June 7th, 2018

Not all surprises are bad. Certain surprises we would all welcome.

For example, if Joe answered the doorbell and found a shivering Rachel Watson asking for shelter from a Florida summer thunderstorm and looking for comfort, that would be a welcome surprise.

Brent Sobleski of Bleacher Report has a different sort of surprise. He decided to pick the player on each team’s roster that will surprise both fans and opponents of each team.

For the Bucs, Sobleski chose wide receiver Bobo Wilson.

Bobo Wilson signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as an undrafted free agent. He had an uphill battle just to make the roster with Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson, Adam Humphries and 2017 third-round pick Chris Godwin on the roster. Yet he persevered and impressed Tampa Bay’s coaching staff.

Wilson’s continued improvement gives Koetter another option. A bond with quarterback Jameis Winston certainly helps as well.

Well, it won’t be any easier this year. Those same receivers above Wilson on the depth chart are still on the roster. That’s not counting fifth round draft pick Justin Watson, who Joe hasn’t heard anything bad about.

Like all bubble players, Wilson better stick out big time as a special teams guy. If he can take advantage of the new kickoff rules, it would help him to become that surprise. Right now, the only time one can honestly use “surprise” with Wilson is he beats out Watson or another Bucs receiver to land on the final-53 in three months.

Prior to this year, Joe would never dream he would write the following:

“The Bucs are loaded as receiver.”

34 Responses to “Surprise!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe this could help the Bucs decide to trade for DJax..we still need a couple of key pieces..

  2. Lamarcus Says:

    Probably our 3 most talented receiver. Has Antonio brown ability.

  3. Bucco bruce Says:

    Suprise, Bucs go 11 and 5 win the Super Bowl! By the end of the year top 10 defense top 3 offense.Tampaaaaaa

  4. Mike Johnson Says:

    One can nver say/predict the shere will and determination of a player. We had a walk-on during my college yrs.( Yes I had the ride).no schlarship Kid,,Yes, we laughed at him. But then I saw him kinda like blossom like a flower..It was amazing. Like that movie (take flight sh.t!) He not only made the team. But started his freshman yr. Granted we were a small college division 2 school. But..Never say Never people. BoBo..might just make it? If his desire and talent comes together.

  5. Anon Says:

    Hey joe I have her a bucs fan my whole life and I have never posted on your site. Iv read your info you give for free for years. I simply wanted to comment tonight and I can’t. Its made me kinda upset enough I will just not post but you have people ripping jameis And McCoy. If it’s not easier than this ill read the other guys but dang I support you and one day Mayne get some advertising.

    Anon: Joe deleted your email for obvious reasons. All first-time comments have to have their comment approved because the spam filter does not recognize your IP address. As for “ripping” Jameis and GMC, that simply isn’t true. No media outlet with the possible exception of one has defended Jameis more than Joe. He is the best quarterback this team has ever had but that does not mean he is John Elway. Jameis has his faults and Joe will point them out when need be. As for GMC, Joe isn’t sure where on earth you get the idea Joe is anti-GMC. He has been and is one of the best defensive tackles of his generation. Thanks for the e-mail. Glad you are a long-time reader. — Joe

  6. Eric Says:

    Lamarcus, Antonio Brown ability? Are you roasting a crack pipe today?
    Gotta love FSU fans that probably didn’t finish high school yet so loyal to a school they never attended. Did you not watch Hard knocks when they were showing how dumb he was for nearly missing his opportunity to get on the team. Only a dummy would do something so stupid. In Spanish the word Bobo literally means dumb, how appropriate of a name for such an ignorant person. He is a thug with minimal talent and practice squad-CFL ability!
    Antonio Brown ability… lmao funniest sh!t I’ve heard all day!
    For saying something like that you are BOBO for sure.

  7. Trench War Says:

    Sucks …all these really good prospect wide receivers will be pilfered off our practice squad. If Justin Watson wins the 5th WR spot because he was drafted then wide receivers like Bobo Wilson, Frankie Martino, Godwin Igwebuike will probably be on other teams by the end of the season. I guess it’s the price of doing business?

  8. Duke Says:


    LaMarcus is referring to the comments made by Jameis Winston in which JW made the comparison. Your attack on LaMarcus is misplaced.

  9. SeattleBuc Says:

    Not sure how Justin Watkins can stick on our Roster. Bobo and The Vero Beach velvet walled Ramada Inn Lounge singer both play special teams well and are good receivers in there own right. Cant keep all these guys, Martino made a few nice catches last year. I was surprised when we drafted a receiver, too bad, Penn kid looks like a stud cant wait to see in pre season.

  10. Lucious Selmon Says:

    DJAX will probably be on our team just until someone’s #1 gets injured. They’ll take on his salary, then we can see some youngry receiver shine.

  11. Buc4life Says:

    Who was Antonio Brown before he blew up into the superstar he is today??? He wasn’t a highly sought after draft pick, the Steelers just have great wide receiver scouts. BoBo Wilson does have traits of being a great slot receiver and can take over for DJAX next year when DJAX’s contract is not guaranteed. There is no reason to talk trading DJAX, this team have the players to be the most explosive offense in Buccaneer history and lead us deep into the playoffs (with an improved defense, which we are only a safety ERIC REID from).

  12. Bucsfanman Says:

    AB comparisons aside, this is where we want to be roster-wise; abundance of talent. We haven’t had this much talent at any position since the Dungy era.
    If Bobo makes the team, it’s just gravy! Good luck Bobo!

  13. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    Eric presumes BoBo is a “thug” from watching Hard Knocks. I guess I can presume Eric is a “pos” from seeing his post.

  14. Bird Says:

    Keep rookie Watson and bobo

    Make bobo the return special teams guy so can carry extra receiver. Desean Jackson will be gone after this season so keep the cupboard loaded. I am intrigued by Watson. If he gets put on practice squad I feel he will get gobbled up by another team

  15. Buc believer Says:

    Agree Joe if Rachel Watson showed up at your door wet and lost seeking shelter that WOULD be a great thing… trouble is she would then say “I need my boyfriend who is here with me to come in as well. That is what has happened to the Bucs. Lots of good players with either baggage brought along or bad habits coming in with them. Just look at Jameis and Sweezy to start with.

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There will be some good players cut this year……Bobo may make it….but I believer Watson will make the team because of his size/speed combination and he’s a draft pick and they get an extra chance usually.

    If we carry an extra WR…that will force us to cut a S, CB or LB….perhaps.

    I still don’t understand Ryan Griffin taking a roster spot when we could use a PS QB as our 3rd QB…..

  17. Hodad Says:

    Humphries is the odd man out. Trade him, or D Jax, or both. Watson sticks, he was a steal in the 5th round can’t risk putting him on P.S.. Bobo did something last year with his limited opportunity that the entire team struggled at, scored in the red zone. He’s better then Hump period. Adam was not extended like Brate was, they only offered a one year deal, that should tell us something.

  18. Buchead5588 Says:

    I’d rather keep Bobo over hump I like hump but I believe we have seen the best he will be I think Bobo has a way higher ceiling An is faster An more shifty but I hope we just keep 6 WR idk if Bobo will make it if kept on Pratice squad. Someone will scoop him up Evans DJax Godwin Hump Bobo An Watson you have to think we will prolly lose hump An DJax next year so keeping Bobo this year will be smart as well as Watson

  19. martinii Says:

    I agree, there are 2 positions that always absorb a much needed roster spot
    and every year we lose 2 critical back-ups to make room for them. As you point out a 3rd QB is one. I say pick up a few guys, give them some camp exposure and possibly one will stick on your PS or may land with another team. The second position (and I am sure most will laugh at this) is LS. You carry 2 centers, several cross trained guards and need a roster spot designated specifically to doing what any number of the above mentioned players are capable of .Keep in mind I played during an era when we played both offense and defense and our QB punted.

  20. Drew Says:

    @joe, if Rachel Watson showed up at your door in the fashion you described we’d be reading your obituary in the Tampa Times. ☺ It is good to finally come home. Retired in March from Zebra Technologies and am extremely proud to have been an integral part in delivering the Player Tracking system to the NFL.

    Looking forward to attending open practices, pre and regular season games. The last game I attended was in San Francisco when the 49er’s decapitated Freeman. There were a handful of us Buc fans there and the 49er fans were relentlessly unmerciful.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Humphries odd man out? Insanity! That dude is tougher than woodpecker lips and has been the most consistent WR the Bucs have had in years.

    Not a big play guy like Evans, but a Wes Welker-esque move-the-chains guy.

    And great YAC. Bonus.

  22. Joseph Mamma Says:

    I love him on Finding Bigfoot. I hope he makes it. But if not he can just go back to squatchin’ full time.



  24. NFLNut Says:

    Hmm ….

  25. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Bobo Wilson has little chance to make the final roster.

  26. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    Grow up and turn off caplock.

    I doubt you really had season tickets anyway…because a real season ticket holder is committed to the game. They might give up on season tickets, but they will never give up on the sport over a few idiot players.

    How about you stop blaming the NFL and start putting the blame where it belongs?

  27. Bucsfanman Says:

    Well said Bonzai! This fake patriotism has got to stop.
    How about this NOMOREFOOTBALL, a statistic for your fake flag-waving patriotism: As a veteran, I represent 1% of the entire US population. As that 1%, veterans cannot get the healthcare they need after coming back to fight for the rights of people (ahem!) like you. How is THAT patriotic?! You’re worried about kneelers?!
    First off, educate yourself on why the kneeling took place to begin with, then take your fake patriotism to the nearest VA hospital and demand better care for the people you are allegedly standing up for!!!


    You have the right to say what’s on your mine, But it will not change the fact that they are like you that don’t care how you do it… Freedom gives you that right that no other country will, They are other ways they can choose to protest your thoughts and to choose to take it out on the place that gave you Freedom is a disgrace to America and the people that Died for,your Freedom and mine…..MY CAPS IS OFF DO YOU FELL BETTER……

  29. I Bleed Pewter Says:


    I served in the armed forces as well, so don’t speak for me. And as far as the VA Hospital, Trump has been doing everything possible to fix that sorry state of affairs, but let’s ignore that fact and not give him any credit you sanctimonious POS. I didn’t serve in the military to give people the right to offend my flag. Maybe the flag doesn’t symbolize anything for you but for 70 percent of the population it does. Find another way to protest. Using the anthem loses sight of the reason for the protest. You can’t see the forest in spite of the trees.

  30. Bucsfanman Says:

    Who said anything to, or about you Bleed?! And, where do you find anything written about our president in my post?!
    This is the problem with the conversation in general. You can’t have an intelligent conversation without someone spouting nonsense.
    It ain’t about you, me, Trump, or the flag. American service members have been returning from service for decades without the support of the government they serve.
    I don’t protest the flag because I choose not to. But, you and I served this country so that others have the right to do so. It’s not a debatable subject. You don’t like it, fine. Don’t be fake, don’t be a hypocrite. I would venture to say that neither you nor NOMORE stand when the anthem’s played in a bar or at home. If you say so you’re a liar and a fake patriot.
    Now that the intellectual content is out of the way, learn reading comprehension. I can only assume you served in one of the less rigorously intelligent forces!
    Thank you for you service! We’ll agree to disagree.


    AMEN to that I bleed Pewter………………I WILL AWAYS LOVE THE PEOPLE THAT SERVE IN OUR ARM FORCES. AND THE PEOPLE THAT DIED FOR THE LAND OF THE FREE.of course the world is not perfect but we come along way… AMEN…….Its like JEHOVAH give you air to breath and the right to live and you will take a knee to protest him over something else that you don’t like !!!… GET REAL…….

  32. Bucsfanman Says:

    I Bleed Pewter- Maybe you should re-read my post without your agenda attached. I don’t recall speaking for all veterans, nor do I recall mentioning the president.
    Asking for better treatment of veterans is “sanctimonious”?!!! SMH! You’re angry over something you don’t even understand.

    Thanks for your service!

  33. Bucsfanman Says:

    Anyway, back to football now……..enjoy your Sundays NOMOREFOOTBALL!

  34. Oneilbucs Says:

    Nomorefootball please leave the site now we don’t need your comment about the flag or the protest. Let’s just talk football cause I’m a black man living in this country and you n a lot of white people don’t know what it’s like to be black. Stick to Football r don’t watch it cause we don’t need you no way .go bucs……….