Lawrence Taylor Scolds Jameis

June 25th, 2018

Weighs in.

An all-time great has spoken.

Former Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor, perhaps the greatest outside linebacker in the history of the NFL, was caught late last week by TMZ and one of the news organization’s ubiquitous video journalists. The great Taylor was asked what he thought of the predicament that America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, finds himself in, this hassle with an Uber driver.

As always, Taylor, no stranger to brushes with the law himself, had a few words to share.

“I’ve never known an Uber driver to get out of a car,” Taylor said of the accusation levied against Jameis. “So I don’t understand how that could happen.

“The problems he has had, you would think he would make better judgement[s].”

Taylor also noted that in today’s society where everyone is wired with a smart phone, folks have to be careful and Jameis should have known if he tried to pull a stunt like he is accused of it would never be kept buried.

Taylor added he hoped for Jameis’ sake the Uber driver wasn’t trying to make a #MeToo statement just to be hip.

You can view Taylor’s full response to Jameis’ current issue below, video courtesy of

27 Responses to “Lawrence Taylor Scolds Jameis”

  1. Dooshlarue Says:

    Wise words from a great life decision maker right there.
    Wasn’t he involved with an underage girl in addition to all the drug charges?
    Oh , never mind…… he was a great football player!

  2. Walter Seidel Says:

    #MeToo wasn’t even a twinkle is society’s eye in 2016.

  3. Walter Seidel Says:

    Joe….please stop with the dumb sounding “AQ”


    But it was when the accusation was levied.


    the me too movement

  6. Buc believer Says:

    Who gives a spit what this crackhead says or thinks.

  7. Max Says:

    Only thing that needs to be said about Lawrence Taylor: He paid $300 to have sex with a 16-year-old prostitute.

  8. passthebuc Says:

    Joe’s articles this week reminds me of an old joke about a lady and a parrot.
    A lady seemingly depressed that her $5000 Parrott that had the bad habit of cursing all day long. After services on Sunday she cornered the minister and explained that she had a parrot that would constantly say I’m a whore, I’m a whore, I’m a whore. She thought that the minister could help because he raised rare birds and had a parrot himself.
    the minister suggested that after church the following Sunday they put the 2 birds together and see if the ramblings of his pious bird might rub off.
    After church the following Sunday the lady brought her parrot to the minister’s house and they put the birds together in the same cage.
    On cue the woman’s bird, screeched I’m a whore, I’m a whore, I’m a whore whereby the ministers’ parrot responded with,


  9. passthebuc Says:

    JW played.
    Do you, don’t you, will you, won’t you.
    JW is now playing.
    would I, could I, Did I.
    Joe is playing
    My prayers have been answered.

  10. Pickgrin Says:

    Really Joe – a TMZ link??

    Isn’t TMZ style reporting what started all this Winston mess in the 1st place? Buzzfeed coming out with a salacious story about an alleged crotch grab that happened 18 months prior with nothing more than an Uber complaint to go on as “evidence”?

    Only thing worse than that would be if they pulled some crackhead who is also a registered sex offender off the street and asked what he thought about Winston’s “predicament”….. Oh wait.

  11. Bird Says:


    It can’t get worse then Lawrence Taylor being disappointed in you.
    I mean that is the lowest of the low.

    Filth doesn’t even describe how low in the sewage dump he is…

    Get him Joe’s! Not fair to Jameis

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Next thing you know we’ll be watching a video of Brandon Banks from his jail cell…condemning Jameis for groping.

  13. passthebuc Says:

    All Hail to Pierre the shipbuilder

  14. Walter Seidel Says:

    BROCk….when the Uber driver reported the groping (immediately when it happened in 2016) there was no “#metoo” movement.

  15. jmarkbuc Says:


    Pots and Kettles here…

    Walter, while you are correct about the timing of #Metoo, it still seems that it is what caused this story to break

    From Kates statement:

    Kate said she doesn’t want money, and that the reason she came forward with her story now was because she wanted to tell the truth “about a powerful man who felt entitled to my body when all I wanted to do was my job.”

    “I have been empowered by my sisters who have forged this path by speaking up, and I must do my part to make it a little more well traveled,” Kate said to BuzzFeed News. “If I’m silent, I fear that further harm will come to other women, if it hasn’t already.”

  16. The Daily Coroner Says:

    Lawrence Taylor, who snorted cocaine on the side line and then went into the game, making comments about judgment is like the Happy Buddha teaching pole vaulting.
    Talk about a PED!

  17. Skoorb Says:

    He also said. “Don’t smoke crack”

  18. RustyRhinos Says:

    For me I think that Almost America’s most wanted QB has to look into his own perception of himself. The touchy feely with the Uber driver is not the worse action in this situation. To me it is what was said by Almost America’s most wanted QB. He stated that there where 3 people in the car himself Mr. Darby and a mystery person who was in the front seat. I took Mr. Winston for his word, now we find out there was two Uber rides and who the mystery person is. A convicted felon. It is also news to us that these guys were drinking and had to send Mr. Winston home because he was drunk and unruly in the drinking establishment. Why not tell the truth? You went out with some friends and aqaintences took a Uber and got drunk so your friends sent you home in a Uber. This is a good thing, not drinking and driving. But this was not the story that we read about. Almost America’s most wanted QB took his own creative licences to this story and collaborated it with Mr. Darby. As the face of the Buccaneers and the “leader” of his teammates this to me is the hardest thing to let go of. Sure the drunken touchy feely moment is not something most of us men have not gotten slapped in the face for in our lives. But we are not in the spotlight like Almost America’s most wanted QB is. We are not making the money he is, we are not looking towards a 100+ million dollar second contract. He is, and yet he fabricates a story and shares that. It has got to be difficult fow ownership to believe him in the future. The truth may not always set you free but it sure is easier to eat than the non truth.
    My hope is this young millionaire has learned some lessons for the rest of his life. How rough will the landing be if he has not? My hope is he has and that he will understand that the NFL = NOT FOR LONG.
    Bring on the Saints, Eagles, and Patriots. 3-0 here we come.
    Go Bucs!!!!

  19. Pickgrin Says:

    Rusty – Or Banks is lying about the 2nd Uber ride which he conveniently didn’t go on in his version of the story. That is still a reasonable possibility.

  20. Joseph Mamma Says:

    He meant to say he’s never known an uber driver. Because they’re all of age.

  21. Not there yet Says:

    Wow when it’s really bad when someone gets scolded by this guy…. He’s getting killed by the public… The NFL lol it’s been less than a week and he’s already been destroyed in the public thanks to them waiting until there was no new to report. No wonder he reportedly only getting three games

  22. Baz Says:

    Pot… Kettle.

  23. BucTrooper Says:

    I’d rather hear this from LT rather than from someone who never was arrested.

  24. SB Says:

    What a Joke!

  25. DB55 Says:

    Well damn, when LT telling you to slow your roll you got issues. 😭

  26. Jjones Says:

    LT is 100% drunk as FOCK in this video LOL!!!

  27. BigMacAttack Says:

    Is it just me or did LT look wasted?
    Got Braincells Left? Nope, not a chance.