Jason Licht Speaks

April 26th, 2018

A giddy Jason Licht takes the lectern at One Buc Palace to discuss both his first round pick Washington defensive tackle Vita Vea and the haul he pulled off trading the No. 7 overall pick for the No. 12 pick of Buffalo’s including their two second round picks.

9 Responses to “Jason Licht Speaks”

  1. TBinATL Says:

    Thank you for posting. There is not much Bucs coverage here in GA.

  2. Jason Mclaurin Says:


  3. Tony from L.A. Says:




  4. Bigtruck Says:

    JASON LICHT HAS SOME B@LLS!!! He has shown time after time in the draft he waits to make the right pick, he doesn’t panic and overspend to trade up and he lets the draft come to him. I would have been ok with Vita at 7 (much more so than Derwin) but at 12 he’s a very good pick and LICHT got great value from the Bills. It sure looks like the Bucs had the best 1st round and no matter what they do with all of those 2nd rounders, they will certainly be able to shore up this roster. Great work guys!

  5. MadMax Says:

    Got Big V plus two more 2nd rounders Jason….are you kidding me? fkn troll.

    Once again, Awesome job Mr Licht! 😀

    When V and GMC are blowing up the middle and flushing the qb to JPP and Curry (and hopefully Spence when healed)…yall mf’s who hate the pick still wont get it….cant fix people stuck on stupid LOL, so have at it….

  6. Joe Says:

    Thank you for posting. There is not much Bucs coverage here in GA.

    You are welcome!

  7. teacherman777 Says:

    Landy in the 2nd!!!

    Get a 2nd Noah Spence!!

    Let’s have the scariest D-line n the NFL!!!

    Get Landry!

  8. Jason Mclaurin Says:

    Man let’s get J. Bates please to address safety. Man Bates looks like the next John Lynch if we move him to strong safety. The constant leaks from Derwin cost him an opportunity to play for his favorite team but at least he’s in LA. I’m not done bashing Vea but I’m looking forward regardless. The censorship is crazy over here right now. I’m never mad at the messenger no need to have your friends call me a troll Joe I know they are the only Buccaneers fans satisfied with the pick. We need to get J. Jackson first off and Bates next in the second round and maybe Nathan Shepherd another small school loser Licht loves since we losing our swag to become corny stick carriers. Man “stick carriers” is lame too. No substance to carry a big stick and speak sofkty. Licht Blew it. I honestly think he will draft every small school background guy he can turning us into NO SWAG LOSERS. ##BUCS LOST GUYS##LICHTCANDONORIGHT

  9. MadMax Says:

    Jason, lemme guess your drink of choice, warm piss and vinegar? am i right?

    With you on us trying to get Bates though….dang, there is some thinking going on in that pea brain.