing to do with it. That being said; couldn’t we have found about this decision earlier ? Like before the draft ?

  41. Bobby B Says:

    Release him and be done with it. Hope that Fitz has one good season left in him and move on. Leave it to the Bucs to totally blow a #1 pick selection again.

  42. Walter Seidel Says:

    First Down Tampa Bay……..a return to mediocrity would be quite an improvement !!!

  43. HooliganSixx Says:

    time to move on. hindsight is always 20/20 should have drafted Mariota. cut JW

  44. 813bucboi Says:


    I agree….with his past, it just makes things look worse….and it is weird because he really does seem like a great guy….

    maybe he’s the type that has a few drinks and turns into a different person…..ive seen that before…..

    idk….just a very sad situation for everyone including the victim…..

    enjoy N.O…..hopefully you’ll witness a major upset!!!!!….lol…


  45. Bucsfanman Says:

    “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

    You have to wonder.

  46. T REX Says:

    “Second, I believe this is far from over. I have to think JW get legal counsel and goes at the NFL if – IF – he is innocent or there is no evidence. Its scary to think I could meet Drew Brees, accuse him of groping with no evidence, he denies and gets suspended.”

    He’s not appealing which means he is tucking his tail and taking his punishment. I would imagine there are some major skeletons in this closet that JW’s camp wants to keep out of the press.

  47. Phillip Says:

    Losing season after losing season hurts. The 2 year HC shuffle has hurt. But this is probably the only time I’ve been embarrassed to support this team.

    There have been too many incidents of his immaturity for some of it not to be true sadly. You’ll have the pro-Winston side claiming some BS about they are out to get him. You’ll get the extremists who have the I told you so BS.

    Instead, we need to be looking at a 24-year-old man who is supposed to be a role model to millions of people around the world and at the very least continues to put himself into these situations. He needs help. I don’t care if he is suspended 1 game or never plays again I just hope something is sparked in his mind to get help and stop putting himself in these situations.

  48. passthebuc Says:

    No one knows exactly what happened aside from the 2 in the car, JW and the Uber driver. Taking jameis’s position for a minute, if I were innocent, I would let everyone in Florida know as I filed legal action against the NFL, UBER and the driver. However, that has not happened and probably will never happen. As a result, and lack of countermeasures by JW, the court of incrimination has already made its decision.

  49. passthebuc Says:

    On another note, With Fitz at the helm, I do not suspect the results would be much different.

  50. TampaTown Says:

    I thought the saying is Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

  51. Mike10 Says:

    Soo based off that closing sentence, sounds like an indictment against Bucs fans who want jaboo gone if this is found to be true

  52. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Well, hearing on the radio that Winston said he’d not appeal 3-game suspension and he has some undisclosed stuff to provide to keep it from getting higher. That’s what I believe I heard in a short few minutes anyway. So looks like the back-room deals were not about suspension or not, but appealing the inevitable and doing something to keep it from being worse? My hunch is that is to disclose the third guy. Now…if Jameis had already told the Glazers the truth before the last couple of days, they may have reconciled and this is just the shoe dropping. But if he didn’t….

    Either way, he needs to play out this year…his only hope of being a Buc longer than end of 2019 is if he: 1. Told the truth to the Glazers already; and 2. He plays lights out this year when he comes back. I’d still expect the Bucs may just drop his bennies from his option year. Question I have is how long do they have to do that? Anyone know?

  53. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Haven’t felt this crappay about season prospects since Freeman missed his QB camp event and later got benched by Schiano (justifiably).

  54. AlteredEgo Says:

    We should not have to be talking about this….bottom line!

  55. old time buc Says:

    I guess I see things in a different view than most on here. In cases like this I want to see evidence of proof, There has been none either way. Innuendo’s should be proof. They used to say innocent until proven guilty, but most on here are accepting guilt without proof.
    No one wants to see their QB screw up but where is the proof? I think seeing that letter has to be done before I will condemn him. The MSM is treating him like a criminal without evidence. Joe if you have any proof (Not just a suspicion) then please share. WE NEED TO KNOW. I will stand behind JaBoo until I see proof.

  56. old time buc Says:

    innuendo’s should not be proof.

  57. Knoxville Buc Fan Says:

    She probably had ahold of his Jaboo at the same time. Who knows. They always believe the female anyways JW IS DONE IN TAMPA

  58. Tony LA Says:

    Innocent people don’t get wrongfully accused of sexual assault MULTIPLE times. It’s fun to believe in conspiracy theories, but reality always wins out.

    I’m one of Jameis’ biggest supporters. Hell, I think he already took that next step with his play at the end of last season.

    Take a step back. Winston – of innocent – should be outraged. He’s not. He’s silent. Always has been. Bad advice if he’s innocent. But the lawyers and aoR people he has are not bad at their jobs. They preach silence WHEN they know their is guilt.

    Such a horrific place for the Bucs. Franchise killer for the next 3-5 years or more if this turns out to be the end.

    Fitz is solid.
    Personally – im sending next years 2nd to philly for Foles. Jobs are at stake. A fandom is at stake. Go get it. stop whining.

  59. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Wow…this is all so disappointing and so…

    I can’t say I feel any warm fuzzies for Jameis right now…nor do I feel the need to run him off…but truth be told I’m ready to move for at least the first game.

    It’s like I’m over Jameis for now…lets find out who our actual QB is going to be for those first three games.

    Is this defense just a paper tiger or real mauler? Will ROJO and Barber form an actual running attack?

    I root for the guys who are able to stay on the field.

  60. T REX Says:

    AT some point, it’s no longer everyone else’s fault. It’s on JW. The same people keep making excuse after excuse for the guy. You’re all enablers of his behavior. Sick and disgusted.

  61. Buc4life Says:

    I haven’t heard this anywhere and I may be mistaken but when the story first broke I remember reading that the Uber driver said she just gave Jameis a ride and no one else was in the car… according to the NFL investigation Darby was there for at least part of the ride…just seems like a reach to suspend these guys when the stories aren’t consistent and no police report was even filed… hopefully Fitzmagic can pull out one of the first three games… Believe in Jameis…Go Bucs

  62. Buc4life Says:

    Also this incident happened over 2 years ago and Winston has been nothing but good off the field and save the incident with the Saints and the Panthers he has been a model NFL player… he’s still growing as a human being so ump the brakes on all this cut the franchise QB baloney

  63. Gene Deckehoff is my hero Says:

    This story is being twisted and turned to support whichever stance one has on Famous Jameis. The reality is that the NFL has been having PR nightmares for the past few years. They made an example out of him because the league is under immense pressure and feeling the squeeze. There was an issue, his Uber was suspended and he didn’t notify the team or the leave. The shield can’t afford to keep being embarrassed and Jameis happened to be the unlucky individual they made an example out of. All of the other talk above is just typical fan nonsense… Jameis is a great man and a terrific QB.

    Since so many of these comments are in the conspiracy range how about this, maybe he’s not 100% healthy and needs the extra rest fully recover from his shoulder issue or perhaps a mystery injury!!??

  64. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @Buc4Life….it is quite possible…we don’t know, that Jameis is just a BS artist…who he portrays himself to be publicly may not be who he really is. It doesn’t what he’s done since then…in terms what happened on that night in Arizona is what he’s being punished for. Whether it is not reporting (which I think it’s more than that the NFL knows about) or actually having committed a crime of sexual abuse (what they that in Arizone…in Florida if he did as alleged it is sexual assualt), and he just happened to get a pass. I don’t know what he did or didn’t do. But all this makes one wonder who much he did or didn’t do that is also not reported or made public. Bad stuff seems to follow this guy around. I don’t care what he does publicly any more than what he does privately…I only look at the facts on what we know he’s done period.

  65. Roy T. Buford Says:

    One of the problems is guys like “Ed” making this a race issue, and guys like JP Peterson saying he’s “a kid.” The man is 24 now and was 22 when it happened. When I was 22 I was learning to fly fighters and had graduated college. Most people at 22 are doing a trade or doing something else honorable, or even being an outstanding pro football player without all the baggage. At 24 years old, most people are growing more. Looks like Jameis is was likely making up stories (or worse) and was eating Ws looking like a fool. Yeah, he needs to grow up, but he’s not a kid, and as long as people say, oh, he’s just young…he will not change.

    If he lied, and especially if he really did what is alleged, how does this guy look his team in the eye now. You want to shock Jameis into waking the F up? Sure, suspend him. Sure, take some money. What will really hurt him into a real self-evaluation…is take the “C” off his chest and make him earn it back. Give it to Cam Brate for the season.

  66. Fire Lichtt Says:

    Raise your hand if you knew that not reporting a non crime could lead to a suspension before this story. Now raise your hand if you understand why they suspended him…if you are that stupid the nfl and it’s current and future players now know the rule…. Jameis takes the fall.

  67. Belligerentbuc Says:

    If I am the Glazers, I see this as a speed hump, not a speed bump or road blockto the superbowl. Franchise qb’s don’t come around too often.

    If the guy in the highest office in the world can grab’em by the poontang, then a dumb@$$ jock leading a small 2.2billion dollar org ain’t nothing. Winning makes everyone forget. We will all buy their over priced beers and season tickets, eventually.

  68. Buc4life Says:

    The anti Jameis crowd seems to just have it out for him and seem very irrational when they look at the facts. Just go support another team. The bucs are clearly supporting this kid and if you don’t like it there are 31 other teams you can support

  69. Miken Says:

    @lordcornielius… do you still need an article or have you caught up?