New Injuries And Screwy Reporting, Goaltender Changes, Defining Must-Wins & Much More

April 15th, 2018

A 2-0 series lead is where you want to be, Bolts fans, but it’s not must-win territory for the Devils yet. And lineups will be changing. Plenty of great chatter here from Todd wright, who isn’t just the fantasy football podcast guru and golf chief around here.

The longtime national and local sports radio personality has loads of knowledge about the Tampa Bay Lightning. So launching the Todd Wright Lightning Playoff Podcast was a no-brainer. The podcast will run through the Lightning’s exciting playoff run right here. Todd has media credentials for Bolts home games and will provide plenty of fresh insight.

Also, the JoeBoltsFan podcast with Tom Lang has been a big hit every Friday. So catch that, too.

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3 Responses to “New Injuries And Screwy Reporting, Goaltender Changes, Defining Must-Wins & Much More”

  1. Herb Says:

    It’s concerning to see Callahan go down. The Lightning can’t afford to lose tough, gritty players like him. It was encouraging to see Ondrej Palat take out Taylor Hall at the end of the Game 2 with a good, physical hit. The Lightning need more of that kind of play.

  2. derrickbrooksforGM Says:

    Great job! Bad juju to look ahead to Boston tho… otherwise really liked the pod cast.

  3. DBS Says:

    Great Podcasts. A little nevus about going to NJ now. They need to get a large lead fast and keep it. Don’t fall behind and let it get inside their heads. Take the crowd out of the game.