“Kick The Crap Out Of The Guy”

April 27th, 2018


When teams bring in players for private workouts at a team facility, it’s basically another in a line of job interviews.

And in a job interview, one generally must sell himself to the prospective employer.

So when the Bucs brought in defensive tackle Vita Vea, Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht admitted Vea did a helluva job selling himself.

“When we brought him in, I asked him in very simple terms, ‘What is the most important thing a defensive lineman can do?’” Licht said. “And I believe he said, ‘Kick the crap out of the guy in front of me.’ So, I like that about him.”

Everything Joe hears and reads about this guy Vea, he’s a freak of nature.

Check out how Vea rag dolls a teammate in walk-throughs in practice.

70 Responses to ““Kick The Crap Out Of The Guy””

  1. adam from ny Says:

    wow mccoy better be nice to this dude…we just got beastishhh!!

  2. lambchop Says:


  3. USFBUC Says:

    His ability to shed blocks in his highlights is incredible, hopefully that translates to the NFL.

  4. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    I can’t stop watching it just gets better. He just tossed that guy like nothing with one arm!
    I cannot wait to see this guy once Buckner gets him. I feel like he is already so good but still has so much more potential.

  5. German Buc Says:

    Rofl – go and get the rights of this nickname, lambchop! Superb!

  6. Bird Says:

    Oh my !

    Did 41 reps of 225 at combine The dude is “freaky naughty” strong. I wanted him months ago. I just was surprised they took him last night cause we just signed 4 guys to big bucks in free agency on dline. However stoked to have this tank on the team.

    Some people want them to get Landry now. I know that seems great but they just can’t do it with 5 new dlineman now. I would rather have another trench guy but oline man guard. Will Hernandez will be going soon. Would love him on bucs. This is where teams move up for best available 1st rounder talent guys not taken

    Corner is biggest need. Jackson the corner from Iowa Or corner from Colorado would be solid additions. And then you still have all the running backs including guice. Man, if we could get 3 quality starters at db , running back and guard in second round , our overall depth is so much closer to having an entire team of ballers

    Didn’t take a sip of booze cause have to work today but only slept 3 hours. I am still jacked.

    I don’t have a problem with licht giving up a pick next year (rounds 3 or 4) to get another day 2 stud if they like a guy. Maybe strong safety although there are still some solid safeties on FA market right now.

  7. Bird Says:

    Isaiah Oliver and josh Jackson are 6’0 cornerbacks

    We need one bad.

  8. El_Buc941 Says:

    All night from picks 1-6 I was pissed…I thought we weren’t going to make the right pick..until I seen a trade!I would’ve never imagined being this happy ever for a trade down. and if Licht is being honest h3 Vea was the pick all along and he rolled the dice, gambled and came out winning! Man what a Bucs Life!

  9. I Bleed Pewter and Red Says:

    I’m glad Licht picked …Vitamin V

  10. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Josh Jackson is more of a zone guy, Bird, Oliver can do both of need be osarguably the best corner in this draft. He jas great soze, technique, quickness, and the longest arm-span coming out on thirty plus years! I hope he is there for us with the first pick of the second round.

  11. Bird Says:

    Josh Jackson it is then

  12. Doctor Stroud Says:

    He’s got a great classic Reggie White move there!

  13. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Oliver > Jackson when it is all said done, imo.

  14. feelthepewterpower Says:

    When all is said and done, rather

  15. Bird Says:

    Oliver it is then

  16. BucEmUp Says:

    Davenport.to new Orleans could end up have bucs looking foolish

  17. Bird Says:


    Sorry misread your last post.

    We need db bad. To get a 1st round talent at corner would be huge. I wouldn’t mind them giving up decent pick next year to do it cause everyone and their brother will be coming for first few picks

  18. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Here’s hoping that Hernandez, Oliver, or Jackson is sitting there for us at #38

  19. adam from ny Says:

    he appears to have samoan type strength…remember the samoans back in the day in the wwf?…well now the bucs have their own…we use to have jack thompson — “the throwin’ samoan”…now we have vita vea…the dude who bitch whips linemen to the ground with one arm…we gotta give this kid a real chill nickname

  20. Bill Douglas Says:

    Vea is a monster. I love this pick!

    He’s gonna kill it, the DL is back!

  21. Bird Says:

    Saints gave up a lot for him so he better be good.

    Honestly they can have vea or McCoy rush end this year with all the bodies the bucs have.

    If some teams have an average right tackle, I would line vea at left defensive end and just have him maul the guy and collapse the left half of the line

  22. adam from ny Says:

    he’s like a warren sapp in the sense that he has a weird body type for the position, and you’d think that’d be a red flag…but he’s a beast…

    maybe if can sponsor vitamin water…vitamin vea

  23. Bird Says:

    This line could just thrive off each other If you want to get snaps you better do something special. They could go full blown savage. And stay fresh with rotation

  24. adam from ny Says:

    maybe he can sponsor vitamin water…vitamin vea

  25. adam from ny Says:

    maybe mccoy will become obsolete and you trade him off ???

    just thinking, as we have revamped this entire d-line

  26. adam from ny Says:

    these boys should hyper-converge on qb’s now

  27. adam from ny Says:

    we gotta give this beast a real good nickname…

    he “bitch-wip”s punk lineman to the ground with one arm

  28. JA Says:

    Gotta give Licht credit. Even if the rumor is true that Buffalo had a deal with Denver and Denver balked when Cleveland passed on Chubb, it was still a great move to get the two twos. Then again, Cleveland did nothing more than behave like Cleveland. It must be in the air up there.
    Big round coming up! Should make for an interesting day…

  29. Bird Says:

    I think the Joe’s got schmamered last night. Come on guys give us some articles. I am jacked for tonight.

  30. Bird Says:

    Just read article/post that bucs were trying to trade with eagles for last pick of 1st round for ……..wait for it…..GUICE

  31. OneBuc55 Says:

    There’s a few good omens with the Vea Vita pick…The best DT tackle in franchise history Sapp was drafted at the 12th spot, and the player Vitale is most compared to Haloti Ngata was drafted at the 12th spot…

    I feel really good about this pick…The fact that we were able to trade back and get him at 12 with 2 additional 2nd round picks is just icing on the cake…

  32. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Mayfield reminds me of Favre..with the confidence, lightning quick release, gunslinger mentality, and strong arm.

    Abd yeah, Bird, most Buccs fans might be disappointed with Oliver with Josh Jackson potentially on the board having gotten a lot of hype this offseason. However, when the real bullets start flying their disappoinwill quickly wear off!!

  33. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Apologies for the typos…big hands , little keyboard…no edit button.

  34. Alpha Buc fan Says:

    I believe the Bucs will have a top 5 Dline in the nfl if all can stay healthy. Fix the trenches. Now watch us dominate

  35. Evolvingbucfan Says:

    Just Like every Year in the draft not who i expected but….I let it sink in. Gentlemen just think about this beastly d-line Which was our biggest need in the off season and Licht addressed it in the off season with FA, and Licht wasn’t done. We also now have 3 PICKS IN THE 2ND ROUND!!!! hopefully we can get Chubb, Hernandez, And the best CB available and our d-line acquisitions will make our secondary better just picture our D-line

    Spence (hopefully), Curry, Allen, McCoy, Jpp, Vea, Stevie (tiki),will Gohlston, and have plenty off depth with some big nasties up front.

    Go Bucs!!!!

  36. The Buc Realist Says:

    For the sheep and so-called fans that are mad because the over-mocked and got all mocked up last night and don’t like the pick!!!!!! You could have known back in Jan!!!!!!!! Keep reading The Buc Realist and you will learn!!!!!!!! Very pumped to see the best player for the Bucs work the way it did!!!!!!!!! I am so excited, it is time for the “Realist Repost”!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Buc Realist Says:
    January 20th, 2018 at 12:42 pm

    Please free up the LB’s by selecting Mount Vea!!!!!!! trade down and/or pick up a “Man among boys” Vita Vea!!!!!!!! switch to a 3-4 for a point of difference in the division!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Rick Says:

    Agree with doing almost anything it takes to get Hernandez, Oliver, and any of these Rb’s Chubb, Guice, Johnson, with the 3 picks in 2nd. Later rounds I am hoping for any of these. Solid backup RT and eventual replacement for Dot, Developmental DE to learn behind JPP, solid Safety, N Hines, if Callaway the WR out of Florida (gets vetted and cleared by Team security) and is there in the 7th or UDFA could be a risk but very high reward possibility. If no team needs a veteran WR and we can’t trade DJax when his contract ends (IIRC next year) we will have enough weapons with our current players on O, and the pickups of players on O and D mentioned above with Vea, and this team can seriously compete with anybody starting next season.

  38. The Buc Realist Says:


    You could have known, you just have to know where to look, and who has been saying it for months!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG…….Its another “Realist Repost”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Buc Realist Says:
    March 11th, 2018 at 11:10 am
    Safety?????? I thought we were going to fix the “real” problem, the TRENCHES!!!! No one is going to mention Mount Vea???????? I thought we wanted the Bad-azz football team!!!!!!!!! I would even put him in at RB on goal line with a 3 TE Set!!! did anyone see his highschool tape!!!!! Dude was a RB and had wiggle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep focused sheep!!!!! There are smokescreens abound!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Architek Says:

    I absolutely love this pick for the Bucs!

  40. Joel Says:

    Will he miss at least 1 game per year like Gerald does?

  41. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Realist

    Aren’t you glad you don’t have Tmax $hitting all over every post….I just know he loves this pick but he would find a way to express it in such negative terms by trashing GMC.

    I think there will be fewer double-teams on GMC and he will be kept fresher….we should have an unbelievable run defense.

  42. Guzzie Says:

    He already has a nickname Mount Vea

  43. adam from ny Says:

    note to fans:

    i say worry less about the back end of the defense now…from a mathematical standpoint we essentially need one less defensive back than we previously thought we actually needed…because when fixing the front end of the d-line, as licht did, will make life easier for our secondary…i think the bucs think our secondary will look much better with a beastly front line…they will add one db ftoday or sure in the second round…and i don’t think they have actually written off hargreaves yet – or officially consider him a nickel corner…i really think they think they can fix him – or he will come out of the sophomore slump – or stop the heavy puffing…also we will sign a DB in free agency…like mcclain or some rando on the open market…or bring back jude barimah if healthy ???…something like this can work and we will be ok…every team has a week link – and on paper ours will appear to be the back end of the d…next draft they will add more secondary help…

    we will draft today if we don’t move in trade:
    1 – db
    1 – ol
    1 – rb

    not in the order…

    then pints for mr licht 🙂

  44. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Just watched some of his tape vs UCLA. They had to triple team him on occasion lol.

  45. adam from ny Says:

    also there was a player in the secondary who was playing well last year and had an injury settlement to end his season…i forget who..it was on hard knocks…they liked him and he had potential…maybe he will be back in camp or they are already looking into bringing him back…i forget the rookies name…he was a featured player for a minute on the bucs hard knocks…i forgot his name

  46. adam from ny Says:

    so there is plan…because a lot of people are actually shocked with the vita vea pick…it has to like sorta sink in for a few before you realize how good it is…

    many fans literally penciled in Derp James as a buc already

  47. adam from ny Says:

    Derpism is not coming to tampa

  48. Evolvingbucfan Says:

    @ The Buc Realist, you nailed it, good call just did’t think they would take a DT, was thinking more DE or CB/DB, but this pick will help especially with the 2nd round picks now.

    Go Bucs!!!

  49. The Buc Realist Says:


    No, I am sad that my friend is gone!!!!!!!!!!! Love him or hate him, you have to admit that he stirs emotion and makes people give a raw and passionate stance on opinions that most will just sit on the fence or shrug their shoulders!!!!!! He only wants to fix the Bucs and he pinpointed what he thinks is the biggest problem!!!!!!!!

    Was that so different then when A would destroy talk show dominik and then the incompetent one loser smith?????????

    Did he go to far??? Yes,,,, But this man does not deserve life in prison!!!!!!

    And for the record, We better hear less speeches and lots of production from GMC!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!

  50. John meeks Says:

    I am not crazy about the pick but hey I hope I’m wrong
    Buckner has his hand full cause the guy has no pass rush moves,but I hope he develops!I’m pulling for him!great trade down and to get two 2nd round picks was great!very happy with getting those picks being we don’t have a 3rd round pick,great job jason!we have a chance to do something special if we can hit on all three picks in the 2nd round and if vita vea can ball.could have four starters!unheard of,that would be a fantastic draft!go bucs!!

  51. John meeks Says:

    Thebucrealist,don’t get carried away with the vita vea pick.LEts see if he can develop a pass rush move and handle the Tampa heat before acting like he is Jerome Brown or Warren Sapp. I’m hoping we made the right pick but I know the guy has a lot to learn when it comes to pass rushing.i think you will see him on the bench on 3rd down obvious passing downs until he learns a move or two (rip,spin,etc).glad you like the pick but he will need time to develop a pass rush move

  52. The Buc Realist Says:

    @john meeks

    you can say that about any draft pick!!!!!! You want a guarantee, buy a toaster or follow The Buc Realist for the 3rd straight year to see who the Bucs will select in the first round in 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Realist has spoken!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. John meeks Says:

    The buc realist, I will be happy to say i was wrong about vita, I’m pulling for him and if he can ball I will gladly take the heat from you and everyone on here!I love my bucs and hope it works out !

  54. BringBucsBack Says:

    He is probably not going to ragdoll too many NFL guards like this but, there is no doubt that he is a strong man.

    Realist pointed out this dude played running back in high school. He did have some wiggle; he even jumped a couple of players who were on the ground. If he is 345 now, what was his weight running the ball in H.S.; 300, 320?… How crazy is that? Someone mentioned having him carry the ball in goal line situations. They didn’t draft him for that reason but, why not? Refrigerator Perry 2018; The Samoan Icebox, Mount Vea Avalanche!

    That settles it, now we don’t need an RB;)

  55. 813bucboi Says:


    keep it real!!!!!!…..you wanted vea @#7 which was foolish and real fans called you out on that BS!!!!!!…..don’t kid yourself!!!!!!!!

    now pull your skirt down and change that dirty tmax!!!!!!!

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!

  56. The Buc Realist Says:

    @john meeks

    No need to “take heat” as it is not worth my time!!!!!! If you want knowledge you come to me!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. teacherman777 Says:


    I bow to your foresight!

    Good job bro!!!

    Go Bucs!!!

    Arden Key in the 2nd anyone?

    He looks like Simeon Rice. LSU brother of Kwon and Kendall.

    Bring him to Tampa!!

  58. The Buc Realist Says:


    Read it 10 times slowly!!!!! I know you still will not get it, and I don’t blame you, I blame the public school systems!!!!!!!!!

    “trade down and/or pick up a “Man among boys” Vita Vea!!!!!!!!”

    If was extra to trade down, But if no one was offering packages, I and the Bucs still would have chosen “Mount Vea” at 7!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    And so now for all of those whining because we dared to win that final game against N.O. and how much it cost us in the draft…we know for a fact what that game cost us.

    We end up with Vea instead of Nelson. A freak for the DL with attitude versus a freak with attitude for the OL. I’m fine with building the DL first. I certainly wouldn’t want to set the tone for ’18 with a loss in that final game instead of the stirring come from behind win #3 produced. Good for Godwin as well. Those two are going to hook up a lot this year.

  60. Erik w/ Clean Athletics Says:

    Vea is possibly the best player on our entire defense now?

    I mean who the he11 is going to get double teamed and singled up on that Dline now.

    Somebody’s breaking thru that line on every play now. Watch

  61. Erik w/ Clean Athletics Says:

    St Pete,

    We added Vea plus 2 more premium players in Round 2 instead of Nelson.

    Way more overall value added to team.

  62. FortMyersDave Says:

    I agree 100% SPBF! Vea is valuable, he allows the Bucs (barring injury) to rotate fresh bodies on the DL! Plus today the Bucs get 2 mid 2nd round picks courtesy of the Bills that can address a multitude of issues. Have to give Licht an A for night one. Hope he doesn’t do anything foolish tonight with his 3 picks and simply addresses needs and does not burn that early 4th round pick from the Giants to move up a spot or two but so far no Buc fan can complain!

  63. Erik w/ Clean Athletics Says:

    Vea was clocked at 20mph chasing down a screen last year.

    Wtf that is insane.

  64. 813bucboi Says:


    smitty has no excuses now!!!!!!!!……he has talent…..he has depth….no need to go crazy with the secondary……continue to build as nasty front 7 by adding h.landry or a.key…..

    licht has done his job, pressures on smitty now!!!!!!

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!!

  65. ATrain Says:

    Who was playing center the third string kicker

    He got tossed to the side like an old newpaper

  66. Dan Says:

    I loved what David Shaw (Stanford HC) said about him I saw way to much of him on film!! then he said my favorite non-Stanford player in the conference after the game I ran across the field to hug him.

  67. John meeks Says:

    Buc realist gets the pick right (vita vea)and now he is ready to become a GM. I’m sure he is the only guy on here that has ever called a pick correctly.sounds like he done it twice.yay realist,yay!your a hero!!that still doesn’t mean you know anything about football!even John Daly has won a tournament or two in his day!

  68. John meeks Says:

    By the reaction of some people on here ,one would think we just drafted Jerome Brown and not just a nose tackle with no pass rush moves.vita vea will free the linebackers up to make the plays I hope,but if you guys believe he will have a bunch of sacks you are fooling yourselves!He may get 3 sacks the entire year.until he learns a pass rush move or two,he will be just a nose tackle who can play the run.nothing more!!I hope he develops into a decent pass rusher but it will take time.Lets keep it real folks, vita vea is not Jerome Brown or anything close to him.he is a one trick pony right now that can’t rush the passer.hopefully he can learn a rip move or spin move and become decent but that will take a few years.lets keep it real guys!!

  69. Papa578 Says:

    “Dear John”
    Reach up in there and pull them panties down a little bit. Realist called it, Licht made it happen. Adjust and enjoy sir.

  70. XpfcWintergreen2 Says:

    Nicknames: So maybe his will be something like “Mount Vea the Vita-MAN!” Or how about this “Vita the Movie: The Beast From One Buc Place!”.

    The possibilities are endless. Get to work all you fans. Hey you “Stick Carriers, get with it. I am sure you will come up with some better ones.

    Here’s another thought. An alternate catchphrase for “Talk softly and carry a big f*@king/freeking stick!” when referring to Vea could become “Our guy talks softly but he don’t need a big stick ’cause he IS the Buccaneer Beast!”.
    Go Bucs!!!!