Keep It Simple

April 23rd, 2018

Developing Marcus Davenport.

Yeah, Joe is still stoked that Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager swung a deal with the Giants to get Jason Pierre-Paul.

Perhaps this national nightmare of no edge rush for the Bucs has finally ended?

That doesn’t mean Licht should be hanging at a beach bar on St. Pete Beach admiring his work and gawking at chicks. JPP’s contract has just three years left and who knows if Noah Spence can come back from his second shoulder surgery in as many years?

That’s why Joe, if neither Saquon Barkley nor Bradley Chubb are on the board when the Bucs pick at No. 7, the Bucs should trade down and in doing so land defensive end Marcus Davenport.

Now at the NFL combine in Indianapolis this winter, Licht was asked about Davenport and he couldn’t hide his wide smile, though Licht admitted Davenport is “raw.”

Most NFL analysts agree and NFL Network draft guru Mike Mayock suggested just because Davenport is raw doesn’t mean teams should be spooked by him.

“I’m a Marcus Davenport guy,” Mayock said during his annual pre-draft teleconference last week. “I really like him. I think the underlying understanding here has to be that he’s very raw and is going to take a little bit of time. So even in a simple system where you line him up wide and teach him how to rush the quarterback, he’s got a lot to learn.

“The further you get away from that — and by the way, he’s a very smart kid. I’m not taking any shots at him at all. I’m just saying he’s as raw as can be. The further you get away from a simple system, where you’re asking him to do multiple jobs — whether it’s rush and then the next snap you’re dropping and you’ve got speed gap — the more you’re asking him to do, the longer it’s going to take
him to develop.

“So he’s better off in a simple system where he can just line up and go as opposed to being asked to do multiple tasks.”

And the way Licht beefed up the defensive line this year, there is no need to ask Davenport to do much. Just hunt the quarterback.

Sometimes, simplicity is the best route.

Besides, how cool would it be to have JPP take Davenport under his wing?

48 Responses to “Keep It Simple”

  1. DB55 Says:

    Or you can spend a 2nd round pick on a proven vet like David Irving who can do it all. And he’s still young.

    Irving wouldn’t require much coaching which I think we can all agree isn’t exactly this staff’s strength.

  2. Easy Says:

    Landry > Davenport

  3. IsrBuc Says:

    JPP may be good but trading a pick for him is a mistake, in the situation the bucs are in. And no, the comparison of JPP = 3rd round pick talent-wise is not valid. a 3rd round pick is for a cheaper and younger talent for more years and can be used for trading up.
    The bucs are nowhere close. They prove it year after year. They need a different gameplan unfortaintly. With the new CBA you MUST build through the draft cause you need as many cheap players as you can get. You must also be able to part with expensive vets that take too much money and you probably not going to with with (i.e GMC, LVD) for picks. Bucks need to stockpile picks like other teams do and then contend for years. that’s the best chance.

  4. DB55 Says:

    Mayock drooled over Mariota but thinks Lamar Jackson isn’t a true QB? They have virtually the same game except Jackson comes from a pro system and is lightyears better than mariota.

    How a Heisman q.b isn’t being talked about as the number 1 pick is beyond me. I bet if Allen, Donald, or any of these other lame arse QBs had won a heisman they’d be a lock for the top spot but wtfdik?

  5. Joeypoppems Says:

    The way they addressed the D line in FA makes me more open to the idea of drafting Davenport in the first round. Not at #7 tho.

    And I would still rather see them draft Harold Landry over him too.

  6. Reality_43 Says:

    I like Davenport in a trade down scenario too, provided we can still take an O lineman and RB with the picks we acquire.

    We really need 4 picks in the first 2 days to make it work so CB is in the mix.

    If not I think Nelson/Chubb is the best we can do.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Bucs coaches haven’t proven they can develop a young DE….(Spence excluded for Injury)

    Since the only position we have proven to develop is TE & LB…..perhaps that’s what we should draft.

  8. Wausa Says:

    Per ESPN on the Bucs first round pick:

    It seems like they have narrowed in on Derwin James. James going to Tampa Bay seems like the worst-kept secret in the NFL right now.

  9. Pa Privateer Says:

    IF IF IF IF we trade back, I do not have a huge issue with Davenport being the pick. I question his stats and videos because he is always working over the RT. So, yes, Mayock is correct. Davenport will have a lot of learning.

    I would much rather have DT Taven Bryan. Very versatile on the DL, way more pro ready, already plays in the FL heat and he could be McCoy’s future replacement.

  10. Reality_43 Says:

    I find it “Funny” that last year the whole motto was “Weapons for Winston” so we stock piles WR after WR. Did it never dawn on anyone in this organization that the OL and RB are the best weapons for Winston we could acquire?

    We already know the man can throw the rock if provided time so let’s get him more time.
    And in the occasion that someone should beat our OL, let’s give him an easy outlet with a RB screen.

    I’m so sick of being behind the chains and then watching Winston try to make it all up in 1 play. Of course he is gonna have a ton of interceptions.

    How about an easy screen that actually goes to the house every once in a while.

    “Weapons for Winston” will finally be realized this year if we get our QB the “REAL” help he needs.

  11. 813bucboi Says:


    you right about that…..andre ware was talking about that over the weekend during the college skills challenge…..he said he cant believe folks aren’t talking about LJ and how he improved as a passer this year…..

    I know if LJ had turned the ball over as much as darnold they would be saying he’s not an NFL QB……

    I think LJ will have the same impact as DW in HOU…..

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!!

  12. webster Says:

    Im seeing other local media outlets report that davenport had a horrible interview with the bucs so theres that. I love all you trade down parrots. Do any of you even know the 4 teams selecting after the bucs do not need qbs and all have defensive issues. That would be chicago, san fran, oakland and miami. That means, james, davenport, ward vea all could be gone and now you are stuck with a 2nd tier talent. Joe you say trade down for davenport as if he will be there. The bucs are better off staying at 7 and drafting bpa. As licht said last week, he received several calls for the mike evans pick but hung up the phone and got his guy, a stud wr. You do not trade down when a stud is starring you in the face. You take your guy or you can pass on kuechly just to fit the narrative of an overused term “trade down”

  13. 813bucboi Says:

    would much rather have DT Taven Bryan. Very versatile on the DL, way more pro ready,


    that would work…..folks sleeping on this kid!!!!!!

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!…..GO BUCS!!!!

  14. Marine Buc Says:

    We don’t need to draft a defensive end. We need Spence to become a pro and stay healthy and get 12 plus sacks this year. I will be shocked if the Bucs don’t draft at least two defensive backs in this draft. Safety and cornerback are two positions we need help at desperately.

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:


  16. Joe Says:

    Bucs coaches haven’t proven they can develop a young DE….(Spence excluded for Injury)

    There are a lot of things Bucs defensive coaches haven’t proven. 🙁

  17. AlteredEgo Says:

    Davenport…maybe with the 2nd….but not with the 1st pick even in the trade down scenario …especially ! in the trade down scenario….the 1st pick this year needs to be a full time day one starter….I ain’t grabbing potential with the 1st pick

  18. Joe Says:

    We don’t need to draft a defensive end. We need Spence to become a pro and stay healthy

    Can’t force health and thus far, Spence has a very bad, documented track record of not being healthy. Joe loves the guy but at the end of the day, if you cannot stay on the field, what’s the point? And honestly, after two shoulder surgeries in two years, cannot bank on him until proven otherwise.

    Sure hope he can bounce back.

  19. Alexander Nascimento Says:

    Any chance we get CJ Anderson before the draft?
    Or it will be a signing that would come later next week?

  20. Joe Says:

    How a Heisman q.b isn’t being talked about as the number 1 pick is beyond me.

    So “DB55” is actually Troy Smith? 🙂

  21. Joe Says:

    Any chance we get CJ Anderson before the draft?

    Before the draft, after the draft, don’t care. Joe wants him!

  22. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    This is pretty much same scouting report on Vea. Great skill set but incredibly raw. So whether we get Davenport or Vea we’re going to find out how good our new DL coach is. Buckner has a solid to excellent rep so I think he’s looking forward to the challenge. It’ll be up to him to teach them all the “swim” “rip” moves and more. IMHO Vea or Davenport would be good additions but neither is going to be an impact player in 2018 but long term they might blossom into stars.

    DE’s do not generally come into their own in their rookie seasons anyway…if we select either Vea or Davenport we need to realize it’s the future not 2018 where they will make their biggest impacts. Keeping it simple for their first year is fine with me anyway…I do not like exotic defense with a DE dropping back in coverage so a LB can blitz. If the DE is super athletic maybe but I don’t think Davenport is a candidate to drop into pass coverage.

    @DB55 “Irving wouldn’t require much coaching which I think we can all agree isn’t exactly this staff’s strength.”

    NO not all of us agree with that coaching assessment. Especially at this position. Buckner has a good rep so I’m certainly willing to give him a year to see if he can continue that success as the Bucs DL coach.

  23. Jr Allen Says:


  24. passthebuc Says:

    Tell me which Buc’s player has been developed by this staff. Not coached, really developed.

  25. passthebuc Says:

    @Joe. I have figured a way to make your readers happy with the Buc’s picks.
    Have the NFL give us 4 1st rd, 6 2nd rd and 8 3rd rd picks. Now at least 50% of your fan base would be happy…..

  26. Bucsfanman Says:

    DB55- It’s always interesting to me that QBs like LJ are always being told to convert to other positions. You reckon that conversation was ever broached with Mariota? And, I agree, LJ looks far better than MM did in terms of skill at this point nearing the draft.
    I don’t understand the Davenport love. He’s a taller version of Spence without the skills. No way do I draft this guy before the 3rd round. Talk about a “bust” in waiting. We don’t have the staff to properly bring this kid to speed. And we want to use a 1st round pick on this guy?! SMH!

  27. Tom S. Says:

    Licht gave up a 2nd day draft pick because he left the cupboard bare at the defensive end position so he could snag a vet on a pricey deal that most Giant fans felt would be released after this year. That shouldn’t inspire confidence.

  28. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Let’s be honest about that pick we gave up for JPP.

    Do we think JPP has a better than 40% chance of success for us this year?
    Do we believe there is a 60% chance that JPP will be a bust after all these seasons where he has played well?

    Because WHOMEVER we might have used that 3rd round pick on would have busted at approximately a 60% rate because our pick was high…it gets worse later in the 3rd round.

    Some food for thought if you wish to consider NFL draft pick bust rates….

  29. DB55 Says:

    Troy and Lamar have more in common than the heisman is all I’m saying…

    You know who else was draft in the 5th round? Nathan Peterman, ijs.

  30. The Buc Realist Says:

    @Tom S.
    Indeed, the trade helps this year, Cannot say that for next year though!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Joe – Do you recall Gerold McCoy’s first few seasons? He also had to overcome some injuries. Let’s hope Spence can do the same.

  32. celly Says:

    Whenever you look at your roster and think, “yup, i have enough pass rushers”, you draft another one.

    In (especially todays) NFL, you can never, EVER, have enough pass rushers. I’m taking one in the top 4 rounds every year.

  33. Pickgrin Says:

    We’re not reaching with a high pick for a DE from the crappiest DE crop in years.

    If any high picks in 2018 are used on DL it will be for a DT where there are actual good options and decent value available this year.

    Much better crop of DEs to choose from next year. Bolster other positions of need and draft 2 DEs next year.

    Who spends a 1st rd pick on a prospect that is “as raw as can be” when we don’t have legit starters at RB, CB or OG and the draft is strong in all of those positions?? GM Joe apparently….

  34. Bucsfanman Says:

    I don’t hear a lot of chatter about Alabama’s DT Payne. He’s a top 3 DT prospect, what gives?!

  35. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We should have a choice of at least one of the following:

    Best RB
    Best DE
    Best OG
    Best OT
    Best CB
    Best S

    Also best WR, TE, LB….but we don’t need those..

    Run through all the mocks….and think about the picks before we pick… is an absolute fact…..there is no reason for us to choose the 2nd best because we have several needs from the above positions.

  36. Pickgrin Says:

    Bucsfanman – I’d be all for drafting Payne if the Bucs trade down to get extra picks and we could get him for good value – somewhere towards the end of the 1st rd…

  37. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “4 teams selecting after the bucs do not need qbs and all have defensive issues.”

    Miami actually has been linked to this QB class. And again this argument makes no sense unless you think Miam/Buffalo/ARizona are all going to say “we won’t make a trade with you because we can just wait because Oakland/San Fran/Chicago won’t go QB”

    You might as well say Buffalo would be thinking “we won’t trade with you because we’re going to let the QB fall to Miami so they can take him.”

    Or Arizona would be thinking “Hey F*ck you Bucs. You’re just bluffing that Buffalo would actually trade with you to take the QB we’re targeting. We will wait as he conveniently slides to pick 10 and then we will make the deal because there’s no chance in hell other teams would actualy trade higher than that”

    This just doesn’t make sense in a real world scenario where we are trying to shop a pick at 7 with 1-2 of the top QBs left on the boards and 2-3 teams wanting said QB. Whoever picks after us / their needs mean very little; unless Buffalo knows for sure no other team wants their QB but how would they know that?

  38. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Also what about Maurcice Hurst? I’ve seen nothing linking the Bucs to him but he sounds like a potential Gerlad McCoy replacement. Disruptive pass rushing DT like Taven Bryan. I know there’s the heart thing but I’m surprised the Bucs have not shown any interest

  39. jmarkbuc Says:


    “Bucs coaches haven’t proven they can develop a young DE….(Spence excluded for Injury)

    Since the only position we have proven to develop is TE & LB…..perhaps that’s what we should draft”

    One could argue that we haven’t even developed TE and LB. Lavonte was already here, Kwon flashed as a rookie but seems to have regressed.. Jury is still out on O.J. lets hope Bucs coaches don’t ruin him too…

    What coach on this team is doing a great job? Lets hope Buckner has something on the ball.

    Dungy’s greatest contribution might have been the coaching staff he assembled.

  40. Bucsfanman Says:

    Pickgrin- I agree. I just don’t ever see his name mentioned. It’s usually Vea, Vea, Vea (said like Brady Bunch!)!!!

  41. DB55 Says:

    I think hurst has a heart problem and hasn’t been medically cleared. I could be wrong though.

  42. Lord Cornelius Says:


    He’s intriguing for sure. I’m scared by any injury designation but some had him as the top DT in the class if not for the heart thing. He was cleared to participate in his pro day; and he seems to have no concerns but still

    I’d love to get a DT in this class – especially in a trade back.

  43. OneBucPerson Says:

    Davenport has as much boom/bust potential as anyone in this draft. I want him if we can’t get Chubb.

  44. firethecannons Says:

    Love to get Davenport–hope licht can trade down and get him and others

  45. JimmyJack Says:

    Davenport seems like he would be a good fit here. Realistically he really migh5 be the BPA after the big 3.

  46. JimmyJack Says:

    At least a BPA for the Bucs who aren’t in need of a LB.

  47. hoover923 Says:

    I’ve seen some reports that questioned Davenport’s commitment to football — he has a lot of outside interests — and read that he interviewed poorly with the Bucs. I don’t expect them to take him even if they trade back. JBF has been talking about short term approach to the draft and now you wanna draft a guy that probably won’t be real productive in his first few years? He’s a project. Boom or bust prospect.

  48. XpfcWintergreen2 Says:

    If and only IF the Bucs are able to find a trading partner we can look for some of the other options for our needed DE, DB, and RB for the near long-term in the first three or four picks.

    Then we could add some depth to our DL and OL plus maybe take a chance on a project at almost any of the positions.
    Go Bucs!!!!