Kevin Pamphile Didn’t Get Paid

April 1st, 2018

In a league that bemoans a lack of quality offensive linemen, one would think a versatile, 27-year-old with plenty of starting experience like Kevin Pamphile would command a decent contract.

Well, Pamphile is Bill Gates compared to an average guy like Joe, but the Bucs free agent who signed with the Titans recently is getting peanuts by NFL offensive line standards.

Tennessee, per, will pay Pamphile $1.4 million on a one-year deal this season, with $400,000 guaranteed.

The guy who shared left guard in Tampa with Evan Smith simply didn’t get paid. Joe has to assume the market isn’t there. Joe had a nice chat with Pamphile shortly after the 2017 season and he hoped to stay with his Bucs brethren — and to get paid.

Joe sincerely thought the Bucs would offer Pamphile a solid two-year deal at good backup money, but apparently they had other plans. Smith, 31, doubled up on Pamphile with a two-year, $6 million deal from Bucs general manager Jason Licht.

46 Responses to “Kevin Pamphile Didn’t Get Paid”

  1. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Or…thought isn’t as good as we were sold over the last couple years.

  2. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    There’s no reason we should have paid Evan Smith 3 million a season to be a back-up.

  3. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Er…on a laptop. Can’t blame auto correct for that sentence mess up.

    “Or…Pamphile isn’t as good as we were sold over the last couple years.”

  4. tnew Says:

    Evan Smith may be getting paid as a starter. There are no guarantees on Sweezy being back or staying healthy. Same for Marpet. He has a knack of missing games as well.

    Surprised Pamphile played as poorly as he did in a contract season.

  5. JimmyJack Says:

    I thought all along it was very necessary to keep either Phampile or Evan Smith around. Phampile took a step backwards last year so I can’t fault the decision.

    Smith has a ton of experience and played very well last year. Glad to have him back.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The fact that no other team including Tenn who signed him….wanted to give him any decent money should tell us we did the right thing….as far as EDS, he has come a long way from the old JBF bashing days.

  7. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:

    Comparing apples to apples, per, Evan Smith only received a 2 year, $4.25 million dollar contract from Licht, even though the first reports were a 2 yr, $6 million dollar deal.

    So Smith as a proven 3 position backup is barely getting $ 2 million annually from the Bucs, not bad at all considering.

    Go Bucs!

  8. Hhahahha Says:

    Didn’t get paid ???
    1.4 mill is what and average person will make in a life time give me a break

  9. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Evan Smith is luck he even got a job if you ask me.

  10. JimmyJack Says:

    Why not Blake? Shall we have paid lesser money for a lower quality player? In that case you may need to also factor in that Smith plays Center and guard. So not signing him might give us a need to two guys, one at each position.

    No thanks man. I’d rather have quality depth for our team.

  11. Bird Says:

    Man He got in the doghouse somehow. Something must have happened. If they could have signed for that low low amount , they would have.

  12. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    I’d rather have paid him the Veteran minimum.

  13. JimmyJack Says:

    I also think they didn’t pay Evan Smith to be a backup. There’s a good chance we draft a guard high and then release Sweezy. Or we may draft one low and keep Sweezy.

    In either scenario Evan Smith will be pushing for starting time at LG

  14. JimmyJack Says:

    Or RG whatever

  15. Bradentonbuc Says:

    Evan Smith isn’t garbage and he’s versatile enough to handle the center and guard duties adequately. He may be slightly overpaid but frankly if Jensen/Sweezy (if they keep him) go down I don’t really feel too nervous with Smith coming in. I think of it as Evan Smith or someone probably Garret Gilkey-like, if you guys rememeber that horror show.

  16. Bradentonbuc Says:

    BUT frankly at that money I would resign Pamphile too, guard and tackle duties is almost equally as versatile as Smith’s resume. Pennies for quality linemen. Why glazers/Jason licht

  17. darin Says:

    Another example of Licht trading away picks for a guy he must have, yet didnt resign. Licht traded a 7th in the 2014 draft and a 5th in the 2015 draft for the 5th that netted Pamphile. I wish he would get in the business of trading back instead. The pick in the 15 draft that went to Buf for Pamphile ended up going to Atl which selected Grady Jarrett. He would look nice on the team right now. Few others selected after him were Stefon Diggs and Ajayi. Thats what happens when you trade away picks. Those guys would have helped this team alot since then. Stop trading away potential starters and depth players. Stand pat or find a chump and trade back. More lottery tickets=better odds

  18. JimmyJack Says:

    Bradenton……Good points. I will never understand the obsession with Tampa fans over salary. They do it every year and last time I checked we rarely ever come close to the cap.

    In the case of E.Smith I highly doubt(though I’ll admit I don’t study salaries) he is being overpaid. Experience gets paid in this league. I really think you would have a very hard time finding a player with similar experience to Smith working for much less money.

    It’s easy to look at a teams depth chart and see an inexperienced player making a low wage and say……”oh that’s backup money”

  19. JimmyJack Says:

    True Darin but it’s not like Licht didn’t get any value out of that selection. Phampile filled in nicely as a backup and had quite a few good starts for us.
    He has been a decent piece of our roster for 4 seasons now.

    We got nice value from that pick. And confidently as he leaves we have a deep guard draft in front of us. Nothing wrong with letting draft picks walk so long as you can keep drafting well and replenishing.

  20. teacherman777 Says:


    Ade Aruna!

    Ade Aruna!

    Ade Aruna!

    6’6″ 270

    4.6 40

    A FREAK!!

  21. I'm a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    I honestly think that should be the going rate for all these NFL Players. Take all this excess money that these guys are making and feed the Hungry Homeless people and all the wounded warriors that return home from the Military and struggle. Just one man’s opinion!!!!

  22. BlogTalkFootball Says:

    I think Evan Smith is being paid backup money for a versatile Offensive Lineman, since he plays guard and center. If he was a one trick pony, he would get what Pamphile got.

  23. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    LMAO at Darin. Are you really criticizing the GM for using a 7th rounder to get a guy in the 5th round that was serviceable for 3 years. You cherry picked two picks from that worked out. What about the 60 who never made it to the regular season in the NFL and the other 30 that never made it past special teams and are no longer in the league. Get a grip dude!

  24. Bird Says:

    Pamphile played tackle and guard for bucs

  25. Getaclue Says:

    Pamphile graded out at a 42 for the season by the stat nerds last year. Sweezy at a 43.9….. Evan Smith on the other hand graded out at 72.9 for the season. I’m not sold on sweezys ability and durability either. I wouldn’t rule out smith as a starter for 2018 unless we draft Nelson

  26. Defense Rules Says:

    Getaclue, I still can’t see us drafting Nelson with our #7 pick, but I’m thinking we will draft a Guard (or a Center … or a Tackle) somewhere in Rnds 2-4.

  27. bigblock690 Says:

    @tnew What player on this Bucs team didn’t take a step back last season f-ing with coaching staff.

  28. Pickgrin Says:

    Evan Smith is making $2.25M in 2018 and $2M in 2019. He’s got up to $1M in incentives each year which will probably never be realized unless he starts X # of games, makes the pro bowl etc.

    Smith made $4.5M in 2017 – the final (and most expensive) year of his previous 4 year contract.

    So Smith basically took a 50% pay cut from last year to come back. Considering his experience and versatility – it was a pretty good bargain for the Bucs IMO.

    Regarding Pamphile – his $1.4M 1 year “prove it” deal (at age 27) shows how the Bucs and the rest of the league felt about what Kevin put on tape last year – healthy and in a contract year no less. Pamphile blew it despite being given every opportunity possible last year to to show improvement. No way you reward how he performed last year with a 2nd contract – “homegrown” or not…

    Evan Smith was not “great” last year or even good – but he played adequately enough to have confidence he can come in off the bench and get the job done at either Guard or Center if needed. Smith graded significantly higher than both Pamphile and Sweezy last year – especially with run blocking.

    Why is JR Sweezy still a Buccaneer? That’s the question I want to hear answered. We can save like $4.6M in cap space by cutting him. I’d say that’s well worth the $1.875 dead cap hit.

  29. Alan Says:

    All I know is I don’t care about players that are no longer in Tampa. We need to sign bashad breeland and either Boston or vacarro so we can be open on draft dqy

  30. JimmyJack Says:

    Pickgrin……My answer to your question about Sweezy is that the Bucs have him penciled in to compete with E.Smith. If Nelson or somebody in the second round falls to us in the draft we erase Sweezys name.

    At that point we will probably still be weak at DB so we can use Sweezys money to bring in more FAs to compete there.

    That’s my armchair GM plan…..Works out very nicely since we can cut Sweezy later after the draft when we can look at our updated roster.

  31. Mike Johnson Says:

    Often times, Average players need a wakeup call. Pamphile got his. A change of venue will probably make him player much better if he wants to stay in this NFl. I like him over Smith but..the fact is he did not play very well this past yr for us. As is the case with many NFLers who need to dig a little harder, Wach Pamphile play great with the Titans. He knows now and probably has a..little chip on his shoulder. I wish this young man nothing but the best.

  32. SB Says:

    Pickgrin Says:
    April 1st, 2018 at 1:07 pm
    “truly enjoying the absence of Tmaxcon”

    Absolutely. Banning the king of jbf trolls was long past overdue
    Is this true??

  33. Pickgrin Says:

    SB Says:
    “Is this true??”

  34. SB Says:

    Thank you Pick. I am also glad he is gone. Joe could write about Rachel Watson and the guy would find a way to make comments about GMC.

  35. Chris K Says:

    It’s a great day in Tampa Bay and JoeBucsfan! Tmax, the troll of all trolls in gone until September! I know most of us are hoping it be forever, but I’ll take a few months of positivity for the upcoming season and less nonsense from that fool. Thank you Joe! I will be visiting more and cringing less all spring and summer.

  36. kgh4life Says:

    It’s surprising that Pamphile took a step back, however, the entire o-line didn’t play up to their capabilities. The one constant in all this is Warhop, he was touted as great o-line coach, but the only consistent theme here, is the o-line being inconsistent under Warhop’s tutelage.

  37. Bird Says:

    Bye bye tmax.

    Wonder what his next poster name will be ?

    Should be easy to find out once the word cancer 93 is used 15 times a day. I think he was Dallas buc before that? Just negative everything.

  38. SB Says:


  39. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I guess we won’t have Tmax to kick around for a while….suits me……I never understood the obsessive compulsive negativity….it bordered on outright sickness.
    I mean….folks have a right to their opinion….but hijack a blog…

    Thanks so much Joe….it will be a more pleasant place without you, Tmax. (I suppose you can read.)

    If & when you come back…..try to be a fan at least once in a while.

  40. SB Says:

    Spoken straight from TBBF’s mouth………..or keyboard. 🙂

  41. SCBucsFan Says:

    If it’s true and he is banned thanks Joe, I wanted an ignore button but this works.

  42. Buc1987 Says:

    Hi my name is…….

  43. Owlykat Says:

    Pamphile was not suited for Guard in the first place but that is where Warhop stuck him despite the fact he played basketball in college just like the best Tackle on our roster—Dotson. It took awhile to develop Dotson into a great Tackle; and if Pamphile had had the right OL Coach he could have made an excellent replacement for Dotson if he gets injured this year, and could have taken over nicely when Dotson retired. If we have a change of the Coaches and GM at the end of this year, any decent new Coach would not keep Warhop—the person who sold the Bucs on Gilkey for heaven sakes when Warhop was hired. What does that tell you about Warhop’s Expertise?

  44. Buc1987 Says:

    I’ m still here beech’s.

    87’s reading all your stuff daily.

    No time to daily post but I read JBF daily.

    Never doubt. Go Bucs!!!!!!

    Lol I miss you guys!!!!!!

  45. unbelievable Says:

    Tmax is gone for a bit, indeed. (You’re welcome?)

    What up 87? Was actually thinking the other day I haven’t seen u around in a while. Same with Nosbos.

  46. Easy Says:

    Tmaxcon made me laugh but he also brought up valid points. Don’t hate the guy because of his opinions towards his own favorite team.