Glazer Acknowledges That Patience Is Learned

April 3rd, 2018

“Jason, we’re a patient team. But about that jacket.”

Team Glazer has a reputation for going all Grim Reaper on its head coaches when you least expect it.

Patience just hasn’t been their typical way.

Yes, some might argue successfully that giving Lovie Smith a second season was an amazing display of corporate calm. But Joe isn’t that guy.

Back in January, Dirk Koetter said it took “a lot of courage” for Team Glazer to bring him back for 2018. That was sort of an acknowledgement by Koetter that ownership broke from its norm and didn’t add him to their dead coaches society.

Speaking last week at the NFL Owners Meetings, via the Sports Day Tampa Bay podcast, Bucs co-chairman Joel Glazer dropped the following intriguing line when asked about retaining Dirk Koetter.

“I think what you learn over time is that things take time,” Glazer said.

Thought-provoking take there. Is Glazer saying ownership has matured? Joe’s not about to put words in the guy’s mouth. Of course, Team Glazer has learned quite a bit after more than 20 years owning the Bucs.

Joe likes that Team Glazer has trended toward impatient. It reflects a burning desire to win in ownership. It certainly worked out in the trade to acquire Chucky, and Joe certainly doesn’t blame impatience for the Bucs’ 10-year playoff absence.

48 Responses to “Glazer Acknowledges That Patience Is Learned”

  1. The Buc Realist Says:

    What team Glazer “really” learned was that the team roster was way worst then they “realized” from talk show dominik!!!!!!!! Add in 2 years of loser lovie that made the team go backwards and there you have it!!!!!!! Team Glazer finally realized the holes the coaches covered up ( especially on defense) from the 2016 season!!!!!!!!!! Keep patching those holes!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Time? this has been the most mismanaged franchise in football the past 15 years, just shy of cleveland, and the future looks very bright up there with their defense and some offensive acquisitions, so patience is no longer there and the only P word that should be used is Playoffs

  3. Eric Says:

    Hacking Dung and Gruden were ludicrous moves IMO.

    And Lovie should have been given some more time to get defensive players for his scheme. He was handed a huge mess. And had to virtually start from scratch on offense, get the franchise QB, Evans, etc.

    But that being said the current situation is good, provided the Jameis from the later part of last season is permitted to play and does so at that level for the entire season.

    Than they will end up looking very smart for a change.

  4. Pickgrin Says:

    “Joe certainly doesn’t blame impatience for the Bucs’ 10-year playoff absence”

    Actually owner impatience has added to our misery because we’ve let too many pretty good football players go to other teams the past few years with new regimes coming in every 2 years having different ideas about what kind of players they want.

    Glad they decided on “patience” this time around. Jason Licht has stacked this roster with young talent and is about to add some more. This team gonna ‘bust out’ at some point soon and its gonna be fun to watch.

    The Prime Culprit for who is responsible for the 10 year playoff absence? Well – there’s a list. But Mark Dominic sits at the very top of it!

  5. JimmyJack Says:

    Realist it’s 2018 bro. Using 2013 as a reason it’s just a excuse… isn’t even a crutch at this point……it’s a freaking wheelchair dude. Get revelant.

  6. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Realist has a very valid point though.

    In terms of teams with quick turnarounds recently – the rosters were MUCH more talented than the Bucs.

    I’m talking teams like the Eagles / Rams / Jags

    If you look at those rosters when they were losing; they were still pretty stacked. I don’t think you can say that about a team with starters of Will Clark at DE / Ryan Smith at CB / ?? on O-line / Conte at S / other no-names at DT / etc / etc

  7. DB55 Says:

    My rant disappeared but let me just say that it is not a coincidence that the Rams and Jax have turned things around so quickly. 1 year and Boom playsoffs.

    And to think that McVay was cashing Glazer checks just 10 years ago when he working under Gruden as a Receivers coach.

    Glazers are clueless all this talk just gets me primed for another 6 win season and more “time” talk.

  8. darin Says:

    Yes realist. We know you think this team must have 22 pro bowlers before they can make the playoffs. It takes all types.

  9. Eric Says:

    Total prolonged disaster reveals a systemic problem.

    Which in essence is when the Glazer boys mistakenly believed they knew something about professional football. and acted on their ignorance.

  10. JimmyJack Says:

    Yeah Lord….Didn’t mean to totally dismiss Realists point. But I do think the franchise is too far removed from Dominick to be pointing a finger there.

    As far as looking at Lovie Smith years, I absolutely agree that has a detrimental effect currently. One opinion that’s coming clear to me is that when you change your HC you risk throwing away certain drafted players that do not for in with new philosophies…….The most glaring player to look at here is Charles Simms. He had one really awesome year under Lovie and it is completely valid to look at different offense philosophy as the reason why he fell off the radar.

    It’s tougher to make a case for other players but you could argue Kevin Phampile is not here because of the blocking scheme.

    I could take it a step further and say ASJ could have kept playing under Smith and that Dirk would never have draft a guy like him.

    There could be a lot more players that were released under Dirk to get players that fill his philosophy’s better. If I ever get bored enough maybe I’ll dissect the roster turnover one day.

  11. Phil Says:

    They won’t have much patience if we don’t win this year.

  12. 813bucboi Says:

    yeah things take time……and time is running out for dirk and smitty!!!!!…..

    the only thing the glazers have learned is that the grass aint greener on the other side!!!!!!!…..


    don’t get suckered into that BS realist is spewing out!!!!!!….your smarter than that!!!!!!…….quick turnaround come from good competent coaches……that’s how those teams got turned around so quickly……

    Pederson is head and shoulders better than chip Kelly……mcvay is far more innovative and creative than fisher…..and gus Bradley proved he’s an DC at best…..

    even when those roster were stacked they were all just picking in the top 5 of the draft a couple years ago……better coaching made a huge difference……

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!…..GO BUCS!!!!!!

  13. The Buc Realist Says:

    @jimmy joke

    Why don’t you look up how many players from the Ram, Jags, and Philly have more than 4 years with their team!!!!!!!!!!! It might be just a little more than the Bucs!!!!!! Then maybe you will begin to understand!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Well one thing with Realist was he didn’t give any talent excuse to Lovie Smith. He mocked him for needing more talent to craft an effective defense.

    So it’s a bit hypocritical to then bang this “we don’t have the talent” table in defense of Mike Smith. If anything the talent is about the same or better for Smith. For 2018 it should be better than anything either coach had to work with so as to 813’s point – this comes full circle and ends with #Noexcuses this year imo.

    I mean i don’t expect a top 10 defense. But we should have enough talent to compete and be at least average hopefully

  15. Lamarcus Says:

    I understand it takes time. But last year expectations and failures we’re a little over the top. We were sold we was win now then now they are saying it takes time. Just pick a route and stick to it

  16. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Pickgrin- I couldn’t agree more

  17. 813bucboi Says:


    I agree with you that we are past the dom mistakes…..but i’ll take it a step further and saying we’re past the lovie mistakes too……

    we had no defense under lovie……we still have no defense under smitty…..LOL….its not like lovie spent the first 2 years drafting all defense…..the DE’s we had under lovie were gholston and George Johnson……since then we’ve had spence, ayers and now JPP and curry…..our starting CB’s were hey jude and mike Jenkins……we’ve draft a CB in the first round, and added grimes and depth with r.smith…..

    dirk and smitty have had better talent to work with vs lovie or schiano…….

    and regarding sims, its not just him but the entire run game……the entire run game has fallen off since dirk has taken over……

    bottom line is, dirk has been the HC long enough to have established a culture and identity but has failed to do so…..Winston has eluded to this several times…..this team still has no identity and has a hard time developing defensive talent…..that’s not the previous staff’s problem……its highlights the currents staff incompetence……

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!

  18. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Realist- “Real” “hands-on” owners do not allow GMs and coaches to make the type of mistakes we’ve seen over these years. Dominick, Schiano, Lovie be darned! You’re just making excuses.
    I agree with DB55, other teams have turned it around in much shorter periods.

  19. webster Says:

    What? Dungy was here for six years so when they fired him, that was not impatience. It was time. He showed after six years he could not get over the hump. But in those six years, the bucs had one philosophy and thats why the team was ready to win when chucky got here. Changing coaches/gms every two years does not allow a foundation to be built because every coach has his own way on how to build a roster. No, the impatience does not work. Koetter and licht has only worked together for 2 years. Let them continue to build the foundation so if koetter is fired in the future, the new coach is not starting from ground zero

  20. 813bucboi Says:


    I agree with your defensive expectations…..not looking for a #1 defense but looking for a lot more than 22sacks and hopefully stuffing the run…..talent wise, we should be a lot better on both sides of the ball……

    pressures on dirk and smitty now….licht has been a good job IMO…..


    you think dirk will conduct another “soft” TC?… think that had something to do with the injuries and slow starts?……seems like it took us until mid season to get our “football legs” underneath us…..

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!

  21. The Buc Realist Says:

    @Lord of Corn

    Not true at all!!!!! I banged the drum that the roster was terrible when the incompetent one took over!!!!! I said that there were only 4-5 players to be left on the roster after several years!!!!!!! I stop and ran the campaign on loser lovie because he was so bad, that it did not matter at that moment of the roster holes!!!!!! That classes loser lovie had no business getting a second year!!!!!!!

    And since you set the table!!!! Its Anther “Realist Repost” !!!!!!! Requested By Lord Cornelius!!!!!!!!!!

    The_Buc_Realist Says:
    March 24th, 2014 at 10:36 am
    I tried to tell everyone that the new regime would take any low compensation for any player on the team except McCoy and David. We all can see what a garbage of a roster this team was last year. And how much work it will take for it to be able just to compete in the nfl!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Mike Johnson Says:

    I do beleive when you look at the Bucs final playing roster, there will be vast improvement over last yr. Dirk and Smitty will have the tools to win. If they Don’t then kick their straight into the bay!! I want zero excuses from these inept clowns. Win or pack your GD bags!!

  23. DB55 Says:



  24. AlteredEgo Says:

    Phree teemax

  25. webster Says:

    The rams and jacksonville did not turn it around in one year. The rams have had the same gm since 2012. They had one philosophy on how to build a team and it became apparent fisher was not going to get it done ala dungy here. They change coaches and he walked into a talented team that was six years in the making. Jacksonville gm has been there since 2013. Again, one philosophy on how to build a team. Gus bradley showed he could not coach at all and doug marrone took over a team that was 5 years in the making. Thats why when the impatient fans scream for licht’s head, i find it crazy. The glazers may believe just like licht, they are not that far off. Allow the foundation of one philosophy to be established. Their are no quick turnarounds in the nfl. The eagles gm has been their since 2010.

  26. 813bucboi Says:


    so, we should endure losing for years while we let dirk create, build and establish a losing culture than expect the new regime to quickly turn things around…..sounds like the buc way…….

    look, im all for patience but don’t give me a boat load of excuses as to why I should have patience when other teams have turned things around in a hurry…..all but 2 coaches have reached the playoffs that were hired the same year as dirk…..1 of those 2 have been fired…..that speaks volumes…..

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!

  27. Alpha Buc fan Says:

    So glad tmaxi-pad is no longer commenting. All his negativity has brought the Bucs down the past 10yrs an maybe some bad coaching

  28. webster Says:

    Every post moderated today

    [Not sure why unless you are using a naughty IP address. — Joe]

  29. 813bucboi Says:


    how can you judge the coaching of lovie with a garbage roster?…..that’s like judging smittys defense with no pass rush!!!!!!

    your exposing yourself as the fraud that you are!!!!!!

    where was the patience then?…..he had a garbage roster and lost is OC before the season during his first year back(while trying to establish a culture)…..where was his pass?……surely if dirk lost smitty for the year right before the season you would want to give dirk a 2year pass…..SMDH!!!!!

    pressures on dirk and smitty now!!!!!…no playoffs no job!!!!!!

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!…..GO BUCS!!!!!

  30. Lord Corn Says:

    Lol nice re post Realist. Basically you’re saying you thought the talent was bad but also that Smith was a terrible coach. I can buy that. I mean Lovies coaching has been pretty terrible at Illinois as well and it seems obvious now the game passed him by.

    Really hope that we’re not in the same boat with Koetter/Smith. I don’t think we are but time will tell

    813 – in terms of soft camps I’m not too thrilled if that’s the plan again but I haven’t researched the idea enough to feel very strongly one way or the other

  31. webster Says:

    The rams and jacksonville did not turn it around in one year. The rams have had the same gm since 2012. They had one philosophy on how to build a team and it became apparent fisher was not going to get it done ala dungy here. They change coaches and he walked into a talented team that was six years in the making. Jacksonville gm has been there since 2013. Again, one philosophy on how to build a team. Gus bradley showed he could not coach at all and doug marrone took over a team that was 5 years in the making. Thats why when the impatient fans scream for licht’s head, i find it crazy. The glazers may believe just like licht, they are not that far off. Allow the foundation of one philosophy to be established. Their are no quick turnarounds in the nfl. The eagles gm has been their since 2010.

  32. webster Says:

    @ joe

    If you are going to moderate everyone of my comments today at least try to approve them before 45 minutes have passed. I dont know why i get this treatment because i dont type bad words etc. Im typing from the same device i always have, my phone. This is crazy

  33. Lamarcus Says:


    Lovie didn’t need to have a bad roater….. He cut Revis, Penn, Zuttah, etc

    So he made his bed and lied in it.

  34. AlteredEgo Says:

    Lamarcus ….he cut Barron too

  35. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I think #3 is the franchise more than ever heading into this year. Either he blossoms as we hope…or we have a nasty stretch ahead.

    #3 is the microcosm of the rest of the team….ton’s of potential and now it’s time to put up or shut up. I think the Bucs get that to a man. Part of what makes me optimistic.

    If the team can stop making the stupid mistakes and penalties…starts with decision making and ball security of our QB…we’ll be a lot better.

    Whichever way Fameis goes so go the Bucs…if he plays well I think the team will follow him…if he keeps spotting the opposing teams with big leads early…same old..same old.

    As Elvis sang…”It’s now or never”…or talking all next year at this time about getting a QB. I’m optimistic though. I think this is the year #3 really blossoms when his game actually starts matching his stats which will improve the most important stat…W’s and L’s

  36. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Good point actually Lamarcus.

    Donald Penn
    Jeremy Zuttah
    Derril Revis
    Mark Barron

    All 4 have had a lot of success elsewhere after we let them go. All 4 were Lovie decisions imo. Lovie had too many quotes about needing to overhaul the O-line and I read too many arguments about his scheme being the reason we dumped Revis/Gholston.

    I don’t think there’s even a single comparable cut we made dictated by the post-Lovie regime. ASJ I guess? And I’d go re-make that cut again. Maybe Bradley McDougald but I still am not that high on that guy.

  37. 813bucboi Says:


    those same players sucked under schiano so how is that lovies fault?

    he cut players that he thought didn’t fit his scheme……happens every year…..the thing is, the owners and some fans didn’t want to have patience…..he opted to cut aging players and replace them with younger players…..

    he cut penn and zuttah but drafted d.smith and marpet…..wasn’t given the chance to draft for defense besides kwon……an injured revis was replaced by verner who had just been in the pro bowl…..

    he began to build a foundation but fans forced glazers to pull the trigger…..he improved from year1 to year2 with no talent and a bunch of rookies…..dirk regressed in year2…..lovie was canned for a lot less…..

    it is what it is tho…..he’s gone and dirk is here now……every failure from 2016 on sits directly on dirks shoulders……stop making excuses for dirk and hold him accountable…..

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!…..GO BUCS!!!!!

  38. DB55 Says:

    I garuntee the year that tutti frutti McIceCream cancer93 is cut traded or buried the Bucs will begin to win. Until then it’s ice cream for everybody while the glazers blow smoke up all your arses.

  39. Bucsfanman Says:

    Oh DB55! You figured it out! The defensive tackle that makes all the personnel and coaching moves HAS to go!!!
    Do you eat your crow with sprinkles?! Just asking. You’re going to need something to do with all that GMC ice cream you bought up.

  40. AlteredEgo Says:

    DB55…are you sharing you log in info with someone ? 🙂 carry on…

  41. BucEmUp Says:

    I’m really hoping that means they will retain Koetter if (when) Mike Smith craps all over himself up in the booth every Sunday.

    Koetter, Licht and a real DC will take this team far. They just need to make Koetter cut ties with anyone he is close to on the team from his past that isn’t performing. Grimes is doing his job, so is JRodgers, not Smitty though…No excuse for being 32nd ranked.

  42. Lamarcus Says:

    Lovie was canned because he was a poor coach and religious leader…… Didn’t he shut down Russell Shepard prep talk because it was full of cuss words? Then the team was flatten for last 4 game skid

  43. DB55 Says:

    Bucsfanman Says:
    April 3rd, 2018 at 3:42 pm
    Oh DB55! You figured it out! The defensive tackle that makes all the personnel and coaching moves HAS to go!!!
    I bet you any amount of money McIceCream had something to do with Schiano, Hayes and multiple players ie Aaron Donald. Don’t be so naive son.

    4th place in the division for the entire decade. Get upset about that!

  44. BigBucBrew32oz Says:

    I think last year would have been a better year if we had never fired Lovie. And before you react, two years from now, I think we’ll be better than if Dirk got fired at the end of this past season. There are a handful of shooting stars in this business but there’s a a lot of luck and circumstance too. The rest is continuity and stability. If you believe in the guys you hire, believe they’ll figure it out given time and personnel. If you don’t believe in them, they shouldn’t have been hired in the first place.

  45. LostinPa Says:

    Last year was a hot mess. Everyone acknowledges that we have a young team but no one seems to recognize that young talent is easily spooked. While I will be accused of making excuses I say that Irma, Hard Knocks, the weight of high expectations and no bye week messed with these guys heads. Especially those on the D-Line.

    While I’m no tmax disciple McCoy just isn’t team captain material. He is a omega male that kicks a$$ but does so for his own personal reasons. He simple doesn’t care what the guys around him do. He is a weapon that doesn’t make the arsenal better. There are worse thingS, like bring a knife to a gun fight. In this analogy McCoy is a bazooka. It will keep him out of Canton but does mean you boot him. I would argue that Grimes and David are similar people. Not leaders, weapons. Add to that swaggy Baker and his tree humping ways depressed the whole defense with a lack of leadership in the early months. By the time Kwon stepped up it was too late.

    Why is this year different? Because Licht isn’t surrounding McCoy with people he can make better. They are going to let McCoy be McCoy. NFL, you have been warned.

  46. Destinjohnny Says:

    When u don’t draft well and miss on free agents because u
    Didn’t draft well….
    You don’t make the
    Playoffs for 12 years

  47. denjoe Says:

    We only won 1 divisional game.

  48. Bucsfanman Says:

    DB55- If that is true, which is a possibility, isn’t it still an organizational failure? No coach or GM worth their salt allows a player to dictate personnel moves. They might consult them, but this?
    AND, I AM upset with being last in the division year after year!