Davis Will Test DB Theory

April 27th, 2018

A lot of Bucs fans value height above all else when it comes to corners.

That concept will get tested if Bucs second round pick Carlton Davis sees the field.

Davis is 6-1. He’s reported to be physical. Can he cover?

Often when the Bucs draft a corner under 6-foot, fans kvetch that he isn’t tall enough. Joe is of the mind a corner should be able to cover first. Don’t care if the dude is 5-5 or 6-4.

So this notion that the Bucs needed a tall corner as opposed to a guy who can cover, well, we will soon find out if Davis can be both.

For those wondering, Myron Lewis was 6-2.

33 Responses to “Davis Will Test DB Theory”

  1. SOEbuc Says:

    From his highlights it looks like he can cover using his arm length to bat the ball away. I’m thinking that’s a much better type of CB now a days because he will less likely get called for PI in this soft as baby sh!t NFL.

  2. RLichtsOn Says:

    Myron Lewis was pretty tall

  3. Bueller Says:

    With two corners taken are they admitting Vernon Hargreaves is a bust?

  4. Bird Says:

    Myron Lewis was pretty terrible

  5. JimmyJack Says:

    Sounds like it Bueller. Or maybe they profile one of them as a SS

  6. Phillip Says:


    MJ gonna play SS

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    In between the NE trade and our pick of Davis there was a Safety and three cornerbacks chosen……..surely we had one of those players above Davis….I’m puzzled.
    Still would rather have Davis than a punter.

  8. Brad Says:

    We picked two guys who Mayock said excel at redirecting at the line. Is Licht & co saying they are not going to play 10 yards off everyone?!! Only can do that because of all of our additions along the D-line. We were also called the softest team in the South….

  9. Joe Says:

    We were also called the softest team in the South….

    Can’t disagree.

  10. Phillip Says:


    Remember trading down and adding picks allows us to have cheaper depth that we can hopefully develop with higher ceilings than UDFA’s and help with potential salary cap issues with the numerous big contracts coming up

  11. adam from ny Says:

    licht scammed the bucs…his 2nd rounders are basically all projects…sneaky move in negotiating more years to be retained by the glazers for himself and dirk…he can claim on these type players, slow results, and bargain to stay on and let them keep building…

    and they picked the wrong runner for sure…not a lot of moves, but open space speed…not a charles sims, but sort of a charles sims…a real rb gamble…he can be a guy they later say should be a wide out…like a sims…or kick returns…this in not a pounder…not happy with this second round of the draft on a whole….to late to recover now…we are in the c range….maybe a b- at best

  12. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Feeling a bit dejected right now.

    Passing on Guice and Oliver have me feeling like I did after the Aguayo trade.

  13. adam from ny Says:

    unless licht knows he’s so outta here after this season and said the hell with it…don’t build anything for the glazers…help the pats since you can maybe go work in their front office for starters…

    weird ass pics all thru the 2nd fosure!

  14. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Worst of all, it’s the freaking Falcons that took Oliver which makes it sting that much more.

  15. Dubcity06 Says:

    I like what i see from this and think its been a successful draft in who the GM is bringing in. The mentalities. These are guys who play angry like kwon. Thats a big deal. I still think the team needs another RB later in draft to battle it out and OL depth

  16. NFLRealist Says:

    Adam – yeah, Ronald Jones sucks and is a terrible runner… he only had 1,500+ yards in his final season and a career rushing average of 6 yards a carry.

    LOL don’t quit your day job. Stay being such a hater.

    As for the 2 DBs, I’m sure the Bucs scouting department knows a bit more than you do about evaluating talent.

  17. ncbucfanhere Says:

    @adam from ny: I’m sorry but your observation of them being projects is way off….way off! They each are very polished and their individual conferences seem to agree with me as they were each all-conference performers (1st team all ACC, SEC, Pac-12, all power conferences the last I checked). Not going on accolades but film, I was banging the table for RoJo and Carlton Davis after the trade down yesterday. Stewart will be a nickel and start when Grimes retires. Davis will start this year.

  18. Fritz55 Says:

    “licht scammed the bucs…his 2nd rounders are basically all projects…sneaky move in negotiating more years to be retained by the glazers for himself and dirk…he can claim on these type players, slow results, and bargain to stay on and let them keep building…” Hokay…so the Glazers are so stupid that they can’t see past a guy saying, basically, ‘I made crappy draft picks, so now you have to keep me & my bud here to develop them’…LOL… vast global conspiracies rule!!!!

  19. AnotherBucsFanGM Says:

    We could’ve had Oliver and Donte Jackson, but instead they went to our Divisions rivals, way to mess up the second round picks again, Licht shouldn’t be allowed to make 2nd Round picks if he’s still here in the future!

  20. BigBucFan11 Says:

    How is Ronnie Harrison still on the board at 90? I mean, I guess we don’t need him now, but he’ll be a stud.

  21. Ndog Says:

    No matter what this team does most of the posters on the site will complain and it all starts with the writers of this site. Just look at the article headlines all negative and for no reason.
    You do realize Joe has run several polls for the past week and the majority of fans are positive. There’s one rolling right now. All negative is just silliness. That’s not what goes on here.–Joe

  22. Phillip Says:

    Why are people butthurt that we passed on a kid that has ambitions to go to the Olympics instead of becoming the best CB in the league?

    Guice couldn’t stay healthy in his single year as a starter and clearly isn’t motivated enough to show up to draft interviews on time

    Red flags people and yes I know MJ has them too but not red flags for how dedicated they are to the game itself (not excusing what he did at all)

  23. Buc4life Says:

    The Bucs drafted to press cornerbacks. With the additions on our defensive line we’re going to bring pressure, which is why these types of corners were drafted. Our entire defensive philosophy changed this off-season. No more excuses.

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Here is a question…..and I know part of the answer…

    Why choose a CB and try to make him a S…..especially in a higher round when there are highly rated Safeties available?

    Part of the answer is that with college CBs & S…..they need more time to develop into their more natural position….and many college CBs could play S.

    Now, it does stand to reason if Joe is right and we can’t develop a CB….then we likely won’t be very good at switching one to Safety and we also may not know talent when we see it…..Let’s sure hope Joe isn’t right because we just invested 2 2nd round picks on CBs.

  25. adam from ny Says:

    ok guys hopefully i am wrong…i am not a huge college football guy, so i hone in on all the draft hype and go from there…i look at tapes and evaluate talent from a fan stand point as draft season emerges…hopefully these guys are all great…these guys aren’t the prototypical hyped up draft players, so they aren’t “thriller” pics…i do hope they pan out…

    i don’t like jones’ running style tho…yes he is a break away guy who can rack up yards and all…i see that…he runs high and softish like a receiver though…personally i wanted a more pound it stutter step type guy…guice…oh well…that dude fell hard…

    don’t get it twisted…i’m not a hater…i jumped the bandwagon in 1979 and have backed this team ever since…old age makes you more critical…haha……go bucs!

  26. Phillip Says:

    They are higher rated safeties to the “experts” not to JL.. Also if I’m not mistaken most were FS and not SS(which is what we need)

    Why isn’t it on the player to push themselves to become better along with coaching? At some point you gotta look yourself in the mirror and say I need to do better.

    VHIII had issues coming out with getting burned on the big play and that still stands today

  27. BoJim Says:

    adam from ny Says:
    April 27th, 2018 at 10:42 pm
    ok guys hopefully i am wrong

    Hey! Stick with your guns. 😉

  28. Phillip Says:

    Welp JL just stated MJ isn’t likely to be a SS

    At this point we just need to sign Tre Boston.. We can’t remake the entire defense just to start Conte or Tandy at SS

  29. JJBucfan Says:

    I thought Oliver and Jackson (LSU) would have been our corners or Oliver and H Smith at corner and Safety, but I’m cool with the guys we picked. I cannot for the life of understand why we didn’t press last year. Both Smith and Hargreaves were press guys. I know we didn’t have a pass rush but you can’t rush a 2-3 step drop when your corners are 10-15 yards off the line. I guess it is the chicken or egg dilemma. Jason Licht has knocked this off-season out of the park IMO. I woulda liked James instead of Vea, but I am pumped about what he brings. 4th round Shaq please or Josh Sweat or even take a chance on Tarvaris McFadden , I think he played to not get hurt last year, he could still be a good player, just don’t have him return punts (you FSU fans know what I’m talking about,LOL), 5th- John Kelly from Tennessee, this guy is the Sleeper in the late rounds. Tennessee sucked everyone keyed on Kelly and they still couldn’t stop him. 6th- don’t care, 7th if we even have one- Peneiro, exercise your kicker demons Licht

  30. johnnybuc Says:

    i’m telling y’all remember this name because pretty soon he’s going to be getting talk about around the nfl as one of the best young corners. 305 boy we built different he got that dog mentality that we need in the secondary and i guarantee you when we face the falcons that man will be up in julio jones ear all game. he may take some lumps as a rookie knowing that he’ll be opposite brent grimes and teams will want to test him but he’s gonna get his too, and he won’t go into shell shock like vhiii if he does give up a play or 2 . all in all think it has been a great draft by licht because i think he has 2 future studs in this class with ronald jones and davis. less sold on vea and stewart

  31. Bobby M. Says:

    There’s this odd perception that we are to fill every hole on the team in order to compete…..Its not possible nor is it even necessary. No team can carry that much talent, you have to have role players. IMO….you stack the d-line and get by with decent but not great secondary players. Pass rush makes good corners look great…..that’s the goal but great corners can never mask a bad pass rush. We cant have it all, but we seem to solidify the offense and got insane depth now on the d-line.

  32. John meeks Says:

    I think people are under estimating Ronald Jones, the guy is a big play waiting to happen.he runs in between the tackles very well and can sure juke.he also looks natural catching the ball including over the shoulder catches. I reAlly think this guy can be a very good back.good pick.all in all I think we had a good draft.i like Carlton Davis alot,he can ball.i also like the guard,mean and nasty.dont know much about the nc kid.

  33. Ed Schwartz Says:

    watch the one-cut move Jones has, you don’t coach that, it comes naturally, he has a knack for finding that first cut move and then goes north. Please don’t compare him to Sims who makes multiple jumps before he even cuts, by that time the defense has him. Jones isn’t waiting, he’s already made the cut and is moving forward while Sims or Martin were still looking.

    He has a second gear too. The only criticism that makes any sense is his physical body type, a little lean and rangy looking, like someone else said he runs a little bit like a wr after making a move.

    Can he compress his body and get a little lower without losing the vision he has that makes him break off all of the long runs you see in the highlights?