Only One Better

May 5th, 2018


Now Joe isn’t much into quarterback ratings because Joe thinks, generally, it is little more than sorcery.

First, next time some guy at the bar is running off at the mouth about quarterback ratings, ask him (her?) how are quarterback ratings calculated? You are likely to be met with the same kind of face as if you told the guy (girl?) that you have their wallet.

Any stat that has Matt Schaub rated higher than Dan Marino, or Andy Dalton over Roger Staubach, simply isn’t worth 10 seconds of Joe’s time.

But in a broad perspective, Joe guesses quarterback ratings may give a reader an overall, ballpark idea how a quarterback may have played.

It is with nothing more than curiosity that Joe brings the following stat pushed by the notorious PFF tribe. It seems when under pressure, there are few better than America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

It seems the only quarterback who performs better — if you are a quarterback ratings kind of guy — than Jameis is Tom Brady.

Make of this what you wish.

43 Responses to “Only One Better”

  1. Tval Says:

    mariota = johnny checkdown… makes sense

  2. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    ……..thanks Duheem! 🙂

  3. Duke Says:


    Mariota is Johnny checkdown?????
    Who told you that? (Shift blame)
    Or is this opinion your own……(own it) (it=completely wrong)

    T the ck dwn thing has been repeated by so many, “informed” fans that it’s taken a life of its own. By repeating it, you have let someone give you an opinion. That’s pure beta male. Or you are the origin of the opinion, and thousands follow you, but now it’s your own opinion that is embarrassing and wholly uninformed. But it is yours and that’s cool No matter what.

  4. toopanca Says:

    It would be nice to know more. The same rating would apply to someone who always completes a dump off in the backfield that goes for three yards, or for someone who only sometimes completes but usually gets 12 yards. My is impression is that Winston throws it down field more.

    A perfect passer rating (158.3) requires at least:
    77.5% completion percentage
    12.5 yards per attempt
    11.875% TD/ATT (1 TD/8.421ATT)
    No interceptions

    A minimum rating (0.0) requires at best:
    30.0% completion percentage
    3.0 yards per attempt
    0.0% TD/ATT
    9.5% INT/ATT (1INT/10.526ATT)

  5. Ocala Says:

    Not surprised Jameis is rated so high

  6. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe, I sometimes wonder if you’re defending Jameis or simply setting him up for a fall via your selective use of comparisons & ‘stats’. This one is the classic example. Comparing Jameis (after 3 yrs as Bucs’ QB) to Brady (after 18 yrs as Pats’ QB and arguably the best QB to play the game) is unfair. Picking ONE criteria (performance under pressure) as a basis for comparison opens Pandora’s Box and sets Jameis up to be compared to Brady using all other criteria. For instance:

    Years of experience? (Jameis: 3; Brady: 18). Mismatch.
    2017 team record? (Bucs: 5-11; Pats: 13-3 & SB runner-up). Mismatch.
    2017 offense ranking? (Bucs: #9 Yardage, #18 Points; Pats: #1 Yardage, #2 Points). Mismatch.
    2017 defense ranking? (Bucs: #32 Yardage, #22 Points; Pats: #29 Yardage, #5 Points). Mismatch.
    2017 Completion %? (Jameis: 63.8%; Brady: 66.3%). Reasonably close.
    2017 INTs? (Jameis: 11 INTs in 13 games; Brady: 8 INTs in 16 games). Pretty close?
    2017 Fumbles? (Jameis: 15 fumbles, 8 lost; Brady: 7 fumbles, 5 lost). Mismatch.

    Dozens of other criteria could be used, but point is that it’s silly to compare the two in the first place. Football’s a TEAM sport as you know better than I do. Comparing individual performance without taking into account the performances of the TEAM (to include coaches) simply results in unfair comparisons IMO. Jameis is who he is: young, great talent & great potential but needs to keep maturing & improving. Most importantly: he’s OUR QB & I wish folks would stop comparing him to other QBs like Mariota or Brees or Ryan or Newton … or Brady. He’s got enough pressure on his shoulders already. Go Bucs !!!

  7. Fire Lichtt Says:

    QB ratings for Jameis are impeccable compared to what he’s had to deal with “air conditioning” loving Bucs GM. While the players go out and try, they simply can’t wait in because of management issues and negative Ronde Barber.

  8. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    I’d like to see where he rates on turnovers across 3 years. Including fumbles.

  9. DB55 Says:

    When is jameis not under pressure? Go back watch some film, there’s hungry kids in Africa that feel bad for Jaboo

  10. Easy Says:

    Fake news

  11. Duke Says:

    Defense rules,

    Last paragraph on the money. JW is our guy and we need him to play well this season.

    I don’t believe that MM has to be worse, better,
    comp avg…blah blah than JW. Because it’s irrelevant.

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The simple explanation is that Jameis gets the most pressure so he has the most practice

  13. Walter Seidel Says:

    Some observations….. 1. BIG gap between 1st and second, and almost no gap between 2nd and 5th….just sayin’. 2. Did we improve the O line? Yes? Uh oh…. 3. Hey Joe….I wonder how other Bucs’ players feel about how you give extreme deference to one player with the (silly) AQPBJW moniker, but the truly greater players get a simple “Mike Evans” or “Gerald McCoy”?

  14. Walter Seidel Says:

    Oh, and 4. If Winston ranks so highly in this one very selective category of QB ratings, it must mean he ranks much lower in say, “QB ratings not under pressure”

  15. OneBuc55 Says:

    The turnovers are the only thing holding him back…If you took Brett Favre and Steve McNair and smashed them together you’d get Jameis Winston…

    #3 can be great but in order for him to get to the next level of his development he’s gotta take better care of the football…That being said I love our QB, he’s a hard worker, he has amazing arm talent, and he’s still young; and I do still believe he’s has a few Superbowls in him… I’m praying this is the year he finally turns the corner….

  16. AlteredEgo Says:

    “Check down Johnny “?….hopefully the is meant to be a compliment….because it should be !….

  17. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Mariota isn’t Johnny Checkdown,

    He is “Captain Checkdown”

  18. Fire the Glazers Says:

    Mariota has the personality of a goldfish and the mental strength of a toddler.
    Sorry, mariota lovers. The reason Licht didn’t like him was because he reminded him of a more athletic and slightly more talented version of Josh Freeman.
    That draft was a pick your poison kinda draft for the Bucs. Pick a guy who won a national championship his freshman year, then carried the team to the college finals completely on his back the next?
    Or get a guy that cried because lost the national championship, and would have eventually reminded the tamp fans of #5?
    I’m not wrong.
    You guys just love looking at Mariotas stats and thinking how much better you believe the Bucs would be if we had drafted him. And hoping someday you could say to the rest of us, “told ya so.”

  19. OneBuc55 Says:

    Winston was definitely the right pick…I feel this is the year Winston finally silences his doubters…as long as he doesn’t try to do to much, picks his shots, and takes what the defense gives him we can win alot of games…

    That being said, we definitely need to add more balance to the offense with our running game…Imo Winston should not be throwing 30+ times a game…25 to 30 passes per games should be the goal, unless we’re behind of course…

  20. Joseph Mamma Says:

    So maybe if we just stop blocking Winston will be league MVP.

  21. Jeffbuc Says:

    The Checkdown Mariota comment made me curious. So I went and looked at career passing yards per attempt. And it is as follows
    Winston 7.5 yards per attempt career
    Mariota 7.4 yards per attempt career
    Winston last year 7.9 yards per attempt
    Mariota last year 7.1 yards per attempt

  22. donuts Says:

    What is Winston’s rank when there is no pressure? I mean to show one side of the coin and not the other is cherry picking cherry picked stats from PFF.

    There is only one QB stat that matters in the NFL…playoff wins.

    Winston = 0

    To be comparing Winston to the GOAT QB in any way is dumb. Winston would tell you the same.

  23. Dreambig Says:

    Still a Jameis fan. I still believe that eventually (maybe when he is 28 or so) well see the freshman who played almost a perfect game his first time out. I know he is still in there. Having said that, Jameis might be better with pressure than without. There is a play thats burned in my memory from last year because my wife actually called it as it was happening. Jameis drops back, no rush at all, he looks right, he looks left, no one is open, his movements get frantic, his feet bouncing back and forth, he quickly looks right again, followed by a quick look left. My wife says he’s about to throw an interception. Jamies in desperation slings the ball ….. you guessed it. Straight into the arms of the a waiting linebacker who is just sitting there waiting. I hope I don’t see much of that Jameis this year. Here’s to one more year of experience! Go Bucs! Go Jameis!

  24. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    How dare you fight their misconceptions with facts? For most people perception is reality….perhaps an “alternative reality”?

  25. Not there yet Says:

    Yes one stat out of them all doesn’t tell the story. I’m off the stats game unless they are about the win loss record. Don’t care if he throws 5 passes a game or plays like Tim tebow if we get the win and make the playoffs

  26. destinjohnny Says:

    3 has a unique skill set man. If he can ever tighten up his accuracy look the F out.
    Also, our O line is average at best and the same can be said with is our running game. If we ever get him a banging line with our weapons……

  27. Ocala Says:

    It’s the Bucs QB’s fault for having the last ranked defense in the NFL, a starting running back that averages 2.9 yards per carry and a suspect kicking game.

  28. ben Says:

    nfl rating has always had Winston rated behind Mariota from the 1st year they played.

  29. Mike Johnson Says:

    Jameis average QB. He is the worst QB in our Division. Meaning..we need to see inprovement in his performance this season. And we have good QB’s in our Division. We don’t need..Rev Jameis in the pulpit sayin he’s gota get better or eating his fingers. Actually we would have done better just drafting Defense ahead of Jameis. But..we have him and he needs to show us why he was drafted no 1. We are..waiting………..-

  30. Dirty Bucs Says:

    Jameis is vastly over rated by Bucs fans. I’m a life long Bucs fan, and it’s laughable how many people think Jameis is anything more than average. He might not even be average when you consider all of the mistakes he makes.

    I really hope we draft a QB next year who makes the Bucs realize Winston is expendable.

  31. BucEmUp Says:

    Also the second most accurate quarterback in the entire league aside from Aaron Rodgers yet the last two seasons he’s obviously been influenced by the coaching staff to try and stay in the pocket probably to avoid injury. This is football injuries happen I think this coaching staff needs to man up and let him play to his strengths and stop coddling him. But above all they need to make sure they put a defensive unit on the field this season it actually has his back and doesn’t leave him hanging Mike Smith’s off Zone will kill any team On Any Sunday

  32. ComeOnJoe Says:

    Some people just have poor comprehension. This isn’t a stat comparing Winston to Brady or Winston to Mariota. It has nothing to do with fumbles. The stat is passer rating while under pressure of all QBs in the NFL in 2017. If you take anything negative from this you are special. Winston was injured last season. His offensive line was in shambles and he played in the toughest division in the NFL. Considering this he was able to have the 2nd highest QBR under pressure. That’s a good thing any way you look at it.

  33. Duke Says:


    Jeff you found the stat that completely destroys the myth. I didn’t mention it because I was waiting for someone to challenge the facts. Like I said, that poster put himself in a box. He either unacknowledges He is just repeating someone else’s opinion so He can sound smart or He says it’s an original thinking but as Jeff quickly discovered it’s nonsense. Just another example of a uninformed but highly opinionated butt plug. Buc fan sorry

  34. Buccfan37 Says:

    After all the celebration and/or hand wringing is said and done Jameis will continue to play his style that keeps Buc fans on the edge of their seats and nerves. This roller coaster ride looks to flatten out without so much dips and curves.

  35. AlteredEgo Says:

    When the biggest fan criticism of Jameis is that he goes to the check down WR too often and missed the Wide open “whoever”….he will have become what he was hoped to be when he was drafted….a winning QB….not what he has been all his pre Buc life….a back yard alley opp hero

  36. Oneilbucs Says:

    Man the people on this site is crazy. Tom Brady dunk in dunk his way to becoming the goat. His coaching staff have always put him in position to be successful. That is the coach job to do. Look at Philly. How many 7 steps drop backs Tom Brady has in his play book since he been in the NFL. How many 7 steps drop backs do wenz , golf, Ryan, big Ben, Brees, Staford, Carr, rivers, since they been in the NFL the first 3 years. Winston coaching staff make him throw up the field way to much. He have to hold the ball longer because of the play calling plus with know running game. Then they tell him not to run. If they keep coaching like that it’s going to be the same results. Winston just going to have to play his game n say for get what they say n run when he should run just like the packers let Rogers do . N they hate to say he is a running quarter back but he is . He runs when he have to that’s how you win football games.

  37. cgmaster Says:

    @ jeffBuc and the rest of you Mariota nut huggers don’t look at the stats that matter. how about you look at the stats that matters AIR YARDS PER ATTEMPT. Just because Mariota averages 7.4 means nothing. You can check it to the back at 2 yards out, and he can run for 5 yards. Boom there’s your 7.4 per attempt.
    Jameis average intended air yards 10.7
    Mariota average intended air yards 9.1
    That would put Jameis 3rd in the NFl and Mariota 14th. SO the “myth” as some of you uninformed call it is not a myth. But hey if you all are good with 13 TD’s passes a year, by all means , go root for Tennessee.

  38. NFLNut Says:


    Anyone who can not see Jameis, barring serious injury, is destined to be one of the All-Time great QBs in NFL history … is an idiot, period.

    Likewise, anyone expecting a 21-23 year old QB to “consistently” play like an All-Time great is also an idiot.


  39. Kobe Faker Says:





    You hypocrites and pharisees should be ashamed

    If they Fired Lovie the year before, Head coach Klueless with Lichtweight would have drafted tiddlywinks Mariota


    Kobe Faker

  40. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Kobe Faker writes “Tiddlywinks Mariota.”
    Spot on KF! Lol

  41. Buc4life Says:

    We drafted the better QB…Mariota has had the much better line play running game and defense and the results have been similar… Mariota drops his eyes as soon as he feels the rush and if his back isn’t open he’s running…hard to win that way in the NFL…he misses so many open receivers because he’s already pulled the ball down

  42. Duke Says:


    Lol…Last yr both MM and JW air yds exactly the same, this year JW slightly ahead
    Both are in the top 5 in the NFL……Dumb as phuc….

  43. Axn Jxsn Says:

    He’s been pressuered his whole career. No wonder he is 2nd best. I gotta feeling this year is going to be special.