Donovan Smith Calls For The Stick Carriers

April 30th, 2018

Talks training camp help

Buccaneers ironman left tackle Donovan Smith has his ears and eyes wide open.

And he knows the value of Tampa Bay’s loudest and most boisterous fan group known as The Stick Carriers, especially with the Bucs heading to the cauldron in New Orleans to open the 2018 season.

(Those clueless to The Stick Carriers can watch the video from Thursday night below. Or they can Google video from last year’s Training Camp Takeover at One Buc Palace, the one that was seen on NFL Network, HBO and elsewhere.

This evening, Smith joined 1040 AM host Rock Riley (@RealRockRiley) for an on-air chat and was asked whether he remembered that loud “Takeover” event and what it might be like if a couple of thousand Stick Carriers relocated their wild chanting to the Bucs’ indoor practice facility this summer.

Bucs chief operations officer Brian Ford already announced that the indoor facility, which opened last fall, will host fans during training camp this year.

“Oh, man, I can’t wait,” Smith said. “I hope they get louder and louder. You know, it’s not going to do anything but help us out. When we go and play in a tough stadium. So to be able to hear them yelling and shouting and echoing inside the new facility is going to be great and helpful for us. I hope they all come out and bring their A-game.”

Oh, that A-game is coming. You can guarantee that. Whether it could really help the Bucs is unclear. But it sure will be fun.

23 Responses to “Donovan Smith Calls For The Stick Carriers”

  1. webster Says:

    A loud crowd always help the players. They feed off the energy. Bring the noise!!!!!

  2. Pryda ...sec147 Says:

    Can we get water though

  3. AlteredEgo Says:

    Flag Carrier here SF Playoff game in the RayJay Super Bowl year..remember when Buc car flags were everywhere 24/7/365…::

  4. Lamarcus Says:

    Man. The Justin P has been taking alot of criticism of Facebook by the “painted faced” Bucs fans……. The A game might not be so

  5. BucEmUp Says:

    You know what will help this offense more than anything? Practicing against a good defense. You know like the other 13 teams they play every season.

  6. Gambelero Says:

    Great point BucEmup. My daughter is in the band. Her team runs option and the QB throws line drives. Our defense is totally helpless against any QB with touch. They can’t ever practice against that.

  7. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I hope they don’t give up on the team…like last year after a couple games.

    I understand a group of fans coming together in Tampa like that is a new thing, and they have to find their sea legs…but that doesn’t mean I won’t call them out!

    But not anymore tonight. I’m exhausted after 13 hours straight of editing. Finally done and going to bed.

  8. Jmarkbuc Says:


    If the players would carry big sticks.. we wouldn’t have to

  9. Belligerentbuc Says:

    Not yet Donovan…we fans feel like the sheep who cried wolf.

    Beat the super bowl champs and the steelers and you’ll hear us loud and clear.

    Otherwise its the same thing you said last year! Com’ on man!

  10. Getaclue Says:

    They gonna disappear again after week 5 and throw the coach under the bus again before kissing up again like last year?

  11. Dave Says:


    I’ll be blunt. Just go away. The vast majority of Bucs fans are sick and tired of all the pseudo fans like you who don’t have a clue about football and do nothing but come on this website and talk trash and throw out negativity against the team, the coaches, and the GM.
    It’s f*#*ing pathetic and annoying and most of us can’t stand it anymore.

    The draft just happened. FA signings just happened.
    It’s the time of year to be optimistic and hopefully.

    Just go the f&$k away. You people are pathetic.

    I’m guessing you are basically miserable people who are just negative about everything.

    Real fun to be around. In real life, friends de-friend you and partners divorce you.

    Consider this activities from JoeBucsFan.

    Go somewhere else. Root for Cleveland.

    Too harsh? Oh well. Sick and tired of the crappy pseudo fans

  12. DanBucsFan Says:

    Well said DAVE…

    WTF MAN some of you people on here are critical of EVERYTHING that has to do with OUR team. I understand the cautious approach as far as wanting to see the team improve not just hear players talk about how good they are gonna be. We all probably agree that it’s time to prove it on the field, hence ” SPEAK SOFTLY” but I don’t think I am alone when I say enough already with the negative outlook. If you are so burned out with the Bucs that you have nothing but criticisms then maybe stay off the JBF site for a while, or at least spare those of us who believe it’s a new season coming and are giving this team the support it needs from reading the constant debbie downer routine. We all are entitled to opinions and none of our opinions are anything more than opinions, but now some are even bashing fans for supporting the team… Really?!?!? The STICK CARRIER movement is not a ” club” or members only group, its just a chance to UNITE fans who are die hard and loyal. Not that those who are negative are not loyal, i knw some of you been fans for long time, longer than some of us have been. But why must you pick apart something that is a positive movement for our team? Anyone who is a fan is a STICK CARRIER, like I said you don’t have to be initiated or voted in, simply support the Bucs and your a stick carrier. Kudos to JBF and the “commish” for organizing functions to bring a buzz to the town\nation . Instead of talk sh#t about it like its “us vs them” bucs fan = stick carrier. For those who still dont understand, it’s similar to Billsmafia, or Dogg pound in Cleveland. So bash the team if you will, that is your right as a “fan” but PLEASE for the love of God…leave the STICK CARRIER movement alone while you vent you displeasure with the organization. Stick Carriers are not harming anyone and I know for a fact as I listen to the uncensored pod cast regularly, Stick Carriers are not trying to divide the fan base its the total opposite. Trying to unite all bucs fans and build the fan base even stronger. GO BUCS !!!

  13. SB Says:

    ^^ Both above comments say it all^^

  14. BritishColumbiaBuc Says:

    Thise who wish we lost the last game of the year for a better draft pick – NOT true fans. We friggen traded down anyways and came out a better team from it. So those who wish we lost on purpose for a better pick, GTFO and like someone else said above – go cheer for the dog $&@! Browns

  15. LakeLand Says:

    Blah, blah, blah been hearing this same dumb crap for the past 10 years.

    Just win some games and STFU

  16. THETRUTH Says:

    Yeah crowd noise was loud every 3rd and 13 plus and we never stopped anyone.

  17. University of Seffner Says:

    Being a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is about sticking with the Bucs whether they go 0-16, 8-8, 16-0, etc. Of course we’ll have moments where we’re all mad, but at the end of the day stick with the Bucs, not hop off and put on a Tom Brady Jersey. I understand both optimistic fans and pessimistic fans, it mainly depends on the situation. I love the Bucs regardless what’s going on, and I do get pi$$ed sometimes, but I never jump the ship, neither should any other Bucs fan.

  18. jmarkbuc Says:


    Not that your rant deserves a response but since you put it out there…

    I have always been a Bucs fan, not a fan of any other team ever. I went to my first game in 77.. I’ve seen all the great Bucs (the few that there are) play live and in person..Selmon, Batman Wood Jimmie Giles, James Wilder, just fill in the blanks, all the way to today. I was a fan when Hugh Culverhouse and Phil Kreuger ran this team like a Dollar General.

    I’ve traveled to away games, bought season tickets, Jersey’s, all the bucs memorabilia you can imagine. I have hosted charity events with Buc players at my place of business and I have supported this team when we suck (and thats pretty often) and when we were winning.. So STFU with what kind of fan I am.

    Having been a fan this long, I feel it is well within my “fan rights” to call out the truth when I see it. The Buc fans that I deem pathetic are those that turn a blind eye to the truth, and get a big boner for “winning the off season” what a joke…

    That being said, I don’t have a problem with this years drafted players..How could I? haven’t seen them play a down yet. As far as the stick carriers go..the whole point of the expression “speak softly and carry a big stick” is to SPEAK SOFTLY and prove it with the big stick..It is on the players to carry the stick, WALK THE WALK and so on. Sorry but I find it pathetic that DK makes one little pep talk speech in a locker room and Buc Fans are so desperate that they adopt it, to make matters worse they don’t even hold to the true meaning of the about dumb fans.

    I bleed red and pewter just like everyone else, doen’t make me blind. The main points that I make here on JBF are these:

    Smitty is not a good DC
    DK cant manage a clock
    JW has character issues and is terribly inaccurate
    The uniforms are freakin hideous
    The organization as a whole has to be the “stick carrier”

    Feel free to argue any of those points with me and tell me I’m wrong, or You and Dan can continue to go to Training Camp and have a big circle jerk with your big sticks. It did wonders for the team last year no?
    My mantra is enough talk #WALKTHEWALK. Been a Bucs fan for life and always will be.

  19. Getaclue Says:

    That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I haven’t said anything negative about the players or coaches and the draft was terrific. I’m addressing people that are out here monetizing the fan base claiming they want to unite the fan base but then single out any other Bucs group that does anything that makes them look like they are doing something better. These are groups that give every penny to charity that have been belittled and slandered by people looking to promote thereself and sell merchandise. You don’t have a damn clue about anything you are spouting about to pull your head out you arse and get educated. They were no where to be found after week 5 . Till it was time to sell bring back gruden shirts while still parading under koetter mantra. Go to bed son

  20. NJBucsFan Says:

    I can’t wait until the adjective to describe Smith is ex-Buc

  21. DanBucsFan Says:


    I pretty much agree with you and what you stated, about fans. I said I am sure there are several fans who have been fans longer, and I agree that we all want actions on the field , not pep rallying about draft or offseason. I also stated that everyone’s opinion’s their right, agree or disagree. But, Its getting old with several people on here who seem never happy with any move the team makes..That part is what is growing on me. It’s as if the new in thing is to bitch and moan about how bad things are or the sky is falling. As for my defense of Stick Carriers, I stand by what I said but if u choose to not want to be a part of it then good for you, but I’ve never been one to act as Im to cool for school or to poke at others if I am not in agreement with them. So I did get a laugh at your circle jerk comment lol. But am not trying to have a pissing contest on who is bigger or better fan. IMO It’s great to have Stick Carriers, just like its great in Buffalo to have Bills Mafia

  22. The Fatty Boom Boom Says:

    Go Bucs!! It’s gonna be a great year!

  23. jmarkbuc Says:

    Hey Danbucsfan

    From Dave’s post

    “Just go the f&$k away. You people are pathetic.
    I’m guessing you are basically miserable people who are just negative about everything.
    Real fun to be around. In real life, friends de-friend you and partners divorce you.
    Go somewhere else. Root for Cleveland.
    Too harsh? Oh well. Sick and tired of the crappy pseudo fan”

    Your response ” Well said Dave”
    So it seems you aren’t as copacetic or as genuine as you imply.

    I am certainly not a divorced, de-friended pseudo fan with a desire to root for Cleveland. My points and my loyalty as a Bucs fan are valid and clear. If the stick carriers were an organic grassroots movement,( like the Dawg pound , Black Hole, Bills Mafia et al) that might be one thing. What it appears more and more to be is a marketing opportunity.

    Sorry, been a fan of this team way to long to ramp up my positivity in May. My positivity switch kicks on when real games are being played and tangible progress can be seen

    I have no beef with any real Bucs fan, Stick Carrier or not. When the team does something to rally around I’ll cheer as loud as the next fan.