Toughest Schedule Just Got Tougher

June 22nd, 2018

Joe knows there are conspiracy theorists out there that believe the NFL has it out for the Bucs.

Since the day Chucky was jettisoned one could make an argument the Bucs have had it out for the Bucs. And the results have been extraordinary.

Depending on how you look at it, the tentative three-game suspension for America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, is either good timing or an evil set up. The way Joe saw it, even with Jameis there, it was a real possibility the Bucs could start out 0-3 playing the Saints on the road followed by two home games against Pennsylvania’s finest, the Eagles and the Steelers.

The fact — for now — Jameis will miss those games, it is good to get that out of the way.

Now the folks at BSPN seem to imply the Bucs’ hardest schedule just got even harder. Consider the gauntlet Tampa Bay will face in September.

Just get Jameis’ suspension over with. If the Bucs are 1-2, they dodged a bullet.

Look, it wasn’t as if Ryan Fitzpatrick embarrassed himself playing for an injured Jameis last season.

63 Responses to “Toughest Schedule Just Got Tougher”

  1. Baz Says:

    “the Bucs have had it out for the Bucs.”

    The most accurate mistake you’ve ever posted Joe.

  2. Reality-is-a-Beotch Says:

    Bucs deserve to be 0-16 that is all the have earned with this mickey mouse owners. Keep buying into the bs optimists you just are going to look extremely stupid once again

  3. Tom Edrington Says:


  4. The Buc Realist Says:

    From what I am hearing is true, The “real” fans are beyond disappointed!!!!!!! From The JW2 camp releasing that it is only about not reporting (allegedly) To the plea deal from 6 games down to 3!!!!!

    Let my words be very clear!!!! I really like the coaching staff, The “real” fans think they can really coach and motivate players!!!!! But at this point some have to be about 75% that we see a huge difference at One Buc next year!!!!

    What are they going to do??? Had over top 5 or 10 QB money to a guy that cannot throw a deep pass, Is one bad pick up line from being suspended all year????? And guess what Joe!!!!! Defenses will give up a lot of yards when the QB hands over the ball at an alarming rate!!!!!! And don’t say it is playcalling!!!! How do we know JW3 was not distracted and not focus because a pretty girl was in the front row!!!!!!!!

    How can you say the table is set????? when all the GM did was bring in a bunch of “salary cap casualties”?????? How can the table be set, and the offense be firing on all cylinders when after the bye week the repeat offender has played in 1 game in 2 months?????????

    It is a shame, that once again, Our coaches have to deal with distractions and obstacles before the season starts!!!!!!! When we look back, drafting the QB and free agency sunk the current regime!!!!!!!!

    Very disappointed fans indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. DoSomething Says:

    What if Fitz goes 2-1 or somehow 3-0 in these games..? If that happens and we have some momentum, what does that do to the culture..? Love Jameis but I think this team is in for a major overhaul in 2019 because of the immaturity of current leadership

  6. passthebuc Says:

    There is a punchline from an old joke.

    No, but do they ever call me Pierre the great shipbuilder?

    I think he has torched his career and only a great amount of time and clean living may mitigate his past.

  7. Reality-is-a-Beotch Says:

    Owners, front office and roster are a complete freaking joke! THAT IS WHAT REAL FANS UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Past results coupled with zero hope for future PROVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Reality-is-a-Beotch Says:

    The only thing more embarrassing than this franchise is the delusional optimists led by pickgrin, bonzi, sc and capt timmie no standard that actually believe this joke of a team belongs in NFL

  9. joestang Says:

    good timing, what are you talking about, we should be happy starting 0-3 or 1-2, we have really set the bar low for this team. this season is over even before it starts. when does flag football start?

  10. Wombat Says:

    I am so glad I saved my money and didn’t repurchase my tickets!!!! I can buy an 85″ TV and watch Roseanne re-runs……..

  11. Jason Parker Says:

    @ Bucs Realist you can’t be serious, there was reason Koetter and Smith were fired by the Falcons. Do all of us a favor never say this coaching staff is good with anything ever again.

  12. Frank Pillow Says:

    Going 1-2 would be a major coup with or without Jaboo. I’ve been thinking more and more about Tom Jones article and Ira’s similar commentary…the one thing I can’t seem to reconcile is Jason Licht’s culpability on all of this. Not just the record- but leading the charge to draft Winston, overseeing the team’s investigation into his character, making the determination that the findings legitimized his desire to draft Winston, making the case to ownership and then pulling the trigger on it with the #1 pick in the draft when a Clorox-clean and equally talented QB/playmaker (Mariota) was sitting there too. I know we can’t turn back time, but we should recognize that Jameis isn’t the only one responsible here…the team made its choice (to the supposed chagrin of Koetter), enabled and empowered Jaboo as the face of the franchise, defended his past deeds and staked their reputations on his. How the team responds to all of this will be telling.

  13. Schlomie BarmitzvahCircumScissorStein Says:

    LOL! keep giving the millionaires and billionaires your money! LOL!

  14. passthebuc Says:

    The stupidity of the term “franchise QB” Look at all the top drafted QB’s meant to be saviors. If you build a bad team around a top QB prospect, chances are he does not make it. If he does not have the quality line to protect, he either ends up gun shy or hurt. If the D cannot get the job done, you have some rookie with a load on his shoulders trying to save the day. Too much pressure. Personally, I think there are a lot of talented guys like Brady that never get the chance. I want a QB with brains and developable skills that work into the starting role after 3 years. Someone that when he takes the field, the trenches are deep. In other words, the QB is the last piece of the puzzle.

    The draft discussion should have never been MM or JW, it should have been trading down and build the front 4 on each side of the ball.

  15. D-Rome Says:

    Joe, we need a poll. Some kind of poll regarding this story. I don’t know why, it just seems fitting.

  16. D-Rome Says:

    Totally confident, right guys?

  17. Dan Says:

    Trade Winston or cut him, get Nick Foles

  18. Jason Parker Says:

    D- Rome confident in Jameis but one more strike and I’m done.

  19. Bird Says:

    Still going with “americas qb”

    Shame on you guys. I really mean that And I bet it’s the one joe that has man crush on him since day 1

  20. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    Curse of Joebucsfan strikes again. Seriously if you care about the success of this team just take your website down.

  21. Dan Says:

    Trade Winston to the Federal Prison Football League, where he will be in a few years next step is to kill someone

  22. Danr Says:

    Is it me or does the Realist come across as poorly spoken as our president some times?

  23. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I agree with D-Rome Joe, we need a Poll about what the Bucs should do about the Jameis situation.

  24. Bobby M. Says:

    FrankPillow makes a good point…..A lot of resources were dumped into drafting Winston….reputations were put on the line….and after all that, Winston still seems to have fooled everyone. That’s a big blow to the organization…..particularly Licht. I’ve been saying this….draft another QB in the mid rounds to keep Winston accountable. The team, particularly Licht, went all in on a very risky position in general and in this case individual with character flaws. If I’m Licht, I’m at least leaking to the press that the Bucs are inquiring about guys like Bridgewater…..Winston needs to quit being coddled and treat him like any other player until he earns back trust.

    Winston now has to perform which frankly isn’t the best formula to get him to perform well. When he starts feeling the pressure to prove himself, he starts doing too much and we know what happens when he starts trying to be the hero on every play….Turnovers….lots and lots of turnovers. The good news for the Bucs is if we move forward with him, there will no doubt be a clause in his contract that if suspended, voids all guarantees. From a cap perspective, that makes him easy to move on from.

  25. mark2001 Says:

    When Joe talks about “America’s QB” maybe he is talking about the sinking of our standards of morality and lack of proper behavior with the opposite sex that is going on at the highest level in our country. After all, Jameis was just a wealthy guy that tried to grab a woman’s P, thinking she would love it…just like Donald said he has and she would, so as he is America’s President who says he does that, isn’t Jameis just as representative of being America’s QB?

  26. patrickbucs Says:

    Extremely frustrating. The allegation has to be true if he willingly accepted 3 games as opposed to the reported 6 games.

    I wonder if I can get a discount on those two opening games? I am sure going to ask:)

  27. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “Since the day Chucky was jettisoned one could make an argument the Bucs have had it out for the Bucs.” – Joe

    Actually, it started when Tony Dungy was shown loading his SUV at night in the rain after getting fired.

  28. Roy T. Buford Says:

    It is a real possibility that the Bucs could start 0-3 regardless of the opponents. I don’t say this to slam the Bucs (or Joe), but to emphasize this is the NFL and the Bucs have always done the unthinkable…good and bad. I am saying they could start 3-0 as well, even with Fitz in for Jameis. You NEVER look ahead and start figuring which are likely losses or wins…the only result from that nonsense is disappointment because most always you will be incorrect. I am not so much worried about starting 0-3 as I am who will be the QB at the end of the season and into next year.

  29. ATLBuc Says:

    With a great defense Fitz will be just fine like he played last year. He actually seemed to have a better chemistry with Jackson

  30. Walter Seidel Says:

    Joe, seriously….time to cease the (now dumb) “America’s (worst citizen) QB”?? It’s a freaking joke around the nation.

  31. chargedcbh Says:

    I would consider trading for Bridgewater or look to bring in another QB. If anything it would get Winston’s attention. I’m sure everybody has talked to him over and over again and he has said ALL the right things! BUT

    It’s not what you say, it’s what you do! That’s for him and the Team!

  32. Buc_The_World Says:

    Ok did I miss something? Did we not beat the Saints last year at the end of the season with the worst defense in the league?

    2015: 1-4
    2016: 1-3 (5th week a bye week)
    2017: 2-2 (5th week a bye week)

    what you see above is the first 5 games of the saints the last 3 seasons and people are shaking in their boots about our 1st game. You kidding me? And yes the next 2 games will be difficult but if our D plays well and our running game is on point we can beat anybody in the league. Now some of you are going to scoff at me but I don’t care. When are Bucs fans going to grow a pair. Fitz was 2-1 last year with no run game. He can handle 3 games. Our defense should be improved this year. The running game should be improved this year. The offensive line should be improved this year. No wonder we can’t win anything because our fan base has a loser mentality. When we start winning you losers stay home you are not invited to the party!

  33. ATLBuc Says:

    All this get rid if JW talk is just a lot of hot air. If he comes back from suspension, if he gets suspended, and leads this team to the playoffs, he will be beloved once again. Let’s face it, primarily, all fans want us to win.

  34. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Look we have gotten this far and I believe this team is on the verge of something special. We can’t just throw it all away. I have been watching this team grow together. Why is everyone imploding on the Bucs when we should be imploding on Goodell and his policing of teams. Again no factual evidence and as far as I am concerned Jameis has done everything he has been asked of since being here. He has not been the problem with this team. It’s been defense and constant churning of coaches and players. That is a Browns specialty. Support your damn team and players fools! I’m a season ticket holder since 2013 traveling over 500 miles for every game, and have been coming on this site long before that and one thing I have noticed is how ignorant some of our fans are. Get your head out of the sand and wake up! Don’t believe everything you hear in social media. I’m fully confident Jameis will turn this all around and bring greatness to this franchise but we need to start by supporting him and the team as fans, or else we will just keep spinning our wheels. Go Bucs! Haing in there loyal fans!

  35. doolnutts Says:

    Still seeing a lot of chatter about firing Koetter and Licht….With this suspension make no mistake.. If Koetter and Licht go it is very likely so does Winston. At MOST I would see a new incoming GM tag Winston much like Cousins was and then let him walk after the tag starts to cost too much… At this point, the only way I think Winston stays is if he plays totally lights out which saves Koetter and Licht who have too much invested in him to see him fail.

  36. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “it wasn’t as if Ryan Fitzpatrick embarrassed himself playing for an injured Jameis last season.” And Fitz is now the key to this whole situation Joe (smart move by Jason re-signing him BTW). It doesn’t matter who was playing QB for the Bucs in these first 3 games; Saints would still be 11-5 LAST YEAR & won their division, Eagles would still be 13-3 LAST YEAR, won their division & won the SB, and the Steelers would still be 13-3 LAST YEAR & won their division.

    But the key phrase in there is LAST YEAR. Bucs have made some major improvements since LAST YEAR … added a quality RB, added a quality Center, made some major upgrades to their defense. Ryan Fitzpatrick did quite well LAST YEAR considering that he didn’t get all that many reps in preseason, and had to ‘come off the bench’ against Arizona. The rest of this Bucs’ team will (hopefully) rally around him & stand tall, instead of looking to ‘The Savior’ to bring them back from behind far too often. For these first 3 games especially, we’ll see a Bucs’ T-E-A-M that comes out motivated & won’t be falling behind early. More players ‘pulling their own weight’ … which is exactly what we’ve needed for many years now. Still predicting at least 2-1 after the first 3 games.

  37. Marine Buc Says:

    I was called a troll, idiot and a few other things when I suggested we draft a QB with our first round pick. Some of you homers thought this sexual assault would just go away. Lol. Who was the idiot?

  38. Defense Rules Says:

    BTW, for all those focused on season records, look at how the Saints, Eagles & Steelers STARTED last season. Saints started 1-2, Eagles started 2-1 (losing to the GIANTS), and the Steelers also started 2-1 (losing to the BEARS). But all 3 teams proved the old maxim: It’s not how you start; it’s how you finish’. They can ALL be beaten. It’s up to the coaches now to get this T-E-A-M ready to kick some ass. NOEXCUSES2018!

  39. The Graham Tram Says:

    This isn’t unexpected, it’s why we paid to have a good backup in Fitz.

    From my perspective and knowledge I’m privy to (and all of you for that matter) Jameis is a good leader of this team and member in the community. The rest is hearsay.

    The three games are going to be tough, but I’d rather get them over with early and let Fitz work his magic. Then we get Jameis back for the bears and get back after it.


  40. Toenail58 Says:

    Bucs are calling season ticket holders and saying 2 games

  41. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Nobody thought it would just go away we just felt it was complete BS in the first place and were just waiting for Goodell to make a decision and drop his hammer. He does whatever he wants to stir PR for the NFL when their is nothing else to talk about. Every offseason their is a story like this. Think about it they are creating a non story for media attention to the shield. Oh and We didn’t want to draft a QB because we knew Jameis was our guy. I support my team and current players on the roster unlike most. Go Bucs!

  42. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I am on record as strongly supporting Mariota over Winston….based solely on the off-field risk.
    When we drafted Winston I chose to support the decision believing the Team did a thorough investigation and was convinced Winston was not a risk. They were wrong.
    I still support Winston although I am extremely disappointed in him…..he is perhaps……(perhaps) a liar and a sexual pervert…..or simply just can’t control himself when alcohol is involved (giving him some slack)
    Unfortunately all of his great community service will be greatly overlooked because of this incident.
    I say, give him a second (3rd) chance…..but he should pay the price for his actions with a below-average contract.
    I don’t believe other teams will be overly interested so we will likely be the highest bidders.

  43. D-Rome Says:

    I was called a troll, idiot and a few other things when I suggested we draft a QB with our first round pick.

    I didn’t think anyone that suggested this was a troll or an idiot. When the Bucs drafted Jameis he was the best QB, most NFL ready QB in the draft based on the information they had. Drafting him was the right decision. In this year’s draft, not drafting a QB was the right decision based on the information the team had, allegedly. If the Bucs thought a suspension was going to happen then they should have moved on from Jameis.

  44. Red86 Says:

    It’s too soon to to consider dumping Jameis or to accuse him of sexual assault. Beside Big Ben offense is much worst. Yet, so for he changed. I imagine the severity of this suspension would be much worst if the allegations are true. Other wise we should also be looking at Rodger Goodell thinking that he think it’s OK to let something like this go with a weaker suspension.

    As of now this is a “failure to report” suspension. We should wait til the NFL officially report there finding before we throw him under the bus. Right now it’s just speculations that being reported and believed. This case has been nothing but he said she said. No evidences so far. This case wasn’t going anywhere due to lack of police reports and etc. As of now he’s guilty of not reporting it. That’s it.

    Personally, I think it very suspicious that Goodell waiting past the draft and free agency to announce this. This didn’t give the team a chance to address the QB position. I don’t think Ryan Griffin is the answer if something happen to Fitz.

  45. Pickgrin Says:

    Every one of you asshats slamming Winston because of this Uber BS and suggesting we are better off without him need to go find another team to be “fans” of.

    NOTHING has changed! This chit happened over 2 years ago. There is NO EVIDENCE whatsoever that Jameis did what that driver alleged – yet Winston haters come crawling out of the woodwork spewing their hate of your QB with this news that King Goodell is overstepping his bounds once again and is suspending Winston for no Gotdamn reason.

    This “case” would be laughed out of court – because there is (I’ll say it again) NO EVIDENCE whatsoever that Jameis did what that driver alleged.

    ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ has been the law of our land for almost 230 years – yet apparently that somehow doesn’t apply to Jameis Winston…

    IDIOTS! The lot of you!!

  46. Dan Says:

    F&$% u Jameis, u sick creep

  47. 813bucboi Says:

    what a minute…….

    some of yall think fitz, a QB that has been on how many teams can beat one or 2 of the first 3 teams when he barely beat a lousy dolphins and jets team and got blown out by the falcons…a real team….lol….

    im not buying it…..fitz will show why the bill would rather have tyrod taylor….fitz is no where near the answer for the first 3games but we have no choice……


  48. Defense Rules Says:

    813bucboi … Bookmark your response and use it again AFTER the first 3 games are played … IF it proves true then of course. I’ll stand behind Fitz and the rest of this T-E-A-M getting it done without Jameis to start the season. All good T-E-A-M-S are much bigger than just ONE player. 2-1 like I predicted.

  49. Joe Says:

    Bucs are calling season ticket holders and saying 2 games

    Dudes selling tickets have no connection to the football operations or Bucs security in any way. The lone string that connects the two is they work under the same roof. The Bucs ticket folks have a history of spreading misinformation largely because they want to sell tickets and they have zero insight into the football affairs.

  50. First Down Tampa Bay Says:


    Tyrod Taylor is a joke. There is a reason he was benched for Nathan Peterman. Only our defense could make him look good…

  51. Destinjohnny Says:

    6-10 with or without 3

  52. Knoxville Buc Fan Says:

    What a franchise we have… this time last year we all were riding high. Media for the most part were on the ship. Hard Knocks was prepping for training camp. fast forward and here we are about to lose JW for a few games, does this keep him from getting paid in tampa and do we start to look in trading for a proven veteran? Hell I don’t know anymore, it feels worse now than the first season of the Sam Wyche era. Then he started building a solid foundation for Dungy. I’m to old for this $hit….. win or lose I’m a Buc Fan For Life

  53. Fortmyersbuc Says:

    It is what it is, we all need to just get behind Fitz, support him, and hope they can get a win or two.

  54. Dooshlarue Says:

    On a positive note…………No posts by Webster.
    Maybe he’s cowering in his closet?

  55. uckinator Says:

    What happens if (when) Fitz goes down ?????

  56. Defense Rules Says:

    @813bucboi … “he barely beat a lousy dolphins and jets team and got blown out by the falcons…a real team….lol.” Got blown out by the Falcons in that 1st game? Really? Blown out because the score was 34-20? Might want to go back & relook at the boxscore bucboi. TWICE in the 1st half the Bucs settled for FGs when they were inside the Red Zone (take a good look at the play-calling sequences). And yet, Fitz closed the gap to within 7 pts (27-20) with almost 14 minutes to go in the 4th qtr. Beckwith forces a fumble & our offense takes over at 11:25 to go at the Tampa 42 … opportunity to tie it. Fitz moves them down to the Atlanta 18 before it fizzles with a 4th-and-1 (incomplete to Brate).

    Ryan then marched the Falcons down the field & they scored (34-20), but there’s 2 minutes left. Fitz throws 9 straight passes; connects on 6 of them, but Bucs can’t score. Now … Was that REALLY a blowout? Not hardly, and certainly not on Fitz. With some better play-calling AND any sort of a running game, Bucs actually could’ve won that game (even with the Bucs’ defense not playing very well that game) and even with them playing in Atlanta.

  57. 813bucboi Says:


    we lost by 2 TD’s…….that’s a blow out….what game were you watching…..a bogus call vs the jets I believe gave him a win…..that was a safety…

    you thinking fitz is half way decent is laughable…..


  58. 813bucboi Says:


    and when he got benched for that scrub look what happen….nate threw INT’s out the ass…..the coaching staff had to apologize for making a stupid decision…..

    I guess plenty of defenses made him look good……tyrod got the bills to the playoffs who haven’t been there in 20years….fitz cant sniff the playoffs…..

    if tyrod is a joke fitz is the improv!!!!!….


  59. 813bucboi Says:


    you said a bunch of nothing……stop making excuses….we lost that game and it wasn’t even close….so blame dirk’s lousy play calling but he had lousy play calling all year…..

    we got blown out….stop making excuses….


  60. stpetebucsfan Says:

    OK it’s the NFL and ANYTHING can happen. I get that most of you are making the safe or expected play.

    Nobody is right or wrong YET…but let me toss this out there and you all can laugh. For me it’s truly just as easy to remain positive as it is to roll with the 0-3 crowd.

    Now just imagine…c’mon you have imaginations….that our defense is just as good on the field as it is on paper. Spence…JPP…LB’s become wrecking crews…two DB’s emerge and feast on that DL pressure with some picks!

    Now imagine that Barber fulfills his promise and ROJO is the real deal and we actually have a running game. We have a ton of pass targets.

    I want to see at least a 2-1 start with our defense leading the way.

    I like Fitz. But I honestly do not know about Ryan Griffin. I’d like to see him get some first team reps in the pre season as well. And…if Griffin is the better player…start him. If not…or if it’s even close then Fitz’s experience wins out.

  61. Mike Johnson Says:

    No Sir-Reeeee. I’m ain’t buyin this Bull-feces!! Seeason just got toughter crap. NO EXCUSES. We expect this Buc TEAM to WIN. Or do we have a..TEAM? Other teams plug in backups and hum right along. All seasons are tough. Hell the NFl is tough. If these Bucs don’t finish 8-8 this year, I am Requesting to be put in charge of the Buc Fans..ROPE Committee. Lets ride Koetter and his no game coaching sidekick Smitty out of florida!! Winston is geting..what he got coming. He probably did what they say he did. This Fl State Product needs to prove himself all over again. Batter up Bucs. WE WNAT WINS!!!!!!!..not excuses.

  62. Knoxville Buc Fan Says:

    Nick Foles

  63. Dark Mominick Says:

    Lol nice photo shop Joe. Jameis never attended the draft with Goodell