“Jameis Winston Just Got His Head Coach Fired”

June 28th, 2018

Collateral damage?

It is depressing as hell but it is hard to argue.

The worst part of this hassle America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, has with an Arizona Uber driver is that the fallout affects so many people’s lives.

That is why Jonas Knox of FOX Sports Radio said recently that there isn’t just one victim — if true — from this stunt with Jameis and a tentative three-game suspension. Knox notes that it sets up Bucs coach Dirk Koetter to get run at the end of the season.

And if Koetter goes, so could a whole lot of people and none of them had anything to do with a damned Uber driver. It’s a potential for a horrible domino effect that could kill careers, including Jameis.’

“Jameis Winston just got his head coach fired,” Knox said of Winston’s expected suspension. “Dirk Koetter is going to lose his job because of Jameis Winston. Period. It’s over. Dirk Koetter was in trouble after last season. And he is already sitting at four games under .500 over the course of his head coaching career in Tampa Bay.

“So do you think another losing season and a non-playoff appearance for Dirk Koetter is going to save his job? He’s done!”

Why would Knox say all of this? Well, he points out that Bucs backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is 1-8 in his career against the Saints, Eagles and Steelers, the first three opponents of the season.

Knox also pointed out that teams that start the season 0-2 have a 10 percent chance of making the playoffs. Joe has noted that teams that start out 0-3 have a 2.9 percent chance of making the playoffs.

And Team Glazer has only retained one coach it has hired who had two straight losing seasons. His name was Chucky.

Now Joe is of the mind Koetter could be retained if the Bucs lose. The Jameis suspension will clearly be a factor weighed by Team Glazer. Also, if the offense hums and Jameis plays well, but the defense is yet again a sieve, it very well could be defensive coordinator Mike Smith, not Koetter, who gets the pink slip.

If the Bucs nosedive as a result of Jameis’ suspension, it won’t be just Koetter who is out the door, but many folks including suits and Joe suggests quite a few players, too.

64 Responses to ““Jameis Winston Just Got His Head Coach Fired””

  1. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    If Koetter and the many coaches get fired, it’ll be hard for them to get a job anywhere in the NFL..So that being said, the new coaching regime will want to hand pick their new QB…a blessing in disguise..

    Just hioe they keep Buckner…move him over to DC..

  2. Bossmode Says:

    The fork should have already been poked.

  3. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    A blessing in disguise? New coaching regime and you know they will pick a new QB?? Hmm..not bad..just keep Buckner and make him the new DC…

  4. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Joe..don’t know why my posts are not in moderation but not showing up until minutes later..so there will be a double post of similar content..on the other hand is some good statement worth mentioning twice..lol..

  5. TpaBayFlyFisher Says:

    This Bucs’ management team knew what they were getting when they drafted Winston. They deserve to pay the price for placing their faith in an untrustworthy bum.



  7. SB Says:

    All speculation as of now. Fitz will have a Top 3 receiving unit in the NFL at his disposal. If the OL and Run game are better I see no reason why he cant win at least one if not two of those. One dynamic remains constant, We are all Bucs’ fans and have to find a way to get over what One player is causing.

  8. Reality-is-a-Beotch Says:

    Given the horrendous history of franchise jameis winston will still go down as the greatest buc of all time. Obviously the bar is incredibly low. America has the shortest attention span on planet earth. This bs will be forgotten in 8 months.

  9. BlueZone Says:

    If he wouldn’t have been drafted first then there would have been such an outcry from the sjw on social media… then turned into years of overcompensating from the bucs pr.

  10. DB55 Says:

    Fact is jw and me will go down as the best Bucs at their positions. But the team needs to be sold. Doesn’t matter what coach or player you bring in here it’s completely disfunctional. #mrsa

    Surely Amazon Stadium is an inevitability

  11. University of Seffner Says:

    Teams who have adversity like this can have success. The Pittsburgh Steelers had success in the 2010 season, and that’s when Big Ben was suspended for 6 games, and they went to the Super Bowl. the 2016 New England Patriots won the Super Bowl even with Tom Brady suspended the first 4 games for deflategate. The 1995 Nebraska CornHuskers won the National Championship, and that’s the season when Lawrence Phillips (would’ve been one of the best RBs if he stayed out of trouble) attacked his girlfriend and later got suspended by the team for 6 games. I’m not comparing Jameis Winston to Tom Brady, Big Ben, and Lawrence Phillips. I’m saying that Football History has shown that a suspension is not the end of the world. Hopefully the Bucs will shut down the critics this year. It’d be nice to see that for a change.

  12. Getaclue Says:

    This is the most talent Fitz has ever had to work with. The only time it was even close was 2015 jets season when he threw for almost 4K 31td/15int when he had Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker. They won 10 games. If the defense can play then we are good to go. Smart football

  13. westernbuc Says:

    If you are talking about promoting Buckner to coordinater when he hasn’t coached a game for the Bucs yet then I seriously question your football IQ. We have no evidence (yet) that our line issues are fixed. Any talk of promoting Buckner is so premature.

    If this team struggles because of Jameis, I’d sooner get rid of him before any coach. Guy was declared savior of the franchise with no wins to back it up, then pulls this stunt. I was livid when he went after the Saints player and got Evans suspended. If you were to blame anyone, I’d put this on Licht. But this roster has so much depth I’d still keep him and cut Jameis before anyone else

  14. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    There are 50+ players on a team and if the season is based all on Jameis, that is ridiculous. I give the Bucs more credit than that. If Brooks and the others only needed the offense to put 17pts on the board, this defense will be good enough to hold down the fort til JW returns!

    And who had JW’s back when he got hurt the 2nd game of the season and conti ued playing…Jameis isn’t the only person earning a payck!

    Give me a break!😮🤬

  15. Gene Deckehoff is my hero Says:

    If this is what gets Koetter, Licht, and Smith out of the door than so be it. Jameis deserves better than them. Jameis is America’s QB because America can’t seem to stop talking about him. America’ QB Jameis Winston is a polarizing person that is capable of winning the “Big Game.”

  16. Tony LA Says:

    So much negativity
    There is ONLY one right answer… go get another starting level QB to compete with Fitz.


  17. Tnew Says:

    A few things:

    This freewheeling of piling on of not just Winston but the entire Buc organization is out of control. Bucs PR department has been exposed.

    Koetter‘s seat was already way hot long before any of this was revealed. A better argument could be made that Winston SAVED Koetter‘s Job down the stretch last Season.

    If a coach can’t adjust for a three game suspension with this much time he should be fired. This isn’t a season ending injury in week 4.

  18. stvcl Says:

    On paper…this is a very talented team the Bucs have assembled. Brad Johnson was no hall of fame quarterback but was very good at the short passing game. Bucs won a superbowl with just an “adequate” qb. I’m not ready to throw in the towel before this season even starts!

    I DO want to see how coach Koetter approaches the preseason knowing that Winston will be sitting for at least 3 games. (we THINK…remember we haven’t heard anything official from the NFL) It’s my hope that Fitz works with the ones and Winston works with the twos. I believe a big slice of humble pie may be just what the doctor ordered.

  19. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Sometimes I wonder how some of the blowhards like Knox stay employed. So Fitz has a horrible record against the Saints et al? Well, over the centuries the Romans were vicious conquerors and where are they now? The only team that matters is the one taking the field on that given day–not a thousand years ago. And of course the Glazers will weigh all factors, especially if it’s the QB position lacking. That brings up a good point though. I can see a scenario here where Winston comes back and stinks it up (which I’d hope not–for the fans), and Koetter stays and Winston goes.

  20. Pete I Says:

    Koetter hasn’t shown he is head coach material yet. Winston has shown he is currently only mediocre, and the Glazers boys have shown they ain’t their dad.

  21. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Fitzpatrick was with different teams back then playing against different versions of those teams. As much of a non-Fitz fan that I am, to base an 0-3 start on history is asinine.

  22. JJV Says:

    Hey another hopeless season before it begins. Sigh.

  23. Walter Seidel Says:

    “America’s QB” gets his head coach fired? And Joe agrees? AND STILL calls him “America’s QB”?? Tell me this Joe….when Jaboo is long gone from Tampa Bay, will he still be “America’s QB”??

  24. IsrBuc Says:

    Why would the glaziers fire the HC and GM if they think what happened this season isn’t their fault? Why is it so obvious that JW suspension will automatically cost the coaching stuff their jobs? are they responsible for his acts off the field? Is this going to help the team in any way? what am i missing here?

  25. Bucsfanman Says:

    DB55- I agree about selling the team. The Glazer kids IMO don’t have the same fervor as their departed dad.

    Frankly, all this season is doing is putting a BIG spotlight on coaching. If Koetter can coach, this team will rally. If he can’t, then he SHOULD be gone. It is really that simple.

  26. The Buc Realist Says:

    More than Likely that team Glazers fire the GM and HC so that they can sell the “fresh start” to the fans in 2019!!!!!!!

    And since its headed in that direction, I hope that the Glazers are already putting together names!!!!! Maybe even have the new GM hired and evaluating the roster, for the last couple of weeks of this doomed season!!!!!!!!!!

    I totally agree with this article!!!!! But the GM, front office and old vets, and some guys on the roster will be gone as well!!!!!!!

  27. Defense Rules Says:

    It’s heartening to see some Bucs’ fans are ‘getting it’ DESPITE all the negativism & ‘woe-is-us’ dribble by the media. It’s about T-E-A-M … and not about one player (who’s done his best to sabotage what T-E-A-M means). Jameis now has the focus ALL on himself, and the media is lapping it up and playing like everything revolves around Jameis. As goes Jameis, so go the Bucs? Horsepuckey!

    This Bucs’ team has excellent potential, but potential doesn’t win football games; performance on the field does. Yesterday’s results don’t mean diddly. If Koetter & Smitty & Licht survive, it’ll be because this team rallied around Fitz to start this season, and became a real T-E-A-M. Just like the 1972 Dolphins rallied around a backup QB named Earl Morall for those 9 games after Bob Griese got injured, went 14-0 on the season AND went on to win the SB. Morall was no superstar by any stretch of the imagination, but he played good enough to lead that T-E-A-M in over half their games to the only perfect season ever.

  28. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The wild card for the Bucs is the defense…..it was the wild card before the Jameis suspension.

    Remember that a far less talented defense showed signs of being very good….beating really good offenses on a streak in 2016.

    A good game manager with a really good defense can win games. There are so many new pieces that Will Gholston is our weakest Dlineman…..think about that.

    No predictions but I hope Koetter survives.

  29. Bird Says:

    Glazers aren’t selling the bucs anytime soon. You know they own Manchester United . English fans hated them simply for not being English. They were given death threats and are still ridiculed to this day. They mouth Man U for around 1 billion and its worth around 3 billion. They are business men. They would only sell if not making money and they bought bucs for peanuts.

  30. Bird Says:

    I like koetter. I really do. Yes he struggled with time management and play calling near end zone.

    However, he has to game plan on the fly. Based on Jameis being to hyped to start games and Jameis erratic play at times. Jameis is a roller coaster that you have to game plan when it’s going up. He gets a lot of flak here. Some rightfully so. I would understand if he gets axed.

    Appears he wanted mariota over Jameis too. Don’t think either are really taking the league by storm. Just saying. He has made some good money over years so he will be fine. He is a straight shooter and respect someone who tells it like it is. THINK he does need to toughen up the practices though.

  31. Bird Says:

    No question that reality is a beotch is a scared


    How is the wifey ? Is how he wants to respond that way.

  32. JMan 5 Says:

    Let Fitz be the QB all year. He won’t get personal foul calls for starting fights

  33. Dooshlarue Says:

    I’m more confident starting the season without JW.
    We should bring in another vet QB to compete, but I like our chances with Fitzpatrick. I don’t care what the neahsayers say.
    We have a good team, a solid GM.
    Coach K just needs to adjust and we’ll be fine.
    Mike Smith is the one that scares me, but I’m hoping he gets s his sh!t together.

    Stop crying.
    Go Bucs!

  34. ARGH_M8E Says:

    Can’t believe this is where we are… The struggle is real in Tampa Bay

  35. Shanks Says:

    Smh, here we go again

  36. mark2001 Says:

    One big thing not hit on Joe… Koetter and Jameis have been tied together since day 1… in fact, probably the biggest reason Koetter got the job was because Jameis was progressing so well during year one and they didn’t want to ruin the chemistry. And Jameis just dumped on Koetter a year plus later. And for this to happen, it reflects on Koetters ultimate failure in shaping a franchise QB that acts like one on and off the field. If we end up below 500, Koetter is toast.

    I will be in the Camp Randall stands watching the Badgers kick some Lovie A in October. We Bucs fans saw it happen to him and our Bucs with regularity by other teams when he was our coach, so it was a bad thing…but this is the first time that I will really enjoy seeing it happen in person. On Wisconsin.

  37. BuccYa Says:

    Stop with the “ Move Buckner to DC”. He hasn’t done anything yet!! Why does everyone want to promote this guy up the ladder when his players haven’t even played a snap yet?? What if the D line sucks just as bad as last year?? You still want him to coach the defense just cause he yelled at GMC once? SMH

  38. Pickgrin Says:

    “A better argument could be made that Winston SAVED Koetter‘s Job down the stretch last Season.”

    Damn straight. Its not even an “argument”- its a fact!

    Lots of crazy chit being said the last week.

    Bucs fans are an interesting lot to say the least…

  39. Ghastly Bucs Says:

    Dirk shouldn’t be punished for Jameis’ decisions. In fairness, I think the owners should be forced to sell the team then so we can get some real owners.

  40. ATrain Says:

    Wait a second

    Fitz won 10 games with the Jets why can’t he win10 here

    Winston knew what he needed to do when he came into the NFL
    DB told him
    The Bucs has people with him to make sure he stayed out of trouble

    Then when Winston gets comfortable and no one is watching he pulls this
    Solve it!!!!

    Bye Jamies

  41. Orlando Buc Says:

    This is why the Bucs and Browns continually suck!!!!

    The Saints went 7-9 three years straight with Drew Brees at QB and Sean Payton is still the coach. We are in the toughest division, period. We had to make major upgrades across most positions. It just doesn’t happen over night.

    At some point the ownership is to blame and maybe we need to follow another team who doesn’t blow up the team every 2-3 years.

  42. Ghastly Bucs Says:

    Think about this though all, if they decide to offer Jameis a new contract, we can get him cheap due to his behavior and average QB play. Then maybe in his next contract, he’ll actually do something. I know I know, you can thank me later.

  43. BrianBucs Says:

    If the Glazers are smart they will keep Koetter and get rid of Winston.
    Winston will always be a coach killer because he will never reach his much overhyped potential and his coach will always take the blame.
    Jameis Winston – Coach Killer

  44. Not there yet Says:

    This is where you start to see how many insane head cases there are in the world. This is hard to argue with? So it was all Winston’s fault we went 5-11 last year ok it had nothing to do with bad coaching like playing Doug Martin. Winston missed 3 games due to injury in which they went 2-1 but this year if he misses 3 games he’ll get dork fired? Dork is a sorry coach, he’s not Lovie but he’s just not good enough and I’m willing to bet no one will be able to blame the defense this year.

  45. D-Rome Says:

    “Jameis Winston just got his head coach fired,” Knox said of Winston’s expected suspension.

    Maybe if Dirk Koetter doesn’t go 5-11 with an improved roster his job would not be in jeopardy.

  46. Destinjohnny Says:

    The nfl is funny they keep firing coach after coach after coach
    When the coach just doesn’t have the players to win.
    We had no players in the top 100 and all of a sudden we are a playoff team?
    We have 6-10 talent

  47. Fire Goodell Says:

    Teams who have adversity like this can have success. The Pittsburgh Steelers had success in the 2010 season, and that’s when Big Ben was suspended for 6 games, and they went to the Super Bowl. the 2016 New England Patriots won the Super Bowl even with Tom Brady suspended the first 4 games for deflategate.
    And Ray Lewis got fined $250,000 for lying to the police in a double murder investigation, but won NFL Defensive Player of the Year and Super Bowl MVP.

  48. doolnutts Says:

    If Koetter wants to keep his job he will have to put together his best coaching performance. There has been a ton of debate on how good/bad koetter is whether it be play calling or as HC. This will be a great time for him to prove to us that he is worth keeping around. If he wins 1 or 2 of those first 3 games I would honestly be impressed. All 3 of those teams will be better on paper than us at all 3 levels of the game so it will take some outside of the box thinking to pull out even 1 win let alone 2.

  49. 813bucboi Says:

    well, I slightly disagree…..

    Winston didn’t get his HC fired…..Winston has cost himself tons of cash and maybe a chance to play in the league if things turn out to be true…..

    dirk can save his job by rallying the troops, overcoming adversity and prove he’s a good HC…..

    with that said, if the bottom falls out and we have a season like the giants, he along with Winston and smitty may never sniff the NFL again…..


  50. m0j0 Says:

    This is a team sport, and it’s all about getting results, aka winning. Sure, losing Winston for 3 games hurts, but it’s not going to get the coach fired. How the team plays throughout the course of the season will determine whether the ownership has confidence in the coach, gm, players, etc.

  51. BigMacAttack Says:

    12-4, Playoffs and no one is going anywhere.

  52. jmarkbuc Says:


    “Dirk shouldn’t be punished for Jameis’ decisions.”

    No he shouldn’t. There have been, and might be again, plenty of other reasons.

    Let’s face it, This job fell in his lap because he had a pretty good year as a OC, and Winston did as well..That’s it.

    He could be let go for just not being that good of a head coach. There are other people on the team who need coaching, not just JW. You could argue that the whole team might get DK fired, because he’s not that good at coaching them.

  53. Jeff Diaz Says:

    WOW, we haven’t even finished the off season and everyone has the Bucs dead and buried. I remember when the Bucs opened 0-1 to the Saints. Everyone was jumping off the band wagon and putting them in the grave. They had a new coach, new OC and they came back and won a Super Bowl. My point is anything can happen. We haven’t even gotten to the pre-season yet. People just give it a rest.

    First off this incident with Jameis happened his rookie year. He hasn’t had any other issues like this since. He is getting married and having a child. The only person who should be out raged with his behavior should be his future wife. Bret Farve did more than this (Genitles pictures and sexual harassment of multiple women) and he is in the Hall of Fame. Just let it go. NO CHARGES WERE BROUGHT ON HIM!!. If it wasn’t for the NFL nothing more would have been done. He has done so much more for this community since this incident. I have been in front of him and talked with this father. He is a good kid who just made some really stupid choices. Before you all jump over me as well, let’s think of some thing. The FSU issue was a known gold digger attacking with her University of Florida Aunt pushing her forward. I worked at Law Firm when it happened and read the full evidence this Uber incident was stupid, and wrong, I grant you, but he hasn’t done anything since.
    He is a known leader, and a good QB he hasn’t had a defense behind him to help him out. Hopefully they have it somewhat this year.

    At his camp he had 20 different players including players from other teams come and actually work with kids. Not just be seen but work with the kids. He paid personally for 20 kids and families to come from Alabama for the Weekend. He also had over 60 special Olympic kids at the camp up from 12 last year. He interacted with all of the kids, and got personal with them. It was one of the best camps I have ever worked. With the things he has done for the schools here and other things let’s give him a chance. If he does something else then I give you all the right to dump him, but come on.

  54. oar Says:

    Shame if Koetter does get fired. He didn’t want Jameis to begin with….no wonder.

  55. Etzel Says:

    Jameis got him the job, so he should be able to take it away. I see this as a positive. I can’t believe this many people would rather keep Koetter (and his staff) over Winston. Koetter has been mediocre at best, with a lot of boneheaded calls and situational issues (Still can’t get over the Rams in 2016…) and his judge of talent…

    I’ve been of the belief that Jameis will be alright regardless of the coach, but I believe there are other coaches who could get more out of him (someone younger) than Koetter.

  56. Wesley Says:

    Blah blah blah

  57. BucsNeedNewFans Says:

    Everyone forgets that his suspension is coming from not reporting it to the NFL, I don’t care who I offend, but if it was serious then why were no files charged against him to the police?! Everyone is acting like this happened recently, but it happened 2 years ago! He hasn’t been in any trouble since the 2 years it has happened. Jameis hasn’t been found quirky if anything except failure to report the ACCUSATIONS, which is all they are. No one seems to care that Kobe Bryant and Ben Roethlisberger got away with actual rape! We actually have someone who comments on a daily basis using the name Kobe. Just admit that most of you hated the Jameis pick from day one and aren’t just using this so you can say “ I told you so”, I’m really starting to hate such a weak minded fan base, I can’t wait for Jameis to come back and ball out and see how quickly everyone’s jumps back on the bandwagon!, I’m going to remember all of you who bashed him and call you out as soon as you do!

  58. unbelievable Says:

    He’s right. I said the same thing the day the news broke.

    If this is all true and the Bucs have another crappy season, the coaching staff, GM and many many players will be looking for work after this season.

  59. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Total crock.

    I think people are in for a surprise when Winston returns. And has the league actually made it official yet?

  60. BigMacAttack Says:

    This team is gonna kick butt. Hide and watch.

  61. Destinjohnny Says:

    6-10 talent

  62. ChanEpic Says:

    Correction: Koetter AND Jameis got Koetter fired if that indeed happens. Had Koetter been a better coach throughout his tenure he would be somewhat insulated.

  63. Anonymous Says:

    Joe, you sir are sleeping on Ryan Fitzpatrick the Amish slinger/fitzmagic! I watch this man take down Tom Brady being down 21-7 at halftime in Ralph Wilson stadium now New era and they came back to beat the Patriots for the first time in 8 years. You give him a good line and weapons, he can be exactly what you need!

  64. Bucballbaby84 Says:

    Joe, you sir are sleeping on Ryan Fitzpatrick the Amish slinger/fitzmagic! I watch this man take down Tom Brady being down 21-7 at halftime in Ralph Wilson stadium now New era and they came back to beat the Patriots for the first time in 8 years. You give him a good line and weapons, he can be exactly what you need!