Tampa’s Only Hall Of Fame Voter, Ira Kaufman, Reacts To The Jameis Winston Suspension

June 28th, 2018

eye-RAH! reacts

Regular listeners of the Ira Kaufman Podcast know the wildly popular JoeBucsFan.com columnist, Tampa Bay’s only Hall of Fame voter, is never censored by Joe, either behind a microphone or a keyboard.

So with that in mind, here is Ira’s Twitter commentary this afternoon in the aftermath of the three-game suspension of America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, that included an NFL report that labeled Jameis as a sex offender.

Please remember that Ira’s opinions his own.

108 Responses to “Tampa’s Only Hall Of Fame Voter, Ira Kaufman, Reacts To The Jameis Winston Suspension”

  1. D-Rome Says:

    The statement by the NFL is definitive.

  2. JMan 5 Says:

    Jameis can redeem himself somewhere else.

  3. Syl Says:

    When Big Ben is run out the league then you can talk about Jameis.

  4. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Here’s what I want to hear from Sage.

    You said you wanted details from the NFL and I feel that we received more detail than I expected in the NFL’s statement and in Jameis’ statement.

    So based on the information Ira, do you want him gone next year or not?

  5. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    He did what he is suspended for but for the sake of the franchise why didnt Licht know so he could take better steps than Fotz for 2018

  6. DB55 Says:

    Yes please trade him so you losers can cheers for another 40 years of being the Browns of the south. Please please please cut him. Please.

  7. Rick Says:

    Petition has been started on change.org
    Search “The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need to cut/release Jameis Winston.”

  8. Cover Deuce Says:

    THE NFL DID NOT LABEL HIM A SEX OFFENDER. HIS OWN ACTIONS AND REPUTATION HAVE DONE THAT. Good lord. How much will it take for anyone on this site to hold this man accountable for his own actions? You don’t need to demand his job, but the least you can do is be honest about whose fault this really is. He lied to the team. He lied to the media. He lied to the fans. Some things are bigger than football!

  9. America’s turnover machine Says:

    Any quarterback is better than Jameis Winston.

  10. Joe Blahak Says:

    Details released Irv, with a guilty statement. Time to move on ASAP!

  11. Blue-footed booby Says:

    DB55 Winston has zero trade value. Zero. And quite honestly I don’t see any NFL team signing him if the Buccaneers were to release him today.

    I just hope that you, DB55, will still be on here posting and scolding the Bucs fan base for turning on Jameis if he remains unsigned by the NFL throughout the entire 2018 season and possibly for good, because that would tell us a lot about what the league thinks of Winston.

  12. Lamarcus Says:

    I’m with DB55

    Trade him to the Pats. I want him off this team and away from these fans and he can start over somewhere else. And I’m going where JW goes and peace out Suc fans

  13. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Jameis apologized to the Uber driver because even though he was probably too drunk to remember, he realizes she was made to feel uncomfortable by him to the point of her complaining to her employer. He won’t admit to anything because he probably doesn’t remember much. But he does now know the source of his problem- alcohol- and we’ll see and hope he stays sober and has no more incidents and starts winning.

  14. JMan 5 Says:

    Jameis: I’m sorry I got caught

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Is anybody thinking what I’m thinking……Very lucky to have only 3 games…..

    There will be some controversy about that going forward….

  16. Fire the glazers Says:

    You don’t belong in the convo.
    Your opinion is immature and not appreciated.
    Just troll a fan base with a little less tact than ours…
    Say, Philly…
    Jets, or giants…
    Better yet. Go sober up, and hug your dog.

  17. University of Seffner Says:

    This will happen if we cut Jameis Winston: he’ll go to another NFL Team, win the Super Bowl, and we’ll all be looking back at ourselves and say “we should’ve hung on to Jameis”. I’ve waited for all the facts and Jameis’ statement: He’s guilty. I wish I could defend him, but I can’t. Sad times we live in my fellow Bucs Fans. Hopefully he can learn from his mistakes, move on from it, and regain the trust of his family, the Owners, his agent, coaches, Jason Licht, and teammates. There’s more to life than just Football. Hopefully Jameis Winston can be clean for the rest of his career. #ItsaBucsLife

  18. Marc Says:


    You’ve repeatedly said that if the evidence was damning, you would call for his release. Do you now call for his release? Your credibility is on the line.

    -Extremely pissed off Bucs fan

  19. JMan 5 Says:

    DB55 is that you Jameis?

  20. Eric Says:

    Ira I listen to all of your podcasts and respect your opinion most out of all the other contributors on JBF. You said if he was guilty which he admitted as much that you were done with him. Now he has been labeled a sexual offender what do you say now?

  21. P. Carey Says:

    Ira was pretty direct saying he wanted answers, well, he got answers, and now there is evidence that the Bucs drafted Americas Groping Quarterback. Now Ira says there is a path to redemption?? I am confused.

  22. Lamarcus Says:


    Yes 3 games for guilt??? No way. Did he have to admit guilt to go away? If not they would took him to court which prolong things

    Just in. Jameis is telling all his friends he didn’t do it.

  23. jmarkbuc Says:

    Ira’s words

    I’m already on record as saying that if Winston touched this driver inappropriately, the Bucs should be on the lookout for another quarterback.

    So where do you really stand Ira?

  24. Eric Says:

    Gotta agree with others, your credibility is on the line.

  25. Buc believer Says:

    You self righteous people are hilarious! Maybe he came on to her and she said no. Whatever! I’m don’t want him going anywhere and winning Super Bowls for another team and that’s what will happen if the Bucs release him.

  26. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Db55 and Lamarcus are in the minority it feels like.

    Know what that tells me?

    The majority of Buc fans are ignorant to the Bucs and casual followers at best.

  27. Makie Lovie Says:

    I base my opinion on Sand Lot Jameis from his on the field performance. I can tell you that he is a bad decision maker – sober.

  28. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There is no way the Patriots take Jameis Winston as their eventual starting or even a backup QB…

    Let me spell it out for you….there is Brady, Hoyer and Etling…..Gronk, Edleman & Amendola….Burkhead…..and more.

    They passed on Lamar Jackson and got rid of their third round pick after one year Jacoby Brissett….

    Do I have to say it? Jameis doesn’t fit the profile

  29. OhioBucFan Says:

    It’s not the end of the world, it’s a very bad decision made by a kid that was 21-22 at the time. He’s owning up to it. He’s not denying it or pulling an A-Rod or Ryan Braun on the league and fan base. I think he’s got some work to do with victims of sexual violence and others but is it really unforgivable? I would like to see the organization give him a shot to redeem himself. In the end this mistake could be the best thing to happen to Jameis I’m the form of a wake up call. He literally has millions to lose if he screws up again.

  30. lightningbuc Says:

    DB55 Says:
    June 28th, 2018 at 3:14 pm
    Yes please trade him so you losers can cheers for another 40 years of being the Browns of the south. Please please please cut him. Please.


    LOL! The Bucs already are the Browns of the south WITH Licky Finger Groper.

  31. Joe Blahak Says:

    @Buc believer…he’ll fumble when it gets to crunch time and a super bowl bid…no worries here…bye bye turnover machine

  32. jmarkbuc Says:


    If we cut him (which we won’t) and he goes on to win a Superbowl, I’m not gonna say we should’ve kept him, or cry over it and I’ve been a fan for 40 yrs.

    In your own words: There’s more to life than just Football.

  33. A buccin Cane Says:

    As a long time reader of this here site as well as the various podcasts on the JBF podcast network I rarely ever comment but I feel this warrants a comment. Let me first start by saying what JW3 has been suspended of is a serious offense with that being said I have seen far more prominent franchises stick by quote unquote star athletes when the evidence has been much more damning. I’ve seen the cowboys stick by and fight for players who have been physically abusive to women including family members who are women. I’ve seen the Steelers stick by a player who all but locked a woman in a restroom and did God knows what, I’ve seen the Ravens stick by a player on trial for homicide…the point is the minute a Bucs player does something to cause this franchise shame we are ready to burn hell down to get rid of them….can’t wait to throw the baby away with the bathwater. What makes the Tampa Bay Buccaneers so high and mighty that we can’t stand by OUR players in dark times. And as soo as said player leaves the Bucs and blows up elsewhere we b!÷$h and moan about not being able to win and being the doormat of the NFC…Cleveland south and whatever the hell else u wanna call us. Am I making excuses for Jemeis no but I am saying as a fanbase and a STICKCARRIER we need to learn to really being our players and take a us against the world approach.

  34. DB55 Says:


    I hear you and would tend to agree but I remember when Belicheat lead the Giants to several super bowls and guess who his star was? LT! So……..

  35. Frank Pillow Says:

    Wait Ira, the league just called Jameis out for sexual assault and labeled the driver’s account as being more credible and consistent than his. So, 1. they think he committed the act and 2. it appears that he willfully and intentionally fabricated his alibi based on their assessment of their interviews and investigative forensics. It sure reads like he did it and he lied about doing it! Pretty damning. Did you call for Jameis’ head- aren’t you on record- under this scenario?

    If you think back to his initial public statement (where he blames Kate), don’t you think the Bucs had an advance on what he was going to say? If they didn’t and Jameis statement was an uncoordinated surprise, head’s should roll at OBP b/c someone was asleep at the wheel. If they did, then it implies that they believed him, otherwise that language gets softened.

    Either way, he told a tale that didn’t hold up. Does it now matter when he lied and to whom? Maybe- but I’m surprised that you now see a path to redemption when you’ve been so clear on what needs to happen in a scenario like the one we’re now facing.

  36. DB55 Says:

    It’s all the 40 yr fans that want him cut. Need I say more? Not only are they idiots I’m positive they’re waycist af too. Fck’em all that’s what I say. To the basement with all of you. DILLY DILLY

  37. jmarkbuc Says:


    He’s owning up to it NOW, He’s not denying it NOW…

    He did that back in November, and until his friends rolled over on him, and the NFL got electronic evidence…etc etc.

    JW is sorry alright, sorry he got caught .

  38. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ DB55

    But not their QB…..their offense is stacked with white players….I’m not accusing the Pats of being racist but it is what it is…..and it is noticeable.

  39. Lamarcus Says:



  40. Durango 95 Says:

    As far as his apology is concerned the only thing he referenced was alcohol. No where did he mention groping nor did he admit to it. Situation has been hysterically overblown.

  41. patrickbucs Says:

    Lamarcus Says:
    June 28th, 2018 at 3:20 pm

    I’m with DB55

    Trade him to the Pats. I want him off this team and away from these fans and he can start over somewhere else. And I’m going where JW goes and peace out Suc fans.

    So if he played in other NFL cities from the jump, there wouldn’t of been any criticism of his play, pat and current behavior to date and NOW today’s clear-cut evidence and suspension? LOL tells a lot about you and your intelligence. He’s let this team down big-time, period. He would be getting smoked in liberal NYC for sure!

  42. jmarkbuc Says:

    It’s all the non Buc fans and Tony Dungy haters that want him kept…Need I say more?

  43. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Listen folks……look at it this way…..only 3 games….not 6….and we get a really cheap, good QB going forward……who will likely toe the line and be super motivated to win (as if he needed that)

    GO FITZ, THEN GO JAMEIS………that’s where we are at.

    I hate this but I’m a huge Buc fan and Jameis is still our best chance to win….Let’s see what the new running game and defense can do for our QBs.

  44. Bucsfanman Says:

    Lots of “I told you so’s” and “you’re just haters” commentary in here. We need to move on regardless of whether it is with Jameis or without.
    The Bucs don’t pay my bills so I could care less whether they cut ties. I just hope Winston gets whatever help he needs for whatever it is that’s wrong with him.
    Moving on…

  45. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I’m telling you Joe, if the Bucs want to make a statement suspend him 1 game. The whole franchise is going ti take backlash for not cutting “America’s Groper”. this will at least soften the criticism.

  46. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Lamarcus & DB55

    You guys are huge Jameis fans……don’t you agree with me that Joe should drop the “America’s QB”
    I just think going forward that fans the flames against Jameis…..it really hurts him especially now.

  47. Joel Says:

    Morons with the Big Ben comments. Jameis has betrayed all of us.

  48. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Im very proud of Jaboo on his admission statement. He needs therapy but he really does have a good heart. Been entitled and praised since 5 years old. I really think this is a true wakeup call for him and his family. The max per year in his 2nd contract will be 10 mil year/5 year. The 3 seconds of touching the zipper cost him over 50 million.”

    Kobe faker

  49. Schlomie BarmitzvahCircumScissorStein Says:

    “Community Events” are a way for the NFL to convince taxpayers that the NFL is “giving back.” When, in fact, the NFL extracts taxpayer dollars at a rate that doesn’t even come close to what they consider “giving back.”

  50. DB55 Says:


    The fact that it bothers so many readers proves just how dumb these mf are. Who gives a fly duck if joe wants to call him America’s qb? It’s more humor and sarcasm than anything else but you people are wound so tight that a r-word thug is associated with MURICA that you lose your darn minds. It’s funny and pathetic tbh.

  51. AlteredEgo Says:

    This ain’t going to blow over…
    it is going to blow up !….this is the absolute WORST ….moment in Buccaneer history….

  52. Marc Says:

    “America’s Groper”

    I like that, Dewey

  53. BrianBucs Says:

    Through all of this mess Ira has been consistent saying that if the NFL report showed that Jameis did what he was accused of, then the Bucs should move on from him and find another QB. The NFL report has now done so.

  54. Durango 95 Says:

    Far too harsh for a he-said, she-said, incident.

  55. Lamarcus Says:


    It’s no big deal to me about America Qb logo. Jw did earn that name. Jw is Americas Qb. If u understand why he got that title

  56. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    I support Jameis but I’m against the moniker because it is ridiculous….especially now. In the eyes of many….he’s not even “Tampa’s QB”

  57. DB55 Says:


    They don’t get it even though how has explained it many times. I’m telling you they dumb af.

  58. Duke Says:


    Does N.E. win year in year out with a team loaded with white players? Then why don’t the other 98% not white teams get more white guys..racism that’s why..right…white guys are the best franchise in the league..why other than hate wouldn’t other teams go with a little less colour in exchange for a whole lot more winning?

    Obviously my comments are extremely stupid and require little more than a bay area education to formulate……I post this in jest…a joke. What’s your brain damage tbbf to make such glactictly stupid statements without an asterisk and note that the opinion is that of a mentally handicapped simpleton who poops his depends and licks the wins off of them….

  59. Duke Says:

    DB 55,

    Bilicheat leading the giants to several super bowls?
    Sorry, but from a guy who thinks everyone else is daf…this is gold.

    Did you say you’re from here…..yeah you did…probably went to school before they really improved ……which…af it…it’s Chinese calculus but hey smart people can do the math…..hint..daf is the answer.

  60. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Duke

    Like I said….I’m not accusing them….it is what it is….Jameis ain’t going to NE.

    He simply doesn’t pass the Elizabeth Warren test.

  61. 813bucboi Says:

    has Winston won enough to put up with all his drama?…..cant go by potential because 1more screw up and he’s banned…..

    so today as it stands, has he brought in enough wins for the owners to say, yeah we’ll deal with this….



  62. Jjones Says:

    Just because other franchises stood by their players horrible actions doesn’t mean its OKAY. This is much bigger than football, money or winning, it’s about being held accountable and all Jameis has shown us is that he wants to avoid the accountability. You cant lie to everyone and expect us to just believe you’re worth the risk any longer.

    Ira, ya got splaining to do if you believe he should stay.

  63. Jjones Says:

    Here’s a good question…if Jameis has another incident and he’s suspended for a year, then what? Is everyone going to say we should’ve let him go when we had the chance? If you stand on the football and winning side of the tracks then he is far to risky to hold onto, because not only have his actions put our season in a possible down spiral but if he trips up next year then he’s screwed us again, no thanks.

  64. Not there yet Says:

    If this has happened 3 months ago not 2 years ago I may feel different but like my man said earlier if Steelers can ride with big Ben after rape we can ride with Winston…… If he plays like a probowler everyone here complaining will shut up because at the end of the day it’s about wins. He’s about to get married it’s her problem now

  65. JJ Says:

    Keep Jameis and give him a chance over the next season or two to redeem himself. Meanwhile, prepare to draft a QB next season. That is all.

  66. Pete I Says:

    Mediocre QB on the field, terrible person off. dreadful look for the bucs.

  67. Joe Says:

    If this has happened 3 months ago not 2 years ago I may feel different but like my man said earlier if Steelers can ride with big Ben after rape we can ride with Winston….

    Or Baltimore riding Ray Lewis whose posse was involved in a double murder. Remember Lewis copped a plea in that hassle.

  68. The Buc Realist Says:

    The problem comparing Ray Lewis or Big Ben is that is that they had really 1 big issue and then they seemed to be clean!!!!! Jw3 had a huge history, and most had already gave him a pass and a clean slate, then only to find out that it lasted for about 1 year and we find the truth of the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!

    Add in that this is the second sexual assault!!!!! And that he lied!!!! And that he cut a plea-deal that should have been 6 games!!!! And the Cover-up!!!!!!

    He might play in Tampa, But the “real” fans do not trust him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. mark2001 Says:

    jjones…another incident one year? Try a ban

  70. mark2001 Says:

    Realist…realistic as usual. One more personal conduct slip up and he can be banned from the league? For those out there that want to minimize this or brush it off… just think … one more and potentially banned from the NFL.

  71. mark2001 Says:

    One thing for sure…we definitely need a quality back up that can step in as a full time starter. Sure…we can make sure contractually that we can save some cap money and such in the future. But what do we do about the QB position? Wait more years to get a franchise QB?

  72. Maze Says:

    Keep your distance ladies

  73. passthebuc Says:

    @ Joe

    I cannot believe you said that.

  74. SoFloBuc Says:

    A buccin Cane…
    I agree, I think he has already started trying to repent for his behavior with all he is trying to do with the community (as Ira stated).
    Now as far as football is concerned the year will tell what the future holds for him as our QB.

  75. Jjones Says:

    Mark2001, you’re right.

    So because Ray Lewis, big Ben and Zek were given a slap on the wrist so should Jameis? What kind of backwards logic is that? You have to start truly laying down the law. Anyone of us would be on our butts if we did this with our jobs. Just because they’re sports figures doesn’t mean they get multiple passes, they’re mentors to kids and others and should be held accountable as such. Anything less ad you’re teaching people all this is okay. This is bigger than football, money and winning, if you cant see that then you need to do a lot of internalizing.

  76. SoFloBuc Says:

    Also why would the NFL “negotiate” with Winston if they had real hard evidence above he said she said.
    Not saying he didn’t do something stupid, but as someone else said, I would feel different if it was 6 months ago opposed to two years ago.

    Last Chance dumb A** Please don’t blow it!! For all of our sake I hope you don’t !

  77. Jjones Says:

    I shouldn’t have said mentor although he might mentor some, not sure. I should have said he’s a role model for kids and others, or used to be.

  78. Defense Rules Says:

    People, people, people, instead of turning on each other how about we all agree that the decision whether or not to keep Jameis in a Bucs’ uniform isn’t ours … it’s the Glazers. They need to consider a ton of factors that you & I (and Joe & Ira) don’t need to consider. Their ultimate decision could very well affect THEIR Bucs’ franchise for years to come.

  79. Frank Pillow Says:

    Ira, maybe been a little harsh- clearly you continue suggest that Jameis may not find redemption here. I should acknowledge that. But with the shoe having dropped, what’s the threshold for the team’s action here? My gut tells me the statements are all we’re going to get and Jameis will be starting in week 4. But there’s a lot to consider here. The NFLs statement is chock full of words that should force us to pause and consider their intent, meaning and impact.

    Jameis is now a liability, not an asset. He is one strike from being booted out of the league, per the NFL’s own words. He’s under orders to be clinically evaluated and subject to therapeutic intervention. He has lived up to the self- inflicted reputation he had coming into the league.

    His statement today doesn’t read like he’s a changed man. A humbled man. It reads like all the others. He has lot the benefit of doubt.

    It’s time for ownership to, we’ll, own this- they tied their reputations to his. How much is that worth to them now?

  80. rrsrq Says:

    In regard to the apology, he basically does what black folks have been doing throughout history, apologizing for something they did not do, so I do not put any weight in the apology with the exception he put the Uber driver, himself and the team in a precarious situation. He may be guilty. but I also do not believe most posters don’t understand the culture (black southern culture) that jameis grew up in. You were always taught to stand up and be strong but if apologizes means keeping the peace than you do so, because a soft answer turns away wrath. He may not want to drag this out, when have you known the NFL to cut a deal with something so serious, ijs. I hope he gets the help they think he needs and I hope he is better for it. People can change and cutting the alcohol obviously was a big step for him. He is without sin let them cast the first stone, I’m done.

  81. Joel Says:

    Comparing this to Big Ben and Ray Lewis situations…. hahahahaha!!!

    Funniest thing I’ve heard in awhile.

    Can’t wait to read the excuses when Winston messes up YET AGAIN.

    The team should cut him just for lying to them back in November.

    What a POS.

  82. Frank Reichert Says:

    If Jameis made a pass at that girl and got shut down then I don’t see a problem here. From what I’ve seen she said No and he stopped his advance. This is a non issue blown out of proportion by the me too movement. I remember all the garbage QBs we had before Jameis so as long as he don’t slap my momma I got his back. Screw the haters!

  83. Dooshlarue Says:


    That is the most idiotic post I’ve seen on this subject.
    Jameis is a Bullsh!tter. It’s that simple.
    You make DB55 look intelligent.

  84. Couch Fan Says:

    Exactly Frank. There is no proof either way. Ira isnt demanding Winstons release because he isnt even sure if Jameis is indeed guilty of something worthy of release. Of course people that hated him to begin with are running off at the mouth as if they know every fact Lol.

  85. BucdUp Says:

    If America is really disturbed by situations like this then let’s start by holding accountable the leader of our great USA not the leader of a sports franchise… “Actions reflect leadership, captain”… – Remember the Titans

  86. BucdUp Says:


    Be real, realist… Social media was nowhere near advanced back then as it is today.. who knows what those guys did before they finally got caught for their actions

  87. BucdUp Says:

    What Jameis did is not right, but I still can not wrap my head around the backlash toward him.

    The man has made a lifestyle change since incident and has made positive influences throughout multiple communities.

    How can we be ready to fire the leader of a sports franchise for one action but be content when the leader of our nation has bragged of the same actions…

    Again, not absolving Jameis of his actions, but I do support and stand behind my QB!

    I am more disappointed in the NFL for letting me renew my 4 season club tickets before our season was thrown away when they could have tackled this before the renew deadline! Refund please!? I don’t think so..

    Let’s go Jameis.. Let’s go Bucs!!


  88. Dooshlarue Says:

    I like how you referred to Ray Lewis’s murder situation as a “hassle” just like you do for JW.
    Murder, sexual assault….. they’re just a bunch of hassles.

    Now that Ted Bundy guy……. man, he sure got into a lot of “hassles”.

  89. Jjones Says:

    BucdUp, I’m one of those fans that was concerned about him as our QB when drafted but, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to believe that he was young, dumb and full of…but now this, I’m over it. He blantenly lied to everyone and I’ll not stand behind him any longer and I’m assuming others might share the same sentiment which is why we’re so pissed off right now.

    It’s not hate, it’s EXTREME DISAPPOINTMENT.

  90. Joe Blahak Says:

    Great plan Joe….tie yourself to a fraud QB with legal issues…and Lewis, wow! You’re gonna go down with the ship captain…

  91. Jjones Says:

    That’s the TRUTH Joe Blahak!

  92. BucdUp Says:

    @Joe Blahak

    The NFL apparently thinks Lewis murder case was just a “hassle” as he is now in the HOF…


    I too am extremely disappointed and let down… But at the same time I can look at our QBs most recent actions off the field and see that he is trying to better himself and learn from his experience.. that I can appreciate.

    We all have, at some point in our life, made big mistakes.. its what we do to learn from those mistakes and do to better ourselves that defines a person.. at least I believe so

  93. Mike Johnson Says:

    Keep’em comin Ira. I agree. I think Jameis is guilty. I also think he got a deal on this. question now is..Will he change..Can he change? Keeshawn hit on a note when he said, Jameis might have a mental problem? It might do him some good to get some counseling. One things for sure though..Jameis is at a crossroads..with the team, the Owners and fans. He’s got to straighten up and start being the Buc we all….thought he would be.

  94. Joe Blahak Says:

    @BucdUp…how many strikes you get? Me thinks the good doings of late are another cover up to the real guy…his past record sucks

  95. Jjones Says:

    I understand your position but I just cant any longer BucdUp. I gave him a pass before because I remember who I was when I was his age but that time has passed. I mean, how many strikes do you get in the public eye before the public just says, when is enough enough. I’m not saying that’s what you’re saying as much as I’m saying you cannot be a public figure and get away with criminal acts just because your a famous athlete, public figure and role model. These people are held to higher standards BECAUSE they’re public figures and kids mimic what they do and say.

    Jameis needs to start his punishment campaign by visiting all of these organizations and dream centers he spearheaded and let all those children and staff know, “I messed up big time and I should have been fired by the Bucs, I was lucky but you kids cant count on luck you have to be good people and do the right thing and I’m here today to ask for your forgiveness.”

    That would go a very very long way. Show kids, parents, teammates etc. what accountability means and be a spokesperson for it.

  96. iamabuc Says:

    Im sticking by JAMEIS SIDE TO HELL AND BACK! Not making excuses for him, but is clear he was just drunk and you guys know how stupid one can get when drunk especially if one is young. I dont get all the politically correct mofos in this site. I bet they are worst when drunk. The kid knows he was wrong and after almost two years he has been out of trouble, and i am willing to bet he learned his lesson. A baby in the way will do wonders for a man’s maturity and you all know this. I’m so mad at everybody labeling him a rapist when it is really uncalled for. an incident like this at a very young age can happen to just about every man. But no, all the “ministers” on this site want to run him out of town for this. Be realistic. There has been worst players in the NFL that were given a chance when they really didnt deserve it. SMH. Jameis will be alright going forward. The Bucs believe in him, and thats enough for me. They know him more than you or me. They see him everyday and have seen his demeanor. He is our Qb and we dont have or never had a QB of his caliber before. We need him. Jameis, stay the course and act right from now on. Thats all I care.

  97. BucdUp Says:


    I can climb fully on board with that sentiment. And I do feel like all his efforts in the community the past few years, if people paid attention to those ALL those efforts, do show a person who is trying to turn it around..

    I think a campaign like that could do even more good as well. But to see all these “Bucs fans” ready to throw him overboard because of mistake over two years ago is still ludacris in my mind..

    Now if the guy hadn’t been involved in children’s lives or the community during the time in between the offense and now, then I would probably lean more to the side of those fans.. but to me, it looks like he knows he IS lucky to still be here and has been taking advantage of his pedestal to make a positive impact the past few years.

  98. iamabuc Says:

    I stand by Jameis side. Iam not a minister nor Iam so righteous as many mofos on this site, and I bet they are worst when drunk. The kid made a mistake while drunk and has been on the right path since, and away from alcohol. There has been worst players in the NFL and were given a pass and they have straighten afterwards. So, stop this nonsence and let the guy play. WE NEED HIM! I dont think I can take another change in this club after 15 years. You Go Jameis! Stay clear of trouble and show the world your true worth.

  99. Jay Stay Focused Says:

    Typical Bucs fan all over these here parts. Get rid of everybody and trade for this guy and sign that guy and draft this guy. The correct move is to let it play out. If Jameis kills it then guess what, he is worth keeping to the franchise. If it’s up and down, and turnover prone Jamies then it makes it easier to get rid of him. If we do get rid of him he will flourish somewhere else(almost everybody does).My first initial reaction to this was to put myself in shoes of the parties involved. I know I can’t remember the greatest of details when I’m under the influence. Jameis doesn’t consciously remember anything, he is not admitting to the ole Trump move because he doesn’t recollect the interaction which is a benefit to him because in his mind he isn’t lying. The correct answer is “I don’t remember” but those words promote a reaction of “He’s Guilty” so he can’t go with that. Everybody is so quick to cut bait instead of sticking it thru. On the side of the Uber driver I’m sure she felt inappropriately touched in some fashion. I have no doubt in her statement that she felt violated. Do I think this is the first time she has been unwilling approached driving at this time of day, no. I condemn any unwanted contact it’s not ok. The only reason why we are talking about any of this is because Jameis is a public figure. It’s easy to have an opinion and judge when your ass isn’t on the line. None of what happened can be proven in the court of law. So the NFL let it play out in the court of Public opinion with these “leaked reports”. I believe they should have a 3rd party process for these type of matters I don’t trust any private business to litigate unbiasedly especially led by Roger Goodell.The Glazers need to have some intestinal fortitude and let it play out. We know they don’t have the foresight to have a back up plan if it doesn’t. It’s a Bucs Life for me, damn my undying loyalty. Another note..all you entitled nobody’s questioning Ira’s credibility are flat out dilusional. Ira gave his opinion what he felt at that time. Opinions change based on information and feelings. It’s later now DUH!! Ira’s reporting and info on the Bucs is 100% credible. Opinion is different from fact. I’ve realized society as a whole has a problem separating the two with our current climate.

  100. iamabuc Says:

    to rrsrq: I’m with you on that one…Whomever is without sin, let him cast the first stone. …..That’s all I got to say.

  101. Jjones Says:

    If Jameis was so drunk he doesn’t remember well he should have included that in his statement but instead he acted as though the Uber driver was mistaken and couldn’t recall what actually happened(she was the sober one)and now he’s apologizing to her for uncharacteristic behavior? That ship has sailed so stop trying to defend that narrative.

  102. SpaceCoastJustin Says:

    The social media mob has assembled…
    Digital pitchforks in hand.

    Welcome to 2018. #fillintheblank.

  103. Knoxville Buc Fan Says:

    Well if JW is run out of Tampa we’ll get another shot at another number one overall QB. Y’all need to relax and let him prove himself or screw himself. I think he will right the ship. GO BUCS

  104. Anonymous Says:

    So your last podcast seemed to imply that ESPN, and the relationship with the NFL would would not suspended Jameis because of ratings. Are you kidding me? This is a serous charge. I love your podcasts but that is outrageous. I hate this for all of the fans. However a sexual charge against your QB should have nothing to do with ratings on MNF. Go Bucs!

  105. Oneilbucs Says:

    DB55 I’m with you some of the people on this site want him gone. They always have n I think his race plays apart of y’all fake fans.

  106. DespacitoquepasoconPuertoRico Says:

    I told ya we should have Drafted Marcus Mariota!

  107. Joe Says:

    I told ya we should have Drafted Marcus Mariota!

    Don’t think you told anyone. This is your first comment.

  108. MadMax Says:

    Well FK! As more has come out i guess we’re wasting another 1st rounder….#1 overall too!! I want to stick with him and minimize some of it too but this is some BS from him! And we were already trying to go after Foles last year? Yeah, thats quite revealing in itself. Probably his last year with us if he even lasts that long….smdh! And I was on his side so dont get stupid and call me a gddm racist JW3 hater…and you shthds know who im referring to.