Deep Dive

April 5th, 2018

Football life was ugly between America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, and DeSean Jackson last year.

And now the fancy official NFL Next Gen Stats data is out on deep passes of 20 yards or more. Things are worse than they appeared.

Matt Harmon of is the chief guru when it comes to compiling and interpreting the data received from tracking technology in NFL balls and uniforms. Recently, Harmon typed up a formula and a ranking, based on the indisputable computer data, for the top deep-threat receivers in the 2017 NFL season.

Of course, no Bucs made the list. But Harmon referenced in his “Bonus Notes” that Jackson fell very far from his reputation and production with the Eagles and Rams.

And Harmon appears to blame Jameis.

In any other year, Tampa Bay receiver DeSean Jackson, who has been one of the league’s premier vertical receivers over the last decade, would have pushed for the list. However, in 2017, his numbers showed just how much communication, timing and chemistry with your quarterback matter when working in the deep game. Jackson ranked 44th on this list, as he caught just five of 26 deep targets from both of the quarterbacks to start for the Bucs, who had a paltry 19.2 passer rating when throwing to him. Working the deep game is a two-way street.

Five of 26. Damn, think about that. An 18 percent catch rate.

Officially, that was on throws targeted to Jackson last year that traveled 20 yards or more through the air. The top 10 deep-threat receivers in Harmon’s breakdown averaged about a 45 percent catch rate on deep balls — and it wasn’t all start quarterbacks slinging the rock.

If Jackson isn’t traded during the NFL Draft (yes, you read that correctly), then he and Jameis have to find a way to fix their deep issues, or Dirk Koetter needs to makes serious adjustments to maximize the abundance of talent on his offense.

Koetter was adamant at the NFL Owners Meetings last week that the film shows Jackson has not lost a step of his elite speed.

86 Responses to “Deep Dive”

  1. SeattleBuc Says:

    How log were we all banging the drum about our poor depth at WR? Let DJax finish his contract.

  2. Teacherman777 Says:

    And the bombs we missed were for touchdowns!

    If we had hit 50% of those deep balls, and scored TD’s on them, we would have made the playoffs.

    We missed many scoring opportunities EARLY in every game this season.

    Scoring in the 1st quarter puts you in a great place to win. Momentum, game plan, and clock management.

    1st Quarter! Put up 1 finger! But dont eat it.


    Love you Jaboo!

  3. Bucsfanman Says:

    But, isn’t ALL the defense’s fault?! (sarcasm!) Here come the excuses…

  4. uckinator Says:

    If you have a monster RB running behind a monster OL, you will then see the strong safety creep up to the box, therefore opening up a seam for Djax. It’s all connected ladies and germs.

  5. unbelievable Says:

    More slant passes and quick passes to D-Jax please. His speed is unreal. Doesn’t always have to be a go route.

    A good offensive line that allows our QB to step up in the pocket would surely help as well. And then we might even have a halfway decent run game taboot!

  6. Lamarcus Says:

    Djx has a poor route tree and only a fit in the deep ball strategy. And he is a crybaby when he don’t get the ball. More Godwin plz

  7. Bobby M. Says:

    Obviously poor coaching….lol

  8. Bucsfanman Says:

    Lamarcus- Agreed on Godwin. Eventually, he will supplant Djax anyway. He’s a more rounded WR, IMO.

  9. Bucsfanman Says:

    @unbelievable- Amen. Get him in space and, POOF! There is no need to hurl the rock down the field to him every play.
    Better play-calling please!

  10. doolnutts Says:

    Everyone is making great points… There is plenty of blame to go around but a more than a couple of those passes Jameis just missed.. Whether it be underthrown or somehow overthrown. There were plenty of passes that weren’t even near a wide-open DeSean.

    SeattleBuc : I def agree why does everyone want to cut a player so quickly? We aren’t in cap hell and Jackson can be cut or traded at any point to relieve us of 11 million in space. Why not keep him even if it was for depth?

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    More short passes to Jackson and let him run….he can’t get YAC if he doesn’t catch the ball….and he can’t catch the ball if it’s 5 yards overthrown,,,,,

    Listen, I like Jameis…but to blame this on Jackson…..on chemistry…..really?

    Jameis is terribly inaccurate on his deep passing..,,,almost always overthrowing,,,,,

  12. derrickbrooksforGM Says:

    Trading him would be a wise move.

  13. NFLNut Says:

    DJax sucked last year … I routinely saw him not even try to make contested catches which is why I was saying Jameis to Godwin would likely have been a better connection … however, if DJax actually acts like a leader this year and works with Jameis and shows up for OTA’s and the rest, the sky is the limit … one thing we know, Jameis puts in the work … DJax only does so when he feels like it and always has been that way imho …

  14. webster Says:

    Djax does not cry when he does not get the ball. He averages about 60 catches a season. The difference is the damaged he did previously once he caught the ball. As some posters are saying, more quick slants etc. He caught 50 balls last year. He caught 56 the year previous. Thats not a huge difference. Again what is different is how he was used. The 50 receptions were not as effective. Thats on koetter to figure it out and on jameis and djax to get on the same page.

  15. Jimmy T Says:

    The last few games, especially the homeMonday night game vs Atlants Jameis threw very accurate deep balls to Evans, one well throw 50/50 ball for a TD. Joe Jamie’s starting having shoulder issues from sacks starting in the Vikings game, 2nd game of season. Let’s finally agree that Jamie’s isn’t as bad on deep balls as people say, he was HURT. Also no Chemistry w DJAX since DJAX didn’t show up for OTA’s. No running game didn’t help either. Jamie’s will have A Great Year this year. He is our Franchise QB, No doubt about that!!!

  16. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I really wish I had access to the film. I swear man he did not make plays on many playable balls with both Fitz & Jameis. Balls that were just slightly off and he ran straight with no route adjustment / no tracking effort at all. You don’t pay a guy $10 mill a year to not make effort on the ball or adjust his route / hands / timing to get to it. Over throws are one thing but there were a ton of throws that seemed just slightly to the left/right of him and no effort was made on it

  17. webster Says:


    Yes you can blame it on chemistry. Why does it seem jameis never overthrows brate or humphries? Because they are constantly working out together after practice. Do you remember jameis first year? There was something off with winston and evans due to evans basically missing all training camp and the first two games of the season. The second year, jameis and evans worked all offseason developing chemistry. It led to an all pro campaign and 1300 yrds. Ask Manning and marvin harrison how important chemistry is. They would say very important. Thats why brandin cooks was traded by the patriots.

  18. NFLNut Says:

    Before the Ravens signed Crabtree, DJax and our 4th to the Ravens for their 3rd would have made sense … it still might, but personally I don’t mind keeping DJax at all, as even when he doesn’t get the ball, he’s a great decoy and gives other receivers better opportunities … not everything is about “personally” making the play … there are 10 other teammates on the field.

  19. Not there yet Says:

    Showing up in the off-season also goes a long way when going to a new team. His effort want there just like Winston’s accuracy want there

  20. ben Says:

    D Jax needs an accurate qb and Winston is only average. Other qb’s taken after him or following years have passed him by per nfl ratings.Can you lean accuracy from practice ?? humm

  21. cgmaster Says:

    Well I think it could only help if Djax actually shows up for OTA’s this year. AS posters stated above, his catch number and TD’s were pretty consistent with what he has had his entire career. Also as others have stated above, while Jameis did miss some throws deep to him, there were quite a few I could specifically remember Jackson not even moving off of his route AT ALL to adjust to ball thrown only like a yard or two inside of him. Let’s hope he puts in the necessary work this off season. You could clearly see Jameis already had better chemistry with Godwin and he was a rookie.

  22. cgmaster Says:

    Ben actually you can get better accuracy form practice and if you actually looked at the numbers, which you clearly don’t, his completion % was a career high last year. As for practice, chemistry and timing is a part of accuracy so yes you can learn that in practice. Try again. Or are you still upset your man crush plays for Tennessee?

  23. Rod Munch Says:

    Well all you had to do was watch the games to see D-Jax and Winston just didn’t have good timing. I said all last offseason it would probably take 4 full games or so before they got in sync, and then in game 5 in Arizona, Winston gets hurt and is obviously not the same guy as his arm strength wasn’t there. That’s where you need a coach that makes adjustments, that sees things aren’t working and instead of having D-Jax run basically two routes, a curl or a go, instead the coach starts running screens, slants, etc. Dirk made almost no changes to his offense until late in the season and it showed.

    With that said the Bucs finished last year 4th in passing yards, which I’m almost certain is the highest ranking the Bucs have ever had. So if you look at it that way it’s not all bad. A healthy Winston makes a huge difference and if Jackson can not lose a step for one more season the Bucs should be in good shape. Also if Dirk actually does his job and changes things up that too will make a huge difference in the overall flow of things and perhaps in addition to yards the Bucs will score points as well.

  24. Cover Deuce Says:

    If they can add some big play ability to the run game, DJax may be expendable. They’ve got Brate, Howard, and Hump to work the seam/slot. Plus they’ve got Evans and Godwin on the outside. It’s not that he’s bad, but there’s only one ball.

  25. Rod Munch Says:

    I didn’t know this but saw it on ESPN…. McCoy has the most sacks of any DT since the beginning of the 2013 season.

  26. Rod Munch Says:

    Deuce – Wrong. D-Jax is what let guys like Hump sit underneath and rack up catches. Hump is a God awful starting WR and without D-Jax he’d be one injury away from starting and tanking the entire offense. Hump is fine as a #4 WR and should play out his last year there before leaving next offseason.

  27. unbelievable Says:

    ^ Yea but he smiles so he’s garbage, obviously 🙄

  28. Rod Munch Says:

    unbelievable – talking about McCoy of course, got out of sync with the moderated comment there. But yeah I didn’t know McCoy had the most sacks of any DT in that time, and those cover his pro-bowl years. McCoy isn’t THE best DT tackle, that is obvious Donald, but McCoy is easily top 5. Hopefully the Bucs getting him help will make them all better, him playing side by side with JPP is a hell of a duo.

  29. donuts Says:

    Funniest comment of the day….”DJAX has a bad route tree” so its his fault and not Winstons. Keep wearing those garnett glasses…lmao

  30. theodore Says:

    Who is going to trade for an old, expensive WR?

  31. 813bucboi Says:

    godwin outside…..djax inside….hump as a back up….nothing wrong with that…….

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!

  32. AlteredEgo Says:

    Yeah…..we saw that….

  33. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:

    As this Bucs fan wrote yesterday in another thread, the proposal I concocted (that none of the cowards on here commented on, of course)…had DJax being traded in the draft during round one.

    Bucs get:
    Arizona 15th pick + David Johnson RB + Arizona 5th 2018

    Arizona gets:
    Bucs 7th pick (QB) + DeSean Jackson (3rd biggest draft need) + Bucs 4th rd 2018

    Makes a ton of sense for both teams.

    Go Bucs!

  34. Lamarcus Says:

    Djx does have a poor route tree. His come back route will get picked every time cuz he quits on the comeback.

  35. AlteredEgo Says:

    DJax route tree….he is a vet with plenty of tape….you don’t bring a player like him and change his game or ask him to become a player he never was…he is what he is and you work around his talent….Jameis could not get him the ball….

  36. Oneilbucs Says:

    D. Jackson is 32 years old. He is not the same guy he was at Philly, or redskins. I saw linebackers running him down in open field. Corner backs run foot to foot with him know he is not the same wr. There was passes he could have stretch out for but he didn’t. So how about this let’s trade Winston let him go win some where draft a qb n for the next 3 r 5 years so some of the people on this site can bash him to. The problem is that y’all listen to Collin cowher , ESPN tell y’all that Winston sucks r any other qb y’all believe them. If any body say Winston sucks n Andrew Luck is great then I know most of the people on this site don’t know football …. lol!!!!!

  37. Wesley Says:

    All this guy did was put more unnecessary pressure on Winston to get him the ball.

  38. AlteredEgo Says:

    Wesley…if Jameis can’t handle that he is in a heap of deep doo doo…ever watch Mike Evans…or any top WR….

  39. Lamarcus Says:


    No djx cried the most during wins….. Ironically that is what Blount ran out of town.

    If I was JW. I’ll be over throwing djx every time he cried for the ball with the words ” go get it” in the mind.

    And it’s funny that they told us that Mike Evans is seeing less coverage but had a lower numbers across the board than the previous year without djx. What gives?

  40. unbelievable Says:

    agreed Rod.

    @Lamarcus- there were more mouths to feed last year. D-Jax, Godwin, and OJ (even though he saw very little action) were all new, on top of Brate, ME13, and Hump.

  41. webster Says:

    @ lamarcus

    Its called having your tightends contribute about 1300 and 12 tds. Its called humphries having a career year in yards. Its called godwin also contributing over 500 yards. Its called having more than one weapon. Thats what gives

  42. webster Says:

    Oh and to all you djax crying for the ball people

    You guys must be new to football. Rice wanted the ball even at the age of 40. Moss, TO, chris carter, keyshawn “give me the d@mn ball” johnson etc all wanted the ball. Every wide receiver wants the ball and thinks they are open on every play. Stop acting like djax is in the lockerroom pouting. He got the same amount of targets he always have gotten with around the same amount of catches. His fustration just like with the coach boiled down to lack of production/execution from the targets. Thats why he and jameis have been linking up in the off season to rectify it.

  43. passthebuc Says:

    If you have the finest silk and the suit does not turn out perfect, you get another tailor.
    Trade DJax & JW

  44. Duke Says:


    DJax May have a limited route tree. If so, it’s because He may not be a good at certain routes so the coaches limit the types of routes.

    DJax May be a poor route runner.

    Saying He has a poor route tree doesn’t make sense. The route tree is not the same thing as running routes, it’s not part of the game’s jargon to use them interchangeably.

    What do you mean by He has “a poor route tree”, are you referring to the scheme, his Route Running abilities or his inability to successfully execute the full route tree?

    You may have a good point but it’s difficult to say because of your poor word choice. I am not trying to discount what you are trying to say, just attempting to untangle the words.

  45. Bird Says:

    Don’t even argue with lamarcus when it comes to Jameis. Jameis is perfect in his eyes.

    I think he blamed desean last year for being to fast ?

  46. Rod Munch Says:

    BetterBuccinBelieveIt – LOL! Arizona isn’t giving up David Johnson, one of the top RBs in the NFL who is still very young on an entry level deal for 2 more years to move up a few spots in the draft. Come on, that’s ridiculous.

  47. Pickgrin Says:

    Yes Jameis “missed” on a # of long throws to DJax in 2017.

    But as quite a few have noted – DJax didn’t help his QB out much at all on a # of other opportunities where the ball was reasonably catchable and DJax didn’t make a legit effort to adjust or “lay out” for any of them.

    Its not all on Jameis is the point. I’m surprised Koetter continually maintained that DJax shared no blame in the “disconnect” between the 2 when the tape tells a pretty obviously different story in quite a few instances. I can only surmise that Coach knows Winston can take all the blame in stride – but that rightfully questioning DJax’s effort on a bunch of those long attempts and truthfully stating that the “blame” is shared between them would likely just be counter-productive to fixing “the problem”.

  48. Lamarcus Says:


    That’s right. Our offense clicks more when we feed the beast ME13. As soon as u got djx involved HOLY SMOKES this offense sucked.

    And then JW was precisly accurate with every player but djx. So yeah it’s all djx fault.

  49. Lamarcus Says:

    JW didn’t “miss” anything but games to rest his injury. Those deep balls were tissue boxes so djx can stop crying and snitching on him to Koetter

    Man go ahead and called that slant up the middle for djx. He will get drilled and out for the year.

  50. lambchop Says:

    Djax is mostly to blame as he never came around to voluntary workouts with his new QB. And he’s routinely running lazy routes and rarely makes an adjustment to the ball.

    Winston has always been used to tall WRs who make the leaping grab. So he’s never needed to be pinpoint accurate. That’s not the same with a shorter WR who doesn’t scrap for the ball. He’s the equivalent of a Deion Sanders on offense. Can’t get his nose dirty.

  51. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    It’s long past time to put 2017 behind us. We’ve dug over that maggot ridden corpse of a season long enough. There is nothing left to be learned that hasn’t already been addressed. 2017 was the perfect storm…literally for we residents since the hurricane made that sharp turn at the end sparing us certain destruction.

    Then Doug disappears…our OL doesn’t seem to be the best…our defense had NO pass rush and not much more of a run defense…our coaching was suspect in several different areas…our GM made a few questionable moves…I’m not sure but I suspect our cheerleaders also had bad breath last year.

    EVERYTHING went poorly last year and it was clearly a TEAM effort or lack thereof from top to bottom. Time for everybody to get up off the turf and rededicate themselves. The good news is that there is no single player/coach/management person to blame it on….it was a TEAM losing effort.

    It will take team winning effort to turn it back around…not a single FA or draft pick and not even #3. EVERYBODY needs to have a career year for us to have a chance at reaching Mercedes Benz stadium.

  52. Lamarcus Says:


    Thanks man. Yea I’m ready to move on from last season. Losing and all I’m all in on the Bucs. Hell. The Bucs patented Losing. I just don’t like the blowouts of any kind

  53. ItsKirbyson Says:

    Dont put 1 down players into 3 down situations

  54. Maybe next year Says:

    Why should we have to throw short passes and slant to the biggest deep threat in the game? Oh never mind that’s because Ja-miss ducks at throwing deep balls. Makes no sense to hear people say to trade Jackson, how about we trade the guy who can’t hit a pass beyond 20 yards. Unlike Winston, DeSean has a well respected resume in which he was the BEST Iin the league during the last ten year and with sub par Quarterbacks. Why can’t our first pick in the draft do better than connecting on 18% of them. People without stage 4 seminole-itis seem to understand what the real problem is. It blows me away how dumb errr I mean loyal they are to such undeserving players. Trade Winston and get a real QB while addressing the rest of our holes using all the extra picks and then we are set for years to come. If for no other reason the fact that we would have certainly secured one of the big three or cash in on a qb needy team. Just imagine if he would have done what his coach asked him to do we would be talking about really fixing this team, instead we will likely miss out and get a much less talented player. All because he thought he was smarter than his coach. Then again that win was so crucial to our franchise….dumba$$!

  55. BucEmUp Says:

    I wanted Kenny Stills for less than Desean and he would have been better. They need to cut the losses and trade him for anything they can. He has lost his desire to grind. He didn’t fight to get to the ball, he didn’t lay out for a catch. That’s a lot of targets that went to crap. If JPP A VET is looking forward to non voluntary workouts and Desean doesn’t show up until the 11th hour that is telling. Godwin better start opposite Evans and Humph deserves more snaps than Djax. Trade him if you can, if not use him as an Ace on certain plays and backup humph, with a better run game that seems like the best there with brate and howard

  56. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:

    @Rod Munch…

    “Ridiculous” huh, kinda like your contributions (or lack thereof) to the website? Sorta like that?

    Any idea what it costs to move from #15 to #7 in the first round, then add in the bump for the fact on the clock, ARZ is moving up for a QB? At a minimum, on the trade value chart, it’s a mid 2nd rounder and a 4th rounder. Then the bump cause you’re moving for a QB, likely the 4th of 4 that are in the “first tier”. So we’re talking a 2nd and 4th this year, plus a 3rd next year for ARZ.

    Then, in Larry Fitzgerald’s last season, and broke-ass Sam Bradford operating as starting QB for 1 year, Larry carries a ton of weight, and they HAVE NO OTHER RECEIVERS, hence that being their 3rd most pressing draft need. Giving Larry and Bradford the present of DJAX for a first year head coach is another veteran presence sure to get a lot of targets, that’s how you do right by Larry Fitz.

    Add in Jason’s ties to Arizona’s front office from the past and his relationship with Steve Keim also………

    Then ask your ridiculous a$$ a question…..if I’m ARZ (Steve Keim)….would I like to trade away a 2 & 4 this year, plus a 3 next year… get my young QB of the future………with nothing in return BUT THE QB……..OR for the sensible,
    would I like to have my future QB, keep all 3 draft picks, get DJAX for Larry Fitz and Bradford for a first year Head Coach, and use my 2nd round pick I have now on a young RB that HASN’T had a dislocated wrist last year (now “healthy”).

    Where’s your “ridiculous” a$$…now Munch? Re-read….and Jason’s ties to ARZ.

    Go Bucs!

  57. Bucnut2 Says:

    Only on this site would people be blaming one of the best receivers in the game. D-Jax has proven his value over multiple seasons with different QB’s. Just face it guys, you can love the finger eater all you want, but it’s undeniable, this TO machine can’t throw deep, period. Simple as that.

  58. Steve in Mad Beach Says:

    Trade him to the Raiders! Chucky would probably give up his 1st or 2nd round pick to get this guy!

  59. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Say what you will about JW deep throwing abilities or DJax route running/effort giving but it was all on KOETTER to make the proper adjustments and put these guys in the position to maximize their abilities. Koetter is a stubborn human being who is a slave to his scheme.

  60. JimmyJack Says:

    Man, A lot of times I have seen DJax catching 80 yarders he was so wide open the ball either was or could have been blatantly underthrown. Doesn’t seem like Winston ever got him that wide open last year.

    Not that you can count on that but it would help the situation and the stats look much better. 18%-18 QBR is not anything you pay 10million dollars for.

    I’m cool if Dirk has a different game plan with Djax. I don’t care how he wants to use DJax…….But when DJax is a part of all these other pieces we have on Offense. 20 friggen PPG……..How many?? 5 PPH( points per 1st half)………no red zone offense coupled with the least explosive offense in the league……..WTF is going on?

    Our offense just flat out sucks. This seems undebatable to me.

    And this is a team thing. Mike Evans just ain’t good enough. He don’t make enough plays. Winston ain’t good enough…..He don’t make enough plays……Neither does DJax…….Brate and OJ aren’t making enough plays either. Thankfully, we don’t have Martin(who I like) but that dude was an absolute stiff. He was the worst RB in all of football. Out lineman suck too. D.Smith and Marpet and Dotson can’t make plays either.

    This offense represents most of the investing the franchise has done. Most of our draft picks and money spent has gone to the offense…….It’s just not good enough. DJax just ain’t good enough either.

  61. JimmyJack Says:

    ***END RANT***

  62. Lamarcus Says:

    U know. I put the blame on these older established players. Not 21-24 year old guy that has to shoulder alot of weight that these vets can’t provide.

    Blame JW,Me13, Dsmith, Marpet and Kwon all u want. I’ll blame these so called superstars. When I watch a game I see those young men working.

    Oh yea and JW is blameless in my eyes. I know better. Jw is already the franchise greatest qb and he plus is very fun Qb to watch. Very ackward coordination but damn it’s never a boring moment with him at the helm.

  63. SteveK Says:

    Jameis needs to hit DJax on the deep ball.

    No excuses for the #1 overall pick to miss a wide open DJax.

    I understand Jameis was hurt last year, and that’s not on coaching. That’s player execution with he coaching putting them in an advantageous position to score. We need #3 to hit that deep ball.

  64. Lamarcus Says:

    I got a question for everyone

    If JW hypothetically hits djx 100 percent on the balls he threw last year we would still won those games? I think the Pats game. But that’s all. Fitz couldn’t hit him either tells me djx is here for the money. Monken said it himself

  65. Joe Says:

    If JW hypothetically hits djx 100 percent on the balls he threw last year we would still won those games? I think the Pats game.

    Minnesota. Maybe.

    That’s an excellent point. Have to also add: Jameis doesn’t have issues hitting Evans, hitting Humphries, hitting Brate, hitting Howard or hitting Godwin. Only one he has trouble with is DJax who doesn’t exactly fight for balls (like Godwin does).

    So is it really all Jameis’ problem?

  66. Armybucsfan Says:

    Winston’s deep ball sucks. It doesn’t matter if we have the safety creeping up to try to stuff the run. A lot of those throws last year to D-Jax was either under thrown or vastly overthrown which was hard for me to believe. I hate to say it but Kirk cousins has a better deep ball then Jameis. Jameis has the arm strength but if I was the leader of this team as he is I would be doing my best to work out with both Evans and D-Jax to work on my timing and chemistry with them.

  67. Lamarcus Says:

    No Joe.

    The pass defense was atrocious. We got leads the last thing we wanted was teams going pass happy on us. They would of caught up anyway and beat us.

  68. Lamarcus Says:


    JW deep ball might suck but if you watch the games u have notice safeties always played deep. Djx is hardly open. JW missed about a quality 3 deep balls

    Kirk cousins is garbage.

  69. Greecosuave Says:

    Trade him for OBJ. If not that then work on the chemistry in the off-season, kinda like they are.

  70. Greecosuave Says:

    Ummm JWs Balls deep we’re fine at FSU.

  71. Lamarcus Says:


    I’m with you. Trade MEshean Jackson for 3 or 4 round pick. Maybe even a 6 rounder and promote Bobo Wilson

  72. JimmyJack Says:

    One thing I notice with our deep throws is that Winston seems to be more accurate over the middle. And it also seems that Dirk calls most of deep routes to the sideline.

    I think this is a huge adjust Dirk could make that could pay dividends. I don’t know about the mechanics and if throwing to certain parts of the field make that huge of a difference but it seems to make a difference to my eyes.

    You can somehow actually look up all of the stat numbers on this. Come on stat geeks do the work for me!!

  73. JimmyJack Says:

    Throwing over the middle takes more risk. Maybe Dirk is scared.

    I wouldnt be.

  74. Lamarcus Says:


    You missing the point. It just doesn’t work. It’s broken and it is never supposed to be. Djx is not a fit. Plain and simple

    U put djx over the middle and he is going to hammered. he gets hurt running routes then he will get hurt taking risk with him. Then ur screwed out of 11 million. Easy. He is delicate. Everyone else. Yes up the middle

  75. Maybe next year Says:

    For the people saying J-miss Aton is able to hit everyone else except Djax, there is a reason….NOBODY ELSE GETS OPEN DEEP UNLESS ITS A BLOWN COVERAGE! Godwin got one meaningless deepball (actually hurt our franchise) . I love Godwin but he isn’t fast enough to keep the defense honest, he is a good route running possession reciever who knows how to get YAC. And shut up already about Hump gets open more…duh nobody’s paying attention to him with Djax on the field. And to the fool who said he should be Hump’s backup ,just stop with the dumb comments for the sake of stupidity possibly being contagious. No wonder why other teams fans think Tampa is full of retards, with comments like that what do you expect?

  76. Maybe next year Says:

    Johnny Manziel can also throw beautiful deep balls to Evans as well. Look at his highlights with Evan’s, Manziels deep ball skills run circles around J-miss. Does that mean Manziel is a superior quarterback? Not necessarily but he has thrown more to Evans. My point is your point is stupid. Maybe just maybe he hits the other receivers at a higher percentage because the depth of the route they are running, it is easier to throw a ball more accurate when throwing 40ft vs. 40 yards. To dispute that would show how low your IQ really is. James is an above average short to intermediate route thrower and a below average at deep routes. 5 for 25 on routes deeper than 20 yards is something most men with an arm could do. I believe most who defend him talked so much trash about him being the second coming that to admit they were wrong is tough then throw in the obvious character flaws which nearly every analyst predicted. 3 years in and he is facing a 6 game suspension coming off a 5-11 season, fumbling more than most running backs, bad looking interceptions, and poor deep ball accuracy. Coming out of college the cons on him were ball security, character issues, and poor accuracy. All those were talked before he was drafted and guess what they all exist to this day….wow it’s like Miss Cleo must have told them the future!

  77. Maybe next year Says:

    LaMarcus if you don’t get help at Charter, please get help somewhere. Oh and stop patrolling the locker room laundry room for a chance to smell Winston’s jock strap. My lord have some respect for yourself, you sound so pathetic praising him like he is God. Make sure to delete your web browser history because if by chance you you have a girlfriend or less likely a wife they would leave or divorce you for homo like tendencies. Just looking out!

  78. Lamarcus Says:

    You can’t compare Manziel to Winston. Manziel can’t throw to anyone in the pros. I understand what your saying but u forgot to mention the defensive sets of the opponent. Some of greatest players have character issues. U can’t have it both ways sometimes. From accused grumper in Manning, Pill popping and obscene picture sending Favre, Roesthisberger, Cheating Brady, I won’t play for that team Eli, etc.

  79. JimmyJack Says:

    You’re right about Winston. I didn’t follow him in college so I can’t speak there. But in the NFL Winston has been making a ton of mistakes and mosques.

    With all those flaws I still like Winston. His best ability is the most sought after for QBs……His clutch ability. He does panic in big moments and that’s when he is at his best. You don’t see all those mistakes when he gets in big spots.

    Not everybody will agree about clutch ability but I see Winston able to drive the ball in those situations. That’s the first thing I look for in a Championship QB…….not crowning Winston yet. It’s still his job to get us there. He hasn’t shown that ability yet, not even close.

  80. Lamarcus Says:

    God? Maybe. He gives this franchise the best chance to win. I believe we have a good Qb on a bad team. U can’t doubt that. Name one Qb u seen championship quality at age 23 or a 3rd year starter in the history of the league? Not many. I wouldn’t start with Winston. Ur lying to yourself if u have seen one. At a age of 23. One of the biggest errors I truly believe is that this franchise shouldn’t never put it all on him to carry the team since 21. The team was coming off a 2 win season Licht must correct the Defense and run game

  81. lambchop Says:


    If Jameis hit every deep ball and we scored – who knows how the momentum would have changed games around or at the very least made defenses play us differently. No point really wondering about what ifs.

    The guy is a one trick pony so we should at least hit him 50% of the time to maximize our ROI. I think everyone involved needs to try to get it fixed – from coaches to players.

    I really don’t see the point in jettisoning DJax during the draft and losing a potential deep threat that nobody in the draft can replace. Gotta give it one more season.

  82. lambchop Says:


    Djax has not had as much problem catching deep balls at his other stops so you gotta look at that argument too. Jameis doesn’t have to be deadly accurate with his other WRs because they’re all tall and they make adjustments to the ball and can catch at the highpoint. DJax lets the ball fall into the bread basket on deep strikes as he doesn’t want to break his stride as most deep threats do.

    The odd thing is, many of the balls to DJax were either under or over thrown. The timing was off. It’s not only that DJax didn’t want to make adjustments to the ball. That was a smaller problem compared to the ball not being in the vicinity of his hands in the first place. But it’s on DJax for not putting in the work before the season started.

  83. Maybe next year Says:

    @LaMarcus I wasnt comparing JW and Manziel prospect for prospect . I was simply stating that Evan’s makes Quartebacks look better than they really are due to his catch radius. Evan’s physical attributes make it possible to catch his poorly placed balls and same with Brate. Hump is the beneficiary of having two studs who on many occasions are double teamed along with two giant TE’S and of so that leaves him with the 3rd or in most cases the 4th best cb covering him. Godwin is more talented but also benefits from the same situation. As one smart poster said previously Djax and other true deep threats bank on the Qb hitting his hands in stride to do the most damage. As for those saying he should lay out for the ball, why do you draft a guy #1 over all who isn’t capable of doing so with some regularity. People forget that you get hurt when you lay out for a ball like you want him too. It’s like driving a Lamborghini off road. That’s what slot receivers, TE’s and guys built like ME are for. Why risk losing your only deep threat for the season? Here’s a crazy idea, how bout the guy throwing the ball where he doesn’t have to lay out or contort his body exposing himself to injury because J-miss cant do what he was drafted to do. Why do you think our run game sucked so bad? It wasn’t all Doug, it’s because teams didn’t respect his deep throw so they dropped a safety to stop the run because they knew he would likely over or under throw anyways. I cant count how many times our running backs were hit behind the line of scrimmage . Without Djax there is no homerun threat on our team but yeah let’s get rid of him because he exposes our hero! Brilliant !

  84. adam from ny Says:

    djax vs. godwin…steel cage match…loser leave town match…and loser can take godwin’s hardbody trainer gf with him…

    just kidding…

    we need djax…what if per say, mike evan goes down with a high ankle sprain for half the season…we need all 3…

    no one talks about djax and godwin starting together if injuries accrue…

    no worries, djax and jwin will get their keesters on the same page…

    all you really need are keesters on the same page and “pleather buccaneers members only jackets” for all team and staff members

    —–> gotta look coo foo! 🙂

  85. Dan Says:

    Jameis is the common denominator. He hasn’t progressed at all in 3 seasons. Expect more excuses and a loosing record. Nice guy but terrible with ball security.

  86. SOEbuc Says:

    uhh yeah Joe. We were watching the games too. Stop writing articles on these national deuches opinion’s and list’s that we’ve already known since the middle of last season.
    Seems like you didn’t actually read what’s here. –Joe