90 Percent So Far For Chandler Catanzaro

May 24th, 2018

New Bucs big-money kicker Chandler Catanzaro

And to think Dirk Koetter didn’t think this was much of a story this afternoon.

Coach, where’s your sense of history?

Bucs fans have been yearning for a dangerous kicking game since the early days of the Connor Barth Experience. Since then, it’s been a circus that no Hollywood screenwriter could craft and still be taken seriously.

The Bucs hope they are writing the final chapter in this drama with the acquisition of big-money (for a kicker) free agent Chandler Catanzaro, a guy the Jets wanted to return.

Koetter said after practice today that he’s quite certain Catanzaro has made nine of 10 kicks in Bucs practice so far, but Koetter brushed that off as a couple of sessions in shorts and it’s “too early to tell.”

Nine of 10 in practice? Man, that’s worth an early happy hour trip for Joe. That’s rare air around these parts.

With an NFL grade field goal kicker, the Bucs likely beat the Patriots last season to move to 3-1 on the season. Instead, Nick Folk missed badly on three field goals and the Bucs’ confidence plummeted from there.

9 Responses to “90 Percent So Far For Chandler Catanzaro”

  1. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Joe writes “dangerous kicking game.” Love it. Too funny. Man, have we had our issues. I still remember Garo Yepremian and John McKay. McKay denied him the record books if I am correct. I still remember Dave Green the punter who got the placekicking call when the Bucs cut their placekicker in 1976. I remember Neil O’Donahue’s 3-0 win against KC that clinced the 1979 division championship in pouring rain (my friend and I snuck to the game using grasscutting money and took the bus; we weren’t allowed off the block, much less 15 miles away); the fact he was the first soccer style kicker…couldn’t convince my dad why that was more accurate than the old toe kickers like Dave Green. Much later, I remember Grammatica’s odd trip to the locker room, and I think it was Sapp who said yeah, he he just had to take a *&*^. I also remember him losing a game to the Panthers on kicking alone. Long before Barth and MRSA Giants boy and Aguayo…Bucs kickers have been a story. I hope Patrick Murray doesn’t go too far.

  2. BucEmUp Says:

    trade djax for a kicker

  3. Dave Pear Says:

    Roy T. Buford,

    Are you saying that Neil O’Donahue was the first soccer style kicker in the NFL?
    If so, you might want to rethink that. It was actually Pete Gogolak in 1964.
    But maybe I didn’t read exactly what you were saying.

  4. SB Says:

    Bingo Joe!!
    Had the Bucs had a decent kicking game, even average, we win easily.
    I think we lost the game by 5 but missed 3 FGs and an XP

  5. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Pipe dream with this guy.

  6. Lunchbox Says:

    Hollywood wouldn’t write this story. They’d just redo another story about kickers from 25 years ago and pass it off as something new. Hollywood sucks.

  7. Mbfists Says:

    Oh shut up, joe brings us info on the Bucs some info is better than others some just some white noise about the Tampa but none the less IT’s news. Quit nit picking everything about Tampa! Looking forward to the draft in Nashville! Was I. Chicago for the 2015 draft, it’s a great experience!

  8. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Here’s what I think, not that anyone cares:

    This guy is only marginally better than Patrick Murray. While that makes him a very slight upgrade, it is not enough of one that Murray should not have been allowed to compete…and make no mistake, with the money this guy is getting paid, there is no real competition.

    I have no idea if Murray would have won the job if allowed to compete…but after he bailed out the Bucs TWICE and got stabbed in the back TWICE (now), I feel he at least deserved a shot.

    Maybe its just me, but competition means that more than one person has a fair chance to start.

    Chandler Catanzaro is not that good. He’s a noted choker in big games. It is Nick Folk all over again.

  9. JonBuc Says:

    We do care, BrownEye…you’re a valued insider! If I recall…you considered Aguayo-no a valued 2nd round pick while deeming L. David a 2nd round bust. We hang on your every word whether it is here or Elf Erotica E-books you trot out to the delight of dozens!