Another Conduct Investigation For The NFL

May 10th, 2018

Looks like it’s back of the line for the Bucs — again.

News broke nationally yesterday of the 22-year-old heinous rape accusation — followed by an arrest and an indictment — leveled against Lions head coach Matt Patricia.

It was quite a jolt to Detroit’s organization. It also was a well done report worth reading by The Detroit News.

But Joe’s interest is in the rapidly increasing plate of complex conduct investigations being spearheaded by the NFL. One is the dragging, nearly six-month old investigation of America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, who was accused of crotch-grabbing a female Uber driver without permission.

Thinking Bucs fans want the Jameis investigation to be a league priority, so the Bucs know where they stand before training camp opens in roughly 11 weeks.

Efficient preparation can be a difference-maker, and knowing whether Jameis will be suspended certainly is a critical component to the summer.

Joe’s concern is that the NFL will order its investigating team (if there really is one) to push the Patricia mess ahead of a Jameis investigation, which certainly sits low in the pecking order behind the creepy Jerry Richardson fiasco and the Michael Bennett cluster. (Yes, Joe assumes the NFL wants to wrap up Bennett relatively quickly because they don’t want him spouting off left and right to the Philadelphia media when the season kicks in.)

There’s also the Reuben Foster legal case that has grabbed a lot of headlines. The 49ers’ linebacker plays for a big-market team with four primetime games scheduled  this fall. Foster was also a first-round pick out of Alabama.

Joe can’t imagine Jameis and the Bucs are a priority at league headquarters. There’s certainly no evidence they are, and Joe has reported on that extensively, along with Ira Kaufman.

It’s just all very troubling if you’re someone who yearns for the Bucs to have their best shot at a great 2018 season.

87 Responses to “Another Conduct Investigation For The NFL”

  1. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    The Patricia one is complete BS and its novelty to drag ppl through the mud for an event that may or may not have happened 20 years ago, I think the Patricia thing is similar to the jameis thing at FSU where something definitely happened after college students were a lil too drunk and then there was buyers remorse and in this uber liberal screaming blaming culture there has to be someone’s head…..patricia will absolutely not survive this and be removed from his job before he can coach a game, he may not even make it as coach of the lions through the weekend and that is a sad state of affair in the US today, because their are legit sexual abuse situations going on and everyone is screaming they will definitely miss out on the serious ones that did happen

  2. 813bucboi Says:

    I think it goes 2 ways…..neither will be good for the bucs…..either it gets pushed back by the NFL and is further prolonged or Rodger makes a quick harsh knee jerk decision…..either way I think Winston will sit 1 or up to 3games….maybe not because of the evidence but because he needs a harsh reality check…..

    with that said, it shouldn’t effect the team one bit!!!!…..this staff has had more than enough time to create a plan and have the players to execute it!!!!!….Winston sitting a few games is no excuse to start slow and have a lousy season!!!!!!


  3. Chris Says:


    All of these other investigations might be beneficial to Winston seeing how his case could be at the bottom of the barrel. If that is the case I can really see Winston getting the 1 game suspension for not reporting the incident would be a win for the QB and the organization. However, I place no trust in the league they are too inconsistent and have taken a beating for making wrong decisions in the past. I wonder if the league will also be investigating Donald Penn even though there was lack of evidence to charge him with an indictment. If Jameis case is going to be pushed to the side to me that seems like good news because had the league truly been investigating this for six months they would have found incriminating evidence. All we really know is she said this and Jameis is saying that. Jameis has witnesses to back his story.

  4. Syl Says:

    I personally think the NFL has already made their decision on Jameis, and they are allowing the appeals process to cycle through.

  5. D-Rome Says:

    Headline from the article:

    Lions’ Patricia indicted, not tried in ’96 sex assault

    Never went to trial. Perhaps she was afraid. Perhaps it was a big lie and she knew there was no evidence that what happened ever took place. Either way Matt Patricia is innocent.

  6. Bucsfanman Says:

    Wow, good article on Patricia. However, how can there be ANY traction whatsoever with the outcome of this case. The NFL is essentially putting Patricia on trial a 2nd time for an indictment 22 years ago. The NFL has no business attributing itself to a judiciary.
    Are we certain Goodell has ZERO skeletons in his closet?! He probably didn’t “inhale” either! Hmm!

  7. Trench War Says:

    Honestly, this shouldn’t even be litigated. You’d think coming out of college with all the swirling allegations above Jameis’s head it would be enough for him to keep himself clean. But, …Noooo Winston has to constantly be embroiled in controversy, and we the fans are the ones suffering from it. At least we have Fitz!

  8. ImtiredAnd87isright Says:

    I’m kinda tired of just talking about it. The NFL like most organizations do shady business that’s for their own best interests never thinking about the individual.

  9. Chris Says:

    That could be the case. However, last month he told reporters that he has not spoken to the league about the investigation. He could have sent up sworn affidavits and I just find it hard to believe that the league with evidence if they found any would not have a hearing with Winston in person before making a decision. I do not think we are getting closer to a decision being made. I feel like this will continue into the regular season.

  10. Dooshlarue Says:

    Hey Lions…. do you guys need a new coach on the fly?
    We’ve got one with prior HC experience that we’d love to trade to you.
    Just give us your first 2 picks next year.

    Oh and congratulations on the promotion to DC Coach Buckner!!

  11. __TGH__ Says:

    I’m more interested in the ‘failure to report’ portion of Patricia and Jameis. Neither one is ever going to be proven guilty. The Lions aren’t going to dump their new coach, but they certainly could if they wanted to because of failure to report.

    Both Patricia and Jameis are in the same boat here. Coaches are held to a higher standard, so if anything happens to Jameis, shouldn’t Patricia get worse?

  12. Dave Pear Says:

    One word…Ridiculous.
    Explain to me what violation Jameis committed. Not reporting that his Uber account had been cancelled?
    So, if he was issued a speeding ticket, does he need to tell the team?

  13. Chris Says:

    From what I have read, the victim did not want to testify 22 years ago. So why all of the sudden does she want to talk about it now? Had she testified then maybe justice would have been served then? I don’t believe the organization will fire Patricia seems like they have his back 100 percent. I am not sure if Patricia needed to report something that happened 22 years ago before he was in the NFL. The case was dropped bc the victim did not want to testify. Believe me when someone is being interviewed by a team that team will do a back ground check. Not sure if this would still be on his record after 22 years.

  14. Chris Says:

    @ Dave Pear

    I agree with you. Jameis was not being charged with a crime at the time and because his account was suspended from Uber doesn’t mean he has to report it to the team. As far as we know from the UBER call it said they suspended his account temporarily because of inappropriate behavior that does not translate to grabbing someones crotch without permission. The leagues conduct policy is so vague. Also remember when Elliot on camera pulled down a women shirt at a parade did the NFL suspend him or investigate that? No his suspension was from the alleged domestic violence case.

  15. Nick Says:

    @Joe, have you ever heard the saying no news is good news ?

    Leave it alone man. Maybe there’s truly nothing to it, unless you want to continue to make something of it .

    If he gets suspended the team should be ready to play one way or the other .

    NO EXCUSES this year ! NONE …… just win baby!

  16. Lord Corn Says:

    They’re gonna wait till Bucs are in like the nfc championship game in 2021 to really f*ck us

  17. Dave Pear Says:


    Exactly. This whole Metoo movement reminds me of the Spanish Inquisition.
    You are guilty until proven innocent and to be proven innocent you must die!

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Pablo is part of the yo también (me too) movement…..because….Pablo’s elongated arc was touched against his will while table dancing….now Pablo would allow this with the Realist if he tipped better….and Pablo doesn’t mind the chicas touching it…..but Pablo objects to no tip male touching…..Pablo may file a lawsuit….Pablo says “why not everyone else does?”

  19. DB55 Says:

    I miss 87.

    I want everyone to take a Uber ride this week so we all know who we’re dealing with.

    Nothing will happen to the coach the same way nothing happened to koetter and Peyton when they beat each other on the field.

  20. Rod Munch Says:

    Here’s the NFL investigation into Winston…

    Was there a police report? No
    Is there a video of the incident? No
    Are there any witnesses of the event? No
    Is there is a lawsuit? No

    OK, so clear him but wait until the #MeToo stuff dies down to publish it…

    So we get to Monday of this week and they say great, it seems to have slowed down lets release the veridit… Oh wait, the Dems leading anti-Trumper and #MeToo leader is punching women… better wait another couple of weeks for things to die down.

  21. Waterboy Says:

    Nothing to investigate on Patricia it was 22 yrs ago and never went to trial. Foster’s case has plenty of legal documentation for them to review and make a decision. Does the NFL have a statue of limitation or just make it up as they go along? The whole Winston investigating is kind of stupid the more I think about it.

  22. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Best case scenario for the Bucs/Jameis/We fans.

    #3 gets suspended one game for failure to report the incident as required by the CBA. This is truly the best of all worlds. It means #3 was guilty of a bureaucratic error but not of grabbing a girls privates and there is a HUGE difference.

    In effect a one game suspension clears him of the sex charge because that would be a very very long suspension of that was the cause.

    It’s a way to send a message to Jameis…a way for the league to save face and most of all for all of us…a way to freaking MOVE ON!!!!

  23. Dave Pear Says:


    I’m not taking any Uber rides.
    I am a serial groper.

  24. Syl Says:

    @Chris The Ingram decision was made in December but until the appeals was exhausted it was not made public.

  25. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    @ Chris

    Read the article. She is not talking about it now. You’re acting like a false accuser by saying she’s bringing it up again.

  26. Lamarcus Says:

    Patricia camp never told the Pats or Lions and he should be cut like some ppl here said about JW. Double standard much???

  27. Tval Says:

    having something as serious as a sexual assault indictment isnt as concerning as a silly uber account suspension? dear lord the Jameis hatred is OUT OF HAND.. bobody cares about the uber story, ATALL.. ZERO TRACTION, unlike paricia and foster. THAT’S the nfls concern

  28. Dewey Selmon Says:

    just suspend Winston for week 5(not game 5) and get it over with.

  29. Jeremy Says:

    Joe – Do you have information that the NFL is opening and investigation on a 22year old case? If not then what the heck are you even talking about?

  30. __TGH__ Says:

    Most high level job applications asks if you’ve been formally charged with a crime. All job applications ask if you’ve been convicted of a crime. In Patricia’s case, he clearly lied.

    In Jameis’ case, the union agreed that any player ‘accused’ of a crime (no matter how informal) requires them to report it to the team. Jameis didn’t.

    Both are wrong for ‘failing to report’ and at least Jameis will end up being suspended. Interesting to see if the league has the power to do anything to Patricia or if it is solely up to the Lions’ discretion since it occurred before he entered the league.

  31. Dave Pear Says:


    When was Winston “accused” of a crime?
    His Uber account was cancelled.
    Not a crime.

  32. JimmyJack Says:

    Yes Dave Pear. You are right. Winston is not looking at a big suspension.

    The league has also said no word that I know of about addressing Winston’s case and it’s not being talked about by any TV media that I have heard.

    The NFL is ridicilous with how long these cases take. I really don’t even care about it at this point. It sounds like there will be no decisions, or word, from the league before Training Camp. Sounds like this will drag on through the season and if there is any suspension it will served in 2019.

  33. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Joe, I have a bigger concern. The Matt Patricia investigation could make the NFL more conscientious about anything involving some sort of sexual harrassment or misconduct.

    Because of Matt Patricia, Jameis might get a long extension if the NFL decides it needs to make examples.

  34. GhostofSchiano Says:

    This is a pretty sad state of affairs for the NFL players and coaches. Here in Florida law enforcement officers are afforded rights such as this –

    (a) Except as provided in this subsection, disciplinary action, suspension, demotion, or dismissal may not be undertaken by an agency against a law enforcement officer or correctional officer for any act, omission, or other allegation of misconduct if the investigation of the allegation is not completed within 180 days after the date the agency receives notice of the allegation by a person authorized by the agency to initiate an investigation of the misconduct.

    SIX MONTHS…. the players need something like this in their collective bargaining agreement. However, the investigation can be tolled for certain things such as the subject of the investigation is hospitalized etc. The players need to petition their union for such a clause.

  35. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Just a quick question:

    Does anyone here feel secure with Ryan Griffin backing up Fitz during the suspension?

    The only other option on the roster is Austin Allen (

    I think the Bucs need a better option as the 3rd stringer. It doesn’t have to be a name guy. It can be an undrafted guy even…but they need someone better than Griffin and Allen.

  36. __TGH__ Says:


    Winston was accused of a sexual assault by his Uber driver. She called the company who then notified Jameis they were suspending his account. Whether or not the police were involved or any formal charges were levied makes no difference from a PR standpoint, which is why the league and the clubs wanted the ‘reporting’ clause in the first place and why the players union agreed to it (because they understand the power of public perception and how that equates to dollars in everyone’s pockets). Like it or not, this is the way of the world.

  37. Dave Pear Says:


    No. She reported inappropriate behavior, And did not name Jameis.

  38. Pickgrin Says:

    “There’s certainly no evidence”

    Those 4 words (even if it was unintentional) are the most accurate thing Joe has written in weeks regarding the “looming Jameis Winston suspension”.

  39. Chris Says:

    @Dave Pear

    Correct. Winston did not know when he received that voicemail from Uber that his account was being suspended for sexual assault. In the recording the representative from Uber said we are suspending your account because you or someone else had inappropriate behavior during the Uber ride. The reason why Winston got notified because he used his own account to arrange the pickup not the other passengers. The victim only knew Jameis Winston’s name bc it was linked to his Uber account. Like I said earlier “Inappropriate behavior” does not translate to “grabbing someones crotch” So no Jameis would not have to report that to the team. So therefore he should not be suspended for that.

  40. Dave Pear Says:


    Once again, EXACTLY what I was saying.
    How can he report a crime he committed if he is unaware that he is being accused of a crime?

  41. Bucsfan1988 Says:

    When the Uber situation happened, weren’t the reporting rules different then? The NFL changed the rules the following year AFTER Jameis’s Uber event happened? NFL should be required to follow the rule based on that year in which the event happened, and not the revised rule.

  42. DB55 Says:


    I betting he’s a UF alum. People don’t bother to read the facts they just regurgitate fake news.


  43. DB55 Says:

    *he’s = you’re

  44. Dave Pear Says:


    I’m a UF alum.

  45. Duke Says:


    TgH IMO explained perfectly the nature of corporate p.r.. You can squabble over minutiae but that misses the point He is making. The NFL doesn’t want the narrative set for them, they want to notified when anything that could tarnish the shield happens. JW should, key point,should have said something to the team or minimum his agent. If it’s nothing then let the team say it’s nothing. Real simple stuff.

    JW is a person who came to the team with a questionable past, character issues , questions about how He would behave. If youre finger tips are burning to say He wasn’t convicted….just stop and bang your melon on a hard surfice until you can’t see unicorns and fairies. Point is JW should have been advised to disclose everything and anything until such time as it isn’t necessary. Jay walking no tix,
    Assume they have video and tell someone.

  46. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Also there is this –

    In the article above the Uber drivers attorney stated he does not anticipate any further interviews unless provoked by Mr. Winston.

    In other words she does not want to talk about it which equals she does not want her version of the events questioned.

    Winston has a witness, Darby, who refutes the Uber drivers statement. Thus she lawyered up.

    This thing is going to just go away. The NFL has no power to compel the Uber driver to sit for an interview.

    Also, the Uber drivers attorney stated she was standing up for women etc. So why has she not come forward to answer / defend her version of events when Darby destroyed her story?

  47. Chris Says:

    @Dave Pear

    I am agreeing with you that last post was for @tgh.

    Does not matter when the rules are made. Winston was not told his account was being suspended for sexual misconduct it was because of inappropriate behavior which is very broad and can mean anything. I once got kicked out of a steak and shake at 2 am for inappropriate behavior because I young, drunk and hungry and yelled at the waiter for giving me a single burger meal when I ordered a double. If I was in the NFL would I have to report that to my team?

  48. DB55 Says:


    Dammmmmmm you dave, I liked you so much too. Now I have to make fun of you like I do to SB. 😂🤣

  49. Duke Says:


    If you are right then there’s nothing , no possible suspension nothing. Being that there’s no decision from the commissioner as of yet, I think your a bit premature in exonerating JW.

  50. Dave Pear Says:


    It’s all good Bro.
    I thought you knew from the draft Jameis wars a few years back.
    Now that brought out the crazies.

  51. Dave Pear Says:


    Thanks for that. I’m seeing the unicorns and fairies now.
    Reminds me a little of the window pane acid I did at UF.

  52. Chris Says:


    I am not exonerating Jameis Winston. I am stating the facts of the case. There was no evidence that Jameis committed sexual assault. There is no physical evidence, it is all circumstantial. No police reports or charges brought against him. It is a “she said” “he said” situation and JW has a witness to back him up she has no other witness to corroborate her story. You are innocent until proven guilty. JW has the right to presumption of innocence. If the NFL hasn’t found any incriminating evidence to this point then the chances of them finding it are slim. Right now JW has the upper hand bc the fact he has another person saying he didn’t do it. She claims JW was the only passenger in the car and Darby disproved that theory by saying he was in the car with them at the time. if the NFL can get some video off traffic cams to back up that Darby was in that vehicle at the same time JW was then case closed. I am not saying he did or didn’t do it. I am just a guy who believes everyone is innocent until proven guilty and I will give JW his presumption of innocence.

  53. Dave Pear Says:


    Excellent post.

  54. Duke Says:


    To say that “Kate” doesn’t want to be questioned is presumptuous and accusatory. You don’t know what she is thinking. And the idea that Ronald Darby is a credible witness who destroyed her story is fanciful and laughable. Two seconds on the stand and He’s as credible as Manson. Kate told her story to 5 people and Uber the night in question which establishes a chain of evidence that is far more persuasively then the word of JW’s friend. I say word because He has made no formal statement that could be considered as corroborating JW’s story.
    So basically, Ron Darby is not a factor whatsoever.

  55. Dave Pear Says:


    You’d think in this day of “everybody” has a cell phone.
    They could ping Darby’s location in a NY minute.
    Maybe I watch to many Datelines.

  56. Duke Says:


    I agree with you. My point is simple, JW May be suspended on the grounds of non reporting. It could have been prevented by a pro active to the point of exaggerating any and all possible events that may , even if it’s the tiniest of infractions, come back to bite him. If He’d have told the team this becomes a issue. Guilt or innocence is not the issue.

  57. Dave Pear Says:

    Guilt or innocence is not the issue.


    If that is true, then the NFL is a total joke.
    Guilt or innocence should ALWAYS be the issue.

  58. Duke Says:


    Without a doubt. Can’t ping it, but it’s possible to find out exactly where He was that evening. If…big.IF, that information demonstrates that Darby’ s phone was in the car that evening along with His statement and the scales shift decidedly in favor of the defendant.

    Honestly Dave this probably is going to be decided under the personal contract clauses that are part of the collective bargaining agreement. A technical issue.

  59. Chris Says:

    @Dave Pear
    @ Duke

    Well lets slow down here the NFL is not the FBI so I do not see them pinging anybody’s location. They have no power to subpoena cell phone records. They can merely ask and hopefully someone is willing to give them video of traffic cams that night, cell phone records and so forth.


    How is someone that was in the car (Darby) the same time as JW and a mysterious third person not credible versus someone who she reported the allegation to who was not in the car? I am pretty sure that Darby was asked about it by Philadelphia media and he made a formal on the record statement about that night.

    “I felt the need to come forward and clarify some inaccurate accounts of the evening of March 13, 2016 when myself, a friend and Jameis Winston took an Uber ride in Arizona,” Darby said. “There were three of us in the car, not just one as has been reported. Myself and Jameis were in the backseat. I am confident that nothing inappropriate in nature happened in the car that evening and Jameis did not have any physical contact with the Uber driver. The accusations are just not true.”

  60. Dave Pear Says:

    part of the collective bargaining agreement. A technical issue.


    The CBA agreement changed the year AFTER Winston’s Uber account was suspended, AFTER.
    And why can’t they ping it?
    They do it on Dateline all of the time.

  61. Chris Says:


    Guilt or innocence is a big issue. When some alleges that you did something then they are saying you are guilty. The NFL has to investigate this matter giving JW a presumption of innocence. This is a case where the NFL doesn’t have much to go on other than the words of the parties involved. There is no physical or direct evidence backing up her claims and the NFL should not have the power to suspend someone with no evidence that he did anything wrong. She only knew JW was one of the persons car bc it was linked to his account. Uber Security will provide documents of what happened based on her version of the story she does not have an eye witness that can back up her claim. Second he was not aware his account was being suspended for sexual assault so he is not required to report an account suspension based off of yourself or someone in the car had inappropriate behavior.

  62. Dave Pear Says:


    OH. Thanks for clarifying the pinging rules.
    I thought any police force could ask for a location of a suspect.

  63. Dave Pear Says:


    Are you a lawyer?
    I have played one on TV before.

  64. Duke Says:


    I don’t disagree lol……but in this case guilt or innocence is not provable under the situation. So now there’s no criminal case but the league could use its powers given to them via collective bargaining and affirmed multiple times in lower court and appellate courts rulings to suspend him. Why would they follow that course of action? Exactly what tcg and myself mentioned…public relations. No more than that. It would be to demonstrate to the media that the NFL is serious about a current hot button issue. Unfortunately, JW May be served up to the media and archivists as a sacrificial lamb. The positive is if this does play out that way a one game suspension would be the worst case scenario and most likely outcome


  65. Chris Says:


    In general a police force would have to request a subpoena or warrant to obtain access based on probable cause. The NFL investigative unit is not a police force and therefore has no power to mandate a player turn over their cell phone records or anything of that nature. When the league asked Brady to turn his cell phone over he broke his cellphone. Knowing they couldn’t ask his wireless company to turn over cell phone records. Any evidence they get outside of a formal police investigation is merely someone cooperating with the league. In Zeke’s case there was a police report and evidence which the local police gave to the NFL. In JW case the evidence they have is reports that she made to Uber. There was no video or any other physical evidence that I currently know of that backs her claim that she was sexually assaulted by JW.

  66. Chris Says:


    No I am not a Lawyer.

  67. Dave Pear Says:

    No I am not a Lawyer.

    Chris, Then you should be.

  68. Chris Says:


    Thought about going into criminal justice in some form. Technology steered me away from that. Criminal Justice does intrigue me though and I am very passionate about it. In JW case there is no evidence of proof that he did what she (Kate the Uber Driver) is claiming. If she really wanted to nail him to the wall why not do it right after it happened? Why wait 22 months?

  69. Duke Says:


    I don’t disagree with your argument and I admire your tenacity but you’re focusing on the wrong thing. I don’t believe that your wrong it’s just that you are not moving into the precise area that this incident will be adjudicated from.
    The fact is the league has broad disciplinary powers granted to it under the collective bargaining agreement. Within that agreement is a very widely defined clause that, in summary, anything that can hurt the league in the court of public opinion can be used as the bases for disciplinary action. Has the incident hurt the public imagine of the league, that’s highly debatable, if the commissioner believes it has, then he has the power to do whatever.

    I know you are trying to see this in a legal framework but where your going off is you believe that right or wrong, fair unfair or guilt or innocence is an intrinsic element that is a guide Mark, if you will, thru out this process. It’s not.

  70. Chris Says:


    I have said this before Uber did not tell JW that his account was suspended for sexual assault and also said “him or someone else displayed inappropriate behavior” Inappropriate behavior is a very vague and broad category. JW could have been sticking his head out the window and could have been categorized as inappropriate behavior. Does that go against the shield? is that a re portable incident? No it is not. Did Uber provide JW with the documents provided by the accuser when they suspended his account? How would JW have known the driver was going to accuse him of sexual assault 22 months later? “Inappropriate behavior” is a wide spectrum of things.

  71. Duke Says:


    JW said something in his press conference that was like a train hitting the brakes.
    Meaning it was something that screamed out for attention. JW apologized for his demeanor and admitted that his actions could have been misinterpreted
    Whoa nelly, I think his atty’ s jaw hit the floor with utter dismay. JW has zero reason to set his story with an admission of guilt. That’s what he did Chris. I’d have written his statement and if he deviated a single word off my scrip…I’d sever our ties and recommend. New council. That’s how egregious the error was on his part.

  72. Duke Says:

    Also, the NFL is investigating the incident as inappropriate behavior. Sexual assault is an entirely different world. A world that I haven’t seen at all mentioned even in passing.

  73. Duke Says:

    No Chris….everything officially is carefully worded and sexual assault is off the board. If it does show up in any fashion now JW has a civil case to pursue.

  74. Duke Says:


    There’s a behavioral model called the prudent man test. Ever heard of it

  75. Chris Says:


    You are factually misguided. The NFL is investigating based on the allegations that he groped and Uber driver. Do you really think the NFL would be investigating him over a suspended Uber account? No, because the allegations of JW grabbing the Uber drivers Crotch. That is the only reason why he is being investigated. You are twisting words and interpreting what you will. Had Jameis Uber account been suspended for throwing up in the back of an Uber vehicle do you think he is required to report that? Would the NFL announce an investigation of that? Is throwing up in the back of an Uber vehicle conduct unbecoming of the NFL?

  76. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    From all the pics on the bucs app fitz is taking all the 1st team reps and there is very little sign of JW3. The Bucs are preparing for life without Winston for 1/3 of the season.

  77. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    As someone who was crotch grabbed by women dozens of times over the years, I could care less. No one raises a stink when it happens to men. So what’s good for the goose…

    That said, I do not believe Winston is guilty, but I think some of you are out of touch with reality if you think innocence matters. The NFL will suspend him because of the whole ‘me too’ movement and public image. The only question is for how long.

    I personally think it will be 4 games.

  78. Eric Says:

    It’s not at all clear to me what Uber told Jameis about the reason for the suspension. A local reporter said they listened to a phone recording from Uber stating that someone did something inappropriate in the car. No specifics.

    Would NFL policy require reporting such a vague accusation not even specifically leveled against him?

    I say nothing is going to happen.

    And its counsel not council.

  79. Chris Says:

    I stated in an earlier post that I do not trust the league to handle this case as it should be handled. They are too inconsistent. I also stated that even if they suspend Winston for 1 game that is a win. The bad thing is they don’t follow due process and could care less if the player is innocent. They would rather look like hero’s to the public. Winston deserves due process and should have a presumption of innocence. That’s not the way the nfl handles things though. There could be no shred of evidence that he committed any crime and yet will have to bend to the knee of the commissioner. It’s an abuse of power and something that should be brought up by the CBA and NFLPA

  80. Chris Says:


    Right that is what I have been saying. JW did not know or was told specifically why his account was being suspended it was categorized as inappropriate behavior not Crotch grabbing. So does inappropriate behavior mandate that he has to report it the team? I’m saying no. The league is unjust and when the time comes we will see. Inappropriate behavior is so broad it really could have been anything.

  81. Duke Says:


    I don’t believe I’m factually misguided because as of yet (if you have info to the contrary please enlighten me) I have not read or heard any league official use the words sexual assault. Groping , as a quote from the report. League officials have been consistent with inappropriate behavior. The suspension of uber account is something I never mentioned period, you may have confused my reply w another person’s.

    I will restate this there is no criminal or civil case , therefore JW’s guilt or innocence is irrelevant. The ironclad indisputable point is that any possible disciplinary action that can be exercised by the commissioner is not subject to a court decision, Goddell will review the investigation report and recommendations then decide whether to punish him or not.

    Guilty or innocent is terms applicable to judicial process and outcome. Goodell doesn’t seem to care about trivial matters. But If Goddell believes that it matters then I will change course.

    To this point Goddell hasn’t required a guilty verdict from the courts to fine or suspend a player. If the league’s investigation report presents exculpatory evidence then I think that it matters . But the fact, He’s imposed both when the evidence would be in favor of the player which again, makes innocent or guilty immaterial.

    The Darby question, it’s a question of credibility and motive. On motive alone it’s easy to find cause to lie. The other side is going to get the benefit of the doubt
    and human nature is not unbiased and it’s not difficult to play upon that natural productivity to make rapid assumptions and stick to them.

    . If Darby requested a location search and it proved his phone was in the car nothing more. Now a third party, mystery guest, came forward and confirmed JW’s account, then there’s a shift in the evidence .
    As far as the press interview that you provided, that’s not a legal statement. So again.immaterial.

  82. Duke Says:


    Pinging can provide a current location only. Cell tower usage and triangulation will provide location . Not exact but very close. GPS data would confirm where the phone was exactly . The NFL has no power to supeaona or any other jurisdictional authority to compel compliance to a request for information.

  83. __TGH__ Says:


    Rollins grad, not UF or FSU. This is a difficult dynamic for a lot people to understand who are not in high-profile positions. Jameis was in the car and knew something went down. He was formally notified there was an accusation of misconduct and he said/did nothing. Let me put this in more personal terms for you…

    Pretend you are Jameis and your wife is the league office. She finds out months after the fact some sort of ‘incident’ occurred. When she hears this story from some other chick (rather than you) and confronts you, your best answer (after a history of accusations) is to quote your favorite Shaggy song “wasn’t me”!?!?!?

    Buddy… you are sleeping on the couch. Now you better understand PR and why perception is more important than reality. Jameis should have known better and that is why he is going to sit.

  84. NFLNut Says:


    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ….. FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME, LEAVE THE JAMEIS “INVESTIGATION” ALONE … I doubt there was EVER even a legitimate “investigation” to speak of as there was no police report filed, no civil case filed, and the one and only eye witness speaking corroborated Jameis’ side of events … the whole thing is a NON-STORY and it is extremely likely the NFL never even took it seriously (as evidenced by the fact they never even contacted Jameis or Darby months after the so-called “investigation” had started) and just wants to wait an appropriate amount of time before stating that “The accusations against Mr. Winston were found to be unsubstantiated and therefore Mr. Winston has been cleared of all wrongdoing”.


  85. NFLNut Says:


    Even the Patricia thing is a non-issue in regards to some sort of “suspension” as it happened 22 years ago and was a matter of public record … there is NOTHING the NFL can do about it now. However, it is a massive PR problem for the NFL

    Couple that PR disaster with the actual “suspendable” cases of Bennett, Foster and some referee I read about, and the whole “Jameis investigation” is just one big nothing burger … I’d put his odds of being suspended 6 games at .000000001% and his odds of even being suspended for 1 game at no higher than around 10% … Bucs fans should R-E-L-A-X


  86. Chris Says:


    That scenario is irrelevant to this case because in that scenario your assuming JW had known there was crotch grabbing going on in the vehicle. He and Darby said nothing went on in that car. Uber told him it was being suspended for inappropriate behavior which could mean a million other things. JW did not feel obligated to report that to the team bc he did not know the nature of inappropriate behavior had gone on. He could have said the ‘F Word” which could have offended the driver and was grounds for his account being suspended. Is that something you are mandated to report to the team? No.

    I am not sure what evidence the NFL has or does not have. All we know is Winston and other persons were in that car that night. Let’s say if thats all the NFL has and reaches a suspension decision based on that, then JW has a very good chance of winning an appeal. I do not find the 5 other so called sources credible bc they did not witness it with their own eyes it was something Kate the Uber driver had told them through text messages. She and they offered no burden of proof that Winston had done what she has accused him of doing. Right now its JW and Darby’s word versus hers.

  87. Chris Says:

    The process and power of the commissioner need to be re-evaluated by the league. It has proven over and over again that there are giant missteps and inconsistencies with their investigative process.