Ex-Buc: Warren Sapp Is Skeptical Of Vita Vea Pick And Questions Jason Licht’s Moves

May 10th, 2018

When the phone rings on a Saturday night and the caller ID says “Sapp,” you pick up the phone, especially if you’re looking for some entertainment.

This was the case for former Warren Sapp teammate and ex-Buccaneers guard Ian Beckles (1990-1996).

Beckles is still hammering away at his local radio career for 102.5 FM The Bone, and via two podcasts with Radio Influence. On In The Trenches this week, Beckles explained that while “sipping on a Tito’s and soda” he answered Sapp’s phone call on Saturday because he thought perhaps someone died.

Nobody had passed away. But Beckles said Sapp was intense as ever and the two engaged in a two-hour conversation primarily about the Bucs and football.

Beckles made it very clear that while he loved the first-round draft pick of Vita Vea, Sapp was highly skeptical.

Sapp’s reasoning? Football players at 350 pounds can’t exist in Florida, especially west coast guys. “He’s very adamant about this,” Beckles said of Sapp.

Per Beckles, Sapp also was critical of Jason Licht’s moves. And Beckles agreed.

Sapp was shaking his head at Bucs coaches, Beckles said, despising the Bucs’ 3-3-5 alignment on nickel packages.

99 Responses to “Ex-Buc: Warren Sapp Is Skeptical Of Vita Vea Pick And Questions Jason Licht’s Moves”

  1. Rik Says:

    This means is a good thing because usually when he has good words for our team. We suck.

  2. Lamarcus Says:

    The only problem I have with Licht moves was that he claims The Bucs are so close but made moves like he saving his job. As much I talk smack about GMC drafting Vita was a head scratcher. I don’t see the fit. And high risk picking Vita a 2 down player

  3. Lamarcus Says:

    But then again Licht is copying the Eagles model…….. He needs figure what’s are identity?

  4. Cannon Says:

    Vita is a Pacific Islander… I suspect he’s familiar with heat.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Who says Vita (Maui from the movie Moana)…..can’t or won’t lose a few pounds…..he has great strength and quickness…..and, Warren….everyone can’t be Sapp!!!

  6. The Buc Realist Says:

    Here we go!!!!! The Tampa2 mafia will tell anyone that only the tampa2 works!!!!! They want to fire the current coaching staff to get back to the “old days”!!!!!!!!!!! The Bucs are still trying to escape the tampa2 personal to the fact that they (wrongly?) are still trying to build around GMC who was drafted for the tampa2!!!!!!! The 2 defensive coaches that tried and trying to break away, the sheep scream and protest in the first growing pains of switching!!!!!!

    At some point the mafia and sheep need to let the past go!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Dave Says:

    I wonder who Sapp thinks we should have picked instead? Vea was the right choice, given all our options. I’m glad Licht brought him to Tampa.

  8. Joe Says:

    The Bucs are so close but made moves like he saving his job.

    You are aware that he is in the final year of his contract and the Bucs have a losing record under his tenure, right? So he should make moves to make the next GM look smart three years down the road?

  9. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    Looking forward to seeing Vea prove Sapp wrong, although I do expect Vea to lose a bit of weight between now and training camp.

  10. ben Says:

    Mr.Sapp was the best buc player ever… He was great to watch….

  11. Not there yet Says:

    I agree with Sapp about the Florida heat considering how much Godwin struggled to adjust and I’m glad he said it publicly because if it was not a thought when drafting him it is now and hopefully they have a plan for washing him into it slowly.

    Still like the pick though so sorry Sapp you had a say in national TV and you blew it so now you’re calling old buddies to rant…. Lol extra 50 pounds won’t hurt he’ll still probably be more active than McCoy

  12. BucFanFromOH Says:

    If you kids ever want to see what a brain on drugs looks like, check out that Realist dude’s posts.

  13. Trump's Stylist Says:

    First off.. Tito’s and soda sounds horrible. And Sapp’s opinion of our GM shouldn’t mean anything. He was a great defensive tackle, one of the best ever, but that’s it. If he wants to make a difference, than be a coach.

  14. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Lamarcus Says
    “The only problem I have with Licht moves was that he claims The Bucs are so close but made moves like he saving his job.”

    I disagree completely. Licht didn’t make moves to save his job. If that was the case, he would have drafted nothing but the popular guys. Instead, he’s following his gut with 3 DBs and a RB. And he could have drafted the top remaining DE in round one, but instead he went with Vea, who was actually the best on the board at the time.

    That’s not making moves to save his job. That’s trusting his scouts…which has worked out so far.

    If you mean addressing DL and Secondary, well…that’s just addressing the team needs.

  15. gotbbucs Says:

    Sapp, great player, but by most accounts, a crappy human being. Not exactly the ambassador you want for your team.

    It’s probably time for this team to distance itself from some of these guys that just like to hear themselves talk. Beckles basically admitted to answering the phone for Sapp only because he thought maybe someone had died.

    The Tampa 2 is done. Move on.

  16. Buc3@fan Says:

    Vea will drop 20 pounds during training camp. Won’t be hard to lose weight in this humidity. The draft is full of prospects whether in the first or seventh rounds. It is always a gamble but based on Lichts record in the draft he has done a good job. If you get one starter out of the draft you can consider that a good draft.

  17. Eric Says:

    Teams have been coming into the heat and kicking our butts regularly since they fired CHucky.

    If they can perform in the heat why can’t our own freaking players?

  18. Joe Says:

    Teams have been coming into the heat and kicking our butts regularly since they fired CHucky.

    THANK YOU!!!

  19. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Davenport, James and Edmunds were all available when he picked Vea, for example. DT was not considered a strong need because of free agents.

    Heck, Sam Hubbard was still on the board when he took Davis.

  20. Frank Pillow Says:

    Warren may be a lot of things, but the man knows the game of football, particularly play in the trenches. On the field and in the locker room, he was all about maximum effort and toughness. He wasn’t afraid to call people out or hold grudges, over teammates who couldn’t meet the mark. The 3-3-5 we played last year was a complete and total joke, given the personnel.

    Now, I love what the Vea pick represents, but Warren, better than anyone who has ever played the position here, knows what it takes to be the best DT on the gridiron. Vea is of Tongan heritage, but grew-up on the West Coast. There’s a huge climate difference, between Tonga, California, Washington and Tampa. He’s a huge young man who will have to adjust (which may include dropping 15-20 pounds)in order to give max-effort for all 4 quarters.

    Plus he’s now going up against the best players in the world- where being big and strong wont be enough. He is going to need to bring speed/quickness and develop rush and run tools (besides the hump move) be more than just a giant potted plant out there.

  21. doolnutts Says:

    Lamarcus this is not accurate in any sense… Not only was Vita a 3 down player in college he played across the entire DL. Nose, 3 tech, DE and other variations as they continued to move him all over the place… He is and continue to be a true force.

  22. Not there yet Says:


    Two horrible takes. He who reads football news and parrots everything he read. I doubt Licht is worried about his job because he isn’t paid to coach. His job is to assemble a roster of talent the coach is responsible for wins. If Winston was a bust I’d say he was in trouble but he’ll likely get a contract, the glazers are kind of dumb because if the season is highly successful they end up paying him even more than they would have to pay him now.

    The bucs were soft in the trenches and beefed up the d line by fixing the problem and that’s a lazy take on copying the eagles. Their offense was one of the best in the league but the defense is getting all the credit. They got two eagles players they couldn’t keep it doesn’t mean they copied what they did something they were saying since before the draft. There are no edge rushers beyond JPP, the other guys haven’t proven to be his caliber plus McCoy that’s it.

  23. Lamarcus Says:

    I get what u guys are saying…… But if your close u trade up like Saints did for that “one player”.

  24. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Ben

    I give my vote to Derrick Brooks as the best Buc player ever. You have to also give consideration to Leroy Selmon.

  25. Defense Rules Says:

    Our DTs: GMC (300 lbs) … Allen (327 lbs) … Unrein (301 lbs) … Vea (347 lbs). None are exactly Skinny-Minnies. Probably a good thing that we have FOUR beastly DTs now and can set up a decent rotation for once. Something tells me they’ll figure it out, even without Sapp & Beckles help.

  26. Waterboy Says:

    That 3-3-5 defense comes highly recommended by Julio Jones. He wants to see if he can break the 300 yd mark this time around.

  27. Defense Rules Says:

    @Eric … “Teams have been coming into the heat and kicking our butts regularly since they fired CHucky.” Uhhh, could the answer be “Because they had better players & better coaches”? And BTW Eric, Chucky went 57-55 in 7 years here, with 3 losing seasons in there. Record here after our SB year? 45-51. So he sorta got his butt kicked too after we went to the big dance.

  28. FromTtoAtl Says:

    “Put a jersey on!” Warren. Love you, brother – but heat is not an excuse to step up and be a professional.

  29. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Off the top of my head, I can name a least two Polynesian brothas, that played… …well in the S.E.

    Paul Soliai (Miami)
    Ma’ake “Big Kemo” Kemoeatu (North Carolina)

  30. 813bucboi Says:

    Sapp was shaking his head at Bucs coaches

    aint that the truth!!!!!!

    I could care less about the defensive alignment, I just don’t want to see CB’s playing 10yards off and I want to see adjustment made on both sides of the ball…..

    we have everything we need…..time to win coaches!!!!!!


  31. Buc4life Says:

    Vea must at least 20 pounds to be effective. Plus we need real practices in the heat and none of this non-tackling easy crap. You play like you practice and changing the culture start in practice. I don’t hate the Vea pick, but it will be great if he ends of like Ngota. He is not a replacement for McCoy but should help McCoy and free up our LBs. I really like our drafted and rookie free agent DBs. In you face smash mouth defenders, something we don’t have.

  32. Not there yet Says:


    Not calling you out or anyone because we all have our opinion like the idea that Mike Smith sucks and signing Vea at the moment of the draft made me scream he wants to run that stupid 3-3-5 which may work with Vea but still don’t want to see it

    But the fact that you think reading up is a win now move but not reading downs just shows how much your don’t know and most of us compared to the guy who gets paid to do what you criticize something you can’t get paid to do like the joes. He got more picks by reading down and addressing more positions, that is win now move. People like you and the media talk about alpha males being afraid? There’s about 20 teams out there that would hire this guy. Who would they hire?

  33. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Most of these young brothas go back to Islands, in the summer months and practice anyway. Sure it’ll be an adjustment, but once he settles in – he should be fine.

    He’s bigger, overall better version of Roy Miller

  34. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Love sapp and the fact that he is a fana nd has similar opinion of many of us on licht becasue proof is in the pudding….licht has ZERO direction in terms of what he wants this franchise to be and it changes with each super bowl winner

  35. Cover Deuce Says:

    I can all but guarantee his pro playing weight will be less than 350. In the Florida heat, and with an NFL conditioning program, my bet is he’ll hover around 325-335. Which still makes him a mountain of a man with some crazy movement skills.

  36. Blackmagic00 Says:

    I’m with rik on the first post. Sapp is cool, but he’s been dead wrong about all he says. He’s usually all hype about all the goings ons and this tells me Vea is most likely the right pick. I sure hope so. I’m thinking that Vea could eat up a couple blocks and one of sapps other intuitions may come true; McCoy will finally be free to do damage. This is hopeful; I know. Really, I just hope sapp is wrong again.

  37. Lamarcus Says:

    Not there yet

    What are u talking about? I’m lost by what u said. We are just fans. Fans only and our opinions don’t matter.

    Vita is NFL 2 down player unless proven otherwise.

  38. Lamarcus Says:

    I agree with Sapp without even having listen to the call Maybe I’m salty about losing Davenport. Maybe a hater. I think the Bucs are gonna pay for passing on Davenport and he will be chasing our QB 2-3 times a year.

  39. Mike Johnson Says:

    Well Joe, you got one thing right. Sapp is always..entertaining. Some of the crap that comes out of his piehole. I like him though. He was..one of the best ever done it on the playing field. I got Vea losing about 20 to 40 pds in this heat alone. And he’s gonna have to find his own temperment. I’ve said in other postings vea will find he’s gotta make some wt adjustments. He might get away with playing at his wt for a couple of years, But not for long. Not once father time sets in. I see 295 to 320 as a good wt for him. Sapp is right about this Fl Heat though. And guys I live on the west coast. The Fl heat is a lot different that out here. That FL Humidity is a mother………

  40. Kingcrablegs Says:

    Vince Wolfork did it in Houston….

  41. Pa Privateer Says:

    Correct it is very difficult to play at 350 in Florida heat…..

    That is why we have Double V, Allen and Stevie T.

    It’s called rotation and we finally have it.

  42. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Kingcrablegs Says
    “Vince Wolfork did it in Houston…”


    And I can vouch for how hot it gets there. When I lived there for almost two years, the summers hit 110 both years.

    People always considered Vince Wolfork as having a weight issue too, but he sure got the job done.

    Vea is his own man. He’ll either excel, or not. It’s entirely up to him.

  43. LongSeason Says:

    If Sapp doesn’t like Vea, then I’m all in on the pick. Sapp’s love of a pick hasn’t always turned into a great player on the field.

    Vea looks like he has great athleticism for a man of any size let alone a 6’4″ 347 lb behemoth.

  44. FearTheFlag Says:

    First of all…It sucks for EVERYONE to practice and play in Florida heat & humidity!

    The laws of physics tell us Vea will likely loose weight during camp.
    Everything we know about this man tells us he LOVES football and dominating.
    That tells me he will do everything he needs to to adjust to this climate and continue to always try and “Beat the crap out of the guy in front of him!”

    EVERY Rookie (and new player on the team for that matter) must prove themselves. Seriously, I don’t give 2 sh*ts what Sapp has to say at this point.
    I’m for letting Vita (and the other rookies) prove themselves in camp and more importantly, this season.

  45. Oxycondoms Says:

    Wilfork did it doesn’t mean this guy can . The 2 things I worried about vea is him being obese and the other thing that worries me is I was put off by the fact that the coach said he’s type of guy that you would want to marry your daughter. I also get confused when licht says he’s they type of player we want around here then drafts a MJ Stewart who from what I gather isn’t exactly the same personality type as vea. What is the definition of the type of player licht wants because I truly don’t understand what he’s getting at when he makes that comment

  46. Oxycondoms Says:

    Is vea another nice guy on the field like McCoy or does he play with a mean streak?

  47. DB55 Says:

    When posters critique you guys say – I’ll listen to the football professionals.

    When football professions critique you guys say – what do they know.

    As for growing up on the island. I’m pretty sure vita grew up in California so he may not be used to of heat.

    Finally, Licht should have drafted Da’Ron Payne DT Alabama. He might as well signed Hand too.

    PS. Not to be insensitive but I don’t see any gingers handling this heat well either but wtfdik.

  48. DB55 Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    May 10th, 2018 at 11:14 am
    Kingcrablegs Says
    “Vince Wolfork did it in Houston…”


    And I can vouch for how hot it gets there. When I lived there for almost two years, the summers hit 110 both years.

    People always considered Vince Wolfork as having a weight issue too, but he sure got the job done.

    Vea is his own man. He’ll either excel, or not. It’s entirely up to him.
    They play and practice in a dome 🤦‍♂️

  49. ContePiscateli Says:

    I’ve seen plenty of 350 players come down to Tampa and kick our butts. Maybe Sapp is thinking about practice, but unlike in his day we have a fancy new indoor practice facility. Sorry but the old rules don’t apply.

  50. Jason Mclaurin Says:

    He scratched his head because he doesn’t think the team had this kid’s well being at stake. The guy is 350 and will subject to a health scare at that size. He’s bigger than any player we ever had so im concerned for his health in the deep dry south heat. Florida weather is a little bit more tropical than the heat in Mississippi. On top of everything they still have a huge unknown at safety too.

  51. DB55 Says:

    All I know is that at my finest hour when I was in my best shape ever I came visit family in Florida. We went outside to play whiffle ball and I last all of 20 mins in the sun before I got heat stroke.

    This FL sun is a killer make no doubt about it.

  52. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    As for growing up on the island. I’m pretty sure vita grew up in California so he may not be used to of heat.

    I can tell you 1st hand, there’s a TON of these kids that go back to Islands and train in the summer months.

    Besides he’s Tongan, he can handle it.

  53. martinni Says:

    When I played D-Line 50 years ago I could lose 5 to 8 lbs. during one game. I don’t think Vea will have any problem shedding a few pounds without maintaining his strength and endurance.

  54. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Deep dry south???? In Florida????? Wth did I just read? It isn’t dry in Florida. Her in cali its hella hot and super dry. I only worry about Vea and the humidity in Florida. I personally think he’ll be good to go. Even at 347. He’ll probably lose a few and that’s ok too. But please. He’s a rookie turned professional and trying to make his life happen. Before you people put him down please see what he does and is about. Half of this fan base is pretty pathetic. Won’t even give a guy a chance.

  55. Trench War Says:

    I think Sapp maybe perturbed about Vea’s comment about calling him the GOAT during his introductory presser. You almost get the feeling maybe Sapp, and Beckles are a little jealous that Licht is putting together a team that may be able to string together some success. Maybe scared that Vea could threaten his record and long lasting reign over the position. Whatever the reasons their negativity is demoralizing.

  56. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Since when has Sapp been an accurate predictor of a prospects success?

    Just because you were a legendary player doesn’t mean you can evaluate talent with any degree of success.

    Vea is a different breed of athlete. I bet he will be playing at 335-340 once the season roles around. People keep forgetting about Vea’s genetics. He is built for this climate.

  57. DB55 Says:


    Yea I know he’s Maui irl

  58. Issic haggins Says:

    Young guys are prob going to gain weight w age so he is prob going to play at 350 soon enough , if he loses more than 10 to 15 lbs he will lose strength and strength is more his game than speed !!! I believe he will be fine with 350 , max strength and improved technique !!!

  59. Ptwalk Says:

    Trench War, why would Sapp have problems with Vea calling him the GOAT. You do know what that means, right?

  60. MadMax Says:

    Well Sapp, you may know football, many do, but you’re about to get to know Big V! Why not give it a chance first? Scared he’s gonna be better than you?

  61. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    @Issic Haggins

    Losing body fat does not reduce strength. Strength is directly tied to the make-up of a persons muscle fibers, all the way down to the cellular level.

    Vita Vea hit 19 mph running down the field last season weighing 345-347, dropping if he loses 10-17 pounds it will only make him more explosive.

    The most striking thing that I’ve noticed about Vea on tape is that when he keeps his pad level low, he dominates. When his pad level gets too high, he struggles. But that can be improved immensely through coaching/ teaching.

    Here’s hoping that Buckner can get the most of Vea’s incredible potential.

  62. JimmyJack Says:

    Sapp has also said numerous times how great McCoy is. I love Sapp as a player but as an analyst not so much.

    Do agree that adjusting to Fl heat is an obstacle but an obstacle that’s been overcome time and time again. 350 LBs makes it a biggest obstacle but if Vita has any heart it’s really no biggy.

  63. LUVMYBUCS Says:



    Sidebar: U know my *3 oldest childeren are half-Polynesian, from my 1st marriage.
    Sh!t, when 1st meet her family, I thought they was brothas….mixed w/some Indian…lol

  64. JimmyJack Says:

    MadMax LOL……Sapp aren’t scared bro. That’s just silly

  65. Bucsfanman Says:

    Well, in short, we’re going to find out. Also, someone mentioned the “rotation”. Excellent point! These guys should be rotated more frequently now that we have more depth.

  66. Trench War Says:

    I know what G.O.A.T. but does Sapp? You would think after such a compliment Sapp would be more receptible of Vea.

  67. Trench War Says:

    I know what G.O.A.T. means

  68. JimmyJack Says:

    Sapp is probably just trying to ruffle a few feathers. He loves to do that. Didn’t he also say that VHIII was legit?

  69. Ptwalk Says:

    @Trench I don’t think Sapp doesn’t respect Vea as a player but remember Sapp tried to play at a heavier weight when he was here for one season. So he’s experienced it comparatively.

  70. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    In Tonga, an Oceanian archipelago that lies south of the equator, the climate is tropical, influenced by the trade winds, with a hot, humid and rainy season from December to April, and a cool and relatively dry season from June to October.

    Sapp needs to examine his ignorance of Vita Vea’s ability to handle heat and humidity.

  71. DB55 Says:


    Nice! I’ve seen 50 first dates like 100 times. 😢

  72. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    U never took the wife?

  73. Ptwalk Says:

    @Chris@Apple, Sapp was stating that playing in this heat and hum. at 350lbs is tough no matter where you’re from. Sapp is from FL and it was tough.

  74. Jjones Says:

    I’m grateful that Sapp was the athlete he was for our team but he’s not the brightest crayon in the box.

    I understand he feels a certain way about this team and that’s great but he doesn’t have and never has had a high football IQ(He proved that on the show “Inside The NFL”)

  75. Ptwalk Says:

    Practicing in this heat everyday takes a lot more out of you verses playing 1 game. So coming here and winning 1 game is different.

  76. MadMax Says:

    @jimmy, meant as a slight, i know he’s not scared. But what if Vea really does turn out to be better? Home run hit by Licht!…..still have my love for Sapp, still have his jersey.

  77. Trench War Says:

    Many Polynesian people are genetically large and I think are capable of carrying that weight historically. With Sapp @6’2″ 350lbs is too heavy for him. Vea @6’4″ 347lbs ran a 5.10 dash …that’s amazing for a man that size.

  78. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Sh!t U can still hit the low 90’s w/ 80+ Humidity – from May to August.

  79. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    I was up in Lake Oswego last July/August, and was shocked it was damn hot & humid.

  80. chickster Says:

    sapp wasn’t very good to fans in tampa thought he was better than everyone else vita will break all of little sapps records

  81. DB55 Says:


    Idk about all that he and Irving made nfln what it is today.

  82. Ptwalk Says:

    @Trench that’s a good point and Vea doesn’t even look like he’s carrying that much weight.

  83. DB55 Says:


    Take the wife to Hawaii? It’s on the bucket list. We just bought our second house last yr and we just installed a new roof last week so needless to say we haven’t been on vaca for 2 years. The chit you do for your kids.

    Last vaca was a 7 day cruise to south America but we’ve been planning to go out west for years. We were supposed to go the first week in July but nope.

    I want to go to Colorado, California, Oregon and Alaska. 😉. Oh yea Vegas too!!!

  84. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    I agree with Lamarcus on one point! Not there yet’s post was incomprehensible! One piece of advice Not there, if you are illiterate you shouldn’t try and post things on this site.

  85. Alvin Pettini Says:

    Who cares what that fat ass bum thinks…doesnt pay his child support and argues with prostitutes about payment

  86. Papa578 Says:

    I loved Warren the player but his opinion now means diddly squat. This is the here and now and the “Tongan Thunder” is on our roster. I will pull for him in all seasons!

  87. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    Sapp was an amazing player. Outside of that, his opinion isn’t worth squat. NEXT!

  88. Rod Munch Says:

    Sapp is 100% correct – the people think Vita is an instant starter and somehow think a guy with 9 career college sacks (3 a season) is a bonafide NFL pass rusher, you’re nuts. Perhaps Vita turns out to be everything the Bucs hope, great, but to assume he’s anything more than a 2 down run stopper when there is no evidence of that, it’s just wishful thinking and based on absolutely nothing but 40 time, which requires the qualifier that it’s impressive for someone of his size.

  89. Duke Says:


    “When you lose body fat you don’t lose strength”…………just a guess but I’d say you’re not a work out type are you!

  90. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    You can 100 percent cut body FAT and not lose anything close to a significant amount of strength.

  91. Mveal2006 Says:

    Players that size are fragile.. vulnerable to injury and hard to sustain intensity. I agree. Vea would have a better shot in green Bay imo.

  92. Joel Says:

    Sapp also thinks McCoy is a good player. Next!

  93. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    I’m glad to hear that you’ve doubled down on your initial investment.
    And have shown the tact to buckle down, and be fugile with your budget.
    Even when the chips are up. Sounds like your begining to lay down the foundation for your children’s children. #RevocableLandTrust

    When U decide to make a trip out West..Hit Me Up.

  94. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Sounds like your beginning to lay down the foundation for your children’s children. #RevocableLandTrust

  95. DalvinCookRules Says:

    I’ve watched tape of Vea and I think he’s got bust written all over him–and that’s A LARGE area to write on.

    Now, I’m not paid to KNOW football, but Licht & Koetter are. If they are wrong, and given their track record being such a mixed bag, they need to GO. There is no way a person like me should know more from watching a little bit of tape.

  96. Richard Benway Says:

    I like this draft ..its a championship builder

  97. Matt from Brandon Says:

    Sapphire is begging to be relevant again. He’s just making noise.

    Vea is going to make McCoy’s life easier right out of the box. Teams can’t double McCoy and JPP. Vea is really suited for run stoppage and eating o-linemen. I think he’ll be able to play in August. He’ll get used to the climate of Central Florida without much effort. Jason Licht made a good selection in my eyes.

    Licht has has three good drafts. Most of his selections have done well… Except that supposed kicker. The offense is stacked with weapons and finally this year we attempted to stack the defense for a change. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this season goes.

    I’m a native of the Tampa Bay area and I remember how John McKay was ridiculed for two or three years then we started making the playoffs and he became a HOF coach. Tampa Bay fans love to hang the coaches out on the yard arms pretty quickly… I think firing coaches and GMs is more traditional than hanging in and allowing a team grow together.

    I’m hoping this year finally shows us we can be competitive. I think we are really on the verge of greatness.

  98. Fire Lichtt Says:

    Agree with Sapp.. great update Joe. 102.5 the bone doesn’t play to the PC statutes of media law and out of toe era may have missed this

  99. MTM Says:

    Sapp makes a great point about weight playing on the west coast of Florida. That said, I assume the weight will come down some after spring training.